The Club by S.G. Liminal

The Club by S.G. Liminal

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Sylla, a woman of incredible sexual ability, finally meets her match, opening the door to a world she never imagined exists.


Sylla, a woman of incredible sexual ability, finally meets her match, opening the door to a world she never imagined exists.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Sylla's First Time

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The Club - Chapter 01 - Sylla's First Time - A woman of incredible sexual ability finally meets her match.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 11, 2013



The Club

by S.G. Liminal

Part 1 – Sylla’s First Time

Ch. 01 - Sylla's First Time

Sylla was impressed with Samael.

* * *

Sylla realized very early in her sexual life that she was different from everyone else. Better.

The fumbling boys in high school had bored her quickly. They were eager enough. But not one of them understood sex. They leapt between her legs like lions before a feast, but turned to lambs quickly enough when Sylla gave them a hint of what she was capable of. And very few came back for more after being humiliated so effortlessly.

Her early college days weren't much better. The boys were a bit more experienced. A bit more daring. The women she experimented with posed some new and exciting possibilities, but none were in her league. In all that time she only had two lovers who had an inkling of what sex was truly all about. And they proved to be no match for her, either.

Sylla understood instinctively that sex is a competition. A physical and emotional battle of wills. The simple pleasure of an orgasm, while so mind-blowing to most, was inconsequential when compared to the rush of completely overwhelming a lover with her passion and sexual hunger. Sylla was never truly satisfied unless her partner was reduced to a semi-conscious state, utterly spent and defeated.

Life improved significantly when Sylla discovered the sultry underworld of sex groups and swingers clubs. For two years, she moved from one group to another, searching for a worthy challenge. Each had different rules and different ideas of what makes sex exciting. Unfortunately, none of them matched Sylla's unique talents.

So Sylla systematically worked her way through each group, identifying the most sexually powerful members and defeating them in her own way. She left no doubt in anyone's mind that she was the best lover they had ever been lucky enough to experience. And when there was no one left to defeat, Sylla moved on.

When Sylla relocated to the big city, her reputation preceded her. Her arrival was the buzz of the Internet forums and she was pre-accepted into the premier sex group of the area solely on the strength of the universally positive recommendations from those she had left in her wake.

It took Sylla less than two months to defeat every single member of the group who showed any ability. Her rise to the top culminated in an explosive 3-way with Jack and Lisa, the married couple who ran the group, before an audience of specially chosen group members.

Jack and Lisa had devised a carefully formulated plan to defeat Sylla. They came at her together, overwhelming Sylla with their combined strength and lust. As soon as they had established control, they took turns, one resting and recovering while the other attacked Sylla with everything they had. Over time, they grew bolder.

Sylla had watched with veiled amusement as they gained confidence. She moaned and panted as Jack bent her over and took her from behind, forcing Sylla to lick his wife's dripping wet pussy to orgasm as he slammed his cock into her. She came without reservation as Jack pinned Sylla's wrists above her head and sucked her hard nipples while Lisa expertly teased Sylla's clit with her tongue. The audience cheered on the husband and wife team as Sylla writhed beneath their combined efforts.

They never even realized their mistake. By coming at Sylla together, they had brought themselves to a fever pitch of excitement, emboldened by their perceived success. The audience gasped audibly when Sylla effortlessly reversed the situation, pushing Jack onto his back and climbing onto his cock. Jack reflexively grabbed Sylla's breasts with both hands as she began to ride him ferociously.

Lisa circled behind Sylla and ran her hands along Sylla's body as she licked and nibbled her neck, attempting to distract Sylla's attention from her husband. Sylla turned her head and drew Lisa into a long, deep kiss and felt Lisa's willpower melt away. She forced Lisa around in front of her, making her first straddle her husband's body on her knees so Sylla could suck on her large, aching nipples, and then stand before her on the bed so she could lick and finger Lisa's cunt while she relentlessly rode Jack.

Sylla drew out her victory for the benefit of the stunned audience. She wanted them to remember her domination over the best they had to offer for the rest of their lives. In the end, Lisa had collapsed onto the bed next to her husband as the force of her latest orgasm sapped the strength out of her legs. Jack had cum twice already under the fury of Sylla's non-stop domination by the time Lisa fell beside him, shivering uncontrollably in the after-throes of her final climax. Sylla knew Jack had long since been defeated, but she kept him hard through the sheer force of her sexuality.

