The Gods of Dragons (Vol 2)

The Gods of Dragons (Vol 2)

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Centuries have passed since the death of the dragons, their loss reshaping the world. From the destruction, the kingdoms of man have risen into a civilization of law. But there are stirrings in the kingdom of Daanlin, and the paladins who rule must decide if it is wise to bring back their greatest allies if it also means the return of their greatest enemies. Continue the story and adventures of Shon and Lily five years later, as they quest to find out more about the history and future of their world.


Centuries have passed since the death of the dragons, their loss reshaping the world. From the destruction, the kingdoms of man have risen into a civilization of law. But there are stirrings in the kingdom of Daanlin, and the paladins who rule must decide if it is wise to bring back their greatest allies if it also means the return of their greatest enemies.

Continue the story and adventures of Shon and Lily five years later, as they quest to find out more about the history and future of their world.

Chapter1 (v.1) - How Much Longer

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How Much Longer - Eve 6, 1998

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Aurix 20, 1115

Even in the dark of night, the air was oppressively hot. This close to the cost in summer it felt like you were swimming instead of walking and Oswall was sure he would need to grow gills if he was going to stay in this province much longer. He stood by the central fountain, its magical water bubbling mockingly while he tried to loosen the neck of his tunic to get more air. Five roads formed the spokes of the central wheel of the city, giving the spot where they met the name ‘five points’. “There's no end to the creativity here…” the rogue mumbled to himself.

“It's always easy to spot a foreigner in summer.” a thin man, much taller than Oswall, walked out of the northernmost road and slowly approached him.

Oswall sighed, the informant was wearing a long black cloak, with the hood up to try and hide his face. He spoke in a rough voice not his own and looked like a complete ponce. “My lord Darek.” Oswall gave a courtly bow, “it's far too hot to play such games.”

The young noble scoffed, crossing his arms like a foiled child, “I found the information you wanted. It’s a lot more than I originally thought…”

Oswall pinched the bridge of his nose. There was very little more annoying than a rich brat trying to play rogue, “we had a prearranged deal, Darek. Didn’t I say it was too hot for games?”

“I need more for this, I put my neck on the line, some dark stuff going on…” the noble continued to push. What did he want with more money anyway? He was probably just in it for the excitement.

Oswall crossed his arms and shook his head, “No. We had a deal, and believe me when I say your neck has never been in more danger then it will be if you go back on this one.”

Darek sneered, “we'll see about that. If you’re interested in something this illegal I’m sure there's someone willing to pay for information on you.”

“You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about,” Oswall rubbed the back of his neck, he had really been hoping this would be a fast and simple deal but apparently the muggy heat had stewed the stupid boy's brain, “I don’t want to chase you Darek, it’s too hot. But you won’t be leaving here without giving us the information promised.”

“Us?” the young man's eyes darted to the shadows lining the five roads leading to their fountain meeting place, “you said you would be alone.” Darek accused.

“And you said you would get the info for one hundred gold, I guess we’re both liars.” Oswall shrugged again, “if you’re going to try and leave I recommend you don’t go back the way you came. It would be much easier just to give what you have and take the money home.”

“No deal!” Darek shouted dramatically, turning on his heal in a huff and heading for the northern road he had entered from.

Sighing Oswall began to follow, not hurrying when the man looked over his shoulder and picked up his pace. By the time Darek reached the long exit road, he was running. The stupid boy was too busy looking back at the walking Oswall to see the larger figure step out from the shadows.

The man grabbed the noble's face, stopping the forward momentum of his upper half and kicking the legs out from under him while they continued to try and move forward. Darek was airborne for a moment then slammed into the ground with a loud ‘smack’.

Oswall finally broke into a jog. “Damn Shon don’t kill him.” Shon nudged the noble with the toe of his boot and Darek groaned reaching up to grab his head.

“Do you think he was telling the truth about the information being more serious than we thought?” Alena jogged down the road ahead of the others, her armor clinking like so many bells, and knelt beside the groaning noble checking his head and back for wounds.

“It sounded to me like he just wanted to play the game.” Ranito crossed his arms over his robed chest and shook his head, “fool should have taken the money.”

