The Final Shag

The Final Shag

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Tom tells Kelly it's time to end their affair so they have one final shag.


Tom tells Kelly it's time to end their affair so they have one final shag.


Submitted: July 25, 2015

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Submitted: July 25, 2015



~~I can’t settle. I’m feeling restless. We’re meeting at seven, Tom and I.
‘’We need to talk, Kel,’’ he’d text me this morning.

 Normally when I receive a text from him my heart soars and I smile. Not today. Today my heart sank into the pit of my stomach when I read those five words. Nothing good ever comes of a sentence that starts with ‘’we need to talk.’’ My Mam told me that and she’s right I hate waiting. The anticipation makes me feel physically ill and a hundred different thoughts run through mymind throughout the course of the day. But deep down I know what the outcome will be. He’s calling an end to our ‘relationship’. Oh who are you kidding, Kelly? It’s not a relationship it’s an affair and everyone knows nothing good ever, ever, comes from those. Someone always gets hurt and realistically that someone should be me.
Tom is working too so we arrange to meet at my house at seven. Two hours away. Time seems to be crawling by. At various times during the day I’ve felt as though the clock has been mocking me. At ten to two it looked like the clock had an evil smirk on its face which reminded me of Heath Ledger as The Joker in The Dark Knight. ‘’Why so serious?’’ It mocks. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.
I decide to go for a run. Something I do whenever I’m stressed out. I long to run passed his house a mere two miles away and ask him to end it now. End the misery. But I don’t. I jog on. Yeah, in both terms of the saying. Meh.  It’s a beautiful evening in late summer and the park is heaving with families all playing happily together. What is it about warm sunny days that makes us feel so happy? And horny. Well me at least. I jog passed a bench where a young couple are lost in a passionate embrace, their arms entwined in each other seemingly oblivious of the world around them. This makes me think of Tom and the last time we were together. We’d made love for hours that day. ‘Love?’ I scoff at myself. No, not love. We fucked. For hours. There’s a difference. Sometimes you get so caught up in it all that you might mistake it of love but really, it’s just sex. Amazing, multiple orgasm inducing sex. But sex all the same.
I think back to the first night we met. It was seven months ago and I’d been out for a work do with my colleagues. Everyone was gone home except Tina and I. It was 2:15am and though I was longing to leave and Tina was in no hurry as she chatted and flirted with some guy.

‘’You look tired,’’ a voice commented from the stool next to me. I turned to see a guy wearing a suit, top buttons open, tie hanging loosely round his neck. He was attractive. I thought but wasn’t sure. I was a bit too drunk to really notice. He could have looked like Heath Ledger as The Joker and I wouldn’t really have noticed.

‘’Ha,’’ I jeered. ‘’You don’t look so hot yourself, mister.’’ He smiled. It was a great smile and this I know because he smiles at me with that cocky lob sided grin all the time.

‘’It is late. Or early depending on which way you’re looking at it,’’ he grinned.

Ignoring him I turned to Tina. ‘’C’mon, T, it’s time to go. You know nothing good ever happens after 2am,’’ another quote from my Mam. She’s good.

‘’You go,’’ she tells me. ‘’Get a taxi. I’m going back to, em...’’

‘’Phil’s’’ the guy reminds her.

‘’Yeah, Phil’s,’’ she remembers. ‘’He’s gonna fill me tonight bay-byy.’’ Tina giggles.

Dirty bitch. I smile. Tina’s fun really.

‘’I’ve a taxi picking me up in five minutes, I can drop you home,’’ mister says.

‘’You’re a stranger,’’ I tell him. ‘’How do I know you’re not going to murder me and chop me up into little pieces and feed me to your dogs?’’ Yeah, I’ve a fierce imagination.

He laughs at me. ‘’Hun, this suit cost more than your monthly rent. I won’t be chopping anyone up in this. Anyway it’s Saturday and I only chop people up on Tuesdays. ‘’ That grin again.

‘’Go on, Kel, text me when your home and get him to drop you off first.’’

Reluctantly I do as I’m told and following ‘mister’ outside to wait for the taxi.
‘’I’m Tom,’’ he offers me his hand to shake but for some reason I high five him. Or more like an ‘on the side’ five. He laughs at this.
‘’I’m Kelly.’’

We stand there not saying anything more. I sway a little and stagger into him. He grabs me to stop me from falling. Damn heels. That’s why they’re called car to bar shoes. Literally for only walking from the car to the bar and sitting down for the rest of the night. Not for standing around with a gorgeous stranger waiting for a taxi.