"Enough," Jack whispered between labored breaths. "Please. You win, Sylla. You win."

Sylla ground her hips harder against Jack's body and reached over to slap Lisa's ass, who gave a startled moan. "Louder," she demanded.

"You win, Sylla. Sylla wins," he announced hoarsely, looking desperately at the audience and then up at Sylla. "You win. Please."

Sylla was still basking in the glow of her victory a week later when she received an email from Jack and Lisa, thanking her again for the most incredible sexual experience of their lives, and recommending that she meet a young man named Samael who came very highly recommended to the group. Samael, they assured her, was just the challenge she had been looking for.

* * *

Samael arrived at Sylla's apartment exactly on time, holding a bottle of Merlot and a single white rose. As she opened the door and stepped back to let him in, Samael stepped forward and kissed her on the lips. The kiss was brief and casual, but excited Sylla nonetheless. His boldness bespoke confidence. Perhaps he was a worthy challenge. She smiled into his eyes and accepted the rose, looking him over as he walked into her home.

Samael was tall, fit, and lightly tanned. His dark brown hair, a bit longer than Sylla preferred, was brushed straight back, accenting his piercing blue eyes. His face was thin and aquiline. He was freshly shaven, she noted with approval, which made his sharp facial features stand out prominently. She estimated his height at a touch over six feet. Samael was well-dressed in crisp dark slacks and a soft, blue button-down shirt. The way his shirt clung to his broad frame suggested an athletic build. She found herself eager to pull open his shirt and run her fingernails over his body. His eyes roamed everywhere, seeming to drink in every detail of her apartment, and then of Sylla herself.

Sylla's apartment was small, decorated tastefully, but minimally. They stood in the living room, dominated by a plush red couch flanked by end tables. The flat-panel television was off, but the steady, sensual beat of downtempo music flowed from her sound system speakers. The kitchen stood adjacent to the living room, separated by an open bar counter. Beyond the kitchen was a small office. On the other side of the living room, a short hallway led into Sylla's bedroom. The air was suffused by a faint scent of jasmine, emanating from a stick of incense burning on the counter.

Sylla leaned against the arm of the sofa and allowed Samael's eyes to crawl over her body. His gaze traveled slowly over her painted toenails, lingered at her ankle, then continued up her bare, shapely calf. Her athletic legs were not overly long, but were perfectly shaped from countless hours at the gym. Not knowing how Samael would be dressed, Sylla had chosen a simple red dress with a plunging neckline which hugged her form but flared out in a billowy skirt which nearly reached her knees. Samael drank in her body hungrily, and when their eyes locked, the air between them grew electrified with sexual tension.

She brushed a lock of her long auburn hair over her shoulder and gave Samael a challenging look with her penetrating green eyes. "Aren't you going to pour us some wine?" Sylla asked as she moved past him into the kitchen, lightly brushing against his body. She placed two wine glasses and a corkscrew on the counter between them, then added water to a small vase and placed the white rose inside it. "And thank you for the rose, Samael, it's very beautiful."

"Only half so beautiful as you, Sylla," he replied, opening the wine bottle and filling the two glasses. Samael slipped his shoes off, placed the wine glasses on the tables on either side of the sofa, and sat comfortably in the center.

Sylla watched him carefully. He was very attractive, very charming, and he clearly knew it. If he was as talented as Jack and Lisa seemed to think, she would need to consider her strategy carefully. Sylla was very strong for a woman. She trained hard and was often able to physically overpower her lovers, but Samael appeared too well-made for her to push around. She would need to establish control from the beginning. She would force him to wait, she decided. She'd sit next to him, teasing and flirting, until he was ready to burst. Only then would she make her move, aggressively attacking so that he would be in a frenzy of lust by the time she let him fuck her. After that, it would be easy.

"You did quite a number on poor Jack and Lisa," Samael observed with casual indifference as she sat next to him on the couch.

