Letters To Sir:: Episode 5

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A Love Letter

He was lost. I didn’t know how I knew but I did. He was using me but not in the way I’d originally thought. He needed me. As handsome as he was he could have any woman he wanted. There had to be something he needed from me specifically. I put the thought away to examine later.

Sir sat across the room torturing me with what I’d come to realize was a remote. For the last two hours he had pushed me to the brink of an orgasm and stopped. Tears leaked from my eyes because it was painful. I didn’t scream though. God did I want to. About an hour into my second punishment I finally built up the nerve to look at my tormentor. His smile was off. His eyes were almost sad yet intense. He looked as if he wanted to devour me but couldn’t. Behind Sir stood a mirrored wall, myself center stage. The scene was graphic with me strapped down to a beautifully carved lounger. The view was too erotic and almost pushed me over the edge. All vibrations ceased. I bit my lip and whimpered. I should have been ashamed, which I am sure I would be… later.  At the moment I could not remember why I didn’t need to come right then.

Sir stood abruptly and moved behind the lounger. My heart accelerated.

“Open your mouth.” He ordered.

There was no way I was going to obey this mad man. I was at my limit. He had to let me come. He just had to. I shook my head.

“Last warning. Open. Your. Mouth.” He growled in clipped tones.

Shutting my eyes, I complied. There was no way to win this battle.


Something hard was gently placed between my teeth. I ran my tongue around to investigate. A cold metal ring.

“Look at you. So beautiful. If you are wondering how we are going to communicate, hand signals. Give me the peace sign when I ask you a question for yes and the middle finger for no.” He laughed at his little joke. I was not brave enough to give this psycho the finger. No matter what he asked.

“You have the most beautiful body I’ve ever seen. You make my mouth water.” He said a moment before he sunk his teeth into my upper right thigh. I whimpered. “Marking you has me about to officially claim you but I won’t. Yet. This game is about the senses. Touch, taste, sight, smell and sound.”

An earbud was packed tightly in my left ear. Masculine moaning and a rhythmic squishing sound filled my head. My name was groaned sporadically. Heat warmed my face as I realized what I was listening to.

“You will hear nothing but me.” He pushed a finger through the ring between my teeth. “Taste only me.”

The other earbud was put in place and I was in a transported into an erotic world where pleasure melted with pain. Chills raced over my skin at the first strike of what looked and felt like hair. It did not hurt more like stung.

The vibrations started up but stronger than ever. The stings came in rapid bursts. My skin morphed into a living breathing flame. Heat brought everything to life. I felt… Complete.

Realizing my eyes were closed I opened them. Sir’s smile had changed. Those sad eyes were nowhere in sight. Triumph shone in them. A massive erection strained for release at his hips. He’d also removed his shirt. Muscles flexed with each strike he gave me. Sweat beaded over his colorful tattoos. I was only moments away from having the most intense orgasm of my life when he stopped. My ears filled with the sound of him groaning out his climax and I began to shake. Bucking against the restraints I begged for him to make me come. Demanded it. Removing the earbuds from my ears I heard my own pleas. I was screaming. Screaming for his help. If only he would finish. Turn the machine back on. Something. He unlocked one of my hands and stepped back. No more permission was needed. Feverously I pumped my own fingers between my thighs. Roughly ground my clitoris with the heel of my palm. The walls of my vagina clenched hard enough to squeeze my fingers together. Ripples of pleasure swamped me as I let out a sound of intense pain. Black slowly filled my sight as my body convulsed over and over. Soon there was nothing but peace and silence.





Submitted: December 11, 2015

© Copyright 2023 Shay Able. All rights reserved.

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No kidding!!! Update soon!!

Sat, December 12th, 2015 12:48am


I will be sure to do so. Thanks reading my work.

Fri, December 11th, 2015 8:03pm

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