Moon's dance

Moon's dance

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


caught between who she is Moon Riley goes to her cousin's ball. She meets a vampire Queen. Violet meets Moon and after the dance she doesn't want to let her go. Read and if you read COMMENT.


caught between who she is Moon Riley goes to her cousin's ball. She meets a vampire Queen. Violet meets Moon and after the dance she doesn't want to let her go. Read and if you read COMMENT.


Submitted: September 11, 2013

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Submitted: September 11, 2013



Part One

The chandlers  crystal glass turned bright hot pink and dark blue. With the classical music they turned. The lights danced off of all the dancers. Violet  had her long black hair in a braid. It was coiled into a bun and held with a black butterfly clip. She wore a  tube black ball gown. Around her neck was a black choker with a red carnation on it. Violet stood by the fireplace. She watched her demon friends dance. Her violet eyes scanned the ball room. They landed on a five foot woman. She had her orange hair in two buns.  Her orange eyes watched the other dancers.  Violet decided to go say hi to the little wall flower.

Moon Riley stood by the wall. She wore a spaghetti strap orange ball gown. The skirts only went to her knees. She tapped her black kid slipper to the music. A pale hand showed up in front of her.  "May I have this dance." Violet asked  Moon stared up into Violet's eyes. "My Lady, yes." Moon said  Violet led her out to the dance floor. Another classical song came on. They begun the waltz. " Call me Violet please." Violet whispered in her ear before she spun Moon around.

Violet leaned Moon down. She traced her fingers along Moon's peach pink throat. Moon came up and twirled away from her. Violet smiled as she twirled Moon back to her. They moved to the music. When the music ended Violet led Moon to a far corner of shadows. There was a white bench by the wall. Violet moaned when she sat down. She pulled Moon down on to her lap.

She stroked the nape of Moon's neck. Violet pressed her nose to Moon's hair. "Oh your scent. So intoxicating. What are you? I smell part witch but what is the other half?"  Violet moaned Moon wanted to push her away but she liked her touch.  Moon leaned her head back against Violet's shoulder. Violet reached under Moon's dress. She cupped Moon's black thong clad pussy. "Mmmmm you're wet. mmmm I must taste. If it's alright with you?" Violet slipped two fingers deep into Moon. Her thong was ripped and under the bench.

Moon bucked her hips and moaned out loud. "Mmmm yes, please do." Moon said breathlessly.  Violet growled as she bit down hard into Moon's neck. " Oh my sweet Moon Oh my Sweet." Violet pumped her fingers at a fast speed. She drank more of Moon's blood. Moon's eyes grew huge. She reached behind her and clutched Violet. " Oh yes." Moon moaned as she came hard and climaxed to Violet's fast moving fingers. Moon's orange eyes turned hot pink as she shivered with great pleasure. Violet  licked Moon's neck clean. Violet  looked into Moon's eyes. She kissed Moon on the lips.  They both stood. They fixed their hair and clothes.

Violet  cupped Moon's cheek. " It was a pleasure to meet you. I hope to see you again." Violet said. Moon nodded as they walked to the front door. The other dancers didn't even see them. Moon felt a buzzing in her orange hand bag. She reached in and pulled out a purple I phone 5. "I am sorry but I have to go." Moon said she switched her phone off.  Violet opened the front door. " I have to get back to my party. See you soon my Little One." Violet kissed Moon good bye. Her eyes never left Moon as she went to the bus stop.

Part Two

Moon stood up on stage. She was a singer for The Thorn. A vampire and Demons bar.  She wore a dark violet summer dress. Her orange hair was in a long braid. She held the microphone in her hands.  Her black sandals glittered in the spot lights. A soft guitar note began to play.  Moon began to sing," Take a breathe and step close. Hold my hand and stay close. Darkness I am and because of you I become light.  Take a breathe and we dance." Moon finished her song. The vampires and other demons all stood and clapped their hands. Moon nodded as she left the stage.

Violet walked over to the bar. She stared at the stage where Moon was singing. It was now empty. Violet sipped her red wine. She has been thinking of Moon since that night. How her face showed pleasure. She drank the last of her wine. She paid the bill and walked toward the back of the stage. Moon sat at her vanity brushing out her long hair. Her eyes widen. Violet was behind her. She was stroking her hair. " I liked the song. It was good."

Violet moved Moon's hair over her shoulder. She trailed kisses down Moon's neck.  " I can't stop thinking of you." Violet whispered in Moon's ear. Moon grabbed  hold of Violet's head. "Please taste me again." Moon whispered. Their eyes met through the mirror. "Of course my dear." Violet licked her neck. With a moan she bit into Moon's neck. Moon leaned back. Violet lifted up Moon into her arms. She walked to a large bed that was in the corner.