"You heard about that, did you?" Sylla grinned wickedly and licked her lips. She leaned back on the couch and crossed her legs, her skirt shifting to reveal much of her smooth, muscled thighs. She twisted slightly to face Samael and the fabric of her dress tightened across her small, firm breasts. A lock of hair came to rest across her cleavage.

"I watched it, in fact," Samael replied. "I wanted to see for myself if you were as good as everyone was saying." He reached over and moved the lock of hair behind her shoulder, his fingers brushing first over the swell of her breast and then against her bare shoulder where his hand remained, his fingers tracing circles on her smooth, pale skin. "It was a very impressive comeback."

Sylla smirked. "I was toying with them," she boasted. "I only wanted to make it a good show. Especially for the mysterious man hiding in the back." She considered for a moment. "But, I thought only group members were allowed to attend. Are you a member?"

Samael ignored her question, his fingers drawing an intricate pattern down the smooth muscles of her arm. "It looked to me like you had your hands full. If they had stuck to their original strategy, they would have worn you down eventually."

A frown of annoyance flashed across Sylla's face. She didn't like having her abilities doubted. Jack and Lisa had been fantastic, admittedly. Undeniably the best she had ever had. But no one would ever defeat her. And she would make sure Samael knew it before the night was over. She placed a hand on his chest and pushed lightly in mock exasperation. "If you say so," she allowed. She twisted away from Samael to pick up her wine glass and give him a brief view of her ass. Glass in hand, Sylla repositioned herself so that she was lounging lengthwise along the couch, leaning against a large pillow. She took a sip of wine and stretched her legs across Samael's lap.

Samael wrapped his hands around Sylla's right calf just below the knee, and kneaded the muscles slowly downward until he reached her foot. He ran a thumb along her instep and began to massage her foot with practiced expertise. "Jack should have never let you up after he had you bent over. I could see in your eyes that you were in trouble."

"There's lotion on the table next to you," Sylla informed him coolly. She shifted her legs to allow him to reach over and was pleased to feel the bulge of his hardening cock press against her calf.

Samael squeezed a generous amount of lotion into his hands and rubbed them together, warming the liquid. "I knew at that instant how to defeat you," he explained as he rubbed the lotion between her toes. Sylla let out a tiny murmur of contentment despite her growing irritation. "When I bend you over and fuck you, Sylla, I'm not going to stop until you beg for mercy."

She met his eyes and was surprised to see confidence. He has seen what she was capable of firsthand. He had watched her greatest victory and he still believed he was going to win. Abruptly, she realized that this was all part of his plan to control her. He wanted to upset her with his boasting so she would make a mistake. Sylla reached forward and cupped his cock through his pants. It swelled at her touch and she gave it a firm squeeze. "Typical man," Sylla remarked with a sigh. "All bark and no bite." She crossed her legs, presenting her left foot for massaging and making it clear that he would not be making any move unless she allowed it. By then, she thought, he'll be ready to cum at my slightest touch.

Samael laughed easily as though they had shared a private joke. He dutifully massaged her left foot, running his fingers between each toe and applying firm pressure as he pressed his thumb along the arch of her foot. She felt herself relaxing deeper into the couch and her eyes closed involuntarily. If Samael was half as good at sex as he was at foot massages and boasting, there was every indication that tonight would be as fun and rewarding as defeating Jack and Lisa had been.

Sylla took another sip of her wine and placed it on the table behind her. She flexed her toes and leaned back farther so he could get both thumbs onto the soul of her foot. "Goddamn, that feels good," she admitted, letting her eyes slip closed as she sunk deeper into the cushions. "You never told me, how do you know Jack and Lisa? Or are you a member---"

She felt her legs slip off his lap and before she could react, Samael was on top of her, his mouth covering hers as his hands pressed her against the couch. She cursed herself for relaxing and allowing him to take the initiative. This was her move, damnit! She attempted to pull herself up, but as she suspected, Samael was too strong and he was using his weight to pin her down. She could feel his cock, hard and throbbing, through his pants, pressing against her pussy through the thin material of her dress. Her mouth opened in an involuntary moan and his tongue slid between her lips. Sylla shuddered as Samael pressed her deeper into the couch.