‘’Steady on love. I don’t kiss on the first date,’’ he laughs. Ha. I glare at him. I squint as headlights suddenly shine through the dark informing us the taxi has arrived. Tom opens the door for me and I crawl into the back seat. He climbs in beside me.
‘’Where to?’’ the driver asks in his thick Cavan accent. I give him my address then Tom tells him they’re dropping me off first. I fish in my handbag for my phone to text Tina.

‘’In taxi wit hot guy. Wudn’t mind him takn me home 2 bed.’’

I press ‘send’ and settle back into the seat. It’s only a fifteen minute journey to my house and in that time I imagine Tom taking me inside, carrying me u the stairs and undressing me for bed but instead of leaving he gets in beside me. I’m aware that he’s stroking my hand as he exchanges banter with the driver. It sends a spark through my body. Too soon we’re outside my house and I wait as he gets out to open the door for me. I search for my purse to pay the fare but he refuses my offer. Standing up next to him I’m tempted to invite him in. He leans forward and I think he’s going to kiss me but instead he whispers ‘’I don’t kiss on the first date.’’

The next morning I wake with a splitting headache and groan at the thought of having to get up to get a drink. Then an image of Tom pops into my head and I smile. He was gorgeous. I think, still not sure. After I’ve poured myself a glass of orange juice I look for my phone to text Tina but I can’t find it. Shit I must have lost it in the taxi. We don’t have a house phone so I can’t ring the taxi company to see if the driver found it so I go into the sitting room, switch on the telly and settle down to watch my favourite film Batman: The Dark Knight. I adore Heath Ledger in this movie, such a tragedy the way his life was cut so short.
‘’Hey bitch,’’ Tina shouts arriving home an hour later. ‘’Ah good aul Heath, shudda known you’d be watching that. ‘’How about a magic trick?’’ she mimics ‘’I’m gonna make this pencil disappear. . . ‘’ (Yeah we know the film pretty much quote for quote.)

‘’That’s hardly a pencil it’s- MY PHONE!’’ I reach out and grab it from her. ‘’Where did you get this?’’

‘’Tom.’’ She smiles.

‘’Tom? How?’’

‘’He looked through your last calls, saw my name, rang me and I picked it up from him on my way home.’’

I feel a little disappointed that he didn’t offer to drop it round to me himself.

‘’He offered to drop it off,’’ Tina adds as though she’s read my mind. ‘’But I knew you’d be in a state and not want him to see you like this.’’ Oh she’s good. ‘’I gave him your number,’’ she adds getting up. ‘’He’ll call you later.’’

There's a text from him, ''I think you're pretty hot too.'' I blush as I recall the text I'd send Tina.

Seven on the dot there’s a knock on my door. I know it’s Tom- apart from the fact that we arrange for him to call here, I can sense him. Oh, by the way he doesn't look anything like The Joker. Maybe a little like Heath in The Order.
‘’Hi,’’ I smile opening the door for him to enter.

‘’Hi, Kel,’’ he kisses me on the cheek. It feels strange. I normally jump on him when we meet, wrap my arms around his neck, my legs around his waist as we eagerly tear at each others’ clothes our mouths and hands exploring each other.  The air would be hot and sticky with passion and desire. Now it feels . . . weird. Cool. It’s a little awkward and I’m wishing he wasn’t here. It would have been so much easier on the phone. Damn older guys and wanting to do things properly. Properly? Ha. Yeah right, Kelly, he wants one last fuck. Shit. So do I.

‘’I guess you know why I’m here?’’ he asks.

I nod, really not trusting myself to speak.

‘’We can’t. . . I can’t do this anymore. It’s not right. I just . . . got caught up in it all.’’

I’d like to tell you I’m feeling repulsed at the sight of him sitting across from me on the sofa but I’m not. I’m thinking how much I want to rip his clothes off and shag him right here and now. Fuck the speech. Talk is cheap. Which is how I feel. But really I only have myself to blame. I knew he was married and even though I felt guilty whenever we’d had sex or text each other it wasn’t enough to stop me. Lust. One of the Seven Deadly Sins.

‘’Lust is to other passions what the nervous fluid is to life; it supports them all, lends strength to them all- ambition, cruelty, avarice, revenge, are all founded on lust.’’ (Marquis de Sade) Great Kelly, get all philosophical now why don’t you.

