The Joker fucks Batgirl

The Joker fucks Batgirl The Joker fucks Batgirl

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A short story of how two strangers dressed as their favourite super hero's for a comic convention meet and have sex on the train.


A short story of how two strangers dressed as their favourite super hero's for a comic convention meet and have sex on the train.


Submitted: August 10, 2015

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Submitted: August 10, 2015



~~I was dressed in a black corset, short black skirt with tutu underlay, a black and yellow sash, high heeled shoes adorned my feet. A black mask covered my eyes and as I walked along the aisle my black cape floated out behind me. I was dressed, as the yellow letters on my sash spelt out, as Batgirl and along with a couple of friends we were on our way to the Comic Con convention in Dublin.

‘’You look so funny with that cape flying around you,’’ my friend Lee laughed.

‘’Thanks, Poison Ivy,’’ I smiled.

Our other friend, Sue, was dressed in a simple Superman t-shirt as she wasn’t into cosplay as much as us. Most of the passengers in the carriage were giving us funny looks probably wondering what we were at. We talked excitedly about the day ahead until the guy came along with the food trolly.

‘’Tea please,’’ I ordered.

As he filled the paper cup with water he asked why we were dressed up so we explained.

‘’Is there anyone else dressed up on this train?’’ I inquired.

‘’Yeah a few. I saw The Joker back there,’’ he indicated the next carriage.

‘’The Joker?’’ I thought. ‘’Batgirls arch nemesis.’’ An idea suddenly popped into my head then turning to Lee I said ‘’Hey, let’s go find The Joker.’’


‘’Because,’’ I faked cracking my knuckles, ‘’that guy is my enemy and I’m gonna kick his ass from here to Gotham City.’’

‘’Eh, shouldn’t you be kicking him out of Gotham City?’’ Sue laughed.

‘’Yeah but we’re not there right now. C’mon, I wana get a photo with him.’’

‘’Oh-kay,’’ she giggled following me down the aisle and as the other passengers watched us in wonderment I felt myself getting into the role of Batgirl in search of The Joker. I soon found him sitting at a table with his friends- Harley Quinn and Wolverin.

(Yeah ok not really them but I don’t know their real identities so just go along with it ok?!) I stood in fron of The Joker, hands on hips, chest pushed out and said ‘’So, we meet again,’’ in a deep voice.

He looked up at me, possibly thinking ‘’what the fuck?’’ but his makeup hid his facial expression.

‘’You should have ran while you had the chance,’’ I added trying not to laugh. He agreed to have his photo taken with me then bidding him farewell I made my way back to my table with Lee leaving the passengers wondering what was going on.

‘’So, did you kick his ass?’’ Sue laughed.

‘’Nah, I let him off with a warning for the day that’s in it,’’ I smiled.

‘’Poor guy didn’t know what was going on when Jade marched up to his table,’’ Lee added.

‘’He was kinda cute.’’

‘’How could you tell with the makeup he had on?’’ Lee questioned.

‘’My bat senses picked up on it,’’ I laughed.

‘’Girl, that costumes gone to your head.’’
The event itself was brilliant with people really going all out in their cosplay costumes. I felt like I was people spotting in Beverly Hills and I kept bumping into ‘my joker’ throughout the day. At one point while I was sitting drinking a cup of tea (hey, even superhero’s need a cup of tea sometimes for their ailments!) he came over and sat cheekily on my lap.

‘’Great boobs,’’ he laughed before vanishing into the crowd.

There were plenty of people dressed as The Joker at the venue but this one had caught my eye. Bumping into him again he gave me his name- Jay Jameson, telling me to add him on Facebook to tag him in our photo together but it wasn’t until a few hours later at the train station that I got the chance to do so. He accepted my request instantly.

‘’Hey,’’ he typed.
‘’Hey yourself.’’
‘’Did u have fun today?’’
‘’I sure did. U?’’
‘’Yeah it was great especially batgirl ;) ‘’
‘’Oh, I didn’t see her,’’ I teased.
‘’Well I certainly did and I liked what I saw.’’
‘’I quite liked The Joker myself,’’ I smiled.

We continued to exchanged flirty banter for the start of the journey then it started heating up.

‘’I’m getting horny here,’’ Jay typed.
‘’Me too,’’ I admitted.
‘’Fancy meeting me in the toilet?’’

I hesitated but then remembering my quote of the day ‘’You Only Live Once’’ I quickly typed ‘’Hell yeah, this could be fun!!’’
‘’I saw you getting into the first carriage’’, he typed ‘’ I’m in the third so head for the toile in the middle carriage.’’

Feeling giddy with excitement I told my friends ‘’I’m off to the loo’’ then followed Jay’s instructions. In the distance I caught sight of the tell tale purple suit that The Joker wears, his sprayed green hair, face painted in the distinguished black eyes, red evil grin of The Joker. He was a kind of cross between Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight and Jared Leto in Suicide Squad. Unlike The Joker Jays’ smile didn’t seem menacing it was naughty, mirroring my own. He made it to the toilet before me and was sitting on the bowl when I walked in locking the door behind me.

‘’I think this would be frowned upon,’’ I breathed feeling very aroused.

‘’I’m sure plenty of people have sex on the train,’’ he replied pulling me onto his lap.

‘’I mean The Joker shagging Batgirl.’’

‘’Well, I won’t tell if you won’t,’’ then kissed me eagerly.

‘’Mmmm,’’ I moaned into him as his hands roamed my body, noticing as he did that he was a great kisser.

‘’Put your legs either side of me,’’ he ordered.

As I straddled him I felt his hard on press against my public bone.

‘’See how horny Batgirl makes the Joker.’’

I opened pulled his cock free as he pushed my skirt up around my waist.

‘’You’re so sexy,’’ he whispered as he released my boob, nibbling . . . sucking . . . licking, the rhythm of the train adding to the pleasing sensation of his tongue working my nipples. Using his other hand he pushed my panties aside and worked his thumb around my clit.

‘’Why Batgirl, I do believe this is turning you on as much as me,’’ he said as he worked his finger inside before positioning me over his erect penis and plunging inside my wet pussy.

‘’ Ooohhh,’’ I groaned as he worked with the rhythm of the train in and out, in and out of me. ‘’Oh Joker . . . you’re such a bad boy.’’

As the train gathered speed so did Jay and soon I felt an orgasm building up inside me.

‘’I’m cuming, Batgirl,’’ he moaned and with a final trust we cried out cuming almost in unision.

‘’Wow,’’ I panted as we settled our clothes. ‘’That was something else.’’

‘’It sure was,’’ he smiled his makeup smudged from our embrace only adding to the illusion that I had just fucked The Joker. On a train.

‘’Go back to your seat and I’ll message you,’’ he said kissing me one final time.

Fortunately there wasn’t anyone waiting to use the toilet outside and no one seemed to notice that for once Batgirl and The Joker were at one with each other both wanting and getting the same thing.


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