Between your world and mine

Between your world and mine

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Sehir Viksun is special, more so than even she knows. Fate knows no bounds and not even a King can stop it. How will things turn out when Sehir comes face to face with love and lust?


Sehir Viksun is special, more so than even she knows. Fate knows no bounds and not even a King can stop it. How will things turn out when Sehir comes face to face with love and lust?

Chapter1 (v.1) - Between your world and mine

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Sehir Viksun is special, more so than even she knows. Fate knows no bounds and not even a King can stop it. How will things turn out when Sehir comes face to face with love and lust?

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 07, 2011



Sehir Viksun sat draped across her olive green couch eating her favorite caramel praline ice cream and talking to her friend Sasha on the phone.

"No, what I just don't understand is why you feel like being with just him is so important. I still think that having multiple lovers isn't so bad. I mean, men do it all the time. Why not have some fun?" Sehir asked before filling her mouth with more ice cream. Her eyes strayed over to the little white short haired dog that suddenly jumped off the couch. Bella was Sehir's Chihuahua. She was brought back to the phone conversation when she heard Sasha speak.

"I love James, Sehir. Simple as that. I don't want anyone else. I like being faithful. It gives me a since of pride."

"But he doesn't love you, Sasha," Sehir said

"Oh, here we go again."

"No, just hear me out. I can see it. I-"

"How, Sehir? How do you know that? I don't want to hear that crap about you feeling it or some bull like that. I want proof. Have you ever seen him cheating on me? Have you ever seen him with anyone else? Huh?"

"Well, no, but-"

"Then stop assuming things. You don't know how he feels, Sehir. You are not James."

"Sasha, I know that, but I can feel it. Somehow, I can just...feel it. He tells you everything you want to hear and he acts like a good guy, but something deep down is telling me that he doesn't truly love you and he's got you eating out of the palm of his hands like it's real."

Sehir hoped her friend would believe her, but it's been six months and Sasha still believed that James was the one for her. Sehir knew better though. She turned around and looked down the hall in her house towards the sound of her dog barking. Usually it was only a bat or something common running around at night, but Bella was barking more than usual and it was getting to Sehir.

"You know, Sehir, I'm really starting to get sick and tired of that same old tune poring from your mouth. It sure is funny how a woman who's been single for almost two years can just tell me how to run my relationship," Sasha said, her words offending to Sehir.

"Okay, one: I'm just trying to help you. You don't have to get mad because of it. And two: I'm single by choice, not force. I can't help that I never loved any of the guys I've dated. They all loved me, but I only wanted one thing out of them. There was no reason to tie myself down to any one of them. They always seem to get too attached and it creeps me out. I like my freedom. Even if I am single, so what? I like it that way. Until I can find true love, I'll just continue to play around." Again, the sound of Bella's barking caught Sehir's attention, making her looked back.

"You better hope you don't get knocked up while you're having all that fun," Sasha mumbled and Sehir frowned, she was just no good at keeping female friends, it was a fact that she was trying to accept.

"Yes, well at least if I do, I'll make sure that whoever the father is will actually love and take care of me and our child. Too bad I can't say the same for you and all five of your kid's dads. Don't come crying to me when you really see James for who he is." With that, Sehir hung up her phone and stood from the couch.

With her ice cream in hand, Sehir began down the hall from the living room to find her dog. Bella had been barking for a long time so now was the time to investigate. Just as she passed the big mirror hanging on the wall in the hall, she heard Bella yelp. The cry was so bloodcurdling that Sehir froze for a moment. Then she heard whimpering and that when panic set in. She dropped her ice cream, the spoon making a dull clanking sound as it bounced off the carton and hit the floor, but Sehir didn't even notice the noise. She ran in the kitchen, turning on the light, but there was no Bella. Her eyes instantly went to the small dog door she'd had installed.

She'd made sure that her back yard was safe enough for Bella to run around in whenever she went out her dog door to use it, but somehow Sehir had a bad feeling. She quickly walked over to the door and opened it. The back yard was dark and quiet as she called out to the dog. There was no sign of Bella. She didn't even hear her little bell jingling. She stepped out and called to the dog again, and again she got nothing. Sehir strained her eyes trying to find the small dog, but they were adjusting to the darkness slowly.

The back yard was very large and mostly empty. She lived on a farm and the nearest house was almost a mile down the road so Sehir had plenty of room. Her parents had owned the house and land where she lived now. Her father, Tejal Viksun, had died almost two years ago and her mother, heart broken, died just one week after. At the age of twenty-nine Sehir was the only one left in her small family. Bella was her first and only pet and other than herself, her dog was the only other occupant in the large house, so finding Bella was of the utmost importance. Finally, in the distance, Sehir spotted two red dots staring directly at her. Bella's eyes always looked red when light reflected off them so Sehir just knew it had to be her baby. She smiled and called for her again, patting her legs to get Bella to come.

However, Bella didn't come. Those red eyes continued to stare at her from far away and then there was another whimper. Now feeling that something wasn't right, Sehir stood straight, frowning as she did. She took another step further into the darkness, then another and another. The large tree that sat in the very back of the yard was becoming visible and at the base of that tree lie a small white form. Forgetting all about the red eyes, Sehir focused on the small unmoving thing.

"Bella?" She called as she continued to approach the tree.

The closer she got, the more strange things became. No longer was she surrounded by the light poring out from her kitchen door. The bright light from the moon was all she had to light her way, but she could already see that the small form that sat at the base of the tree was indeed Bell. Yet, that pure white fur of hers wasn't so white anymore. Liquid crimson sparkled in the moon light as it saturated Bella's fur and the sight of it filled Sehir's body with fear. She placed her hands over her mouth to hold in the screams that threatened to spill forth. She could only stare at the gruesome image before her with teary eyes and for a moment, there was nothing. No sound, no feeling, only the sight of Bella's mutilated body, but then, the darkness next to Bella's body seemed to move.

