Birthday Wish, Part 2

Birthday Wish, Part 2 Birthday Wish, Part 2

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


It's Sherri's birthday and her boyfriend has a very special weekend planned to celebrate. Her first fantasy has been experienced and now it's time to pick another one!


It's Sherri's birthday and her boyfriend has a very special weekend planned to celebrate. Her first fantasy has been experienced and now it's time to pick another one!


Submitted: August 18, 2018

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Submitted: August 18, 2018



Jake and Sherri went to the futon. Sherri collapsed on her back, wiping her face with one hand. Jake handed her a bottle of water and watched avidly as she slowly raised it to her mouth and took the spout between her pouty lips. Her throat worked as she swallowed and he thought of how it would do that when she gave him a blow job and swallowed....

He shook his head a little to steady himself. Sherri finished the water and laid back, propped on one elbow on her side.

"That cute fanny of yours still hurt?"

"A little. It's mostly really warm and tingly. Look." And she rolled onto her stomach, showing him her very pink cheeks. He gently ran his hand over them. "Something cool would feel good," she purred, arching one eyebrow at him. Jake felt himself grow hard.

"Got just the thing, babe." He went to the table and took a tube of gel, came back and sat next to her. "Spread your legs a little, sweetie." She did. He uncapped the tube and rubbed some gel on both hands. "This'll cool you right down."

"And get me hard again," he said silently to himself.

Sherri sighed as he gently began spreading the cool gel over her hot butt. He soothed it over both cheeks, feeling how warm they were. He gently stroked and kneaded each rosy mound and she moved her legs a little further apart. Her head dropped onto the futon and she sighed, feeling herself drift off.

Jake noticed. His thumb hit the remote and the egg began vibrating wildly inside her pussy. Her head jerked up and she drew up her knees, instantly wet, instantly wanting to be fucked - hard.

"Jake, please..."

"Nope. Later, honey. Much, much later...." He continued with the gel. "Put your legs down. Keep them there until I say otherwise."

"I don't know if I can hold off much longer...I'm so hot and wet now...please, Jake, fuck me hard right now!"

"NO." He knew another wish of hers was to be dominated. He made her keep her legs straight and on the futon while he attended to her hot cheeks. She moaned once and he gently slapped her. "Be still," he commanded.


"Yes what?"

"Master. Yes, master, I'll be quiet."

"See that you are. I would hate to punish you for being disrespectful to me."

"Oh, never, master!"

The egg was suddenly turned up to maximum vibration. Sherri's cunt came alive with sensation and she began to buck and writhe, grinding her clit into the futon to cum. Jake grabbed her ankles and bent her legs, putting her ass into the air, off the futon so she struggled for contact.

"Never speak without my permission or I will keep you at this level of arousal without cumming for a very long time. Is that understood? Nod your head, do not utter one sound."

Sherri nodded. Her pussy was drenched and throbbing, her clit hung down, begging to be sucked. Jake wanted to, but he wanted to keep the domination mood going a bit longer. He was finding that prolonging the desired result was a very fine line between pleasure and pain - for both of them. His jeans were straining from the size and hardness of his erection.

He turned off the egg. "Stand up and follow me."

Sherri got off the futon, legs shaking, and followed him to the tubular stand. "Under the crossbar," he ordered. She loved the tone of command in his voice. This was something she had been fantasizing about for a long time.

"Raise your arms," he told her. She did and he fastened the cuffs around them. "The ties are long enough that you can move your arms around," he said in his natural voice. "If it ever gets too much, remember to use the safe word. Remember it?"

Sherri nodded. "Yes, it's "enough."

"Right. Don't be afraid to say it, no matter what game we're playing. This is for you to enjoy, not be tortured."

"Got it."

Jake paused and kissed her before he went back into character. "Spread your legs. Wide." She did and he fastened them to the spacer bar with soft cuffs. He stood back to admire the sight of his woman; naked, damp from the excitement of being spanked, aroused, a rosy flush over her chest and breasts and he could smell her enticing odor. And spread wide, bound helpless. He felt his cock twitch. This was as exciting for him as it was for Sherri. He could see from the way her eyes glowed and her partly open mouth, wet and trembling a little, that she was loving this.

"I'm going to leave you here while I change," he told her. "It won't be too long." He turned to go, then stopped. "Almost forgot this." With a smile, his thumb hit the remote again and the egg vibrated deep inside her, a little more strongly than before. Sherri squirmed. "Back soon."

He went into the walk-in closet. Sherri sighed and tried to ignore the sensations the egg was giving her. She looked at the array of toys and costumes, the lubricants and all the apparatus that he had thought to assemble. She loved that he had dreamed all this up and done it just to make her happy. She squirmed against the vibrations, trying to move them closer to her very needy clit to make herself cum. It didn't work and she resigned herself to waiting for Jake.