Violet laid Moon on the blue silk covers. Moon cupped her face. She kissed Violet on the lips. "I don't know why I feel like this. But I  like it." Moon whispered Violet pulled the front of  Moon's dress down.  She cupped Moon's large breasts. She straddled Moon as she pinched and teased her nipples. Moon moaned as she arched her back.

Moon reached under Violet's black summer dress. " Oh no undies. mmmmm."  Moon purred She slipped two fingers deep into Violet's wet hole.  "Oh my." Violet moaned She bucked her hips. She bent her head. She bit hard into Moon's left nipple.  Moon moved her wrist at a fast pace. She stuck three more fingers deeper into her. Violet sucked on Moon's breast. Drinking her blood like a hungry kitty.

"Oh my dear MoonLina. Oh my." Violet moaned as she bit down on Moon's other breast. Moon took her fingers out of Violet. She pulled Violet up. Moon held her fingers to Violet's lips. Violet opened her lips. She sucked on Moon's fingers. Moon grabbed hold of her hair. Moon kissed Violet hard on the mouth. She licked her blood off of Violet's lips. "Mmm I taste good." Moon moaned as she kissed  Violet on the lips again.  Their tongues fought. Moon moaned.  Violet pressed her forehead to Moon's.  "I'm glad I've found you."  Violet said  She looked at the clock on the wall. It read 12am. " I am sorry my dear but I have to go. I will give you a ride home." Violet said  She got up and fixed her dress and hair.

"Alright." Moon said feeling a little confused and excited. She was glad to have found Violet too.  The thing was she wanted more. Moon fixed herself up. She grabbed her bag. Violet led her out to her limo.  They didn't notice a pair of  dark blue eyes watching them. 

  Part Three

Violet watched through the window of her Limo. She watched Moon walk into her one story Victorian red brick house. When she saw a light on in the window she told her driver to go home. Violet sat back in her plush seat. She bit her lip. Who was that in the shadows watching us. Violet thought She closed her eyes as Slighter drove her home.  " Moonlina."  She whispered.

Zack Stormed into his study. Stupid vampire Queen. Gets everything. Well not this time. He would steal that Demon from under her. Moonlina would be his and the Queen would go down. Zack thought. He watched Moon through her bed room window. He watched her undress. She slipped into her  hot pink shorty shorts and a black lace tank top. Zack smiled at what would love to do to her. In mere seconds he was in Moon's room.  Zack walked over to her bed. Moon laid curled on her left side. Zack bent down and stroked her cheek. " Moonlina I'll have you soon." He whispered in her ear.

Moon sat up in bed  clutching her blanket to her chest. Who was that. Who called my name? Moon thought. She looked around her purple room. No one was there. Must've imagined it. Moon thought. She walked into the bathroom. Switched the lights on. She splashed water on her face. It was nothing. Moon thought she turned off the lights. Moon got back under the covers. She fell asleep unaware of Zack watching her. Zack licked his lips. Soon my dear. He thought as he disappeared into the night.

 Part four

Violet sat on her throne. She wore a blue black skirt. Along with a blue tank top. She tapped her black sandaled foot.  Her advisor stood at the foot of her throne. Violet stared at the papers in her hands. She owned a fashion Inc. She looked at the list of five modles. "You're telling me I need one more for the show." Violet said. Mix nodded his lime green eyes glowing. He wore his blue business suite with a pair of black shoes. His long blue hair hung to his shoulders.

"Yes, my Queen." Violet looked around her dark blue throne room. " I have someone in mind." Violet said  Mix nodded. For the next two hours they went over the costumes. Violet went over the last of the costume list. "Mix I'm going out. Please do not wait up." Violet said She left her throne room. She walked out to her long black drive way. She got into her dark green 2014 Benz. Violet turned on the radio Lady Ga Ga came on with Just Dance. Violet hummed along as she drove to Moon's work.

Violet walked into The Thorn. Some five eight woman  was singing on stage. Violet looked at her watch. Moon was suppose to be up there. Violet waved the bartender down. Where is Moonlina?" She asked  her eyes glowing. The bartender glared at her. "She's at her other job. At May Library. They close at 9pm." Mike Thorn said. He went back to work.  Violet laid down a hundred and left. She got back in her car. Violet looked at her wath. She only had fifthteen minutes. With a sigh she drove at ninety miles.