Noticing the movement caused Sehir's eyes to moved towards it and there she saw the red eyes again. This time, though, they seemed to be getting closer. The sound of low growling could be heard and suddenly out of the darkness a large paw emerges. Slowly, from within the thick shadow appears a large mastiff-like creature. It towered over Sehir with wicked eyes of red, the little fur it had around its face and body seemed to move freely, shifting and turning as if alive. Oozing pus seeped from what little flesh it had, bone and muscle peeking out from beneath it. With every step it took it's large paws left deep burning prints filled with blood that looked more like thick black tar. It's sharp pointed black teeth gleamed in the moonlight. The foul smell of its breath mixed with the smell of old death poring from it's body was sickening enough to turn her stomach.

For a moment, Sehir couldn't move. She could only stare as the huge creature grew closer, but hearing Bella whimper once again freed her mind long enough for her to think to run. The large beast was on her heels as she struggled with all she had to get away. The heat from it's breath could be felt on her back side, but she was only feet away from her kitchen door. She felt that she'd be safe if only she could make it to that door. Suddenly, though, the large creature swipes at her legs, successfully tripping her up. Sehir fell to the ground with a loud thud, but the beast didn't stop until it stood between her and the door. Slowly it began to walk towards her and Sehir scrambled to get to her feet. Gradually, it's walk turned into running again, but just when she turned again to run for her life, Sehir was blocked.

She screamed as something took hold of her. She scratched and fought, but whatever it was wouldn't let go. Her eyes were streaming with tears, but she felt no pain. The monster could still be heard from behind her, but the sound it made was pain-filled as if the tables had been turned. Slowly, Sehir looked up, she'd had her eyes closed as she fought for her life and hadn't thought to look and see what she'd run into or what had taken hold of her. Those tear-filled dark brown eyes of hers were met with a pare of eyes she'd never seen before. Looking into the golden eyes that stared down at her suddenly filled Sehir with peace. She didn't feel afraid anymore, only comforted.

Out of the corner of her eyes, Sehir saw that the person holding her had their other arm reached out. Her eyes followed the length of that arm until she came to the forward facing palm of the stranger's hand. She looked back at those golden eyes that still stared down at here. She wondered who this person was. He was pretty. Yes, pretty. There was no other word to describe the person holding her. In fact, had he not been holding her against his solid, flat chest, Sehir would have had to wonder whether he was male or female.

"Are you all right?" Sehir blinked at the question. She'd heard it, but couldn't answer right off. She was just too amazed at the sound coming from him. He was just too pretty. The deepness of his voice didn't match the feminine features of his face. Finally, she nodded

."I think so. It didn't hurt me"

"Yes, but it certainly meant to," he said. Sehir looked over at the beast. It now lay on the ground on it's side, panting and crying out in agony. "That beast is known as Kezef the chaos hound," the stranger spoke again, "He must have gone mad. Usually he only hunts and feasts upon those of faith in our wold. For him to venture here is unspeakable. Your domestic hound must have looked at you as a God of some sort for Kezef to have chosen her." Hearing the man speak of Bella reminded Sehir that the dog was still lying there by the tree. She gasped and made to go back to Bella's side, but was stopped. "It is too late, I am afraid. Her soul is no longer within her body"

Sehir placed her face against the strange man's chest to hide her tears. He looked down at her and continued to speak. "Come, we must leave this place. Kezef is very powerful and I can only hold him at bay for so long. I must get you to a safer place"

The tall man, using the hand that had once been reaching out towards the demon hound, placed his pale fingers against Sehir's cheek, wiping away her tears and with every swipe of his thumb, she felt more relaxed. She didn't know why, but suddenly she was tired and before long she'd fallen asleep.


Sehir's eyes popped open, but just like having them closed, she saw nothing but darkness. She was lying down, she noticed as she moved her head from side to side. No matter how long she lay there, her eyes wouldn't adjust to the darkness. Even as she sat up, her senses were flooded with nothing but overwhelming blackness. Only the sound of her heart could be heard. She was confused as she sat there, she didn't remember falling asleep and she assumed, judging by the softness beneath her, she was lying on a bed. She hadn't remember going to bed either. She didn't remember anything and that scared her.

"Ah, you're awake I see." A deep voice came from somewhere within the dark surroundings. Sehir's heart raced as she desperately searched for the owner of the voice.

"Hello? Who's there?" she asked

"It is I. Is not my voice memorable?"

"Wha? I don't understand. Do I know you?"

"Hmm, I see. So indeed your memory is lost. Perhaps it will return once you've looked upon my face."

Foot steps could be heard and Sehir followed the sound until it stopped. Suddenly the room was lit and the owner of the voice came into sight. The tall slim man with ghostly pale skin and long chocolate brown hair stopping only an inch above the floor, walked towards her. In his hand he held a candle-lit sconce and his golden eyes watched her as he moved forward. Suddenly, it all came back to her.

"You. You're the one who saved me from that thing"

"That is correct," he said, sitting on the edge of the bed that Sehir sat in.

It was only then that she'd realized that she was in a bedroom, but the bedroom wasn't her own. Upon closer inspection, Sehir saw that the man before her wasn't like any other man she'd seen before and it was all because of his eyes. Those captivating orbs were already a beautiful golden color, but the irises of those eyes were tri-colored. Three rings of gold surrounding his pupil and Sehir was drawn to them. She just couldn't seem to look away and the longer she stared the more at ease she felt. By the time he blinked she felt as comfortable in his presence as she would have with any good friend.

"What's your name?" She asked suddenly with a smile.

"I am King Sluagh"

"King? You're a king?"

