Ten minutes!

Ten minutes! Ten minutes!

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


She works too hard and she needs a break. Her sexy husband helps her take a ten minutes break.


She works too hard and she needs a break. Her sexy husband helps her take a ten minutes break.


Submitted: September 20, 2012

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Submitted: September 20, 2012



He was always a surprise. The kind that hit you straight in the face and made you ask “what the hell did I do to deserve this?”

I was working late again. Putting a fashion empire on the map was no simple task and getting home before eleven at night was a rare occurrence. The cash flow statements and ledgers were strewn across my desk and making head or tail of them required a concentrated effort that was constantly eluding me.  Sighing heavily, I tucked my feet on top of the desk my head back on my chairs head rest to take a break.

Just ten minutes I told myself. Then I would finish up and head home.

Closing my eyes, I muttered it out loud so that I wouldn’t forget. Ten minutes!

“Just ten honey?”

My husband’s voice quickly had me wide awake.

“Max? What are you doing here? “

“Came to help you take a break. You work too hard.”

The concern in his brown eyes had me melting. He was always there you know. That rock that was ever constant never moving, ever faithful. That was Max, my sexy husband.

Trying to sit up on my chair,

“Don’t move babe, stay right there,” he said walking towards me a glint of mischief in his eyes.

Oh boy. I now knew what I was in for. There was no denying what he was up to. The smile said it all.

“Let’s see if we can relax you in ten minutes.”

He reached my chair and he pushed it back as he settled himself on my desk my feet trapped in his lap. He then removed my high heels and proceeded to kissing and sucking each toe. I was a little aroused by then and embarrassed too. Hello! My toes?

“As if sensing my discomfort,” you have pretty toes hun and if you are worried about the smell then know that they smell great.”

If my heart hadn’t melted by then I don’t know what was going on. He put my feet on the carpet and tugged me close for a kiss. A kiss that ran deep that am pretty sure he sucked my soul right out.

“8 more minutes hun”

I was rather enjoying myself.

“Who is counting?” I ask.

“I am. You wanted ten minutes. And you will get your ten minutes.”

Maybe the time limit put frenzy on both of us because we were soon on each other like a pair of sex starved idiots.  He was rapidly undoing the buttons of my blouse as I was trying to get his t-shirt off. We had ourselves in a tangle that made us erupt into laughter.

The laughter soon subsided when immediate passion consumed us. This is what I liked most about us. Our lovemaking. How we could be laughing one minute, the gentleness and the dark passion that would follow that would leave us spent and satisfied our bodies a wreck and we couldn’t move or breathe until a while later.

His hand on my breasts had me gasping into his mouth. He knew just how to touch, where to touch. He was a miracle this husband of mine. I could feel him grow hard against my stomach, feel his need in his deep breathing that escalated my heart beat a notch.

“Babe, six minutes.”

Startled to a giggle, “Stop counting Max.”

My giggle was stifled by a moan when his clever fingers found my wet sweet spot in my panties. We were gazing into each others eyes by then.  Watching the play of emotions on each others faces. His clever fingers made round and round circles on my clit and I was soon pushing against his fingers asking in silent pleas for only what he could give. My breathing was getting labored and my moans were a little too loud than usual.

Feeling two fingers sliding in to my little wet cunt was a relief only short lived as I could feel my tension build up again. All this time our eyes on each other, souls bared. It was the sexiest turn on ever.


“In a minute babe.”

His clever fingers withdrew and he was unsnapping his jeans pretty fast. His mouth on mine and his hands tugging his briefs down. He hitched me up to his waist and his hard member soon slid in a moment that had us both groaning. Supporting himself with the desk behind him he soon began to thrust and my hips followed suit undulating with the same rhythm. The tension in my womb was coiling in fast and I knew I wouldn’t last much. Neither was he. It had been too long. The long working hours had never left us much room for this.

“One minute left babe.”

I do believe that’s what sent me off the edge. My orgasm rolled of me in waves that soon triggered his and left us fighting for air, our bodies’ slick with sweat. It took a while to get stock of what had happened. My skirt was still bunched at my waist and my panties lay on the crimson carpet in shred. Hardly remembered hi m ripping them off. I was still wearing my blouse on one arm and my Max had his feet tangled in his briefs.

Gazing into those brown eyes, I felt my lips turn to a smile.

“Ten minutes huh?”

“Yep. How about another ten tomorrow? “

“It’s a date, “as I kissed his lips to seal the deal.

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