Sylla decided to make the most of the situation. She was going to have to ride out the storm and wait for an opportunity to turn the tables. And the more energy and passion he expended, the easier it would be. She slithered her body beneath him until she was completely prone. She ran her fingers through his hair as they kissed, sucking gently on his tongue whenever he slipped it between her lips. Her hands trailed down his muscled back until she reached his ass. She cupped it with both hands and squeezed, pulling him harder against her. She moaned softly into their kiss as Samael began to rock his hips into her.

Despite losing the initiative, Sylla was pleased with how things were progressing. She might be pinned down, but Samael's kisses and grinding were already gaining a sense of urgency. And Sylla was excellent at manipulating her lovers from any position. She slipped her hands between their bodies and began to unbutton his shirt. He raised his body slightly as she reached the lower buttons, but lowered his weight back onto her as soon as she had pulled his shirt open. She stole a glance at his flat stomach and muscled chest before he covered her lips with his own again. Sylla longed to feel his chest pressed against her bare nipples. But, not yet. The more she could undress him while keeping herself covered, the more she could drive him crazy.

No sooner had the thought formed, though, before Samael slid the thin strap of her dress over her right shoulder and pulled downward until her breast was revealed. He immediately took her nipple between his teeth and bit lightly, drawing a gasp of pleasure from Sylla. As he licked and sucked on her nipple, he freed her other breast and kneaded it gently, teasing the nipple between his thumb and forefinger. All the while, he rocked his hips rhythmically. With each thrust she could feel his cock throbbing through the clothing that separated them. Sylla closed her eyes and held his head against her breast with one hand, rocking her hips up to meet his every thrust. She slipped the other hand between their bodies and quickly unfastened Samael's belt and pants. She took his cock in her hand, admiring its length and hardness.

"Don't you want to fuck me?" she purred into his ear as she slowly stroked his cock and guided its tip until it was pressed against her pussy, only the thin fabric of her dress separating them. "I want you inside me, Samael," Sylla teased. "I want your hard cock inside of me." She writhed her body beneath him with feline sensuality.

Samael surprised her for a second time. Instead of pulling her dress up and fucking her with wild abandon, he suddenly stood and pulled Sylla to her feet. She swayed slightly, trying to regain her balance, but before she could do so, he had lifted her off her feet. Her dress hiked up her body as he slowly lowered her down onto his cock and she dug her fingernails into his neck and moaned loudly as he entered her fully. His cock felt perfect inside of her and she bit into his shoulder as he began to fuck her, standing in the center of her living room with his hands tightly gripping her ass.

Sylla was truly at a disadvantage now, and wondered if Samael knew it. She couldn't do much to control the situation from here. Samael easily lifted and lowered her body on his cock as he buried his face in her neck, licking and nibbling as he fucked her. Sylla felt an orgasm building up inside of her. She wrapped her legs tightly around his body and whispered into his ear, "Yes, baby. You're going to make me cum. Don't stop. Fuck me harder. Faster. Don't stop."

Samael obliged and Sylla smiled to herself. He couldn't last long at this pace. She let the orgasm roll over and out of her like a wave, screaming his name and clutching his body as he fucked her with wild abandon. She drew it out as long as she could, waiting for the change in his breathing as her climax pushed him over the edge, but it didn't come. She opened her eyes and saw a grin of smug satisfaction on his face.

"You didn't think it would be that easy, I hope," Samael said as he stepped out of his pants and carried her into the bedroom, never once allowing his cock to slide out of her.

"Of course not," Sylla lied, as Samael laid her down with her ass on the edge of the bed and slowly slid his cock in and out of her pussy while he stood looking down at her. "I'd be very disappointed if you were finished after only making me cum once," she added, with a challenging glint in her eye. Sylla had near perfect control over her own orgasms. She had let herself cum earlier thinking that it would drive him over the edge, but she could hold herself back indefinitely while Samael expended all his energy attempting to fuck her to yet another climax.

She reached down between her legs and rubbed her wet clit as his cock slid in and out of her. "What do you say?" she asked innocently. "Are you up for it?"