Moon looked finished the last of her work. She sat down in the lobby. She was reading a book on how to stop hearing voices. Moon was so into the book she didn't feel Violet behind her. "Moonlina I went to the thorn. You were not there." Violet said to Moon's left. Moon dropped the book. She turned startled to Violet. "Oh, Miss Violet. I didn't want you to know." Moon whispered she bent her head down. Violet cupped her chin. She tilted Moon's head back. " Never be ashamed of what you do. Never. I also have a favor to ask of you." Violet said

Moon stared at Violet."Yes?" She asked Violet cleared her throat. "I own Fashion Inc. I have a fashion show coming at Merci's. I would love for you to be one of my models. I need one tomorrow night. I am sorry about the last notice."  Violet smiled waited for Moon's response. " Sure I have no plans." Moon agreed. " Good. One more thing. Whats with that book?"  Violet asked. She picked up " Voice Begone."  Moon blushed  "It's nothing. Just some light reading." Moon said she stood up. She took the book back to the shelf. " Alright. I would like to give you a ride home." Violet said. " Umm No thank you. I live only five minutes from here. I'll be fine. I'll see you tomorrow night." Moon replied as she locked up the library.

Violet walked with Moon until they stopped at her car. Violet tilted Moon's head back. She kissed Violet hard on the lips. "I bid you goodnight, my dear. See you tomorrow night." Violet got into the car. She drove off. Moon waited until she was out of sight. With a sigh she began to  walk home. I like her, I might even love her. But I must go slow. Moon thought as she got closer to her home. "Moonlina, soon my dear." A male voice whispered. Moon looked behind her. Nothing. She began to walk faster home. Moon wondered who that voice belonged to.

Part Five

Moon looked at all her clothes. She had a small walkin closet of them. What to wear tonight. Sighing she decided on a black dress with a violet corset bodice. It had see through black sleeves. They ended at her elbows. The skirts went down to her ankles. Moon stared at her reflection. With a sigh she ripped off the sleeves. Then she tore the skirts. They went to her knees now. Moon smiled she braided her hair. Slipped on her black high heels. She walked out into the cold air. She quickly slipped on her black shawl. Moon stopped short. A long black limo was parked in front.

Moon rolled her eyes and smiled. She got in and let the driver drive her to her Queen. The limo ride took an half and hour. It stopped in front of Merci's. In bright lights read Violet's Fashion Show. Moon thanked the driver and went inside. Violet stood back stage. She looked at all her models. They all wore their dark green costumes. The costumes were either tube shaped or sleeveless. Violet called it Green Iles. She smiled when she Moon. "Good you made it. Here put this on." Violet handed Moon a dark green mini gown. It also came with black garters and two inch green heels. Moon walked into the nearest dressing room.

Two minutes later Moon stepped out. The gown's skirts only came to her thighs. Violet stepped forward with black lilies. She sewn them into Moon's braid. "Green goes well with your pale complexion. Oh I want you now but it'll have e to wait." Violet pulled her to the stage. All the other modles were already walking down the stage. Along the stages edges were fake black roses.

When the last of the models came Moon walked down the stage.  Lady Ga ga's applause came on.Moon got to the end of the stage. The crowd all clapped when she walked back off stage. Zack clapped  his eyes never leaving Moon. His eyes traveled from her lips to her neck then to her breasts. Zack felt himself go hard. Tonight he would take her and make her his. He smirked as he headed back stage.

Moon walked back stage. She sat down at a vanity and smiled." You did great.You were the most beautiful one." Violet whispered she was behind her. Violet took out the lilies from Moon's hair. She undid Moon's hair. Violet ran her fingers through Moon's hair. " So soft. mmmm so soft." Violet moaned. She began kissing the nape of Moon's neck. "One more walk for you. Then I'll take you back to my place." Violet moaned. She went over to the costume racks. She pulled out a dark blue tube gown. It glittered with clear sequins. Moon stood up and dropped her dress with a smile.

Violet watched as Moon slipped on the dark blue gown. Along  with black two inch heels. She pushed the green shoes under the vanity. Moon re hung the green dress. Violet hugged  Moon when she stepped  back. A pair of black and blue plastic wings appeared. "This line is called Blue Moon." Violet whispered  Moon smiled and winked before she walked out on stage again. Pink's song " Please don't leave me." came on. Moon did the runway once more.  Violet clapped for all of the models. " You've all did a great job. Please head to the after party. And I'll see you all on monday."  Violet said to all the them.

Moon came out of the dressing room. She wore her own clothes. Violet came to her. " Would you like to come home with me? I want you so bad Moonlina." Violet asked She back Moon up against a wall. They were the only ones left in the back. Moon bit her lip as she pushed Violet back. " I'm sorry but I want to go home. No thank you for the ride. I'm sorry I just wanna go slow with what ever we are." Moon said. Violet glared at her. " My dear what we are is together. I will let you go home but I will come and collect you tomorrow. I'll take you out for dinner. You don't want sex all the time. I get it. Good night Moonlina." Violet said She kissed Moon's hand.