"Yes and you are in my personal chambers. I brought you here after the attack on you by Kezef."

"Yeah, I remember. When do you think it'll be safe for me to go back home?"

"That, I am not certain. Kezef likes to prowl the same areas at night. Only during the day will he retreat, but he will always return to reek havoc upon those living in that area. It may not be safe to return for some time, Sehir." She looked down, uneasy once again.

"Oh," she said then looked up. "Wait, how do you know my name? I don't remember ever telling you." Not that she remembered much. Sluagh stood from the bed and walked around to the foot.

"There isn't much that I do not know. It's the same as when I rescued you. I hear all that is carried upon the wind whether it be a whisper or a scream. Well, that spoken in your world." Sehir's eyebrows knitted.

"'My world'?" she asked

"Yes, this world I live in is neither here nor there, but that which lies in between and for now within this world you reside. Come now, I must introduce you to some of the others."

Sluagh held out his free hand to her and Sehir, without a second thought, moved from the bed and took it. Together the two walked around the large windowless room lighting the candles that sat inside the wall sconces scattered here and there. Once Sluagh was done he led Sehir back to the foot of the bed.

"Daoine, Alkai, you may enter."

Only moments later, a door Sehir hadn't seen before suddenly opens and in walks two other males. The sight of the two men gave Sehir mixed feelings. One man was frightening while the other was beautiful, more so than Sluagh. Sehir didn't know whether to stare or look away. The two men stopped after stepping just inside the door. Sluagh walked a few steps closer bringing her with him as he did before speaking.

"Look closely, Sehir. These two men are soldiers in my troop of guardians. They are loyal to me as I am to all of my people. Step forward, Daoine." Sluagh commanded the beautiful one and he did as told.

Sehir's eyes followed this Daoine's every move. He was fluent in his movements and it was easy to see that every action was well thought out. He bowed to Sluagh and Sehir and as he stood, Sehir studied him more. Daoine was tall, very tall, about six feet five inches. He was like a giant compared to her five foot three inch frame. He was slim and his face was hairless and smooth like an adolescent boy, but he looked strong. His build closely resembled that of a runner or a swimmer. His skin was the palest green she'd ever seen. It was so pale, in fact, that it almost looked white. His hair was black as night, long and shinny with an almost metallic look to it. He kept most of it pushed behind those long slender pointed ears of his.

His hair wasn't as long as Sluagh's though, stopping just at his knees. Some of that silky hair had managed to slip away from behind his ears. It was much shorter than the rest, hanging freely and framing that beautiful boyish face of his. It was funny, really, how Sahir could look upon the face of a person with green skin and pointed ears and feel no fear, only lust. She felt it all throughout her body. Already she wanted that man, craved to be with him and yet she didn't even know who or even what he was. Starting at his feet, she worked her way up. The way he dressed was much different than any man living in this day and age.

Brown leather boots adorned his feet, stopping just above his calves. The top of the boots folded down and a string of leather crisscrossed around them. Tucked inside the boots were a pair of light brown trousers. His top half was covered in a loose fitting, silk tunic with a v-cut neck that gave her a small view of his well defined chest. It was a tease and only made her more curious.

Daoine had been watching Sehir watch him, but being so caught up in her observation of him she hadn't noticed, that is until she met his eyes. Those eyes had to be the grandest thing of all. Like Sluagh, Daoine had tri-colored eyes. They were very similar; Sluagh's being golden and his being yellow. Three different shades of yellow circled his pupils, but what set him apart were the streaks of honey brown darting through them stretching from the outer iris and stopping just before the pupil.

Another thing Sehir noticed as she looked into those yellow eyes was that Daoine was unhappy. He was very unhappy. She could feel his sorrow, she sensed the need he had for something, but what that something was, she didn't know. His heart was clouded. Love was there, but it only existed deep within him. He kept it locked away as if he were afraid of it. Yes, Sehir could see this all just by looking into his eyes. It was a gift she's had since she was a young child. Her mother said that God had blessed her with the gift to see all people for who they really are and even after twenty plus years, Sehir still believed that.

However, the moment Sehir's eyes traveled over to the man standing just behind Daoine, something dangerous jump out at her, making her look away. What she saw wasn't something that could physically hurt her, but it was still frightening. His heart was black- no, more like he had no heart, no soul. There was just a empty black hole inside of him.

"You are distracted so, Sehir, that my words are unable to reach you?" Sehir looked up at the sound of Sluagh's voice. She wondered if he'd been talking that entire time. If so then she hadn't heard a word. She played it off.

"Oh, um, I'm sorry. My head fills a little funny so it's hard to concentrate."

"Ah, well, it was of no importance. Just know that Daoine is one of my most trusted. If you are in need of anything, feel free to call on him. There is also Mazikeen, but he is off on an assignment. You shall meet him upon his return," Sluagh said while stroking Sehir's hair. He looked up for a moment and then something dawned on him. "Oh, forgive me, I almost forgot one other. Alkai, come forth." The frightening man named Alkai did as told. "This is Alkai, he is also one of my many guardians."

Sehir only spared the other man a quick glance before turning her head into Sluagh's chest. In just that small amount of time she'd already seen enough of him. Everything about him screamed danger. That shaggy, dirty brown hair of his hung so low that it obscured his eyes, his lips were so paper thin that his mouth almost looked like nothing more than a thin line across his obsidian face, and when he smiled only wickedness came to mind seeing all those jaggedly uneven sharp teeth of his. What scared Sehir the most about him though were his hands and what she could see of his eyes.

His fingers were thin and impossibly long for any normal being and the tips of them were stained in what looked like old dried up blood. His eyes were a whole other story. She didn't know just how to describe them. There was a shadow over that part of his face from his thick hair, but the eyes themselves seemed black or non-existent, but there was a bright, silver light that shined where his iris and pupils should have been. He was monstrous. Sehir took another small glance at Alkai and he smiled. He took pleasure in knowing that she was afraid.

