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Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


William is a kid whose crazed mom has kept him homeschool till his junior year when he finally convices her to let him go. At school, he meets Erik. He's someone William thinks would have a lot of friends. He's easy to talk to and is really nice from his opinion. But not everyone is so easy to agree.


William is a kid whose crazed mom has kept him homeschool till his junior year when he finally convices her to let him go. At school, he meets Erik. He's someone William thinks would have a lot of friends. He's easy to talk to and is really nice from his opinion. But not everyone is so easy to agree.

Chapter1 (v.1) - New Kid

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William is a kid whose crazed mom has kept him homeschool till his senior year when he finally convices her to let him go. At school, he meets Erik. He's someone William thinks would have a lot of friends. He's easy to talk to and is really nice from his opinion. But not everyone is so easy to agree.

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 29, 2014




I was in my 1st hour math class and I noticed some kid I didn't recognize. Then the teacher walked in front with him. He was tall and had light hair. Like a white gold. He looked like a guy that could make all the girls swoon. Even some of the guys who claimed to be “totally straight” couldn't deny he was gorgeous.

“Class, we have a new student today.” the teacher announced, “Please introduce yourself.” she asked.

“Hi, my name is William.” he said coolly.

William? Why didn't he just say Will? Is he from some rich family or something?

“Alright, William, you'll be sitting next Erik. Erik, please raise your hand.”

Great... I mentally sighed. He was sitting beside me. I raised my hand and the guy came and sat in his new seat at my table.

“Alright. I expect you to help him out with what he doesn't understand.” she said. Then she walked over and gave William his packet and started the lesson, “Please turn to the back of the forth page..."

I held back my groan. It's not that I didn't understand why she wanted me to help- we were in the middle of our unit- and it's not that I didn't like this guy either. There was some things I thought were strange, but I didn't really have an opinion of this guy. I just don't like helping people with there work. Most of the time, they think 'help' means 'cheat' and I'd rather not give my answers away.

When the teacher was done with teaching us how to do it, I started working.

It wasn't to long before my new neighbor nudged my arm, “Erik, right? Can you show me how to do this?”

I turned to glare at him, but he was looking down at his paper, pointing to a problem on the first page. His hair had fallen into his face and I felt my heart skip a beat. What the hell? Why'd my heart just do that?

“We're not working on that though.” I said, confused.

He looked up at me and smiled. My heart skipped again. Okay, seriously heart.. What the hell?! His smile was really gentle, “I get what we're doing today, so I'm just going to do that at home. I wanted to do these pages while I have people around to help.”

Makes sense, “Alright.” I expected him to want me to give him my paper, but instead it just scooted closer and looked at the problem on his own paper.

That was unexpected, but welcomed. I leaned over and started showing him how to do the first problem, then worked on a few sample problems before moving on, “Alright...” he said and turned the page, “This?” he said, pointing to the next section.

I helped him out until he got to the current page, “Thanks man.” he said and scooted back to his own spot. It suddenly felt really cold, “If you need anymore help, don't be afraid to ask.”

He didn't look back over. He just nodded. I looked at him for a while longer before going back to my own work.

Helping him took up most of my time in class to do work, but I was able to get one problem done and half of another.


When I was leaving class, William came up to me, “Hey, do you know where this classroom is?”

I looked over at his paper and, for some reason, felt disappointed. That room was in the opposite direction as mine, “Yeah, I'll show you.”

I knew I'd be late, but he was new and needed my help, “Thanks. You won't be late?” he asked as we started walking, “Nah..” I said. If I was fast enough, I might make it.

As we walked, I asked him about his old home and he said he'd actually lived here his whole life. He'd just been home-school.

“So, why haven't I seen you around town before? You a shut-in?”

He laughed, “No, I go out all the time. Maybe we've just never been in the same place at the same time?”

“Seems a little unlikely, but alright.” I laughed back.

When he got to the class, he said a goodbye and left. I started to turn and then left for my own class.

