Lolita And The Lost Boys: A Lolita Fairy-Tale Story

Lolita And The Lost Boys: A Lolita Fairy-Tale Story

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


A little made up fairy-tale I got inspired from my Middle name, LOLITA! As you all might already know Lolita is my name. I thought I would write something of that name. Plus I love the LOLITA fashion brand.


A little made up fairy-tale I got inspired from my Middle name, LOLITA! As you all might already know Lolita is my name. I thought I would write something of that name. Plus I love the LOLITA fashion brand.


Submitted: March 22, 2019

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Submitted: March 22, 2019



Lolita and The Lost Boys

A Lolita Fairy-Tale Story

MY Lolita Fairy-Tale Painting Artwork

The day little Timmy Jefferson disappeared from our small home town of Columbus Ohio, population 35,600, was the day the students and I felt endangered by our surroundings. Timmy was a local middle schooler who loved school, life and his closest friends. I was not very close to Tim, but I knew of him and we did share two classes together. He was in my English and History classes. Timmy was not your average middle school scholar. He did his best in school, but he also loved adventure and sports. He was a very outgoing and social young boy. That was one of the reasons why it did not come as much of a shock when the whole town found out that little Timmy had vanished. This had not been the only missing middle schooler in town. About a year ago, a young boy by the name of Samuel Davis and his little brother Scott had disappeared from Mabelle Middle School. Two years ago, a similar incident happened, and a young eighth grader disappeared as well. The whole town put in an effort to find Samuel and Scott Davis, but no matter how hard they searched, the young boys could not be found. After months of searching, the investigators and rescue searchers decided to call it an unsolved disappearance.

Now, Eighth Grader, Timmy Jefferson has gone missing and investigators and police are all over Mabelle Middle School asking students of the whereabouts of Timmy Jefferson on the day he disappeared. As for me, I knew very little of Timmy. I do remember he always loved to take the short cut home in the woods behind the school. The short cut was a faster route to get home. I know that because I take that route as well sometimes when I wanted to reach home at a faster time.

As I maneuvered my way via the front yard of the school, I saw two police investigators close by interviewing students, mostly male students and asking them questions about Timmy Jefferson. Both investigators were tall and well built. Although, one was a bit huskier than the other. I found their presence to be a bit strange.

As I walked by an investigator and student with golden blonde hair and glasses, I heard the investigator ask the young boy, if he accompanied Timmy that day to his last few classes of the day. The young boy answered yes, that he did accompany Timmy to his last class of the day which was History. But after class that day, he left Timmy’s side because he had afterschool soccer practice to attend. He did not know what happened after that. The other investigator was busy with another student close by.

I ignored the investigators and their professional talk and made my way up the school steps and into the bright foyer of the huge middle school building. I still wondered about little Timmy Jefferson and what might have happened to him, but I had to shake all of that out of my mind and focus on my first class of the day. The first bell was about to ring in two minutes, and I had five minutes to put my belongs into my locker, grab the books I needed for class and hurry to class. I already had two tardiness this month. I could not afford another one.

As I was grabbing my books for my first class, the first bell rang. Students started to head into their classes. I grabbed the last book I needed and shut my locker shut. I then made my way into my first class of the day which was English.

Sitting in my English desk in the third row, my English teacher discussed a little about Little Timmy’s disappearance. I could tell how devastated and upset he was about Timmy’s disappearance. Timmy’s closest friends and classmates also were devastated about the news. Some even shed tears with their head held low in their desks. I, of course, was shocked as well, but because I was not closest to Timmy, it did not come as such devastation for me. Shortly after, we started working on a “We Miss You,” big poster board for Timmy. I helped design it with colored markers and glitter pens. All of the students, including me, signed our names and messages on the poster board. Afterward, the end of class bell rang, and everyone shuffled out of the classroom.

During the last class of the day, my history teacher babbled on and on about boring history mumbo jumbo. I shifted my attention wonderingly from Timmy’s empty desk to the view outside of the History class window. Thoughts of Timmy came to me. I remembered the first time I talked to Timmy. I was new to the school. I did not know my way around the school. He was the one that showed me around and escorted me to my classes. I will never forget the kindness he showed me during that time period.  As I stared outside the window at the vast fields and forest, I thought about my Mother. I remembered she wanted me to help her right after school. She wanted me to accompany her to the market. I really was getting bored with the history teachers teaching. All I wanted to do at that moment was go home. I knew the shortest way home was via the forest. I told myself I would take the short cut home after school.

After school, I did just that and made my way across the school fields and into the forest. As I walked via the many forest trees and landmarks, I found myself losing my way. I thought I knew the path home. I had taken this way home several times. It was a path I knew well. Unfortunately, I found myself lost in the middle of the woods.