“I told you we should have just taken him in,” Sir Tristen leared over the young man, “there's no reason we couldn’t find the information the same way he did.”

“Come on Tris you know that isn’t how things work.” Ebonwing bumped the stiff paladin with one shapely hip, “in all the years we’ve been together when has that worked?” she asked, not really expecting an answer.

Oswall just shook his head, squatting down over the young man and smacking his cheek until he blinked his eyes open, “I warned you not to go down this particular road.” Darek groaned again and Oswall stepped back so Shon could pull him up and bind his hands.


“Tea?” Shon looked up to see Alena smiling down at him, her hands full with two steaming mugs. She handed one over when he nodded his thanks, sipping the overly sweet liquid and setting it down beside him so he could finish his drawing.

“They still aren't out?” the cleric took a seat next to him, blowing the steam off of her drink before gingerly sipping. She was the youngest of them, having joined the team at the tender age of eighteen. Favored by Pelor she had long sun-bleached blond hair and blue eyes that seemed to change color with the season. She looked so small in her casual robes, but the cleric was just as comfortable in her half plate armor and wielding a heavy mace.

Shon shook his head, adding a few ending touches to the sketch of Lord Derek Nurag before closing the journal and picking up the tea again.

“It's been a long time since we’ve had a good lead…” the young woman shot sideways glances at him and Shon sighed.

She was a nice girl, they had been working together for a long time, but she was still the most likely of the group to try and strike up a conversation. At least she wasn’t teasing like Ebonwing, “We'll see.” Shon answered and she smiled again.

“I think we’ve got something this time,” Shon closed his eyes with a silent prayer as the druid rested her elbow on his shoulder, her chin in her hand, “Neg told me they said something about liches…” she was referring to her companion raven who cawed his confirmation from her shoulder bobbing its head. Ebonwing, it was a name given to her at some point in her druid training, the only other woman on the team she was taller then Alena but not as tall as Shon, with long legs she showed off with the pale tight-fitting leather she favored. She wore her hair short, a dark chocolate brown the same shade as her eyes.

Shon sighed, staring up at the druid until she finally stood straight and he could roll his shoulder while she took the seat on the other side of him. “that would explain why he wanted more at least.” Oswall stretched, falling into his chair with a loud ‘oof’, “that's assuming he’s thinking clearly after that smack our good ol’ Heironeous man gave him.” the rogue grinned at Shon who shrugged, refusing to rise to the bait. The representative of the Hextor temple, Oswall and Shon usually avoided each other, though cordially. He was a small man, with dark olive skin and a pinched face. He had dark hair most would say was black unless he was standing next to Shon who's hair was like jet and seemed to absorb the light around it.

Shon listened while his companions spoke around him, debating ideas and possibilities from the reasonable to the extraordinary, “Put your money where your mouth is tree hugger,” Oswall smacked the arm of his chair a wide grin making his dark eyes sparkle, “there's no way that little snot got any good information on liches.”

“Three gold,” the druid reached her hand across Shon towards Oswall who took it with a firm shake.

Alena shook her head solemnly, “I don’t normally pick sides but I really hope Oswall is right about this one. What about you Shon?”

Shon sighed again, “liches or warlocks, either wayit's illegal magic.” he shrugged, “if it’s liches we can pass it off to the church, if it’s warlocks we may finally be able to end this.”

Oswall scoffed, “that's bullshit and you know it,” Shon arched a black eyebrow at the Hextor man who waved the look away, “this job is never going to be over. You heard the fanatics as well as the rest of us, we stop one and three more pop up in their place.”

Shon ran his fingers over his hair and down his ponytail. He didn’t want to hear it, but that wouldn’t make it any less true. They had been hunting the warlocks of the ‘dragon cult’ for five years, had stopped some major smuggling rings and twisted experiments, but there always seemed to be more around the next corner.

“Stopping them is like stopping chaos, it’s a never ending battle.” Sir Tristan entered the room and everyone stopped talking to look at him, waiting for the details of the interrogation they had been doing on the young lord Darek, “but one we must fight for the continued welfare of the kingdom.” Tristan finished. Paladin of the Order of the Cudgel and leader of their little group, Sir Tristan stood a good three inches taller then Shon though he was more narrow in the shoulder and considerably older in years. His hair had long since grayed to the same dark shade as his eyes and he stood with a spine of iron despite his age.