Samael answered by leaning over Sylla and kissing her passionately while thrusting his cock fully inside of her. She gasped at the sudden explosion of sensation emanating from deep within her and she tangled her fingers into his thick hair. Samael began to thrust his cock in and out of her with renewed enthusiasm as they engaged in a secondary battle of passionate kissing, each attempting to draw the other's tongue into their own mouth. Samael's rhythm never faltered for an instant, pulling his cock almost completely out before filling her entirely, over and over again. Sylla reveled in the pleasure of a worthy opponent.

After what felt like an eternity, Samael broke off the kiss and slowly slid down her body, withdrawing his cock one wondrous inch at a time. He covered every bit of her neck with his lips, tongue, and teeth; kissing, licking, and biting. With only the head of his magnificent cock still inside of her, he attacked her breasts. Sylla cried out in pleasure as he sucked hard on each nipple in turn, the head of his cock throbbing inside her with his every heartbeat. She whimpered slightly as the thick head of his penis finally pulled free of her pussy. Samael continued downward, kissing and licking her flat stomach, his hands kneading her breasts. Reaching up, he caressed the line of her jaw and brushed his fingers over her lips. Sylla eagerly caught one of his fingers with her tongue and pulled it into her mouth, sucking on it hungrily. He pulled his finger from her mouth and slid his hands down the length of her body and then slipped them beneath her ass. He squeezed firmly as he slid his tongue inside of her wet pussy. Sylla drew in a deep, shuddering breath and arched her back. She grabbed handfuls of his hair and pulled his face harder into her as she squeezed her thighs together against his face.

As incredible as it felt, Sylla knew she couldn't let this go on for too long. This wasn't going to wear out Samael, nor was it likely to hold him in the frenzy of lust that was necessary for her to win. Sylla began to raise herself to a sitting position as she worked out how best to turn this around, but Samael forced her back with a firm hand on her breast just as he took her clit between his teeth and slipped a single finger inside of her. Sylla moaned in pleasure and closed her eyes. She could afford to enjoy this, she decided, and Samael had a very talented tongue. Eyes closed, Sylla writhed as Samael teased her clit with practiced precision.

Sylla had lost track of time when she felt the orgasm welling up inside of her again, unbidden. She had expected Samael to grow frustrated with his inability to bring her to climax with his tongue and be forced to change tactics. But he had persevered and even succeeded in bringing her this close to an orgasm without her even realizing it. Sylla weighed her options and concluded that there was no benefit in fighting it. On the other hand, allowing him to bring her to a thundering climax could give him a false confidence she could use to her advantage.

With the decision made, it was like a switch had been flipped in her mind. The orgasm built rapidly inside of her, swelling with every passing moment. Sylla began to writhe faster and each breath was accompanied by a low moan. Samael's hands seemed to be everywhere at once; pinching her nipples, rubbing her clit, squeezing her ass, brushing over her lips and caressing her face. Sylla's cries grew louder and she tightened her grip on Samael's hair.

In the instant before she came, Sylla opened her eyes and looked down at Samael to find him staring right back at her as he slid his tongue in and out of her. All she saw in his eyes was confidence.

The orgasm struck her like a lightning bolt. Her body shook and she cried out in pleasure. It felt as though every nerve in her body had been elevated to a new level of sensitivity. Every time Samael's tongue touched her clit, she felt a bolt of pleasure shoot through her entire body.

Sylla struggled against the instinct to beg Samael to stop. He had looped his hands around her legs, making it impossible for her to escape his hungry mouth. She couldn't allow him to sense that he was getting the better of her. She closed her eyes and focused on controlling the unending tide of pleasure flowing through her from the touch of Samael's hungry tongue. I can handle anything he dishes out, Sylla thought to herself. And then it will be my turn.

Just as Sylla began to bring herself under control, Samael acted. She had an instant of relief as Samael's tongue finally slipped out of her dripping pussy, but a heartbeat later his cock slammed inside of her with such force that she cried out in a sweet mixture of shock and unexpected pleasure.

Sylla watched Samael through half closed eyes as he stood at the edge of her bed, holding one of her legs in each hand as he thrust into her with full force, over and over again. Sweat beaded between Sylla's breasts and covered her entire body with a slick, glistening sheen. She stared at Samael's muscular bare chest. It was smooth and hairless, untouched by so much as a drop of sweat. She wondered, for a moment, when he had taken his shirt off, but it was difficult to hold a lucid thought in her head under the onslaught of Samael's pounding cock.