Forest Path

“Huh, that’s weird?” I told myself as my eyes searched the area for a familiar direction. “I can’t find my way home.” Unfortunately, the area did not seem familiar to me. I knew I had gotten lost. I decided to carry on and see if I could find my way. So, I walked on. This time I found myself in the middle of the forest.

I came across a home that was shaped like a big shoe. I recognized it to be OLD LADY MARY’S home. Old lady Mary was an older woman who lived out in these woods. She used her home as a shop for ornaments and jewels. A lot of folks in this town say her ornaments and jewels have magic powers. I, of course, don’t believe such crock, but folks in this town have seen and witnessed such magic from her artifacts.

It was getting late out, and my stomach was growling. I knew, old lady Mary would give me something to eat. Maybe I could even ask for directions. I knew she knew these woods very well. She could point me towards the right path.

I swiftly made my way towards her front door. When I got to her front door, I rasped on the door twice. I leaned my ear into the door to see if I could hear anyone approaching. I did not seem to hear a thing from inside. Just when I was about to rasp once more at the door, the door opened, and old lady Mary was standing in front of me.

“Hello, young girl. How may I help you this evening?” she asked me. She had midnight blue hair that covered half her face and wore a black cape.

“Hi,” I said. “I’m lost. I can’t find my way home. Can you help me?” I explained to her. She gave me a bit of a scare with her blazing black eyes and eyebrows furrowing down at me. I could smell the aroma of the stew she had brewing on the stove behind her. It made my hunger roar even louder within me.

“Why should I help you, child? You’re just a pesky little brat. Go away before I call my animal friends on you,” she said with an angry tone in her voice.

“Well, It’s getting late out and I’m hungry. I was wondering if you could feed me some and show me the direction home,” I told her.

“I have no food for you. Now scurry on, child,” Old lady Mary said. She started to close the door.

“But I don’t know my way home. I’m lost. I need food for replenishment,” I said stopping the door from closing with my foot.

The old lady looked down and noticed my foot blocking the doorway. She then turned her eyes to glare at me. She stared at me heatedly for a moment before she spoke again. “Alright child. Come inside for some stew. I’ll try to figure out a way to get you back home.” She opened the door wider to let me through.

I gladly motioned inside.

“Thank you for your kind hospitality,” I said to the old lady as I stood in the foyer of the big shoe-shaped home.

“You’re welcome, child,” The old lady said. She closed the door and made her way back to her stew brewing on the stove top.

As the old lady attended to her food, I stood in the middle of the old home and observed the place with my eyes. The place was dimly lit with an antique living room with a wooden table and soft furry chairs. There was an open entrance that I guess led into the old ladies bedroom on the far wall. There was a lot of antique gems and artifacts displayed on shelves against the walls. A small dining area and kitchen were against the near wall. The place was somewhat strange in appearance to me.

I decided to take a seat at the wooden kitchen table. As I sat, I watched old lady Mary turn the stew on the stove top. The aroma of the stew smelled very delicious to my senses. It reminded me of the stew my Mother used to cook for me when I was younger. I wondered why my Mother had stopped preparing my favorite stew.

Old Lady Mary finally finished preparing the stew and poured some into a small bowl. She placed the stew back onto the stove top and picked up the small bowl. She then made her way over to me.

“Here you are, child,” she said, placing the bowl of stew in front of me. “Don’t forget to blow before eating,” she warned me.

I nodded my head in agreement and proceeded to attack the stew. I picked up the spoon that was placed inside the stew and drew some stew into the spoon. I blew on its surface and then placed the spoon onto my lips, slowly drawing the stew in the spoon into my mouth. The stew was just as good as I predicted it to be.

Old Lady Mary sat at the table watching me eat. I thought her presence to be somewhat awkward and strange.

“So, young child. What is your name?” she asked me.

“My name is Lolita Rose,” I answered with stew still in my mouth.

“Well, that is a very lovely name, my child,” she complimented me. “Do you come down this area often?” she asked. “I’ve never seen you around here.”

“No,” I shook my head. “I’ve never been to these parts of the woods. I just got lost and found myself here. I was wondering if you could help me get back home.”

“Home! Why do you think I can help you?” she asked.

“Because people around these parts say your gems and jewels help them. They say it has magical powers,” I explained to her.

“Alright child. Let me see what I can do.” She got up and walked over to a nearby shelve. There she picked up a small black box from the top shelve and made her way back to the dining table.

She sat down at the table and opened the box. “This here child is a glowing compass necklace. She pulled out the compass necklace from its compact space in the small box. “It glows different colors. When it glows GREEN, that tells you-you're at your destination. When it heats RED, that says wrong way or danger. When it heats YELLOW, that identifies your coming close to your destination. The arrows points you in the right direction.”

The compass was beautiful in my eyes. It was an ancient antique necklace with a bronze exterior. It was absolutely magnificent to look at. 