The paladin took a seat with a sigh and mage Ranito stood front and center, clearing his throat though they were already quite, “apparently some ancient texts on liches have gone missing from the private libraries of the mage lords in this provence.” the oldest of them the wizard somehow managed to keep his hair and skin a clear bronze even if he couldn't hide the lines around his eyes and mouth or his long bony fingers that seemed to belong to a much older man.

His solemn announcement was interrupted by a loud “ha!” from Ebonwing who pointed at Oswall and shouted, “liches, pay up.”

“Texts are not the thing,” Oswall argued, and the old mage cleared his throat again to interrupt the argument they could all feel brewing.

“There shouldn’t be any texts concerning the making of a lich,” Shon spoke quietly, but his words were rare enough that it silenced all of them so the mage could continue.

“Yes, all such necromantic works were disposed of generations ago…” Ranito started.

“Bullshit,” Oswall interrupted, “we all know there have got to be some out there. We can’t get rid of necromancers just like we can’t get rid of warlocks.”

“We aren't talking about instructional texts,” Tristen interjected, silencing both Oswall and Ranito who looked like they were going to continue to argue, “they were lore and history books.”

“What would anyone want with those?” Alena asked.

“And how do we know the thieves are ‘our’ kind of target and not just... well… thieves?” Oswall added.

Ranito finally took a seat, steepling his bony fingers in front of his face, “the nobles suspect the books were taken by some of their younger apprentices. Sorcerers who have been seen speaking to a woman with either black or red scales.”

Shon perked up and narrowed his eyes at the mage, but it was Ebonwing who spoke, “you think it was the Firewyrm? Isn’t she on our side?”

“That woman,” Tristen spoke cooly, “is on her own side.”

“She’s given us good information in the past,” Alena spoke up.

“She has also gotten in the way.” Oswall countered, “completely on purpose mind you. She even apologized last time. That it was necessary but not that she did it.”

Ebonwing snickered, “she stands out an awful lot for someone who is supposedly hiding from the law.” Shon sighed, sinking into his chair and running his hand over his hair again. The truth of it was they didn’t want to cause a scene by forcibly taking Lily in. Instead, they focused on trying to catch her by stealth with antimagic measures they generally reserved for the warlocks and rogue mages. But Lily wasn’t like ordinary magic users, and they had never come close to taking her in.

“Well this time is more confusing than normal,” Tristen tried to get them back on topic, “they will be smuggling the books out of Ebonport in the next few days, and we know this because she left a message telling us with lord Darek.”

“What exactly did the message say?” Shon asked, drawing everyone's attention again.

Tristen in particular narrowed gray eyes at him. The paladin was the only one of the group who knew Shon’s history with Lily and also knew why he would step aside in any attempt the team made to take her “supposedly she said, ‘they will return the books after they get what they need,’ and ‘if you want to know the plan find us in Ebonport, but don’t try to stop us.’” the paladin answered.


A thick fog had rolled over the port town, washing everything more than five feet away in a cloud of white. All that could be distinguished in the gloom was the occasional golden light signaling a lantern or tavern door in the distance.

“Don’t you have some spell that can clear this mess?” Oswall complained to everyone and no one. He and Shon were the only two who couldn’t cast some kind of magic so Shon disregarded the complaint and focused on the air around them and the few shapes he thought he could see moving in the distance.

“Look on the bright side,” Ebonwing said patting Oswall on the shoulder, “they won’t be able to see much better than us.”

Oswall snorted, but Tristen interrupted both of them, “Os, you and Eb take point. Alena and I will follow. Shon, you protect Ranito.” Shon gave a lazy salute to the St. Cuthbert paladin, annoyed but not surprised.

With Lily confirmed to be nearby he was lucky Tristen hadn’t ordered him to stay at the inn and polish silver. The paladin didn’t trust Shon's attachment to the dragon-girl and was more than a little annoyed at his apparent lack of loyalty to the mission and the kingdom where she was concerned. In the end, Tristen had told Shon outright, though in private, that he did not trust Shon to maintain a neutral stance if it ever became necessary that they use more extreme measures to take her in. And Shon, in turn, won no points from the man when he stoically confirmed that his fears could very well be correct, though Shon did at least earn some of the man's grudging respect for the honesty.

