Birthday Wish, Part 1

Birthday Wish, Part 1 Birthday Wish, Part 1

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


It's Sherri's birthday and her long-time boyfriend is going make a long-held fantasy come true - and it's a total surprise for her!


It's Sherri's birthday and her long-time boyfriend is going make a long-held fantasy come true - and it's a total surprise for her!


Submitted: August 17, 2018

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Submitted: August 17, 2018



"It's my birthday."

"I'm thirty-five today."

"It's my birthday and I don't want to open my eyes. Or get out of bed. "

Sherri felt the sunlight on her cheeks. She opened one eye and saw the light shining through the blinds. She stretched, enjoying the silky feel of the sheets against her body.

Both eyes flew open. She was naked? How did that happen? She remembered Jake walking her to her door, kissing her chastely on the forehead (big disappointment; she was hoping for a lot more on her birthday eve) and she remembered walking upstairs to her bedroom. She knew she had stripped down and pulled an oversize t-shirt over her head. She usually slept in that, unless Jake was spending the night. Then she would dress in something incredibly sexy and let him take it off before they started....oh, well, no use in going down that road. Sex had been sparse lately. And routine. And boring. Very boring.

But back to the sheets against her nakedness. How did this happen? He hadn't spent the night. She lived alone.

She felt her heart stop when the bedroom door opened. Seeing that it was Jake, she started breathing again. He had a key to her house.

"Hi," she managed. He always had the ability to make her breath catch. He was so damn sexy, especially in those jeans that fit so nicely around his ass and, let's be honest here, his very nice package. His denim shirt was untucked and half-buttoned. He smiled that lazy smile at her, the one that made her insides turn to hot jelly and flip over. He crossed to the bed and sat down next to her.

"Happy birthday, sweetness." He leaned in and kissed her sweetly on the lips. She moaned softly. He hadn't kissed her like that in oh, forever, it seemed like. That kiss always made a rosy flush appear on her breasts.

"Thirty-five, I can hardly believe it," she replied, lying back against the pillows.

"And a very beautiful thirty-five, too." His eyes twinkled as he pulled the sheet down and tucked it underneath her breasts. Her long, soft and silky chestnut hair fell over the breasts (and he thought of how it felt when she wrapped that hair around his cock before giving him one of those incredible blow jobs), hiding her nipples. He tucked that hair behind her shoulders so he could see those pretty pebbles.

She had always wanted larger breasts. He had assured her early on that for him, they were the perfect size.

"Your breasts are absolutely beautiful and perfect," he said. "And I know how much you love this." He leaned over and took her right breast completely into his mouth, his breath hot and moist on her nipple. She felt it harden and as his tongue danced over it, she said, "I can feel that right down to my clit..,.,.don't stop....oh, god...."

He nipped gently at her. She started to writhe in pleasant torment. Taking his time, he traveled to the other breast, leaving his hand cupped around the first. He took her left breast completely into his mouth, sucked at the nipple, nipped it, breathed hot and moist air across it and she mewed softly.

He kissed each nipple and sat up. "Like that, did you," he grinned.

"Oh, yeah, you know I did." Sheri glanced at the clock "9:30! I'm late for work!" She started to get out of bed but he gently pushed her back.

"You've got the day off."

Sherri stared at him. "How? I didn't ask..."

He played with one nipple, effectively silencing her.

"I arranged it about a month ago. I said that I have a very special birthday weekend planned for you and you needed Friday off." He flicked the other nipple with his thumb. Sherri gasped in pleasure.

"And what do you have in mind?" she asked, when she could speak.

His grin spread across his face. "Oh, many things, sweetness."

She suddenly felt a tingle between her legs. Her lips parted in surprise. ""

He held up a small remote control. "A vibrating egg, my love. And I have the remote." His eyes twinkled, then blazed as he increased the vibration and saw her breath catch and her breasts grow red with pleasure and excitement. "You're going to have a fantasy come true this weekend."

"But how did it get inside me?"

"You were sleeping very deeply, thanks to three raspberry margaritas. You lasted long enough to get into bed, then I came in and took off your t-shirt. And I slipped the egg inside you."

His thumb hit the button and the vibrations started again, stronger this time.

Sherri fell against the pillows, drew up her legs and reached for her clit. His hand came down over hers.

"No, not yet, sweetness. I have a lot of fun planned and I don't want you cumming right away." He paused, stopped the egg and looked at her. "Expectations and anticipation will be yours all weekend."

She sat up and looked at him, a smile dancing across her face. "Sex? Lots of sex? Hot, sweaty, nasty, totally unbridled sex?"

He smiled back. "Yes. With all sorts of add-on's and interesting......amusements." He stood up and held out his hand to help her off the bed. "Shall we?"

