What a girl wants.

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

When you come home from a long and hard day you simply have a need to relax. This shows the ideal way from a kinksters perspective.

I'm experimenting with a first person POV in this piece. Let me know if it works.


This story contains sexually explicit content, more specifically it contains a serious and long standing BDSM-relationship. Do not read if you can't appreciate sex.

This story contains elements of the following


Impact play (Flogging and a spanish strip)

After care

The door closes behind me with a bang. For a moment I stand there with my eyes pinched shut. A frustrated growl slips out, one that reverberates throughout my body. Shoes left by the door, my coat flies at the hangers while I walk inside. I drop my purse on the table before I finally fall onto the cushions that plagued my daydreams for the last few hours.


"Rough day?"


I open a baleful eye at his innocent question. The sympathetic look in his eyes is the only thing that stops a harsh retort. I unload on him with every frustration and irritation of the day that took entirely too long to finally end. He lets me vent, humming at the appropriate places as he works on his tablet.


"And you'd think that people would realize I'm just doing my job. But nooo." My hands fling towards the ceiling before I slump back into the cushions with a drawn out groan.


Lost in the daze of a good sigh, it takes a moment before I realize that he spoke. My response is ever so eloquent. "What?"


He chuckles, pauzes his typing and raises his gaze to meet mine. His voice calm as his tongue rolls around the words again.


"Put on the black lingerie I like. Take the blindfold and lie on the bed.'' A careful enunciation while I am stuck in place by the glint in the green of his eyes. "I'll be along shortly." He finishes with a wink before he returns to his typing.


With a smile I rise up from the cushions, my hips sway as I go to follow his directions like the good girl I am. My clothes left as breadcrumbs to herald the way to our sanctuary.


Entering the dressing I dance on the balls of my feet, my hands in the air as I twirl toward the drawers that hold my dear friends. The first slides open smoothly, and I grin down at the lace within. My fingers drag over the different fabrics before they come to a stop on black lace. His favorite for the way it accentuates the lines of my body. My body tingles as I remember the way he traced every line while he whispered against my skin.


I almost make it to the bed when I gasp. I turn and race back to the dressing, shifting through the drawers for that one important thing. "Come on, you little devil. Where are you?" Every drawer had already been opened and still nothing. Soft curses as I frantically open them all again. Rifling though their contents, I finally find the little blindfold. I slam the drawers and race to the bed.


I jump and land with a bounce, I fit the blindfold over my eyes. I settle into place on the covers, a slight wiggle to get the most comfortable position. I shiver, the covers cold enough to raise goosebumps. My body tingles with nerves, an adrenaline filled tension settles within me as I wait for him. My mind races to imagine what might come.


I still as I hear his feet pad on the wooden floors. A creak close by, my thighs rub together in anticipation. He enters the room without a word. My breath deepens when I feel the tip of his finger on the top of my foot, he trails a line of fire up my skin. I squirm beneath his touch. His fingers slide down my thigh, a teasing caress that bypasses my wet core.


The bed dips with his weight. A scratch on my shoulder, the bristles on his chin a familiar sensation. A puff of air as he blows on my neck, a steady stream moves up to my ear and he whispers in a low husky tone.


"You are mine."


An altogether different kind of shiver passes through me.


The tension and excitement roiling around inside prove too much for me. I burst into laughter when his fingers make their way down my ribs. My giggles change to a harsh gasp when he crooks his fingers. His nails scratch down the side of my belly, I tense at the feeling. A groan escapes me, my breath lost in the sensation. I pant loudly, undecided if I am glad to be rid of his nails or if I want them back for another scratch.


His hand rests on my hip, a deep warmth spreads through my body, directly to my core. Excitement prickles inside as my impatience grows. Yet calm as could be, he asks, "Are you ready?"


My heart hammers away in my chest and I barely manage to jerk my head in a semblance of a nod. I shake with want as he continues to explore my body. He traces familiar paths while he skirts around the edges of the black lace.