Ebonwing and Oswall retreated into the foggy shadows of the nearby alley, disappearing into the night with nary a whisper. The others waited until they heard a meow down the alley and saw the outline of a cat coming towards them, then walking away again. Tristen and Alena followed the feline without question, trying their best to stay quiet even while their heavy armor clinked with each step in the overly still night. The last two waited a few heartbeats before following, Shon taking up the rear and keeping his eyes focused as best he could in the fog.

The smell of salt and fish permeated the air and grew stronger, the two scouts leading them towards the docks. Soon the creaking of wood and rustling of sails joined the clinking of the paladin and cleric armor and little golden lights illuminated the bows of the ships. The occasional bum or dock rat scurried out of the way of the hunting team, neither wanting a part of whatever was bringing such heavily armed officials to the harbor.

Oswall and Ebonwing soon lead them away from the larger ships to the smaller local fishing boats. In a strange twist, these docks were much cleaner, the locals taking pride in their home, but was also in a little more disrepair, the cost of new wood and labor being too high for most fishermen. As a result, the wood creaked under their boots while the water lapped up the support poles with gentle splashes.

The team stopped when they heard voices, Shon straining his ears to make out the tone and words before they moved closer. The two scouts would have gone around the group, flanking them silently while the not so stealthy paladin and cleric would confront them openly from the front and Shon and the mage would play support from the back line.

“Maybe they aren't coming,” a child's voice sounded a little hopeful.

“I doubt they are big enough fools,” a woman with a smooth alto.

“But is it more foolish to come or not to come?” another child asked.

Tristen’s authoritative voice cut through the whispers, “Identify yourselves.”

“Bor, light.” the woman spoke again and soon a little ball of fire erupted in the hand of a young boy standing in a little boat, illuminating three children of varying ages and one extraordinary woman. Her hair wasn’t just brown, it was bronze, with a metallic sheen, and running down her cheeks from points just under her eyes were two black stripes Shon knew were made up of tiny scales, that snaked down her neck to disappear under her cloak.

“Waterwyrm,” Tristen spoke, “you are under arrest by order of the King of Daalan, surrender the children and the books and you will be shown mercy.”

The children in the boat exchanged concerned looks with each other before staring at the woman who shook her head, her lip twisted in a half smile, “Sir Tristen, we both know that isn’t going to happen. Did you want our information or not?”

The paladin sighed and started a low chant drawing his mace and taking a ready stance. Beside Shon, Ranito began to wiggle his boney fingers muttering under his breath. The children looked scared, and the woman gestured for them to duck behind the side of the boat narrowing her eyes at the visible group members. The signal to let loose the spells happened when Ebonwing sprinted forward in her form as a cat, jumping into the air and transforming into a large falcon.

The paladins spell lit up the dock like the dawn while the mage pointed a small piece of iron at the woman before her joints locked and she froze in place. But before Ebonwing could swoop down at the boat and the screaming children a wall of fire sprang up between them snaking its way around and lashing out at Ranito to break his concentration and free the woman.

“Rose, go ahead and head out, I’ve got this.” all heads turned to another woman sitting on a pilon in the next dock, swinging her crossed ankles and smiling over at them. She had golden hair that shined in the light of her fire and the paladin's spell, with three stripes on her right cheek that trailed down her neck much like the other woman's. Lily.

“Firewyrm,” Tristen growled, more frustrated than angry.

“Paladin,” Lily called out in a deep mocking voice, “I have a name you know.”

The other woman, Rose presumably, lifted her arms and with them rose the boat on a massive swell that strained the line holding it to the pier until one of the children cut it, and they made their escape out to sea. Ebonwing looked as if she was going to follow the boat, but Lily stood flicking her wrist and causing part of her wall to fly higher up and singe the druids feathers.

“You’re resorting to thievery now?” Tristen pointed his mace at Lily who shrugged.

