Birthday Bandit

Birthday Bandit Birthday Bandit

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


How do you know who your real friends are? Will one friend be able to resist and control his lust on behalf off his best friend? Take a ride down backstabbing lane as one man gives his friend the ultimate birthday gift..


How do you know who your real friends are? Will one friend be able to resist and control his lust on behalf off his best friend? Take a ride down backstabbing lane as one man gives his friend the ultimate birthday gift..


Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011




I couldn't control my mind.  Her presence conquered me in every way.  I needed something to distract me but nothing seemed to present itself.  This wasn't good at all.  There's no way. How could I? I was disgusted with myself however I knew I wasn't the only one.  Eyes around the room pierced straight through her as she roamed around.  Eventually our eyes met and that was it.

It was a saturday night in April.  I attended a birthday party in a hotel penthouse.  As I arrived, Bentleys and Ferraris were being valet parked, champagne was being popped, and the women were to die for.  It was by far the most lavish event I had ever been to granted my closest friends were only a couple million shy of reaching the billionaire status.  Life wasn't really real when it came to these people and I wasn't necessarily in a bad spot myself.  It was a dream that I never seemed to wake up from and to be honest it just kept getting better each day that passed by.  I was fortunate however I was aware of reality and made sure I kept myself on a lower profile in order to appreciate the true meaning of life.

As far as I can remember, my dick has always been my number one priority.  It may be sad, but it's true. Anytime, Anywhere, Any place that a solid piece of pussy was available, I was that guy taking care of it.  I never saw it as a problem. The experiences were endless and it was always interesting to see what kind of styles various women had in the bedroom.  I was safe about it however I did have my fair share of close calls messing around in public as well as in the privacy of my office or other venues.  The best part about it was that I was good.  Really good.  I had a reputation around the city as the bedroom bandit.  A guy who attacked in bedroom and robbed women with a tease, or a performance they couldn't get enough of.  This often created emotional attachments and stealing of hearts which caused me a few issues.  However the drama just became an adrenaline rush.  Being 6'3 tall and an ex basketball player in college with a 10 inch pipe, my physique lured them in and my dick delivered.  It was standard procedure and not to be arrogant but it was just too easy.

The party was great.  The attendance was around 150 people, most of whom were a celebrity of some sort.  I had come alone and enjoyed browsing around meeting new victims that would soon become a part of my list. My friends were faded and because I wasn't too big on drinking, I stayed with a ginger ale all night.  MY dick had become alive and on the prowl as model after model approached me with their dresses way too short and revealing way too much titties.  The scene was ridiculous and within an hour and a half I was pushing 15 new phone numbers.  

I was standing on the balcony with my best friend Seth.  It was his birthday party and I was glad to see him having a good time.  I had known him since the age of nine and now at 28 we both had become highly successful and closer than siamese twins.  Even though we went to different high schools we managed to attend the same university where our lives took off for the better.  He was just as addicted to sex as I was and we both were in a tight race in our number of partners.  However Seth got married a couple months before the party and couldn't be happier.  I could respect that but I was nowhere near ready for one woman and hadn't dated in a couple years.  My dick had too much work to do.  

As we sat there talking about the party and making jokes, I felt like I was struck by lightning.  My eyes began to water, heart jumping, and my dick shot up quick enough to fly into space.  I was hot and broke into a cold sweat.  The image was amazing.  The most gorgeous woman at the party stepped onto the balcony.  Her skin was a cinnamon tint and her hair was long, curly, and black.  She wore a white and silver dress that was low cut and sparkling.  Her nails complimented the dress, manicured to perfection as her ring, bracelet and necklace had enough diamonds to blind the sun.  I guess you could picture Eva Mendes with some crazy jewels.  No woman ever made me freeze up the way she did.  My mind went blank.  I couldn't even fantasize.  As she turned in my direction, smiling gracefully, my body tensed and locked up, refusing to move.  She giggled and made her way over to me.

"How have you been Dom? Its been awhile."

"Not too bad at all. Business is great, my health is great, and I'm here enjoying champagne with you fine people. Doesn't get any better than this." I replied.

I couldn't help but stare but I was doing everything in my power to play it cool.

"Take a walk with me, I have to go let some people up who didn't make the list."

"Sure. Let's go."

I couldn't believe it.  I couldn't believe myself and how I felt.  I had known Isabel for six years dating back to college.  I had fucked up and had sex with her best friend which destroyed my chances with her.  It seemed like she got better and better each time I saw her and I would never forgive myself for messing up the opportunity.  

"So how's life with you?" I asked as we stepped into the elevator.

"It's going I suppose.  I pretty much get whatever I want and don't really have to worry about anything so I guess I have no complaints."

"You don't sound so convincing."

she sighed.

"Something wrong?"