"This female is known as Sehir," Sluagh said to the two men. "I've brought her here after rescuing her from Kezef the chaos hound. Plus, I've taken a special interest in her. Alkai, Daoine, show her to her private chamber and see that she is taken care of." He looked down at Sehir. "You will have to excuse me. I must attend to my people. However, my men will escort you to your sleeping chambers."

Sehir smiled up at Sluagh. Even though she'd been scared moments ago, just the sound of his voice was enough to distract her. It was like the sweetest music and to feel his fingers caress her cheek was like having silk brushed across her face. She didn't feel scared or sad or even the slightest bit confused when she looked into his eyes. Only peace and happiness clouded her senses. Out of the corner of her eyes, Sehir saw Alkai reach out one of his hands for her, but she didn't dare take it. She glanced at it then looked away. Seeing her reaction pleased Alkai.

"Do not fear him, Sehir. He only wishes to frighten you, but I assure you that you will be nothing less than safe within those hands. Daoine will make sure of that." Sehir looked up in time enough to see Alkai's silver eyes look up towards Sluagh then over towards the direction of Daoine and it was then that disgust showed on his face. Daoine hadn't seen it, however because he was too busy staring at the wall behind she and Sluagh, but Sehir definitely saw it. Sluagh turned her head to look at him once more. "Go with them, Sehir, and know that I will not allow any harm to come to you on this day."

As he said those words, Sluagh took her hand and placed it in Alkai's. This time she went with no hesitation. Sluagh's words were all that mattered and so she went. Together she, Alkai and Daoine all exited Sluagh's room. Walking out of that door led them into a narrow corridor. Candle-lit sconce adorned the battleship gray walls on both sides and other than the three of them, it was completely empty. Silence lingered as they went. Only the sound of their boots and Sehir's bare feet could be heard as they walked along the concrete floor.

Her mind was foggy and only the sound of Sluagh's voice replayed again and again. Sehir couldn't seem to gather her thoughts. The harder she tried to think of something other than Sluagh's words the more her head hurt. She placed her hands on her head to try and ease the pain and that's when she heard Alkai's raspy, breathy voice for the first time.

"Cephalalgia?" He asked with that wicked smile of his. Alkai's voice sounded like that between a hiss and blowing wind. It was creepy and the sight of him made her feel sick to the stomach, but she couldn't seem to express her fear. Her face was passive.

"What?" she finally managed to ask.

"He means to ask if your head aches." Came Daoine's voice from behind. He sounded just as passive as she looked. Sehir glanced at him over her shoulder, but he only stared forward, not acknowledging her one bit. She turned to face forward then glanced up at Alkai who still watched her, before looking away.

"Yeah, a little," she mumbled, answering his earlier question. Hearing her answer only caused his smile to widen.

Nothing else was said between the three of them as they traveled through the many twists and turns of the large corridors. There were no windows as far as Sehir could see so there was no way of judging just what time it was or just how long she'd been there. She still had on the clothes she'd been wearing when Sluagh saved her from Kezef, but they were dirty and a little torn. Plus, she was dirty. Her feet, hands, arms, legs and even her face were covered in dirt from the fall she took. The mud that had dried on her body showed clearly against the dark brown of her skin. She couldn't wait to get to wherever they were taking her. She needed a bath.

Up ahead of the three of them as they walked stood a small figure. From where she was, Sehir couldn't really see it clearly and mistook it for a decorative item, but as they grew closer it was easy to see that she'd been wrong. It moved. Though she couldn't show it, Sehir was nervous. Whatever that small thing was, it seemed to be waiting for them. She'd slowed in her walking so much until Daoine had almost bumped into her.

"Watch yourself," he said, finally looking down at her. Sehir looked up at him then back down at the small creature.

"What is-"

"Golem..," Daoine called to the smaller man, stepping around Sehir and cutting her question short. "has everything been prepared?"

"Yes sir, I saw to it myself."

To say that Sehir was surprised would be the truth. She hadn't expected the little thing to be so humble. He even smiled as he spoke to Daoine. Now that she had a closer look, he didn't seem so intimidating. Sure he had pure solid black orbs for eyes and his skin resembled old beef jerky, but there was something about him. It was as if the being before her wasn't real. He was only tall enough to reach her knees and his arms and hand looked like naked tree twigs, but evidently he was trusted by Daoine and from the looks of it, he trusted Daoine, too.

Suddenly, out of the blue, Alkai walks closer to Sehir. "Hideous creature, is he not?" asked the black skinned monster, causing Sehir to look up at him. She really didn't see where Alkai had room to speak ill of others when he was the most horrifying of all. "I can barely stand the sight of him, but believe it or not, he was not always this ugly. He had once been known as Fenoderee and had been considered beautiful. Then he goes and gets himself cursed by a witch to live the rest of eternity as the unsightly thing you see before you." Alkai laughed at his own comment, but Sehir didn't find it funny in the least. She looked down at Golem who held his head low and suddenly she understood her early feelings. The creature before her wasn't real. She wondered what the real Golem looked like.

"Speak one more word and I'll have your head, Alkai." Daoine's voice boomed in the emptiness of the hall and for a moment no one spoke. Alkai and Daoine stared at one another and because she stood so close to Alkai, Sehir could feel the jealousy and rage poring from him. It didn't show on his face, however, and in a blink of an eyes, his mood changed. He smiled, showing those creepy teeth and shrugged.