The Glowing Compass Old Lady Mary Gave To Lolita


Old Lady Mary got up and maneuvered her way around the table. She stood behind me and placed the necklace around my neck.

“This will guide you home,” she stated.

“Thank you,” I said. I finished the rest of my stew before I got up and headed out of the old lady’s home.

The compass did as it was designed to do and guided me home in little to no effort. By the time I got home, it was already too late to help my Mother. I informed her of why I was so late. She, of course, scolded me with her words. She told me the next day I should come home right after school and we shall go to the Market then. I agreed and she sent me off to bed.

The next day after school, I made my way across the fields and into the forest. I thought this time, I would arrive home on time. After all, I had my lucky compass around my neck.

As I walked via the forest, I found myself letting the compass guide my way. But somehow, I could not recognize the path I was taking. I just decided to ignore my instincts and let the compass guide me home. It was after-all. all I had as a guide. I continued on my way until the compass started glowing a crimson mix of yellow and green. I thought then I was almost home. But when I looked up, I found myself standing in front of an entrance way with some kinetic energy bursting from it. It seemed like a way to another dimension or space. I knew this was not the way home. Because the entrance was so interesting to me, I decided to explore it instead. I swiftly walked into the entrance.

I found myself on the other side, looking at a magical garden made out of many candies and sweets of different kinds. The Trees where candy cane trees. The grass had gummy bears and gummy worms on its sugary grassy plane. The bushes were made out of lollipops of different flavors. It was a magical land with tiny trolls and magical fairies.

My Lolita Troll Garden Painting Artwork

I got excited from all the deliciousness and rushed over and grab a few gummy bears in my hands. Just when I was going to eat them all up, I heard someone behind me. A hand was firmly placed on my shoulder.

“Lolita,” said a tiny boyish voice from directly behind me.

I turned around to see Little Timmy at my side. “Timmy? What are you doing here?” I asked him, lifting myself up from my kneeled position.

“This is where I live now. Welcome to the Troll garden,” he said, welcoming me.

I noticed five boys coming to view out of their hiding spaces. I recognized them to be the lost boys that had disappeared from our home town. Two of them looked a lot like Samuel and Scott Davis.

“Hello, I’m Frank, said a boy with red hair. A pair of black rimmed glasses sat on his pale face. He swiftly approached me.

“Hi, I’m Lolita,” I said, introducing myself. I recognized him as the first boy that had gone missing a few years back. “And you’re Samuel and Scott Davis,” I said turning my attention at the two brothers at Frank’s side.

“Yes,” they both said in unison.

“People have been looking for you boys. The whole town went up in a frenzy looking for you guys,” I informed them.

“Well, we don’t want to go home. We’ve got all the things we need right here in the Troll Garden,” Frank said.

“The Troll Garden? Is this what this is?” I questioned.

“Yes,” Frank responded.

“So, you guys don’t miss your Mothers?” I asked them.

“I miss Mother very much,” Scott said. Tears started to form around his eyes lids at the remenbrance of his Mother. Samuel had to reach out to comfort his little brother.

“We miss our home. We just don’t want to go back to the real world,” Frank said.

“Alright. But I don’t think I can stay.”

“You will come back to visit us, right?” Timmy asked. “You’re the first girl we’ve had.”

“Yes, I will. I’ll come to visit all the time.”

“You have to swear you will never tell a single soul about this place,” Frank commanded with a stern tone.

“Yes, I swear.”

“No, with a solemn swear,” he said.

“Alright, let’s do a solemn swear,” I gladly agreed, placing the candy I had in my hands into my pouch.

Frank motioned closer to me and stretched out his right pinky. I did the same and placed my pinky in his. We sealed the sworn oath and I prepared to leave.

“Come back and visit us.”  I heard Timmy say as I walked out via the kinetic entrance of the garden.

As I made my way back home via the right path, I decided I would eat my candy while I walked home. But when I reached into my pouch, I noticed all the candy I had inside had now turned into Acorns. I thought maybe it was only in its candy form when it was in the magical Troll Garden. The magic of the garden had turned dead when I walked into the real world. I guessed that’s why it turned into Acorns. I decided to throw the Acorns away and continue home.


After that magical experience in the Troll Garden, I told myself I would always go back and visit. I visited the lost boys several times after that. They told me a lot about their time spent in the Troll Garden. They told me home sweet the Trolls where and how the Trolls attended to their every need. They never dreamed of coming back home to the real world. I, of course, wanted to go back home. The Troll Garden was for lost boys only. Girls were not allowed to stay. I was the only exception. The glowing compass turned out to be the KEY to the Garden. Without it, I could never have wind up there.

I had all the Candy my heart desired during my many visits to the Magical Troll Garden!


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