Tom’s still talking about why we can’t continue doing this. Part of me feels like a naught child being scolded. Does he feel naughty? Yeah, probably, but in the horny sense of the word. I don’t need this lecture. I understand. Perhaps he’s trying to reassure himself more than me. I don’t really know why he’s cheated. It’s not something we’ve discussed. I don’t know whether they still have sex or if she understands him. I don’t know anything of their marriage. What’s the point? I don’t know her, I’ve never seen her. In my world she doesn’t exist. Do I care? No. Maybe. Yes, I do care.

‘’Be careful how you meet a man because it’s how you’ll lose him.’’ Another great quote from Mam. She’d said that to Dads girlfriend and sure enough twelve months later she caught him cheating. ‘’I warned her,’’ Mam had smiled. 

 I’d never trust Tom in a relationship. After all if he’s done it with me what’s to stop him from doing it with someone else? Get out now girl before you’re too emotionally involved. I should have stopped it ages ago. Why didn’t I? Because I’m weak. I liked feeling wanted, receiving his naughty text messages and having amazing sex with Tom. I felt . . . powerful? In control?Silly, silly girl you were never in control. Tom was. He was the one pulling the strings. You were merely his puppet to do with as he pleased. A man in control is dangerous.

‘’Kelly, are you ok?’’ he asks genuinely sounding concerned. Genuinely? The man is an actor Kelly. He’s been acting the past few months. He should get a bloody Oscar.

‘’The award for most loving, caring husband goes to Tom Moore. The award for most caring – what, lover? Yeah . . . goes to, drum roll please, Tom Moore.’’ Two Oscars. Two women.

‘’I’m fine, Tom, just had a hectic day in work.’’

‘’I noticed your shoulders looked a little droopy,’’ he says. ‘’Will I give you a massage?’’

‘’No, no, I’m fine.’’ Liar.

He jumps up quickly and sits behind me on the sofa rubbing my shoulders. Mmmm, it feels good. He’s great with his hands and soon I’m leaning back against his chest while he works his magic, all previous thoughts of finishing this fleeing from my mind as I get lost in the sensation of his touch. I was only wearing a light t-shirt and shorts which I’d jumped into after my jog having showered. I didn’t want to dress up for the occasion. Now, feeling the warmth of his hands as they rubbed my aching shoulders I was glad I wasn’t wearing anything heavier.

Slowly his hands trailed down my back stopping to massage various places the feeling becoming more and more erotic. My breathing was beginning to quicken but I tried to hide it. The sudden probe in my lower back indicated to me that Tom was as turned on by this as me. His hands reach down further to the end of my t-shirt and slowly, teasingly he lifts it up my body and over my head. He goes back to massaging my shoulders, along my collarbone then onto my lace clad breasts.OK, so I put the lace lingerie on he likes, don’t judge me. If you haven’t already. Now his hands are at my stomach, caressing, kneading, to the top of my shorts. He dips his hand into the waistband of my shorts and panties, enjoying, I hope, the warmth that’s in there. As his fingers find my clitoris his mouth is nibbling gently at my ear the way I like, his other hand pushing the cup of my bra down to free my breast, caressing it, squeezing my nipple. Oh, my. . .
His fingers continued to circle my clit, slowly at first, teasing,  oh the teasing. . . he began building speed and adding pressure and I knew I would soon orgasm. When I did it literally slammed right through me making my body shake. He wa so good at this, at taking me over the edge.

‘’Did you enjoy that?’’ he whispered in my ear moving from behind me his erection clearly bulging against his trousers. Taking hold of the waistband he pulled off my shorts and panties in one swift movement and I watched in a haze as he took off his trousers and briefs. I almost cried out as he pushed into me, his cock filling me, fitting inside perfectly. He was equally as skilled with his cock as he was with his hands and I thought briefly how lucky his wife was to have this every day. He moved in and out changing speed and rhythm. Locking my legs around him I moved with him as we got lost in the moment. His pace quickened indicating his own orgasm was imminent. I pulled him deeper into me, my pussy still contracting from my orgasm, then with a shudder and a loud groan he came inside me. I held him there milking him of every last drop of cum.The last time I’d ever take it.

We lay together as best we could on the sofa until our bodies relaxed and our breathing had returned to normal then we dressed, awkwardly.

‘’I’m sorry, Kelly, but you know this can’t happen anymore.’’

‘’I know, Tom, I understand.’’

‘’Take care,’’ he said and kissed me on the head before walking out the door and out of my life for good.

‘’It is in their last moments that people show you who they really are.’’- The Joker.
Just sex Kelly. Just sex.

© Copyright 2019 Sibz Lee. All rights reserved.

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