"Of course I am joking. If I felt ill will towards that little thing, I would have challenged him long ago. I just felt that our guest needed to know what she was looking at," Said Alkai

"And what of yourself, demon? Shall we bring forth your past life?" Daoine asked, but Alkai didn't answer. "I thought not." Daoine looked down at Golem and nodded, and with that Golem pulled a key from a pouch he wore around his naked waist and unlocked the door he stood before.

Sehir frowned, confused. "Why is there a key? Am I going to be locked in that room? If so then I'm not going in." She looked between the three males before her, but it was Daoine who answered.

"There are many dangers lurking within these walls that could harm a human. That key is the one thing standing between you and your untimely demise. That and Golem who is the keeper of the keys."

Sehir took in Daoine's words then looked down at Golem. For the first time since she'd left Sluagh's side she was able to control her own expressions. She smiled and seeing her do so made Golem give a smile of his own. It was only then that she was able to read him and he was good. Golem held out one twig-like hand for her and Sehir took it and together with the others in tow they entered her new room.


After the three males left her, Sehir took in her surroundings. Yet another windowless room. The walls were just the same as the ones in the corridor. A dull gray. The room wasn't as big as Sluagh's, but the bed was large and soft. Next to the bed was a single table with nothing on it. The only light in the room came from the two sconce mounted on the walls on either sides of the only door leading out of the bedroom. The only other door in the room was connected to what was supposed to be a restroom. However, it was nothing like what Sehir was used to. It was more like a portapotti. There was no sink to wash her hands and most important of all, there was no shower. Sehir was beginning to feel as if she'd stepped into the twilight zone or something, but just when all hope seemed lost, there was a knock on the door.

The door was opened before Sehir could even speak and in walks yet another being that she'd never seen nor heard of before. She was female, but far from human. With her body almost completely covered in thick brown fur and a muzzle for a mouth, the female looked more dog than human. But she wore a dress, walked on two legs, had two human-like feet, two human-like hands, and long red hair growing from the top of her head. Her dark brown eyes looked human too, but then again, humans and dogs had similar eyes.

She'd been sent in by Sluagh to provide Sehir with clean clothes and a bucket of water and a sponge to clean herself with. Apparently she was going to a feast. The dog-lady turned out to be a telepathic lupin named Aine. She was kind to Sehir and helped her prepare for the feast. In no time at all, Sehir was clean and dressed, and once again, left alone. She's seen more beautiful men, scary things and weird beings in the past couple hours than she'd seen her entire life, but somehow it didn't bother her. She found herself wondering what was to come.


As small as he was, Golem had been the one to escort Sehir to her next destination. He led her in silence until they came to a large pair of doors. The hand carved details etched into the doors were exquisite and Sehir couldn't help but stare in awe. Golem silently wondered how she'd react once she saw what lie just behind those doors. With that thought, he slowly pushed them open. Sehir was surprised that such a small person could have strength enough to move such large objects. She was sure she'd have had to struggle just to move one. However, her previous thoughts all disappeared once the doors were opened. Inside was a grand hall filled with a throng of beautiful people. Just ahead, at the very front of the room, Sluagh stood. Daoine stood to his right as Sluagh spoke.

"Ah, our most important guest has finally arrived."

Despite herself, as she walked the long center aisle, Sehir blushed. All eyes were focused on her. Both to her left and right sat row after row of beautifully unique people. What she hadn't noticed as she reached Sluagh who'd held out his hand in wait, was that everyone, no matter how beautiful, was male. Everyone, but her. As she grew nearer, Sehir's eyes locked on Daoine's, but he looked away, and just that one action made her feel uneasy. Suddenly she felt that something wasn't right.

Instead of sitting, Sluagh pulled Sehir close and turned her to face their audience. He ran one silky finger down her cheek and with just that one touch, all her anxiety evaporated. Once again, her mind was filled with Sluagh and her body accepted his presence. However, she wasn't as overwhelmed by him as she had been the first time. She couldn't control her body or even her own expressions, but she was able to comprehend everything he said this time without feeling any pain.

"Gentlemen, may I introduce to you our newest female occupant, Sehir. I rescued this one from the clutches of Kezef the chaos hound. I'm sure she will be with us for quite sometime so please, take very good care of her." For a moment it was silent, but then someone from in the crowd spoke.

"She is far more endowed in her womanly figure than most of us are accustomed. Is she a shifter?" Sluagh chuckled low to himself before answering.

"No, I'm afraid this one is very special. She is human." suddenly the room was in an uproar. Sehir didn't feel comfortable with the conversation that was being had about her. Sluagh made hers feel more like an item for sale than a person, but there was nothing she could do about it.

"How dare you bring a human here" another one of the beautiful men said. "You know what our legends say. Besides, a human can not last here in this world. They become moonstruck."

"I'm well aware of all the legends and the mental instability of the humans, but she seems to be a woman all her own. This one is unique, I can sense it. She won't be like the others." said Sluagh with a smile.

"How can you be certain, King Sluagh?"

"Because I am king, am I not? With such status comes knowledge beyond that of any other. Trust my words." With Sluagh's last comment, there were no other objections about the human. Seeing this, he spoke again. "However, gentlemen, I am still unsure of how I feel about this one. I may be selfish and keep her for myself. What say you?" he asked all the men seated before him.

"No human should be held on such a high pedestal, King Sluagh. She may not be worth it." Yet another beautiful man spoke, this one with hair the color of the moon and skin of the color of a ripe red grape.

"True as that may be, it is I who is to decide such a thing. Humans, no matter how meager, are capable of baring our children. Even we must not hold prejudice against those who are capable of aiding us. I shall be the first to test the abilities of the humans and if she proves fit then it is only befitting that we all sample her. What say you?" Sluagh asked with a smiled and the room was filled with cheer.

All the men celebrated as Sehir stood with blank eyes, but on the inside she was hysterical. Sluagh handed her over to Daoine who, unlike all the other men, was not joyful at hearing Sluagh's speech. Yet his face wasn't as unreadable as before. He seemed upset.