He came back into the room, having switched those ass-hugging jeans for a loose pair of athletic pants and a white t-shirt that showed off the results of lifting. His pecs and abs were nicely outlined and his biceps framed by the shirt. He was barefoot, his hair tousled and his eyes shone. Sherri sighed with desire and delight when she saw him, eagerly waiting for the next adventure.

Jake picked up the bunch of feathers. He stood in front of her and waved them back and forth in front of her eyes. "Looks like not much, doesn't it? Feathers....what can they do? Not like a vibrator of a big phony dick, are they? That vibrator, now, you can change the speeds and hold it against your nipples until they turn round and hard, or against your clit until it gets like a small cock and makes you cum.....(Sherri was writhing as his words made her hot and wet) and that plastic dick, well, you can get fucked with that pretty good, can't you, but feathers? Soft, gentle, brushing against you, barely there....let's see, shall we?"

And he began stroking her neck, underneath her chin and over her shoulders. He tickled her underarms, then very slowly, moved down to her breasts. Sherri's breath caught. He ran the bunch of feathers under and around each breast, very slowly and gently. She couldn't believe how sensuous it felt, how it made her wetter, made her nipples hard. She tried to move her leg and could only do so a very short way. Her cunt started to throb with wanting to be filled. Her clit tingled and got hard.

Jake stopped with the feathers. He stood in front of her and slid his knee between her legs, barely touching her clit and pussy. She gasped with the contact and strained for more. "No, not now," he admonished. "Just a little tease to keep you on the edge."

"I'm almost over the edge.." she began.

"SILENCE!" Sherri's lips slammed shut and he continued with the feathers. Around and around each breast, across the hard nubs, under each rosy mound, even lifting them with one hand to reach everywhere. Sherri was on fire.

He slowly moved down her body, over her stomach and hips, down her legs to her ankles, up the inside of her legs to right below her clit and cunt. He didn't touch those. She whimpered with frustration. He ignored it.

Jake walked around and started stroking down her back, from her neck to her ankles and feet. He ran the bunch back up to her ass, still pink from the spanking. He rounded each cheek, slid it between them and down onto her pussy and clit. She cried out and arched her back as much as she could.

Jake saw that she was at the point of pleasure turning to pain. He didn't want that to happen. He wanted her to enjoy this. And they had all weekend to play. He was hard as steel by now and he knew that he would be cumming all over the floor if they didn't fuck - and soon.

So he unfastened her, led her to the futon, where she laid on her back. "Turn over," he commanded. "On your hands and knees. Put that pretty ass high in the air and spread your legs so I can see your cunt and clit. DO. IT. NOW!"

He knew she loved doggy, they both did. Sherri turned over, got on hands and knees and put her butt in the air. Jake grabbed her legs and spread them wide apart. He paused to admire her wide-open cunt, her hard clit hanging down like a small cock, the wetness streaming from her hot pussy and the lips dusky red - he thought he would explode. He yanked off his shirt, slid out of his pants and stood naked, his hot, steely rod straight up, moisture already at the tip. His balls were hard and tight, huge. He walked to one side and said, "Turn your head and look at what you've done to me."

Sherri looked, saw that magnificent hunk of flesh (Jake was pretty well-hung), knew what he planned to do with it and she approved. She just wanted it NOW.

"Fuck me, Jake. Fuck me now, fuck me hard before I cum just looking at that....."

Jake climbed between her spread legs, admired her pretty ass, took his cock and slid the head over her, teasing her clit, making her cry out and buck back toward him. He couldn't stand it any longer. He slid into her, so easily, feeling like he was sliding into molten silk and honey. 

Sherri screamed softly. "Fuck me!" she begged. "Hard! Deep!"

Jake pushed her ass up higher and went in deeper. He began thrusting in and out, back and forth, Sherri matching him thrust for thrust. Her ass slapped against him, his balls slapped against her. He reached around and diddled her clit.

Sherri screamed, a long, high scream as she bucked and spasmed under him. He thrust and withdrew, thrust again, deeper this time, Sherri screamed again, her hips pumping furiously against him, her silken honey flooding down from her pussy, drenching his rod.

Jake thrust one more time, felt his balls tighten, felt himself start to cum, he reached under her and touched her clit. Sherri exploded. She screamed as she began to cum, clenching around his cock, drawing him in as deeply as she could, she came and came and came....

So did Jake. He felt his cum flood into her, an incredible load, remembering how she had looked, naked and bound, wet, hot, all his. With a shout, he finished....

The room seemed to fade away.

Sherri became aware of Jake lying full-length on top of her, still inside her pussy, still hard. She moved quietly and said, "Jake?"

There was a groan. "I can't feel my legs," he joked. He pulled out, rolled off her and laid next to her, cradling her head on his shoulder.

"Wow," they said together. Jake looked at his lover. She was rosy over most of her body, her breasts were swollen and the nipples still hard, her mouth was red and swollen and the sheet was soaked with her juices and his cum.

Jake kissed her, sweetly and gently. "And that was just round one, love."

Sherri could barely wait for round two.






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