I did end up being late, but just barely. I walked in as soon as the bell rang. Normally, I wouldn't be late for that, but this teacher was a jackass to the kids he liked- and he hated me.

“You're late Mr. Henry. Get to your seat.” The teacher was glaring at him

I went to my seat without a word and sat down, getting my stuff out.


I didn't see William again until lunch time. I had already gotten my lunch and was sitting at my table with my best friend, Andrew, sitting next to me. I happened to look around the lunch room and spotted him. He was in the line I was in before. Around him were some girls. Most likely flirting with him. Sure looked like they were. Twirling their hair and trying to look cute.

Normally, I would've fallen for this, but for some reason it seemed utterly disgusting right now. William didn't seemed to be falling for it though. Much to my relief..... Wait... relief? What is wrong with me?




“What?!” I jumped, surprised.

“You okay there, buddy? What were you staring at?” Andrew questioned. I was staring? I dropped my gaze down to my eyes, “I wasn't staring..” Even I knew that sounded like a lie. He laughed and I noticed him start looking over to where I was, “Ooh... Does Erik have a crush?”

What? A crush on William? No way!

“Is it that girl next to the new kid?”

Oh... right... there are girls next to him I started laughing at myself, but stopped when another thought came. What did that say about me that he was the first thought in my head the second he mentioned a 'crush'?

That didn't mean I liked him.. Did it? No. No way. I'm straight. I've had plenty of girlfriends before. I'm not gay.


Sixth hour rolled around and I kept catching myself looking at the door. I've been doing that all day and I don't understand why. I've never really done that before. Usually I'm working on some assignments, but my assignments weren't even out yet.

Finally William walked though the door. I was happy and smiled. I caught myself and quickly lowered my head, wiping the look of my face.

Why was I so happy to see him. I know in first hour I was thinking that he had a face that even guys would fall for, but that didn't mean I was. There were a few others like that in this school and I had no problems with them.

Well, I have to admit that he is better looking than them. Plus, Will is new here, so I have no idea about him. If I grew up with him like I did with those guys, I might think nothing of him.

That's right. I wouldn't think about him at all. Not his shaggy platinum blonde hair or bright green eyes. I wouldn't think about how cute he is or about how toned he looks. Nor would I be thinking about his lips on mine or being pinned between him and the bed.

A pair of hands were in front of my face, bringing me out of my thoughts. One was planted on my desk and the other was waving in from of my face.

“Earth to Erik.” someone laughed.

I looked up and saw Will standing in front of my desk, “Oh, sorry. I was just... thinking.” I said lamely.

He laughed again, “Thinking 'bout what? You looked pretty happy.”

I blinked a couple times, processing what he just said. The I felt my face heat up and I turned away from him. I looked happy while thinking about him? Then my face heated up even more. I looked happy while thinking about kissing him...

I heard Will laugh and turned back to look at him, “What?”

He laughed more, “Dude, you're blushing so bad. What? Were you thinking about your girlfriend?” he asked. The he got down and knelt by my desk.

“I'm single right now.” I told him

“Really?” he asked, sounding incredulous.

“Yeah, my girlfriend broke up with me a couple months ago.” It was true. I don't really care though. I was planning on breaking up with her anyway.

“Anyway, enough about me.” I said, trying to avoid him asking me what I was thinking about, “What about you. You been finding you way around alright?”

This seemed to make him smile, “Yeah. Everyone here has been really helpful.” He sat down in the seat in front of me while he was talking, “No one sits here right?” he asked as a side-note.

“Well, yes, but she's not here today.” At least I haven't seen her, “And that's good. What's your last class?”

Will started digging though his backpack. I assumed he was looking for his schedule and was proved right when he pulled out the slip of paper, “Hmm... Looks like I have US History next.” Then Will let out a small groan, probably signifying that he didn't like history. “What do you have?”

“I have Foods next.” Erik smiled. He thought that was the best class to have at the end of the school day. Will seemed to think so too, “Lucky.” he laughed. The teacher called out to him and pointed an empty desk, "That will be your seat. Please go there now. Class is starting."

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