"I won't be using her during this time. Take her back to her private chambers for now." Sluagh said as Daoine took Sehir. Daoine nodded. "Oh, and Daoine, have Aine prepare her." Daoine didn't move or answer right off. He only stared at Sluagh with what Sehir could only describe as hatred, but Sluagh only smiled in return. "Is there a problem, Daoine?" Again, Daoine hesitated before answering.

"No, Sluagh, there is no problem."

"Good. Then be on your way."


As soon as the two were outside the doors of the great hall, Daoine released Sehir and walked ahead.

"What do they plan on doing with me?" Sehir asked and for a moment, Daoine stopped. He looked at Sehir with mild surprise. He couldn't believe that she'd understood what Sluagh had been saying. He was sure Sluagh had used his magic to keep Sehir from being able to comprehend a single word. Yet, he could clearing hear the concern in her voice. He sighed then turned away from her again.

"That does not concern me" He said then made to walk again, but was stopped when Sehir took hold of his silk tunic. Daoine turned on her with a frown, clearing showing that she was annoying him, but she wasn't able to show her fear. Sluagh had made sure of that.

"What do they plan on doing with me?" she asked again and again Daoine turned away, snatching his tunic from within her grasp. "Answer me, please." Daoine stopped, but didn't turn to look at her, this time.

"The less you know, the better. Knowing will only drive you mad."

"What does that matter? If I don't know, I'll go mad trying to figure it out," Sehir said. Daoine gritted his teeth, unable to keep just how annoyed he was from showing on his face. Sehir envied that. Though it was temporary, she wished that she was able to show just how she felt as well.

"No, I won't get involved in this." He began walking again and she followed.

"It's too late for that. You were involved the moment we locked eyes in that room. I could already see it in your eyes. You were the one that warned me even before Sluagh began to speak."

"I said nothing to you," he said

"You may not have said it, but I could read it in your eyes. You knew that Sluagh was up to no good and you couldn't look me in the eyes because of it."

"Seems you're not as insensate as you look," he mumbled

"Why were you so angry then? Why are you reluctant to help me now?" Suddenly Daoine stops, causing her to collide into his back. He turned and the look in his eyes wasn't pleasant.

"I'm mad because you made it all too easy for him. You humans and your simple minds and even weaker self control. It was so easy to lure you in that you almost deserve what lies in wait. How can you trust a man so easily? Out of nowhere appears a person to 'save' you and suddenly you drop all your guards. How can you not expect for them to take advantage of you when you're so gullible?"

"I'm not gullible!" Sehir yells in the silence of the corridor. "How am I suppose to know that he's a bad guy? Suddenly some huge scary monster attacks my dog then comes after me. I was only seconds from being eaten when Sluagh showed up. How else was I suppose to look at him?"

"As if he were a strange being who had suddenly appeared before you. That is how. You knew nothing about him and yet you allowed yourself to be captured."

"The moment I saw him, I felt at ease. Being held by Sluagh made me feel, I don't know, safe I guess."

"So there was not a moment before he touched you that you thought him strange?" Daoine asked, his voice thick with skepticism.

"No, I mean, he'd already been touching me before I even realized that I was being held by him and when I looked into his eyes, that was it." Suddenly it all made sense to Daoine and the irritated look in those yellow eyes of his disappeared.

"I see," was all he said before turning and walking again. Sehir sighed, and followed silently. Daoine wasn't going to say a word, it seemed.


Golem wasn't standing there this time as she and Daoine approached the room she'd been given. He came to a stop just before the door then hesitated.

"Before," he began "you said that you were able to read my eyes. Is that true?"

"Yes," Sehir answered. Her body was slowly coming back under her own control as she spoke. No longer was she looking as if she hadn't a care in the world.

"How so?" he asked and Sehir shrugged.

"I'm not sure how it works. It's just a feeling I have, really. Like when I first met you, I could tell that you were sad. Though you don't show it, something is causing you to be unhappy" For a moment, she thought she saw surprise in Daoine's eyes, but it quickly disappeared.


"I also felt that you have closed off your heart to others, like you're afraid of love-"

"Enough. I've heard all that I care to hear. I have a feeling I know why Sluagh has taking an interest in you."

"Why?" she asked with hope in her voice.

"I must speak with Mazikeen quickly."

"Who? Does this mean that you'll help me?" Daoine looked down at Sehir. His pale green skin looked all the more greener in the flickering light of the fire blazing in the sconce on the walls in the hall. The honey brown streaks in his yellow eyes seemed to glow as he stood there, and the lust Sehir had felt for him earlier that day hadn't lessened one bit. But his words never failed to show her that he was as stubborn as an ass.

"No, I will not help you."


"Tell me, human, were you able to read Sluagh's heart?" This question caught Sehir off guard and for a moment, she couldn't speak. She looked down and thought about it.

"No, well, I hadn't even thought to try. Usually, though, it just happens. I get the feeling as soon as I lay eyes on someone, but not Sluagh. I even read that guy Alkai."

"And what did you see?" asked Daoine

"Nothing, there was a huge black hole where his heart should have been"

"I feared as much," he said before fishing for the key to her room. "Enter this room and stay as quiet as possible until I have returned. I must speak with Mazikeen." After entering the room, Sehir was locked in by Daoine and the sound of his footsteps disappearing down the hall was the last she heard from him.


Daoine heard that Mazikeen had arrived back from his mission and so was headed to his bedroom, but on his way there he was told that Sluagh was looking for him. With no other choice, he had to put off talking with Mazikeen and headed to speak with Sluagh.Daoine hadn't even knocked on the door before Sluagh called for him to enter. He'd always hated that Sluagh had the ability to feel his presence.