"Dom I have a problem I can't control.  Ever since we met, you have had me so curious.  You've been through a few of my friends and I know it was harmless fun and activity.  After all that has been said about your amazing talent behind closed doors, I see you and can't help but to wonder."

My dick felt like it grew a whole three inches after that statement as I almost fell to my knees with joy and anxiety.  I somehow remained calm on the outside while every organ in my body was partying on the inside.  

"Wondering huh? Well as much as the kind words of your friends flatters me, I would be lying if I said I wasn't suffering from the same thing.  Your friends were the past but all that matters is the present.  Its not what I was doing, it's more of what I plan to do and in all honesty I'd love for you to tag along for the ride.  Will you take that ride with me? The bandit is on the run.

As she looked at me trying to find the words to answer, I hit the emergency button on the elevator.  Without a word I stepped to her and brought my lips to her neck.  I could feel her pulse increase through my mouth as I pinned her against the wall.  Her eyes closed and her arms wrapped around my shoulders and I made my way to her mouth kissing her softly.  Her lips were full and soft.  She tasted great as I brought her hands into mine and shared a passionate brief make out session.  I brought one of her hands up to my mouth and slowly sucked each finger, removing her ring from her ring finger. She gasped at the action and I quickly move my lip therapy to her chest revealing her perfectly round Dcup breasts.  Her nipples were dark and firm. I twirled each of them around in my mouth alternating from sucking to licking.  Isabel loved nipple stimulation and it showed as her breathing became moaning and heartbeats became pounding.  I spent some time there while caressing her coke bottle frame and Kardashian ass.  

I dropped to my knees, lifting one leg and placing it on my shoulder, I massaged between her legs through her lace thong.  I could feel her wetness as my other hand continued to massage her titties.  I slid the thong to the side and took a mouthful of the most beautiful twat I had ever encountered.  Isabel through her head back, mouth wide open, gasping for air.  She let out moans that were sexy enough to get any man off just from the sound.  I worked her inside and out sending my tongue in all kinds of patterns and speeds.  Gripping the railing of the elevator, Isabel was now soaked.  As I penetrated her with my tongue, I could feel her pussy muscles tensing up and squeezing.  My dick was on fire and was about to explode.  Isabel's moans turned to a combination of screams and spanish phrases.  I could sense she was about to cum so I released and stood up quickly.

I leaned against Isabel and began work on her neck again.  As I unleashed my dick, I sent it right through her walls with a hard and deep thrust, holding it at its highest point inside her.  Isabel sent out a scream loud enough to be the fire alarm for the entire hotel.  With that initial thrust, I released and started pumping a steady rhythm, slow but deep.  I was holding both legs up while she wrapped them around my waist.  In and out I went and eventually began to pick up the pace as she bounced up and down on shaft.  Her pussy squeezed my dick dick right and we began to moan together as she buried her head in my shoulder to reduce the noise.  I let her down and turned her around bending her over.  I gave her the hard initial and then went to my signature rabbit move from the back.  Quick and short pumps at a downward angle always seemed to hit the spot and I was right on cue.  My thumper maneuver was perfect while i reached around with one hand to massage her clit at the same time.  With her mouth wide open, Isabel called my name over and over  and when I lifted one leg and placed it on the rail, continuing my wrath, she almost passed out.  

Isabel had cum twice already and the residue covered my dick.  I had to make the 3rd time a charm so I removed myself and placed my mouth back between her legs.  I knew I had blown her mind because she kept looking at me moving her mouth with no words coming out.  I gently worked my mouth around her pussy and all the way down to her feet.  I allowed my hands to search and massage her legs and body at the same time almost like a cool down to a work out.  Her legs were shaking and as I made my way back to her pussy, she pulled my head into her.  She was demanding more and I was happy to deliver.  I sucked and sucked then sent my tongue in a fury through her lips which sent her over the edge for the 3rd time.  My work was done and I couldn't be happier.  As I stood up and held her close, our bodies felt perfect but so wrong at the same time.  There was a confusion and tension that couldn't be lifted and a passion that was so lost.  Satisfaction had been achieved but there was something missing.  I looked into her eyes as she stared back into mine.  Ours path had crossed many times and now they were dead ends.  

After regrouping, I hit the emergency button and we returned upstairs.  We left without words or even a smile and departed our separate ways.  The party had died down and I returned home shortly after.  As I sit here and read the newspaper, I realized that the most important thing to me ultimately ruined my life.  My dick.

Last night there was a suicide at the hotel party.  A man jumped 28 floors to his death from the penthouse balcony.  The hotel has been closed as the man owned it and hadn't put it in his will for anyone.  There are reports that the man was celebrating his 28th birthday when security alerted him of being robbed of his wife, marriage, and friendship by a bandit.  The video showed his best friend fucking his wife at his own party.

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