Champagne Sex

Champagne Sex

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


We all need a break from reality sometimes and this is just what married couple Kevin and Jennifer like to do from time to time. Getting her younger sister to babysit Jen and her husband head off on a naughty night away which is full of love, passion and sex with a hint of bondage and champagne!


We all need a break from reality sometimes and this is just what married couple Kevin and Jennifer like to do from time to time. Getting her younger sister to babysit Jen and her husband head off on a naughty night away which is full of love, passion and sex with a hint of bondage and champagne!


Submitted: March 31, 2016

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Submitted: March 31, 2016



Champagne Sex

Sometimes you need to forget you’re a parent. Actually forget your an adult even with responsibilities. That’s why whenever we can my husband Kevin and I get a babysitter for the night and head off to a hotel somewhere for some ‘us’ time. We act like a couple in the start of their relationship he even goes to stay in his brothers place the night before so we can pretend we don’t live together. Or sometimes we’ll meet at the hotel and pretend it’s our first time together. Tonight he’s in his brothers so we have a bit of sexting telling each other our fantasies.

‘’I want u 2 tie me up & have ur wicked way with me xx’’ I type.

‘’Mmmm. . . sounds good. Ur wish is my command xx’’

‘’Bring the tie ur gonna wear 2 the wedding nxt mth,’’ I add. ‘’Then we can remember the nite u used it in bondage ;)’’

''Gr8 idea. I’m so horny right now. Fancy coming round 4 a quickie?’’ he asks.

‘’Nope. . . ur just gonna have to wait.’’

‘’Meany! Can’t wait to lick dat pussy of urs ;)  and u won’t be able 2 hold on2 my head the way u like 2 cus you’’ll be tied up’’

The following day I’m filled with such excitement I feel like a teenager meeting her crush. It’s these little escapades of ours that help keep our marriage alive.

I go through my wardrobe wondering what to wear when I spot a dress I bought recently. It’s a long, figure hugging number which emphasises my curves nicely. Even after carrying three children I have a good body but I keep myself fit too. I decide on a lacy body suit rather than a bra set and the stiletto’s I like to wear add some extra inches to my small frame. My husband is tall so every inch helps. I decide to tie my hair up off my face the way Kev likes. Normally I’d send him a selfie but not today as I want to surprise him.

I take the bottle of champagne (my other occasional guilty pleasure) from the fridge and pop it in my overnight bag as the doorbell rings indicating my youngest sister Bethany’s arrival.

‘’Swit-swoo,’’ she mock whistles taking in my appearance. ‘’Are yeah sure now it’s Kev you’re meeting and not some young stud muffin to bonk?’’

‘’Bethany my love, why would I want a stud muffin when I can have a stallion of a man to ‘bonk’?’’

‘’Please don’t say anymore,’’ she laughs covering her ears. ‘’I do not need any disturbing images of my brother in law popping into my mind!’’

I text Kev to let him know Bethany’s here and he swiftly replies ‘’our spot in 5 xxx’

I kiss our three children, grab my bags and walk the short distance around the corner to ‘our spot’. I love when we meet here, I feel like a naughty school girl sneaking out of my parents house in the middle of the night to meet a guy. It adds to the excitement.

‘’Wow! Look at you!’’ I exclaim as I open the passenger door to find my hubby dressed to kill in his beautiful suit. ‘’ 00 Heaven.’’

‘’And look at you gorgeous,’’ he smiles kissing me seductively on the lips the way he knows turns me on.

We usually play a role during these rendez-vous, two lovers meeting for a dirty night away. We don’t do romance- that’s for at home, at these times it’s naught all the way! We tend not to talk about the kids either because sometimes we need it to be just about the two of us.

‘’This is lovely’’, I remark taking in our surroundings. My hubby has great taste and his choice of hotel never lets me down. We struggle to keep our hands off each other as we unpack, eager to rip each others clothes off and have mad passionate sex right there and then but we’ve been practising self control so we take our time. The best things are worth waiting for, right?

‘’Oh the news, great,’’ I say feigning interest as I lie belly down on the bed in front of the T.V while Kev gets comfortable beside me. He slowly starts to caress my back over my dress gradually moving toward my bum.

‘’Your ass looks hot in this dress, very Kardashianesque,’’ he says.

‘’Why thank you,’’ I reply as my breathing starts to quicken in anticipation of what’s to come.

He pushes my dress up over my butt exposing my thonged ass and I hear his sharp intake of breathe before he starts to kiss each cheek tenderly. His kisses turn to licking. . . sucking. . . nipping with his teeth causing tremendous pulsing inside me.

‘’You’re so damn sexy, Jen,’’ he moans into my butt cheeks, running his tongue along the gap between the two. He stops to remove his jacket and tie then peels me out of my dress telling him to stay as I am. He continues to run his tongue around the rim of my anus and my legs shake with desire.