"You called for me, Sluagh?"

"Must I continue to remind you, Daoine, that I am king? I'm sure it would not harm you to address me as such," Sluagh said, but Daoine didn't respond. He was stubborn, this Sluagh knew so with a shrug and a smile, he continued. "I want the human 'tested' and I'll need you for this job."

"I've never agreed to it before so why do you assume that I will start now?" Daoine asked with a blank face.

"Because your king has ordered this of you and my word is the law."

"I understand that, Sluagh, but this is one thing that you will never force upon me. Especially not with that human"

"So that is your finally answer? Say it clearly so that I may understand, Daoine."

"I refuse to bed her," Daoine said with a glare and Sluagh answered with one of his own.

"You impudent fool! How much longer are you going to play this game? I've been the king for thousands of years before you were born and still you defy me?"

"If it bothers you so, then punish me." Sluagh frowned even more and that pale skin of his took on a red hue.

"Do not tempt me, boy!" Sluagh yelled, but quickly regained his composure. "No matter, I'm sure I can find someone else to take your place." Suddenly it dawned on him just who Sluagh was hinting at and the smug look on his face only confirmed Daoine's suspicions. "Be a good lad, Daoine, and fetch Mazikeen for me. He's never experienced such a thing before, correct? Then I'm sure he'll enjoy it."

"Mazikeen would never stoop down so low so it's best to leave him out of this."

"Well, I would have, had you not denied me this request."


Instead of sending Daoine to relay the message to Mazikeen himself, Sluagh sent someone else to do the job and ordered Daoine to guard Sehir's door. Aine had already been sent there to 'prepare' Sahir for what Sluagh had in mind for her.

There Sehir stood, in the middle of the room clad in nothing but a black satin cloak. She wondered why Aine had come again with more clothes, but this time the lupin did not speak to her nor did she look her in the eyes. It was yet another telltale sign that something wasn't right. After handing her the cloak, Aine had practically ripped the dress right off Sehir's body leaving her no choice but to wear the cloak.

The only thing that kept her naked body from being completely exposed was the black silk string hanging from the cloak that tied around her neck. Though the black fabric hung long enough to glide across the floor, there were no buttons to keep it closed. Sehir had to use her hands to keep from showing the next person that walked in all that she had. There hadn't been a dull moment in just the few hours that she'd been there and now was no different. In the silence of the room, it was easy to hear the smallest noises and the sound of foot steps coming down the corridor were as loud as can be. They stopped just in front of her door and Sehir ran over to it to listen in. The first words that she heard were Daoine's.

"Mazikeen, I see you have returned."

"Yes, it is great to see you after such a long time, brother."

"I take it you were called upon by Sluagh?" Daoine asked

"Yes. I can not say that I was not surprised by this new order. However, I feel that fate plays a large part in this," Mazikeen said with a smile, but Daoine was confused.

"How so?"

Mazikeen leaned in closer to Daoine and lowed his voice to a whisper. "Our Goddess has come to me, brother, and foretold of this day. I have faith that from this moment on, our lives will no longer be the same."

"I am not sure I follow you, Mazikeen."

"You have noticed it as well, have you not? 'That person' is upon us. The one the profits spoke of in legend."

"How can you be so sure?"

"The Goddess never lies, brother. The person behind this door is of importance to us all and we must free her." Mazikeen placed his hands on Daoine's shoulders as he said this.

"But you've yet to look upon her."

"You feel it, do you not, brother? Deep inside; that buzzing uneasiness you get just standing before this very door."

"I do," Daoine answered reluctantly. That's why he wanted to talk to Mazikeen. He'd felt the same way just being near Sehir earlier and hearing her words also set off an alarm.

"She spoke of a power, Mazikeen. She is able to read the hearts of those around her." Mazikeen smiled.

"Then, brother, it is time for me to meet this female and see what is to be seen"

Sehir was in shock at what she heard, but the sound of keys caused her to run back over to the bed where she sat at the foot. Moments later, Daoine opened the door and stepped in. He was intimidating as he stood there staring at Sehir. He'd made sure to mask his face and think nothing as he watched her, but it was too late. She'd already heard the conversation between him and the other man. Suddenly he looks to the side as if someone was speaking to him that she couldn't hear, then he stepped aside.

Sehir's heart raced as she listened to the few steps it took for this Mazikeen to appear. She still wasn't sure if it was a good or bad thing that she was about to meet him. Daoine had made it seem as though he wasn't on her side while the conversation between he and Mazikeen told a completely different story. Which was true and which was a lie, she wondered? But the moment she set eyes on Mazikeen all thoughts disappeared. It wasn't like how she'd felt with Sluagh. When she was with Sluagh it was like having someone else take over her mind and body, but looking at Mazikeen was like staring at one of the greatest wonders in the world. She was in awe.

He was just as tall as Daoine, but while it was easy to see that Daoine had a manly, sexual beauty to him, Mazikeen was indescribable. He had the same build as most of the other men she'd seen in this world; slim, but toned. His pure white hair was much shorter than all the other man she'd seen so far. It stopped just above his ears and was styled to look like a mini mohawk. He, among all the others, was the most modern-looking.

Unlike Daoine, Mazikeen didn't wear a tunic, but instead he was dressed in a very expensive-looking black suit with diamond cufflinks, a white shirt and a red tie. The darkness of the suit brought out the color of his milky white opal skin. Like the stone, his skin sparkled even in the dimmest of light. Every color you could imagine flowed just beneath the surface like clouds floating in the sky. He had a beauty that could be compared to Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel.