Sylla knew that she needed to take control soon, but she was nearly helpless. Samael had controlled her from the very beginning, had given her two incredible orgasms, and was fucking her relentlessly still. If he finished now, on his terms, she wouldn't be able to claim victory over him. He could even make a case that he had defeated her, she realized, even though it wouldn't be technically true.

For the first time in her life, Sylla felt doubt. She desperately struggled to focus her thoughts and shut out the never-ending waves of pleasure that threatened to drown her. But her eyes kept being drawn back to Samael. He looked incredible. His muscles were taut with exertion. In between each thrust, he pulled nearly the entire length of his magnificent cock out of her before ramming it back home. She stared at it, fascinated, and all thought slipped away from her again.

Sylla came slowly out of her daze to find herself on the verge of yet another orgasm. She glanced at the clock on her bedside table, distractedly. How long had Samael been fucking her like this? She blinked in confusion and looked at the clock again. It wasn't possible, she thought. But the force of the orgasm building inside of her could not be denied.

This time Sylla fought it with everything she had. She focused all of her willpower and determination, drawing upon all her years of experience. She raised her eyes slowly and found Samael staring directly back at her, just as she had expected. The determination in his eyes matched her own. Samael felt no doubt. He was utterly confident in his inevitable victory. Her resolve shattered beneath his gaze and the orgasm washed over her like a tidal wave.

Instantly, Samael's full weight was upon her, and he drove his cock in and out of her furiously as she came, screaming and clawing at his back. Emotions poured out of her, overlapping and conflicting. Hatred battled with lust. Respect with anger. Pleasure with renewed determination. And all the while he fucked her, forcing the orgasm out of her. "You've lost, Sylla," he whispered into her ear. "All you have to do is admit defeat and I'll stop."

Sylla was very impressed with Samael.

She writhed beneath him and ran her hands over his body. "Stop?" Sylla answered between panting breaths. "Surely you won't stop without giving me a chance to suck that amazing cock of yours," she continued. "I haven't even gotten a taste, yet." Once she got him in her mouth, she could finally take control. And she knew he couldn't resist the chance to defeat her with his cock in her mouth.

Samael instantly pulled his cock out of her pussy and Sylla's confidence soared. He had been a worthy opponent, after all, but now he was finally playing into her trap. The moment his weight was off of her, she would have him on his back and she wouldn't relent until he was begging for mercy.

But, once again, Samael outplayed her. He pinned her hands above her head and slowly slid his body along hers, straddling her torso. His cock, burning hot and wet with the juices of her many orgasms, glided up her stomach. He paused when his cock slid between her breasts and he grinned down at her, tauntingly. "You want my cock in your mouth, Sylla?" he asked. "Are you sure you can handle any more of this?"

Sylla didn't answer. She only stared up at him defiantly, daring Samael with her eyes. He smiled down at her. "It won't be long now," he boasted as he began to rock his hips back and forth, rubbing his cock between her breasts. "The next time I take you, I'm not going to stop until you give up."

When Sylla didn't rise to his bait, Samael moved farther up her body, positioning his knees on top of her arms, pinning them down and freeing his own hands from holding her wrists. His cock stood straight out from his body, the shaft less than an inch from her mouth. He began to slowly stroke his cock with his right hand, while his left slipped down her body behind him until he reached her pussy, still wet and hyper-sensitive. Her lips parted in a moan as he slipped a finger inside of her and he instantly forced his cock into her mouth. She struggled not to gag as he bumped the back of her throat.

He curled his fingers through her hair until he had a tight grip and began to thrust his hips back and forth, pulling her head to meet his every thrust. Sylla wriggled in a futile attempt to free her arms, but she was trapped. She concentrated on controlling her breathing and riding out the storm. Every time she opened her eyes, she found him staring directly back down at her. She couldn't even suck his cock properly. She was all but helpless as he forced himself into her mouth again and again.

Sylla realized he was trying to break her spirit. He had her in a completely submissive position. He could keep this up as long as he wanted and there was nothing she could do about it. Sylla felt her resolve beginning to weaken again. Her mind threatened to panic from the inability to move and the unceasing humiliation of having Samael's cock forced into her mouth against her will. With a tremendous exertion of willpower, Sylla played the last card she had available.