‘’Ooooh baby . . . ‘’ I moan as he pushes a finger into my pussy which was unexpected.

‘’You’re getting wet for me,’’ he moans before continuing to tease my pussy with his finger mimicking the way his penis would go in . . . out . . . in . . . out . . . gradually building me up, then using my wetness to moisten my anus he eases a finger inside . . . Oh. . . myyyy . . .what a sensation. I hear him gasp knowing he loves the tightness, the naughtiness of where is finger is. He pushes another finger back into my vagina and ''ooooh . . . my . . .God . . .'' I cry out. It feels so good. I want his cock inside me but I’m enjoying this too much to tell him. The simultaneous movement of his fingers in both my holes brings my arousal to its peak and I cry out as wave after beautiful orgasmic wave soars through my body. ‘’That’s my girl,’’ he whispers kissing me along my spine before gently removing his fingers.

‘’That was so damn good,’’ I blush. Yes, my husband still makes me blush. It’s my turn now to pleasure Kev and I do this with a passion. I can’t tell you how much I love sucking his cock, that beautiful organ which helped father our children. It’s a wonder to watch the veins protrude, the way it moves to meet my mouth. It’s a sexy penis and it’s mine. I kiss him first, sucking on his lips, his tongue, his neck, languidly inching my way down his body unbuttoning his shirt as I do so. I take his shirt off then my body suit and press my body into his. He has a beautiful body with a small amount of chest hair which i love to tangle my fingers in as he rides me. I love his nipples the tiny little buds like rocks as I lick . . . suck . . . bite, each one in turn. His moans encourage me to continue. I feel his cock strain against his clothes so I reach down to kiss it over his trousers.

‘’Let him out baby, please,’’ Kev begs as I begin upzipping his trousers, slowly pulling them down his legs. Moving back to his cock I see his pre cum has stained his boxers so I suck at it as much as I can through the material. I straddle him rubbing myself off his rod playing with my nipples while I do so knowing my teasing his driving him wild with desire. After a couple of minutes of this I move between his legs and begin kissing his belly, rubbing my tongue around his belly button. . . along his sides . . . tracing kisses along his line of hair to the top of his boxer the pull them off watching with excitement as his penis springs free almost dancing with the relief of being let loose. I kiss inside his thighs . . . edging closer to his testicles but then moving away. His groans make me feel powerful and sexy  . . . I lick his shaven testes loving the smoothness of their naked skin on my lips. I suck them in my mouth then release them, then without warning I take his cock into my mouth to the back of my throat.

This surprises him and he cries out ‘’fuck, Jen.’’ I have a good gag reflex so I take him as far as I can while breathing through my nose. He loves this and loves it even more when I wrap my hand around it moving the skin up and down as I kiss the tip . . . then take him back in deep. He grabs my ponytail and pulls my head up and down his shaft as my hand follows suit. I wet my hand watching my saliva making his manhood glisten in the light then mimicking vaginal trusting I grasp him in my hand and wank him. Slowly at first then faster, rotating speeds to keep him from tipping over the edge. With a final suck I stop . . .  then trail kisses back up his body to his lips. I wish I could capture the look of want for me and desire in his face forever. It’s such a beautiful image- an aroused man.

‘’How do you taste off me?’’ I ask kissing him.

‘’Mmmm . . .  good,’’ he moans.

I straddle him again and he rubs his penis along my labia, into my clit the slowly, gently inside me. I love this feeling and I gasp.

‘’You love my cock inside you, don’t you?’’ he says.

‘’Ooooh . . . yes baby,’’ I reply.

I ride his cock, leaning back on my knees so he can massage my clit, soon the desire becomes too hard to stop and I shudder as another orgasm shoots through my body. When I’ve caught my breath he flips me over bringing me to my knees so he can fuck me from behind. I enjoy the intensity of sex this way, the pressure of my closed legs heightening my orgasm.

‘’Harder . . . ‘’ I cry as he trusts further inside me, faster . . . faster . . .  until he cries out in orgasm his cock pulsating inside my vagina.

After, we shower, then head down to the restaurant for dinner still glowing from our excursions.

‘’That was so great, Jen,’’ he smiles across the table squeezing my hand in his, his eyes lighting up with his smile.

‘’Yeah not too bad,’’ I cheekily reply sticking out my tongue.

We flirt over dinner like a young couple still in the honeymoon period of our relationship then snuggle together in bed later to watch a movie.

‘’Oh I brought this,’’ I tell him when the movie is over showing him the bottle of champagne.

 ‘’Oh lovely,’’ he smiles not realising what I have in store. ‘’Are there any glasses?’’

‘’We don’t need them,’’ I wink.

‘’My dear wife you are one naughty girl.’’