“Borrowing. We tried asking nice but desperate times and all that.” she waved her hand in the air, brushing away the paladin's accusation like an annoying fly. She breathed out a slow sigh allowing her fire to die down now that the others were out of range. “Sorry about that Eb.” she searched out the druid who landed on the dock and resumed her feline form with a little hiss. “oh yeah!” Lily hopped off the pilon with a smile, “I ran into Yua, she said she missed you at the spring equinox but was going to be down for the fall if you could make that one instead.”

Shon stood still and silent, remaining at the back of the group, his heart beating against his sternum with the force of a hammer. Lily cocked a hip and tilted her head at the team while Shon worked on keeping his breathing slow and even. It had been two months since he had seen her, four years since he had touched her, and now she stood on the other side of what could quickly become a fight he desperately didn’t want to participate in.

Tristen took a measured step towards Lily, then another when she didn’t respond. Beside him, Alena retrieved a set of shackles from her belt, gold and studded with rubies. Lily ignored both of them, “I thought you should know that the warlocks are trying to hunt down a Death Knight in the Talkar jungle.” Tristen stopped moving forward and narrowed his eyes at her as she continued, “they are running out of resources, and with the magical storms getting stronger they are starting to worry.”

“What does that have to do with Death Knights and Liches?” Ranito shouted drawing Lily’s dark blue eyes.

She waved at him, “Hi Ranito. They have been interpreting some messages from Io that makes them think there's an old paladin from the time of the dragons in one of the runes in the jungle.” she shrugged, “we won’t really know 'til they can study the books and start looking.” she turned her attention back to Tristen, “I thought you should know since it involves a possible Death Knight.”

A shadow moved behind Lily and Oswall appeared, silver dagger in one hand and a second set of golden manacles in the other. He managed to get one swing in which Lily ducked. She reached back, drawing a small pole that extended into a staff when she spun it, smacking the rogues wrist, so he dropped the manacles. Lily rolled away from Oswall to place all of the team was in front of her again, holding her staff at the ready.

“So that's it then?” she looked at each of them in turn, except Shon, “no more questions? Comments? Concerns?”

“Lily stop this foolishness,” Ranito called out again, “whatever they are trying to do we have more resources with the guild if you'll just work with us.”

Lily sighed, spinning her staff again and causing it to shrink down to the size of a small club sheathing it behind her, “I really really wish it was that easy. I hope you are at least doing what you can with my limited help.” the mage growled in frustration, and both he and the paladin took steps towards Lily, neither fast enough to reach her before she scaled the closest building and disappeared into the dawn.


Tristen ran through the woman's words in his mind all the way back to the inn. A Death Knight, a fallen paladin. It would be his duty to see to the destruction of such a creature. He could inform the temples and send a contingent of clerics and paladins into the jungle but that jungle was a maze and full of hostile barbarians, and now there was a chance they would run into the cult also looking for the Death Knight. But what exactly did warlocks want with such a creature anyway?

The paladin watched Shon pass the bar where the rest of the team had taken up stools, heading for his room. Tristen narrowed his eyes at the disappearing man. He was a good soldier, obedient, skilled, and loyal… most of the time. There was only one condition he had placed against his joining the team, and that had been that he would not be involved in any attempt to take the Firewyrm into custody.

“Ebonwing,” Tristen rested a hand on the druid's shoulder, leaning in close and whispering, “I need to you put a watch on Shon’s room…”


Shon entered his dim room with a sigh, running stressed fingers over his hair. A Death Knight… what did they want with a fallen undead paladin? He wanted to sit down and have a talk with Lily about it, but with Tristen chomping at the bit to take her in she never stayed around long enough. And even when he did see her, she hardly made eye contact. Perhaps it was easier that way.

Shon sat on the edge of the small bed and kicked his boots off. It wasn’t until he pulled his shirt over his head and started to fold it that someone hummed… “it’s been far too long since I’ve gotten to see that…”

Lily’s form solidified out of the shadows in the corner of his room when she swung an enchanted cloak off of her shoulders. Shon stood slowly his mind buzzing with too many thoughts to organize. Finally one stood out from the rest, and he glanced at the door. Shon rushed to it and locked it while Lily draped the cloak over the desk chair.