"Good." There is a heady tone to his voice and I can't help but bite my lip as the butterflies in my stomach scramble. Another sharp rake of his nails across the line of my belly tears a ragged gasp from me. I shift on the covers. My arms and legs slide over the satin as I writhe beneath him.


His tone edged with a smug tinge. "Now, now, don't forget to pay attention!" A quick strike to my thigh elicits a squealed confirmation from me.


"Yes, Sir!"


He massages my thighs while he speaks. "In a moment I want you to sit up and hold your wrists out. You'll know when, do try to lay still for me in the meantime."


His last words bring a chill to my spine, a reminder of all the times he would hold me down to tickle my ribs. Both hands roam my body now, fleeting touches that I can't avoid. No matter how hard I try, I just can't help but squirm beneath his fingers and the bastard knows.


His touch changes each time I manage to get a feel for his rhythm. From a gentle caress to something much more insistent. My breath changes to harsh panting.


The teasing touch that electrifies my skin stops suddenly. For a moment I lay there, gasping for breath until I finally manage to lift myself up. My body trembles as I manoeuver myself to my knees. My butt rests against my ankles as I offer up my wrists. My chin lowered to complete the pose.


His fingers trace down from my cheek, a light touch that glides over my arms. Words almost as soft as the caress on my wrists. "You are so beautiful." Even after all these years my cheeks heat at the reverance in his voice.


The shackles snap shut, the metal cool on my wrists. A tug and I shuffle forth on my knees until I sense the edge of the bed. My elbow is grasped in a steadying grip, I rise from the bed with minimal effort following his lead forward.


He grabs hold of my wrists, the warmth of his hands on my skin the only thing on my mind as I meekly follow. We stop and he swings in behind me, his shirt lies forgotten somewhere as I feel his bare chest against my back. I lean back against him, somewhere far away in the distance I hear a metallic click.


He steps away and I try to follow, I manage a step before the shackles snap taut. I try to pull away, shaking my wrists to and fro but there is no escape from the chain holding me captive. He chuckles behind me and I throw my fiercest glare. It takes a second before I remember the blindfold that obscures it from him. Sticking my tongue out will just have to be a substitute.


He moves quickly, one instant I'm still sticking out my tongue in indignation. The next he has it captured between his fingers with his other hand on my throat. His voice a rumble in my ear that stills my croak.


"And here I thought you were going to be a good girl for me."


A soft squeeze to my throat holds any sound I was going to make at bay. Yet I'm not deterred, his fingers on my tongue slacken. Thinking quickly, I seize the opportunity to roll my tongue around them. He stills and I can feel his attention as I mimic a favorite pattern of his on the digits in my mouth.


With what I am sure is a rueful sigh, he withdraws away from me. I might be captured and nearly naked but that can't stop the triumph that glows inside. The gentle caress of something across my skin does though.


There is a slight roughness to it, several thin strips of something dance across my lower back. It tickles my cheeks as I try to puzzle it out. I manage to hold back a groan as I finally recognise the feel of it.

Yet something must have slipped out because his voice sounds clear.


"You know this, don't you? An old friend that's come to say hello." The tone to his words enough for me to imagine the grin he wears.


The tassels of the flogger dance against me once more. Slowly they make their way up to my shoulders, I bite my lip as they tickle the back of my neck. The back and forth movement makes it harder to keep my giggles inside.


Suddenly they're gone, quick as a flash I feel a sting on my right butt cheek. I let out a sharp gasp while he laughs.


"Guess you recognize it now."


If I weren't tied up I would be squeezing a precious part of his right now. But as it is, I have no choice but to endure this merciless treatment. I lean forward, pushing my behind out to give on easy target. My feet somewhat apart and I'm ready.


The first ones start out softly, gentle flicks against my skin. Barely worth noticing on their own. The multitude of them feel as little pinpricks that grow harsher with each new strike. He pauses and it takes a moment to realise that I'm holding my breath, my body braced for the next strike.