Moon did want to date and not always have sex. But she didn't want Violet mad at her. Moon watched as Violet walked away. After five mintues Moon walked outside. She clutched her shawl tighter to her. She walked to the bus stop. Moon looked at the times. it was an half and hour of a wait. Moon sighed and looked at her watch. When she looked up again a large pale hand covered her mouth with a cloth. Moon's eyes blurred as her body went limp. Everything went black, last thing she heard was his voice. The voice that she's been hearing for three days. "Moonlina it's time. You're all mine." Zack said He lifted Moon bridal style and head home with his new toy.

  Part Six

Violet parked her car, She walked into Moon's apartment building.  She went to 322 c. She raised her hand and knocked. No one came to the door. "Moonlina are you there?" No anwser came. Violet pulled out her I phone 5. "Yes, Mr. Thorn please. Mr. Thorn, is Moon working today? She quit. Ok thank you."  She called the library. She got the same answer. Moon wouldn't quit . Something was wrong here. Violet took out a hair pin and picked the lock. She walked in. She stood in the door way. Moon's living room walls were all blue. On the back wall was a black couch. Across on the other wall was a large blue flat screen tv.

Violet looked at pictures on Moon's coffee table.  One was in an oval frame. It was of Moon when she was five.  A woman held Moon close to her. She had blue hair and orange eyes.  Violet suspected this was Moon and her mother.  Moon looks so cute. Violet thought. She took a picture of it with her phone. Violet walked in to Moon's bedroom. She stopped short, she felt a strange presence.  Where have I  senced this before. Violet thought as she walked back to her limo. When Violet closed the car door. Her eyes went wide. Memories came back. She was six years old. Violet remembered hiding under her bed.

 Her big brother Zack came in. He was covered in blood.  "Now dear sister they can't favor you anymore. I can finally do what I always wanted to do. Zack reached under the bed. He yanked Violet out. " Please don't." Little Violet whined, Zack sat on the bed with her in his lap.  " I've always wanted to taste you. And to touch you." Zack moaned He reached under Violet's night gown.  "No please." Zack gripped Violet hair and leaned her head back.

Moaning he bit hard into her neck. " MMM I love your taste. So goood." He moaned. "Get your damn hands off of her." Slighter yelled He came in and shot at Zack. Zack stood up. " Violet watch out cause I will take everything you love." He yelled in her face. Slighter aimed the gun. Zack threw Violet at Slighter. Slighter caught Violet and looked around. Zack was no where to be seen. 

Violet couldn't beieve it after twenty years. Zack took what she loved most. She rested her head against the limos window. Tears clouded her eyes. Slighter stared at his queen through the rearview mirror.  " Violet we will get her back. I promise you."  Slighter said. Violet nodded as He drove her home. We don't even know where Zack is. Violet thought.

Part Seven

Moon slowly woke up. She slowly sat up. Her orange hair hung over her pale shoulders.  Moon looked down at herself. She was dressed dark green lace pushed up bra and dark green thong.  Moon couldn't beileve it. She was sitting in a bed  of lime green and blue silk.  Moon turned to get off the bed. She walked a few inches from the bed  only to be stopped. Moon looked down at her left ankle. A shakle was around it. It was chained  to the wall.  Moon sat on the bed. She cupped her face. With a sigh she looked arond the huge room. All the walls were black with gold roses on them.

Moon looked at the window. The moon was out. " Look who is awake. " Zack walked in. He smirked at Moon. He knelt in front of  Moon. Zack gripped her chin tight. Looking deep in her eyes. He kissed her hard on the lips. With a moan he bit down hard on her bottom lip. Moon whimpered  as it hurt. Blood came out. Zack sucked on her lip. He drank her blood and groaned. He laid Moon on her back. His two hands curled around Moon's throat. "I'm going to make your life living hell. Moonlina." Zack moaned  He let go of her neck.

He replaced his hands with his tongue. He now straddled Moon's waist.  Zack licked her throat again. He reached between them and ripped off her bra. Moon's breasts bounced out. " I do love large breasts. Almost as good as Vi's." Moon stopped struggling her face full of surprise. " Thats right I've been watching the two of you." Zack said He quickly slipped off his black boxers. Along with his black shirt.Zack reached into the side table drawer. He pulled out a  nine inch blue bladed dagger.

"Oh, no please don't, Please not that." Moon raised a fist. She tried to punch him. Zack quickly tied her wrists to the bed  posts above her head.  He grabbed hanfuls of her hair in his left hand. He yanked her head back. "I could slice open your neck. See if  you survive. I want to know what you are besides half witch." Zack said He lightly trailed the blade across her neck. He brought the blade between her breasts. Zack pressed the blade down alittle harder.

The blade glowed dark blue. Moon screamed in pain. Zack  sliced the blade from between her breasts. Also over her stomach. The lines the blade made bled. The blade also burned at her skin. Moon yelled again. She pulled at her binds. Light blue tears formed in her eyes. Zack bent his head. He licked her blood from her wounds.  He circled her nipples with his tongue.




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