She forced herself to relax, muscle by muscle, and the pressure of having her arms and chest trapped seemed to lessen slightly. Sylla knew she couldn't fake Samael into thinking that she was enjoying this. If she wanted to manipulate him, she would have to actually make herself enjoy it. She had to turn this from Samael's humiliating domination of her into Samael giving her exactly what she wanted. Sylla closed her eyes and sank into her imagination.

She began to re-live each individual memory of her sexual domination since she had moved to the city. Jason had been her first victim. She had sucked his cock and made him cum before he had managed to so much as unbutton her blouse. She could have made him last longer, but she wanted to make an impression. This small town girl was more than a match for anyone. Sylla mentally smiled as she recalled Jason's embarrassed apologies.

Todd had been next, massively muscled with a short, fat penis. He had been able to lift her in his hands like she was a doll, but it had been Sylla who took control, forcing him onto his back and straddling his cock. She remembered the fear in his eyes as she rode him like a demon possessed until he couldn't take it anymore. Sylla felt a tiny wave of pleasure shiver through her body as she relived the experience.

After Todd, there had been a girls-only party. For a couple of hours they drank wine and took part in playful truth or dare scenarios, getting each other wound up until they finally drew names and paired off into various bedrooms. Sylla drew Jennifer, a middle-aged brunette whose husband couldn't satisfy her. Sylla satisfied her so effectively, Jennifer had passed out unconscious after Sylla went down on her, bringing Jennifer to an unending, explosive climax. Sylla had then wandered from room to room, intruding upon the amateurs and having her way with them, two at a time, until every woman in the house had been used for her pleasure.

Sylla moaned deep in her throat and began to squirm beneath Samael, rubbing her legs together and twisting back and forth. Distantly, she was aware that Samael was speaking to her again, but she was lost in her memories. Samael thrust into her mouth with increasing ferocity, but Sylla only moaned and writhed all the more.

Suddenly his weight was gone from her chest. Sylla blinked in surprise and took her first deep breath in what felt like hours. She began to sit up, but Samael had other ideas. Dragging her roughly by a fistful of hair he pulled her off the bed and onto her feet before spinning her around and forcing her to bend over the side of her bed. He yanked her head back as he leaned over her, angrily whispering, "This is the part where you beg me to stop." He forced his cock into her pussy and began to slam his hips against her ass as he forced her head down against the bed.

Sylla had never been fucked like this before. Samael was just too strong. Too relentless. Too good. Beads of sweat funneled down her breasts and dripped onto the bed from the tips of her nipples. She desperately tried to slip back into her memories of past victories, but it was impossible. All she could think about was his cock slamming into her pussy. How much longer can he last? How much longer can I? She cried out as he tore another orgasm out of her body.

Sylla turned her head slightly to look at the mirror hanging opposite the bed to see if Samael showed any signs of weakening or tiring. He was watching himself in the mirror, too, unaware of her gaze. He was sweating now, too, she noted with some small satisfaction. He had one hand on her ass while the other held her head against the bed. He was smirking at his reflection, basking in the glow of his dominance. She watched as his mirror image gave her ass a casual slap and reached around to cup one of her slick breasts.

Willpower flowed back into Sylla. She would never let this bastard defeat her, she decided. There was nothing she couldn't take, and no one that could defeat her.

Sylla began to sway her hips slightly from side to side, and push back against his cock to match his every thrust. When Samael looked at her in the mirror, he found her staring back at him defiantly. His rhythm faltered for a moment and without hesitation Sylla assumed control, thrusting her own body back and forth against his cock, even faster and harder than he had been fucking her. "I need more, baby," she moaned, her voice dripping with lust. "I need you to give me more."

Samael paused uncertainly for a moment, but answered with renewed vigor. Sylla instantly matched his intensity and then pushed harder. "Yes!" she screamed. "More! I need more of your cock, Samael!"

Samael's eyes lost focus for a moment and he suddenly pulled out and took a step backwards, his chest heaving. "No," Sylla whined. "I haven't had nearly enough of you, yet. I need more, baby. Give me more." She reached behind her and found his stiff cock. It gave a lurch as her warm hand curled around it and she felt a dribble of pre-cum leaking from the tip. She moved herself backward and slipped his cock back into her pussy with a sigh of contentment. "Now, give me more!" she demanded.