With effort I force myself to breathe. He caresses my bottom and I slowly manage to relax. Pressing in close to me, he plants a kiss on my temple. A quick murmur of "Good girl," against my hair makes me flush at the praise.


The next set is slow but harder. Each strike leaves a deep sting. It doesn't take long for me to squeak. l yelp at a particularly harsh strike.


I breathe deeply, blinking back tears when his hands settle on my cheeks. He rubs and massages my bottom, a moan slips out as he kneads the fleshy globes.


He presses a kiss to each of my cheeks before he slowly peels off my panties. All the way down to my ankles. He takes each in hand to help me step out of the sodden panties before he locks my ankles in place with a bar. I hear him inhale deeply and I flush as I think about the drenched spot in them.


When he returns to me, he holds something much harder to my skin. Thin and light but with a vicious edge when used right.


The bamboo strip taps lightly against me while he speaks. "Count down from five. Can you do that for me, baby?"


A shiver passes through me, I swallow down my nerves and prepare myself, uttering a meek. "Yes, Sir."


He continues to absentmindedly tap the strip against me. Until one tap changes to a vicious sting that makes me cry out.




A series of taps precede each of the strikes. Each one sharper than the last, my voice becomes more strained as I count down. Until I finally let out a scream at the last.


I'm left with shaky breaths while he caresses my behind. His hand dips lower and lower, I let out a moan when his fingers brush over my clit. His digits stroke between my lips, I pull down on the chain to keep steady.


My voice a needy plea while he continues to toy with me. "Please, Sir, put them in."


He laughs as he tells me no.


I buck when his fingers trace a circle around my throbbing clit.


He steps away, I stand there panting as I wait for him to return.


He grabs my hair, pulling my head back while a blunt object slides between my lips. It begins to vibrate and I moan deeply. He growls in my ear. "Ask me sweetly." The vibrator moves across my clit, pressing lightly while he sucks on my neck.


"Please Sir! Can I please..." the last of my words cut out by a wail as he moves the vibrator just right to trigger my climax.


He growls in my ear. "Come for me."


I buck and heave, a low wail that raises in pitch spills forth. Stars detonate in colorful explosions. Electricity courses through me, my legs shake as I ride the high of the waves. Miniature detonations jerk my body as the climax ebbs away.


He unhooks my ankles and my knees meet in the middle. When he releases the shackles on my wrists I slump to the ground. Strong arms lift me into the air and I'm carried away. A door opens and a rush of warm air greets us. Only then do I realise that I'm shivering. He sets me down before he rummages around, tap open and I hear the clatter of water rushing forth into the bath.


He presses a kiss to my temple before he takes off the blindfold. He is gentle as he undresses me, taking his time to remove the lingerie while I sit in a daze. With a squeak the rush of water stops. He helps me to stand and we slip into the warm water of the bath.


My body is engulfed by tingles as it submerges. A delicious burn that draws a soft moan from me, already my mind flutters at the thought of the blanket that awaits me, the hot chocolate that will feel so rich on my tongue while it prolongs the heat inside me.


I curl up against his chest, surrounded by warmth and gentle scents. One of his arms around me while his hand pets my hair. I give a deep sigh as all the tension of my week flows away from me. He whispers sweet nothings while I slip away into the warm fuzzyness of his embrace.

Submitted: October 17, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Sham Eless. All rights reserved.

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Dark Eyed Stranger

Nicely done. Interesting to get your take on how to stimulate a woman's body in ways that ultimately allow her to relax completely.

One suggestion on formatting: The ends of your sentences appear to be cut off. If you paste into the word portal near the top of the tool bar it may help.

Wed, October 21st, 2020 1:06am


Thank you for the comment and the suggestion.

Mon, October 26th, 2020 8:58am


What is a spanish strip?

Mon, October 26th, 2020 3:44pm


A spanish strip is a very thin wooden cane but perhaps I mistranslated the name. That is what we call it in my country.

Sorry about the quicker, didn't see that I could reply here.

Mon, October 26th, 2020 8:57am

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