After we’ve undressed each other and I take some champagne into my mouth then let it flow into his mouth.

‘’Wow,’’ he says after the fizz has settled.

Again I drink from the bottle this time holding the liquid in my mouth as I lean forward letting it slowly spill down his chest, the liquid fizzing as it hits his naked flesh, his hair glistening wet. He’s enjoying this which turns me on more and I rub the champagne into his body then suck it from his chest hair which is quite pleasurable. I lap the remaining liquid from his belly feeling more turned on as I do. His heavy breathing matches mine.

I reach for the bottle a third time then straddling his leg I take a sup but swallow it down while he watches in anticipation. Grinding against his thigh I take another sup this time letting it fizz down my bare breasts onto my stomach. I rub it into me not caring that my tan may be ruined, too caught up in the moment to worry of such things. I wet my vaginal lips with the now warm liquid still grinding away looking into my husbands eyes with each movement.

One more mouthful and I move swiftly between his legs having handed him the bottle. I spill some champagne onto his belly and he gasps knowing what’s coming. Down . . . down . . . I spill it making my way to his cock hearing his moans of pleasure as I rub the liquid into him, the fizz causing an unusual sensation. I suck it from him then, the champagne never tasting so good . . . then I rub it into his balls down to the rim of his anus which I finger intently. Still sucking his solid member, I ease my finger inside him. He doesn’t clench his buttocks just relaxes and lets me do my thing. . .

I mimic his cock inside my ass loving how it feels to be inside Him. ‘’Mmmm . . . Jen,’’ he moans and I’m pleased he’s enjoying this new act as much as me. I continue for another while sucking at his testicles as my finger works his anus fascinated. Being the tease that I am, I suddenly stop then gently remove my finger from inside him.

‘’Oh God that was incredible,’’ he smiles then I tell him to tie me up . . .

He turns me over onto the bed wasting no time in taking his tie from the locker, he uses it to bond my wrists together. I watch transfixed by how arousing such an act can be. It’s the first time we’ve done this so I’m slightly uncertain how it will play out. Giving the knot one last tug to make sure it’s secure he pushes my hands over my head. He takes the bottle of champagne from the locker and I lay beneath him filled with a raw passion, this beautiful man towering over me causing my chest to rapidly rise and fall with arousal. He takes a mouthful then proceeds to pour it languidly, little by little into my eager mouth. I suck at him enjoying the fizzing against our mouths then watch as he pours another mouthful onto each breast rubbing it into my nipples . . . down to my belly . . . down to my pubic bone.

One more sup and I’m crying out as the fizzing champagne falls onto my naked labia. Suddenly he pushes my left leg out of his way holding it firmly in place as he begins licking and sucking at my throbbing pussy.

‘’Oh . . . my . . . God,’’ I cry savouring the sensations which are so different to any I’ve felt before. I move my arms to hold his head but remember I’m bound. I long to touch my nipples as he goes down on me but I can’t and while it drives me mad in a way, I love the lack of control in another.

Finishing up he pulls me to the edge of the bed, placing a pillow under my head as he continues to tease my champagne wet pussy with the tip of his cock. He takes my legs, one at a time and places them over each of his shoulders. I have a little view of my labia like this and can see his cock trusting in and out of me. I long to touch his chest, hold his ass, touch his penis as it enters me but I can’t and he smiles at me knowingly. Leaning forward he places my feet on his chest as he kisses me.

‘’Oh that’s so deep baby,’’ I cry out.

With each word he utters he trusts further into me.

‘’Is . . .’’ deep trust . . . ‘’that . . .’’  deep trust . . . ‘’deep . . .’’ deep trust . . . ‘’enough?’’  His eyes never leave mine making the experience all the more intense.

‘’Turn over?’’ he asks and I can only nod in agreement I’m breathing so hard and fast.

Over I go, Kev helping to position me in the way he knows I love.

‘’Ready to cum yet?’’ he asks and I nod.

I try to grip the bed cover as I normally would but I can’t so I clenched my fists tightly as his cock pounds my pussy his finger rubbing my anus.

‘’Oh baby I’m gonna cum all over your cock,’’ I manage to stammer.

‘’Oh Jen, me too!’’ he cries out.

I feel like he’s literally fucking every nerve ending in my body. Maybe my other senses have become heightened because my hands are powerless, but for whatever reason I experience one of the most intense orgasms of my life and I’d nearly swear I can feel our cum slash together. He continues trusting into the depth of me until he is completely spent, then collapses, exhausted ,onto my body.

‘’That was one of the most amazing sexual experiences we’ve had yet,’’ Kev grins in the car on our way home the following day.

‘’Yeah, I quite enjoyed being tied up,’’ I admit blushing.

‘’So, what’s the next fantasy?’’ he asks giving me a naughty wink?

‘’I’ll see what I can come up with,’’ I smile.  


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