From what she could see, he had four piercings in his ears; three in the left and one in the right and of course there were those divine tri-colored eyes. The three rings that made up Mazikeen's irises were painted in shades of purple. The first and largest ring was royal purple, the second was orchid and the third and smallest was pansy purple. Like the others, his face was smooth and hairless and he had the prettiest mouth you'd ever want to see.Mazikeen watched Sehir watching him and smiled. Within just that small amount of time he could already tell that Sehir was special. He looked over at Daoine who still stood in the door and nodded.

"Are you sure about this, Mazikeen? What of Sluagh?"

"Trust me, brother," was all the white haired man said and with that, Daoine exited the room, closing and locking the door behind him.

Mazikeen strolled towards Sehir with both hands in his pockets and a very inviting look on his face. The light from the candles reflected off of him and danced across the room as he went. Sehir couldn't seem to look away, but it wasn't by force, she didn't want to. Looking at him was like seeing some kind of divine creature for the first time. Mazikeen stopped only inches away from her. He was so close that she could feel the fabric of his slacks brush against her naked legs.

"What are you?" she asked, still not looking away and that's exactly what he wanted.

"What do you think I am, Sehir?"

"An angel?" Her question was genuine, this he knew, but Mazikeen couldn't help the chuckle that escaped.

"No, far from it, in fact."

"I am Sidhe. Well, mostly. My father was Sidhe. However, what I'm more curious about is you." Mazikeen's voice was soft as he spoke.

"Me? Why? I'm," said Sehir.

"But there's much more to it, than that. Am I correct?" Sehir was confused and it showed on her face. "I believe that fate has brought you here, Sehir. Our meeting is not purely coincidental. The Goddess foretold of our meeting and I believe that you are 'the one'"

"I don't think I understand. What do you mean? Wait, does this have to do with me being able to see people for who they really are?"

"So it is true." Mazikeen mumbled to himself before looking back at her. "Yes, Sehir, that is part of it, but there is much, much more," Mazikeen said as he knelt before her. Even in a crouching position, he still managed not to touch her. "You have no idea just how important you are to me, Sehir. How important you are to all of us." His choice of words embarrassed Sehir causing her face to flush. Mazikeen was amazing. Not only was he unearthly handsome, but so was his heart. He had an aura around him that glowed even brighter than his skin. He may have said that he was no angle, but he was ethereal.

"As appealing as that sounds, I just don't see how I could be considered important. Especially when I'm surrounded by beautiful people like you and Daoine. I mean, I haven't really achieved anything worth bragging about in my life, I have no talents other than being able to read people and that's not really a talent. The only thing I'm good at is gardening."

"Don't you understand, Sehir? It's not about what you can and can't do. It's about who you are."

"How do you know that I'm the person you're looking for?"

"Somehow, I just know, but the Goddess has given me the ability to confirm your origins," Mazikeen said before placing his hands on the bed on either sides of Sahir's thighs. He pulled himself up until they were face to face which caused Sehir to shrink away.


"For the purest form of love will always shine light during our darkest time" Mazikeen raised one hand from the bed and gently caressed Sehir cheek as he said those words, but she frowned, tilting her head slightly.


"Kiss me, Sehir," he demanded, but did not wait for her response before taking her lips as his own.Together they shared memories that once had not been there. Suddenly Sehir could see a man, a warrior named Aeneas, in the midst of war.

He was strong and very skilled, but no one man could be the best and from behind, he was about to be struck down. However, he was saved. From above, the Goddess Aphrodite intervened, saving his life and allowing him to fight on.The picture then changes and again, Aeneas appears. This time, though, he was not fighting. He was wondering alone through a wooded area until he came upon a woman. The woman was beautiful with long dark curly hair and eyes like an exotic cat.

"Arborea," Aeneas called to her and she came. She had been one of Aeneas' many lovers. They met secretly because of his wife, but their affair lasted only a short time. Aeneas had to flee his country once the war among his people became too much and Arborea never saw him again.

However, there were two things Aeneas never knew about his lover. The first being that she was not human. Arborea was an eladrin; a fey creature not unlike the sidhe or elves. Arborea was a noble knight of the eladrin race known as the ghele eladrin. Her true appearance was much different than what Aeneas knew. The dark curly hair that he loved had actually been very fine silver hair worn long and straight. Her skin was fair and though her eyes were still shaped the same, they were not at all human-like. Instead, they were solid vibrant green pearly orbs and like Daoine, her ears were pointed at the tips.

The second thing that Aeneas hadn't known about Arborea was that together they bore a son. However, Arborea had been forced to give her only son up. And so she took him to the human world where she left him on the doorstep of an older African American couple living on a farm. Upon her return from the human world, Arborea had been murdered, but her son lived on. Years went by and that son, taking on more of his father's appearance than his mother's, grew up and soon he bore a son of his own. That son, in turn, bore a son and he, a son and so on and so forth until the first daughter in that bloodline was born and her name was Sehir Viksun.

By the time their kiss ended, Sehir found herself lying flat on her back with Mazikeen hovering over her. The cloak she wore, all but forgotten, had pooled around her naked body, exposing her to the man above her, but that had been the least of her worries. She hadn't noticed the tears streaming from her eyes until she felt Mazikeen's fingers gently wiping them away. She didn't really understand what she'd seen or why she was crying.

"Tears?" she asked, laughing in disbelief. "Why am I crying?"

"Because you felt the pain of your past. Do you understand who you are now, Sehir?"

"I think so, but it's kind of hard to believe."

"What is there to disbelieve? You're the only living descendant of the Goddess Aphrodite and the very last descendant of the eladrin race. Not to mention the fact that you are the very first female born within your bloodline since Arborea. Your very existence is important."

"How am I suppose to believe something like that? Are you trying to tell me that my daddy was a descendant of a Goddess and a fairy?"

"Yes. It's through your father's bloodline that your powers were carried."

"But daddy didn't look... not human. He didn't have any gifts or abilities."

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