“I’m sorry… I know I shouldn’t be here. But I’m so tired Shon.” he closed the distance between them in a few quick steps and took her face in his hands pulling her in for a kiss that burned his lips and cleared his mind. Lily reached overly hot hands between them rubbing his chest on the way to his neck where she wrapped her arms around him holding him close and opening her mouth to taste him. She tasted like cinnamon and Shon never wanted to stop kissing her, but he would have to. When they finally separated they did so slowly. “Your hair… I thought you said you would never let it get this long.” she lifted the long ponytail and wiggled it causing his own hair to tickle his lower back.

Shon chuckled, it felt like it had been an eternity since he had laughed, “I thought since Master Veon-Zih taught you how, you should be the one to cut it next.” Lily giggled and it sounded like the sweetest music.

She leaned forward to rest her forehead on his and sighed, “I’m sorry,” she said it again, “I was hoping that the more we found out the closer we would be to coming together again.” she swallowed, and Shon thought he could hear the tears in her voice even if they didn’t fall from her eyes, “but instead every question answered creates two more and it feels unending.”

Shon rubbed his thumbs across her cheek feeling the change of texture between her skin and her scales, “perhaps we can exchange notes.” he whispered. Lily giggled again, but this time it was more of a defensive sound followed by a sniff while she rubbed her eyes though they still seemed dry.

Taking her by the hand Shon moved back towards his bed sitting down and scooting all the way back so he could lean against the wall. Lily crawled onto the mattress after him but instead of taking a seat beside him she nuzzled into his neck sitting sideways on his lap. It was almost like they had never been apart. She nibbled lightly on his ear whispering, “mmmm so refreshing.”

Shon worked on keeping his breath slow and even, silently debating what the best use of their limited time would really be. In the end, duty won out, though he traced his fingers gently up and down her back under her tunic while he spoke, “the warlocks we’ve managed to take in have all said that they are trying to stop all of the strong storms and disasters we have been experiencing in the last few decades.”

Lily rested her head on his shoulder and mirrored his stroking fingers on his chest, “the evidence is that the elemental and arcane power of the oldest dragons had shaped much of the land itself and with them gone for so long that power is waning and these magical storms are rushing in to fill the gap.” she kissed his neck when she was done talking, and Shon hummed closing his eyes to better focus on the feel of her.

“They also say that Io is getting impatient and that we will not like it if he has to come himself.” Shon moved his hand off of her back to stroke her hair running the silky strands through his fingers.

Lily nodded, “I don’t know for sure, but what they are saying is that Io may try and come into this plane to recreate the dragons personally. Them being his children.” she shrugged, “the only problem with that is he’s an old god with no care or regard for anyone other than his children, and the power he would need to come over could potentially cause a huge amount of destruction.” she sighed, her breath hot on his neck, “supposedly we have slowed that down but he has already waited thousands of years.”

“What are they hoping to get from this Death Knight?” Her fingers left blazing trails in their wake as she drew little circles on his chest and abs. Shon shifted, growing increasingly uncomfortable in pants that were quickly becoming too tight.

Lily pulled away so she could see his face, “they think he may have been a paladin of Bahamut, and the Archmages are hoping he will still be of sound enough mind to get information.” Lily shifted on Shon's lap throwing one leg over to sit astride him while she spoke, “most of the warlocks seem to think that if they can get in contact with the dragon gods, then they can appease Io without drawing him here.”

Shon tried to focus on her words and not just the movement of her lips or the feel of her chest on his as she lay her head back down on his shoulder. “If they are so afraid of him then why form a contract at all.” His mouth was suddenly dry, and he tried to swallow hoping the conversation could end sooner rather than later. Damn duty and responsibility.

Lily shook her head, “that I have no idea.” She sighed again and sat up running her nails through his hair. Shon closed his eyes to lean into it. It had been so long since he had been touched, he felt like a starving man being offered a feast, and he wanted to taste everything.

“Shon…” Lily spoke softly, and Shon met her eyes again, “I miss you.” He brought a hand up to cup her cheek, and she leaned into it with a little purr, “I don't know how much longer I can do this…” she placed her hand on his holding it against her face while she turned to kiss his palm, “but I don't know what else to do.”

