Sex in the Lake

Sex in the Lake

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica



Rey takes his girlfriend to the beautiful lakes of Lough Gowna where they have some tantalizing sex in the water.



Rey takes his girlfriend to the beautiful lakes of Lough Gowna where they have some tantalizing sex in the water.


Submitted: April 06, 2016

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Submitted: April 06, 2016



It was a warm summer night and as thousands of stars twinkled over the shores of Lough Gowna Rey Smith with his girlfriend drove his car to a halt meters from the lakes edge.

‘’Wow, it looks absolutely beautiful, so tranquil,’’ Sylvia whispered in awe of her surroundings.

‘’I knew you’d love it here,’’ Rey relied pulling their picnic blanket from the back seat along with a box of Sylvia’s favourite chocolates Ferrero Rocher and a bottle of schloer. No alcohol while driving not even a glass. The roads around County Longford were notorious for their twists and turns which became even more threatening at night.

‘’I can’t believe you’ve never been to the lakes,’’ he mused sitting next to her on the blanket. The grass was dry tonight as it hadn’t rained in Ireland for a little over two weeks which also had the waters of the lake lower than he had expected.

‘’I’ve only ever been to the midlands once,’’ Sylvia informed him, ‘’and that was to visit a sick aunt in Mullingar Regional Hospital.’’

‘’You don’t know what you’ve been missing, girl,’’ he smiled.

They snuggled together on the blanket peering thoughtfully out at the waters of Lough Gowna. It really was the perfect night with the full moon reflecting on the water like a mirror, the island of Inchmore standing peacefully in the background.

‘’Have you ever swam out there?’’ Sylvia asked.

‘’When I was a teenager I used to. Some of my friends and I would swim out. It’s further from here but a nice swim when you’re young and strong especially on a hot day.’’

‘’Does anyone live there?’’

‘’Nah, there was a monastery on it a few centuries ago founded by St. Colmcille but Henry VIII had something to do with it being disbanded.’’

‘’You’re so sexy when you talk like this, so intelligent,’’ she reached up to kiss him on the lips.

Rey laughed. ‘’Really? Well, I’ve plenty more stories like this,’’ he kissed her back before continuing with the little history lesson. ‘’The remains of the Abbey are still there and apparently the locals still used it as a  graveyard up until  the early 20th Century.’’

‘’Sounds cool, maybe we could go there sometime?’’

‘’Yeah I could hire a boat and we could do some fishing too. My Grandad used to have a small boat and I’d go out in it with him as a ‘wee lad’ spending hours just sitting out there with our rods.’’

‘’Have you skinny dipped?’’ Sylvia grinned as she stood up to remove her t-shirt.

Reys eyes twinkled as he smiled ‘’of course. The lads and I used to always do it but it’s been a while.’’ He stood too, removing his clothes like Sylvia who was now completely naked.

‘’Weren’t you afraid of a fish thinking your willy was a worm?’’ she giggled edging her way backwards to the lake.

‘’Hey! More than a worm! Lol. But nah, teenagers don’t worry about stuff like that when they’re having fun.

Suddenly Sylvia let out a girly squeal as her feet touched the cool waters of the lough. ‘’It’s cold!’’

‘’Of course it’s cold, Syl, it’s not a hot bath you’re stepping into,’’ Rey laughed as he began splashing her with the water.

They continued their childish play for a bit until Rey caught hold of Sylvia by the wrists and planted a firm kiss on her lips.

‘’Wanna do something wild?’’ Rey breathed against her ear.

‘’What, this isn’t wild?’’ she smiled.

‘’Wana have sex here?’’

‘’In the water?’’

Rey nodded as he began nibbling at her lobe the way he knew turned her on.

‘’That’s rather . . . naughty,’’ she replied uncertain.

‘’Sure is . . . but there’s no one around.’’

Sylvia found that the exposure of her naked body to the mildness of the night air was turning her on . . . along with the way Rey was moving his finger tip around her areola while he trailed kisses down her neck.