Sherri swung those long, shapely, perfect legs (the ones he loved draped over his shoulders while he fucked her, deep, hard and long) and got out of bed, followed him down the hall to a guest bedroom. The door was shut. He opened it and she gasped.

The room had been totally transformed into a sex playground. A slanted table stood in the middle of the room. It had soft cuffs at the top and a leg spacer bar at the foot. The top part was pitched lower than the bottom. A square tubular stand stood a short distance away with two rings hanging from it and another bar at the bottom. A large futon laid on the floor, piled with pillows. An armchair stood next to it. A wooden armchair sat across the room. A table held an assortment of dildos, a soft leather whip, feathers, a blindfold, soft paddles and vibrators. A variety of lubricants stood nearby. Another table held an array of costumes; Sherri saw a maid's outfit, a nurse's uniform, a ruffly apron, black fishnet stockings, a corset, impossibly high heels.

Sherri took it all in, a smile on her face. She thought of what could happen in that room and felt herself grow wet. She turned to Jake. "And when do you get bare-assed?"

"Not right away. For now, I'm in charge, you are not. I'm dressed, you remain totally naked - for now. Later you will use one of the costumes, but for now, I want to see every inch of your gorgeous body while I make your most secret desires come true. We've talked about them often enough, now today, you'll experience them" He took her face in his hands and kissed her long and deep. She felt the kiss down in her clit. His tongue met hers, they flirted, touched, backed away. He ended the kiss. "Happy birthday, sweetie."

She reached for him, he took a step back. "No, no touching allowed. I may touch you - and I will, all over and often, inside and out - but you do not touch me until I give you permission." Sherri nodded, so excited and hot she could barely stand.

"When did you get all of this set up?" She waved her hand around the room and twirled around. Jake watched her breasts bounce, felt himself grow hard.

"While you slept. It didn't take long." He was seeing her stretched over the slanted table, that long chestnut hair tumbled over her shoulders, that round, tight ass in the air, pink and warm from the spanking he had planned. He grew harder.

"Where do we start?" Sherri asked, her eyes sparkling with delight at the surprise, her cunt already hot and wet. She felt a trickle down her leg. Jake noticed. Just for the fun of it, he ramped up the egg and enjoyed watching her eyes widen, her breasts turn bright red and her legs shake. Then he abruptly shut it off. Sherri whimpered in frustration.

"You'll cum, don't worry," he told her. "We start wherever you like. It's your day; what would you like first?" He reached out and squeezed one breast, brushing his thumb over the nipple. It hardened. She moaned.

"I want to be spanked." 

Jake wasn't surprised. She had mentioned this particular want more than once. He led her to the table.

"Lie face down." She did. He slid the soft cuffs around her wrists and fastened them to the table legs. He walked to the other end. "Spread your legs." She did. "Further apart." He punctuated his words with a little spank on her ass. She squeaked in surprise and delight and spread her long, shapely legs wide apart. He bent down to fasten them to the spacer bar. He could smell her; she was very aroused. He wondered what would happen when she was spanked.

"Bare hand or paddle?" he asked.

Sherri thought. "Your hand."

"Ask nicely or I won't spank you. I'll just leave you here and run the egg on and off."

"Please, Jake, use your hand."

"Where do you want me to use my hand? Nicely, now."

"Please, Jake, spank my bare ass with your hand." Sherri's voice trembled a little, either from excitement or maybe a little fear, now that this fantasy was about to come true.

"I'll give you your birthday spanks," he said, "one for each year and you must count them out loud. And, Sherri, if you want me to stop, the safe word is "enough."

She nodded. Her breath came short and quick, she was hot with desire and curiosity, her cunt streamed. The egg vibrated gently inside her, making her wetter. Jake stood behind her, between her legs. He admired the view of her bare, round ass in the air, her legs spread, letting him see her dripping cunt, the lips were red with excitement. 

He raised his hand.

He slapped her ass. "One," she said.....

By the fifth slap, she was writhing and moaning. By the fifteenth slap, she was grinding herself against the table, desperate to cum. Jake was rock hard. By the twenty-fifth slap, she was trying to buck into the air, reaching for his hand. He kept the egg vibrating at a steady pitch. By the thirtieth slap, she was screaming:


He had never been harder. He didn't know how long he could keep from cumming. Five more slaps, her cute perky ass was hot pink, her juices flooded the table, her breasts were a deep bright red and her entire neck, chest and face were flushed.

He unfastened her, helped her stand up, turned off the egg. Sherri drew a breath and pushed her hair back off her face. 

"Wow....that was"

"You were so hot, lying there, tied down, your ass all red, your cunt so wet....." Jake grabbed her, roughly planted an open-mounted kiss on her, ran his hands down over her breasts, the tops of her legs and between them, stopping short of her clit. She whimpered. "Not yet," he whispered. "We have more games to play. And toys to play them with...."



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