He didn't know either. He knew Lily didn't want to be locked away in the mages guild, to be poked and prodded, but he also knew that was the only option the kingdom was offering her. He wanted to stay with her, but he was also doing good work with this team and he had an oath to uphold. Shon didn't know what they could do in the future but he did know what they could do now.

Shon pulled Lily to him and kissed her again, soft and gentle moving slowly to savor the feel and taste of her lips and tongue. He could feel her nipples harden against his chest under her tunic and he wanted to savor them too. He pulled away from her lips enough to lift the shirt over her head dropping it onto the mattress beside them.

Lily returned her mouth to his but only for a moment, tilting her head up so he could bite little nibbles down her neck to her shoulder. “Shon…” she moaned his name, and he squeezed her hip with one hand while moving her breast to his lips with the other. She gasped when he took her nipple into his mouth, sucking hard and running his tongue around it until she whimpered, then moving over to the other side.

Lily was rocking herself on his lap, little movements he wasn’t sure she was entirely aware of, but which rubbed painfully on his throbbing member. “Lily…” he groaned running his hands up her back and kissing her again. Her knees squeezed against his hips, and she reached around to cup his face again. She whined against his lips, and he couldn’t wait anymore. Rolling to the side, so she was laying on the small bed. Shon kelt between her knees, curling his fingers under the waist of her pants and helping her to wiggle out of them.

She was beautiful in her nakedness, the stripe of her scales coming around from her back to wrap around her right breast, trailing back to her back then reappearing on the other side to snake around her navel finally ending by wrapping down her right leg. Shon ran his hands over her body, wanting to touch all of her, “you’re beautiful…” Lily blushed and covered her face with her hands. Leaning back down Shon kissed her knuckles and let his left hand trail down running through soft golden hair and lower.

She was already slick, her thighs slippery and he let his fingers run over her hot opening until she whimpered again, “Shon please…” Shon quieted her with a kiss, slipping two fingers inside her wet sex and feeling it contract around them, squeezing his fingers in the way he wanted her to squeeze his cock, still throbbing in his pants. Lily cried out against his lips her chest heaving. Shon rubbed his thumb along her clit feeling her tighten again while she reached up to claw at his chest and pull his hair.

Lily pulled her lips away and gasped, “Please… more…” before she contracted again arching her back and curling her fingers in his hair. Shon managed to maintain enough of his mind to quite her with another kiss, not wanting to alert his neighbors but still wanting to hear her cry out for him. Lily moved her hands away from his face focusing her attention on pulling his pants down and freeing his hard sex, whimpering her frustration and her pleasure while he continued to move his fingers deep inside her. It had been a long time since they had been together and he wanted her to cum as much as possible. “Shon I need you… please.”

Shon let his hand slip out and away, trailing up her body. Lily grabbed it, pulling it up to her mouth and sucking his fingers. He could remember the feel of those same hot lips wrapped around him and the feeling and memory made him growl, moving into position to take her fully. Shon slid into her easily, her slick juices letting him in even while she squeezed him tight. It felt like she was pulling him in and she arched her back again pressing her chest against his and groaning his name. Shon let his hand slide back to support the arch of her back nibbling her neck and moving slowly inside her, not wanting it to end too soon.

Lily whined again gasping, “more… please… harder.” Shon reached up to cover her mouth and gave her what she wanted. She cried out against his hand, the sound muffled but invigorating as he took her faster and harder, all thought of slow romance forgotten.

Shon rode the waves of her pleasure, gasping at the exertion and holding back until he felt her cum again, the strong wave-like contractions sucking the seed from him and leaving him empty and satisfied.

He let his hand slide off Lily's lips while they both gasped to catch their breath. Shon looked down at her smiling face and had never seen anything more beautiful. “I love you,” he whispered, “I never stopped loving you.”

Lily giggled, and it made her slitted eyes sparkle. He stroked her cheek with the back of his hand finally starting to slow his breathing and trying to memorize her every feature. “I wish we could stay like this forever.” Lily lamented, pulling him back down to kiss him slowly.

They couldn't stay this way forever, they both knew it. But Shon's answer was the only possible one, “just a little longer."

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