Watch Me

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

You like to watch.

You are the man who watches me at night from the window. I am the girl you almost fucked in college.

It was a sloppy night when we slept together. We drank beers around kegs and yelled at each other for our simple sentences to be heard.

"What's you major?" You asked



"Human sexuality," I said.

Bodies pressed in on us and so we stood closer together. You smelt like sweat and stale coffee. We downed the last of our beers. I leaned my mouth up to your ear.

"Want to walk back to my room?" I asked. You nodded, you seemed surprised.


It was dark in the dormitory, but from the glow of my laptop I could see my roommate sleeping on the other side of the small room. She shifted around as we sat on the bed with a squeak. I lay down on top of you on the twin bed. My legs straddled your hips.


I kept my own hips held high over you as I leaned down to kiss you. So my crotch wouldn’t graze against yours.


The kiss started as a closed mouth with two sets of soft lips pressing down to the teeth. You opened your mouth ad so I opened mine. They moved, catching hold of softness, then closing again. Our mouths moved like this for a while, our spit staying almost entirely in our own mouths.


You moved your hand up the back of my leg. Your other hand made the asshole college-boy move of going straight to groping my breast. I moved it to the back of my neck, leaning on one arm I lifted my face off yours.

“I like soft touches on my neck better,” I said. I went back to kissing you. Now, my tongue was sliding out to meet yours when our mouths opened together. You touched my neck softly.


My body was getting hotter, I could feel sweat pooling at the top of my ass. Your hand moved to the soft skin between my legs, my thighs. The sensation tickled even through my jeans.


I laid my hips onto yours. There was a surprise. You were not hard at all. I could feel it against my leg laying lip. I brought my hand down, leaned on one arm, and massaged the bulge in your jeans. Your dick twitched a bit, but every time it seemed to get a little stiffer you would clear your throat or shift or whine and it would go limp again.


Ah, well. I let go of your dick. I decided that you either had too much to drink or were too nervous. With my hand, still down by your crotch, I unbuttoned and unzipped my own jeans. I brought your hand at my neck down to my open fly. I slipped your hand into my underwear.

You finally caught on and started massaging my clit with two thick and clumsy fingers. You had no skill, but the sound of my friend snoring just three feet away had my teeth clenching as if you were a master.


I could feel your dick starting to grow hard against me as I pushed my hips harder into your fingers. Your fingers moved in quick side to side motions at the base of my clit. I wanted something else inside me.


I pulled my pants and underwear down under my ass. Your hand on my thigh kept stroking up the sensitive skin just inches from my vulva. It made my legs twitch. My mouth was latched onto your neck. Only one elbow and my mouth against you held my torso up. I put my three center fingers together on my other hand. I stuck the three fingers up into my already wet pussy. My forearm held your hand against my clit, making more pressure, making sure you won’t move.


I pushed the fingers in and out and deeper still into me. My pussy and fingers made a ‘gush, gush’ sound over the noise of my own heavy breathing and my roommate snoring. I didn’t stop as she shifted around in bed. No, I pushed harder, and faster, and the sound gets louder and my breathing was louder.


I cum, in that pause and release and shaking, I cum around my own fingers. Your fingers still moved against me, it hurt, but I couldn’t stop you and it hurt in the way that made me think I might cum again, but God fucking stop.


I shifted off your hips and breathed out. You watched me, you smelt the fingers that had been rubbing against me. I chuckled at you. I looked down, and I could see your cock straining in its position against your jeans. I reached down to help it, but you stopped me.


“Let’s just go to sleep tonight,” you said. “That was gorgeous.”


I smiled and shook my head at your awkwardness. I kicked my pants the rest of the way off and rolled over to sleep and be cuddled by you. You didn’t, you lay straight on your back looking up at the ceiling. I didn’t say anything and was soon asleep.


This would have been a one night stand, a wholly forgettable orgasm in the heat of drunken college fucking. But then you surprised me.


I woke, not with a start. It was a slow escalation into wakefulness. My eyes were closed and was about to doze off again when I heard you, breathing. I smiled. I thought of waking you with my mouth. Then I realized that you were breathing too hard to be asleep. It came in quiet puffs that were aware of how loud they could be. You made little hisses in the dark.


I could feel the blanket next to me flapping up and down at the level of my thigh. You were masturbating. And, you thought I was asleep.


I wanted to turn around and smack you. I wanted to call you a filthy pervert while chasing you out of the room naked. Maybe while throwing your shoes at your head as you ran.


But I didn’t. A warmth was starting in me. It was a warmth deeper than clit touch. I’d only had this feeling before after waking from shadowy sex dreams.