‘’I want you, Syl, right here . . . right now,’’ he whispered into her and she suddenly became aware of how much as he leaned his erect cock into her thigh. The warmth of his breath and the soft pressure of him against her was sparking waves of sizzling, tantalizing warmth between her legs. She shivered, more with excitement than cold. The water glistened on Rey’s dark skin which added to her arousal. He had a beautiful toned body which seemed to fit in with the natural surroundings.

She licked seductively at the droplets of his chest which felt cool against her warm tongue.

‘’Mmmm . . . my big dairy milk,’’ she moaned and he laughed at her pet name for him.

He cupped her breasts standing back to watch as his thumbs caressed her nipples. ‘’My beautiful milky bar kid.’’

Each intimate touch elicited shivers of excitement down her body. Taking her hand, Rey walked her a little further out into the lake until the water was lapping gently around their waists. Sylvia trembled with arousal as Rey’s hands hugged at her ass, then with one swift movement he lifted her up telling her to place her legs around him.

‘’I’ve got you, babe,’’ he whispered.

The water felt slippery and warm adding a special something to the moment and Sylvia is pleased to find it hasn’t caused Rey’s cock to wither. Their bodies glisten in the moonlight and with the presence of the stars, made the moment all the more magical.

‘’Ready?’’ he asked and Sylvia nodded that she was.

Slowly . . . softly . . . he slides his cock inside her as she wriggles down a little more to take him deeper. The feeling of him inside her while under water is like nothing she’s ever experienced before.

‘’Oh . . . jaysus . . . ‘’ she moaned. ‘’Fuck me, Rey, don’t stop.’’ Her moans spurred him on and he began thrusting harder into her. He was so turned on by the wildness of their sex act that he knew he couldn’t hold out much longer.

‘’Cum for me baby,’’ she moaned moments later as he sucked hungrily at her breast, then letting go with a long almost animal growl as his cum spurted inside her, causing Sylvia to gasp at the sensation, her orgasm quickly jolting through her body making her legs vibrate against his back.

‘’Mmmm . . . ‘’ she moaned as she wiggled to get the last bit of pleasure from the moment before Rey slid out of her a dazed look on his face. He put her down helping her to get her balance on the sand below then took her hand in his as they made their way through the lake to their blanket.

‘’I have a towel,’’ he told her taking one from the back seat of the car. ‘’I brought it just in case,’’ he smiled sheepishly.

‘’Great!’’ she laughs, then ‘’Wow, Rey, that was something else.’’

‘’Wasn’t it? . . . Glad you came?’’

‘’Oh yes both to the lake and in the lake,’’ she replied.

They had just finished dressing and were buckling their seat belts when a Garda car pulled u along side them.

‘’Everything ok here?’’ the officer in the passenger seat asked rolling down his window.

‘’Yes officer, all good,’’ Rey replied.

‘’Miss?’’ he asked Sylvia.

‘’Yes fine. My partner her was just showing me the lake.’’

‘’At this time of night?’’ the driver asked.

‘’Well, eh, yeah, we were busy all day and have to head back to Kildare early in the morning so it’s really the only chance we got,’’ Sylvia added. ‘’Plus, it’s much more peaceful and serene this time of night.’’

‘’Hey, are you old Smith’s grandson?’’ the driver asked Rey suddenly thinking the lads face looked familiar.

‘’I sure am officer,’’ Rey told him.

‘’Reynaldo Smith, haven’t seen you since you were a teenager.’’

‘’Family moved away, sir, for a few years but recently moved back.’’

‘’Great to see you around. Don’t forget to hire a boat from aul Pa Reilly next time you visit,’’ the driver adds. ‘’Take the lass fishing.’’

‘’I intend to, sir.Thanks.’’

‘’Safe journey you two. Goodnight,’’ the officer in the passenger seat said before rolling up the window as the driver pulled away.

‘’OMG! We were nearly caught!’’ Sylvia exclaimed.

‘’Nearly never won the race, Syl,’’ Rey smiled driving away from the shores of Lough Gowna as he promised to take her back some day.’’


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