To his credit, Samael tried, but he was focusing all of his concentration on not cumming while Sylla did everything in her power to make that impossible. She changed her rhythm and movements constantly, fast and shallow, slow and deep, then fast again. She had him now, she knew. But she didn't intend to let him off easily. She twisted her head around and looked at him over her shoulder. "Look at me while you fuck me," she demanded and his eyes obediently locked onto hers. She held his gaze like a vice as she drove him closer and closer to the edge. "Don't cum," she ordered. "I'm not even nearly done with you."

Samael instantly pulled out of her and stepped backwards. "Wait. I just need a second," he said lamely. Sylla didn't give him an instant. She was on her knees with his cock in her mouth before he was done speaking. He groaned loudly and stepped away from her, backing into a wall. Sylla chased him like a predator closing in for the kill.

"Stop, Sylla," he hissed, but Sylla had him back in her mouth. She sucked his cock in a frenzy of passion, moaning constantly. Her hands moved over his body, pumping the shaft of his cock as she sucked, squeezing his balls lightly as she ran her tongue along its length, and gripping his ass as she took the entirety of his cock into her mouth.

She felt his body go rigid and he pushed her away. All his confidence had drained away in a matter of seconds. He looked smaller now. Weaker. Sylla stood up before him and put her hand around his throat. He looked back at her with a mixture of confusion and fear. She smiled sweetly and guided him back to her bed, pushing him onto his back and climbing atop him to straddle his hips.

"Wait-" he began, but she was already astride his cock. She dug her fingernails into his chest and began to ride, slowly at first, sliding her pussy along the entire length of his cock with every thrust. Samael made one final effort to push Sylla off of himself, but she grabbed his wrists and pinned them over his head, dangling her breasts in his face as she continued to ride him. He came almost immediately, bucking wildly beneath her, simultaneously cursing her and crying out her name in ecstasy.

"You better be good for more than one time," she warned him as his moans subsided. She could feel him beginning to soften inside of her so she clenched down with her muscles, clutching his cock inside of her. She rubbed her own breasts tauntingly and wiggled her hips as she gave him a challenging look.

His cock quickly grew hard again, but he was unable to put up any kind of fight as Sylla proceeded to fuck him unceasingly for what must have seemed an eternity to Samael. Nearly an hour passed before Samael finally admitted defeat and begged for Sylla to let him rest. Sylla had spun around to face away from him and was watching herself ride him in her mirror while she rubbed her clit and pinched her own nipples. She made him repeat himself several times and still didn't stop until she had made herself cum one final time, informing him that she had to do it herself since he couldn't keep up with her.

When she finally released his cock, it flopped to his belly, immediately growing soft and shrinking. A pity, she thought to herself. It was such a fine looking cock. She turned and sat on his chest, smirking down at him. "I won," she announced.

Samael nodded wearily. "You did," he admitted.

"You were good," she told him cheerily. "But I'm better. I'm the best you've ever had. Say it."

Samael just stared back up at her.

Sylla frowned down at him. "Tell me I'm the best lover you've ever had," she ordered, bristling.

"Sorry, Sylla," he said. "I've had better."

Her hand cracked across his face, leaving a bright red imprint. She had never struck someone like that before. It wasn't the insult that hurt her so badly. It was the truth in his words. "Who?" she whispered.

Samael pushed her off of his chest and stood up, rubbing his face where she had slapped him. He walked out of the room and began dressing. Sylla followed him, naked, into her living room. "Who?!?" she demanded.

In answer, Samael reached into his pants pocket and drew out a small blue object, holding it out to her. Sylla took it from his fingers. It was a small plastic rectangle, similar to a computer thumbstick, but she had never seen anything quite like it. "What is it?" she asked, forgetting her anger in wonder, as she rotated the mysterious device between her fingers.

"It's a key," he replied. "Go to 13169 Grey Rd. on Friday night at 9. Annie wants to meet you."

"Is she the one?" Sylla whispered, her words tremulous with emotion.

Samael left without answering.

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