I wanted to touch my clit. I wanted to squeeze my hand between my thighs and push against my pointer to bring the warmth over to the side of orgasm. Because, no matter the sweet hitches of your breath, little grunts, gasps, or the sound of hand moving against cock, no matter how hot the feeling got at the base of my uterus, I would not cum.


But I couldn’t move. Maybe it was embarrassment. Maybe I didn’t want to break your illusion of two sleeping girls, so close, so dangerous. Maybe I couldn’t break my illusion. I imagined you reaching your hand across the sheets, across my thigh. I imagined your hand moving against my sleeping body, pressing your fingers against my clit like you had before.


Your hand was getting faster. I really would have smacked you across the cheek if you had been so rude to touch a sleeping girl.


You were getting near the edge. Your hand was pumping in little thrusts at what I guessed was the tip of your cock. Your breathing was less careful. Your little gasps were moans. My roommate shifted, I could hear her mattress squeak, but you were so close you didn’t even slow down.


“What do you think you are doing?” I asked in my best scolding whisper.


You stopped immediately. I turned to you and leaned up on my elbow so I could look down on you. My vulva was wet and pulsing. I looked down at the bulge your hand and cock made. Your eyes were wide and you were gasping around clenched teeth. You were gripping your cock to stop yourself from cumming.


“What do you think you are doing?” I asked again. This time it was a husky whisper. I pressed my wet crotch up next to your thigh. I threw my leg over yours.


You reached your free hand down to try and rub at my clit again.


“No,” I said, “I want to watch you cum.”


We kept the blanket over your cock, but I could see your hand move in cautious motion, up and down. Your eyes were on mine.


“Oh Gods,” you whispered. Your eyes rolled back and your head tilted away from the warmth in your balls. “Glorious,” you said, “Glorious.”


“Shhh,” I put my finger against your lips, “You’ll wake the roomie.”


I knew she was already awake by the way she wasn’t snoring and shifting. I could hear a wet slapping across the room. She was getting off on you as much as I was.


You loved having my attention. Your eyes would seek mine. Out of the corner of my eye I could see you glancing at me. You were making sure I was still watching. Your hand was pumping again. You were groaning again. I pressed my vulva against your hairy thigh and rubbed it softly against you. The warmth in me was still there, but it was no longer a need to cum. It had shifted into a general feeling of pleasure emanating from my womb, bubbling up and rolling out of me and over you.


Your hips jerked. Once, then three times, your hips rose up to meet the air. You groaned, one final, loud breath from the heat in your balls rising up and out of your mouth.


Your cum made a wet spot on my comforter that I could see. I traced it and swirled my finger around the wetness as you were coming down from your high. The tickle of my finger against the tip of your penis made you tremble.

“We need to do that again,” I said. Your mind came back to the room. Your eyes opened and met mine. I saw relief there. I rolled over and pretended to sleep, the warmth in my womb still pulsing up and around my limbs.


“Yes,” you said. “Please.”


That was how it started. I would knock on your door on my way to the dorm shower at 3 am. You would find me there and watch me from around a corner as I masturbated or just cleaned myself.


I would kiss men at parties you were at. I would sit in these mens laps and rub my breast in their face in the middle of a party of onlookers, but I was doing it all for you. Our eyes would meet across the room and I pressed my corset covered breast against a man’s face, and I would be pressing them against you. You would be in a corner, out of sight, casually touching yourself.


I would wear skirts without underwear to the lecture hall classes you were the teaching assistant, anthropology, you were studying anthropology. But I don’t remember the material, I would sit in the far front, in a corner. The teacher would walk from one side of the class to the other as he lectured. You would be grading papers in the same corner I sat in. When the teacher came towards us, my legs would be together. As he walked away, I would open myself up and flash you. Sometimes I would wear a small dildo or vibrator, to make it harder for you to concentrate. This was always my favorite, because I could watch your face getting redder and your cock getting harder in your slacks. Then during break you would run to the restroom and jerk off into the toilet. I loved standing outside the men’s toilet imagining what was going on inside.


When we graduated we moved into the same apartment complex, next to each other. At night, you would hop over the divider between our balconies and look in on my bedroom. Sometimes I hear you. I set myself up so my legs were spread out and my vulva was open to your view. Sometimes I would masturbate for you, or writhe on the bed for you dragging my hands across my body the way I wanted you to do so many nights before. Every morning I would wake up and walk to the sliding glass door where out balconies met. I would see the smear of cum left on the glass. I would see how it splattered and dribbled down to the floor. It would fill me with that same warmth, and I would take that heat out into the rest of my day. 

Submitted: December 03, 2014

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that was excellent writing. very very hot. Please write more

Sun, December 7th, 2014 5:44pm

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