Mr. King

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

My boss, Mr. King, is going through a rough patch. And I feel it is my duty to make him feel better.
My job may be on the line...

(I'm thinking of turning this into a novel, this is the test run.Let me know if you think I should!)

I took a deep breath and stepped into his office.

I immediately looked down at the tray shaking in my hands. I could feel his eyes on me, and it made me even more nervous. I placed the tray on his desk and started the process: one spoon of specially ground coffee beans, add a little bit of cream and stir. Fill with boiled water,stir. Add a sugar cube, stir. Add the second, stir. Place a small dollop of whipped cream on top, and sprinkle a dash of cinnamon. I finally handed him his coffee, and he accepted it with a look that wasn't really a smile, but not enough to be a smirk either. All I know is it made me shiver. I took the tray off the desk and was about to leave, when...

"Sasha, sit"

Two words. Spoken with such seriousness that I'm sure I didn't have the option of questioning him. I placed the tray down again and sat across from him.

"My dear Sasha, have you been listening to the gossip in the staff room recently?" he enquired, taking a slow sip of coffee.

"Yes, Sir. I overheard them talking about you letting a few employees go because finances are starting to run low."

I knew the story was total bullshit. My boss, mr. King, was a well respected CEO in the city. He worked tirelessly, so there was no way he'd have to have any worries at work. I have often envied my boss. He was living my dream. He was around my age and achieved such amazing things in his field, and here I was, working for him...

I think the real reason is his wife. There was another romour circling that she's been sleeping with almost every male staff member the Kings have hired. Some female employees too. Poor Mr. King... All the way he remained loyal to her... Well sort of...

There had been the odd moment when I caught Mr. King staring at me. Sometimes he would rub or squeeze my ass while I dusted around his office. But he always left it at that, never pushed anything. And it wasn't like I wanted him to go further, but I didn't exactly stop him...

"That's correct, Sasha. So I was hoping that you would tell me why you shouldn't be one of them." Mr. King stated.

I was shocked. Was he serious? But, why? I've been working for the Kings for so long! I'm Mr. King's personal assistent and main housekeeper. I always made sure the house was spotless. I made sure he had everyting he ever needed, remembered everything he needed to remember! The house was always ready to entertain any guests they could bring! I even made his coffee in that spesific order because he swears he can taste when I did it differently! And now Mr. King wants to kick me out!?

"I...uhh... Wait, What? With all due respect, Sir, I can't believe you would consider firing me! I've never given you any reason! You've trusted me with everything, and now you want to get rid of me?" The more I spoke, the angrier I got. And when he started laughing, I almost becaame an inferno.

"Oh, Sasha. I'm not considering actually firing you. I need to know I can trust you. Many of my employees have let me down..."

Mr. King sighed. I glanced down at the papers scattered across his desk, his wife's signature on most of them. Divorce papers. That's not good... Knowing her, She would end up owning most of his assests. That's when it clicked. That's when he was letting people go. His finances...

He noticed me looking at the papers, then gathered then up and put them to the side. He sighed again, then looked up at me again. And for a 25-year old, he suddenly looked very old.

"Yea.. uhm... It's complicated between me and the misses..." He let the sentence trail off, like he didn't know to continue.

"It's okay Sir. You don't have to say a word." I offered, and he accepted with a kind smile, all the smugness of earlier nowhere on his face, sighed once more, and dismissed me. I got up, took the tray, and left without another word.

On my way to put the tray away, I almost fell over two large pink luggage bags and a carry-on at the bottom of the stairs. At that moment, none other than Mrs. King came waltzing down the stairs, with Jacob,her personal driver, following close behind, carrying a third bag. Mrs. King was dressed comfortably (well, for her style anyway) but still very stylishly. 

"Oh, Sasha, DARLING! I've been looking for you! Please tell my husband I'm going on a two week vacation to California. If if you would be a dear and tell him to sign those papers, I would very much appretiate it. Oh! Another thing..."

She babbled more orders, but I only half-listened, saying "Yes Mrs. King" when it sounded appropriate. I couldn't take my eyes off Jacob, who couldn't take his eyes off Mrs. King. And it clicked again, when I noticed the third bag was blue. It was his. He was going with her. He was most probably the reason Mrs. King wanted to divorce.

My attention snapped back to my boss's wife when she walked to the door with her carry-on. They loaded the car, and left without a single goodbye.

I knocked softly on Mr. King's office door once I got around to putting the tray away. Upon entering, I kept my eyes on the chair in front of me as I told him everything his wife told me. Then I got the guts to look at him. He sighed again and rubbed over his face. He looked like he had almost reached his breaking point.

Now, I promise, I intended on leaving, but I felt so sorry for him. He couldn't help any of this. Since he became CEO, he had to attend a lot of confrences out of town, and his wife found a way to entertain herself when he wasn't around. Now he was bound to lose a lot of money, and there was nothing he could do. I had to help him, even if it was just to cope with the stress.

"Sir, would you like to go out this evening? I think you need to blow off some steam. You need something to relax..." He glanced up at me questioningly. "I'm not trying to get you out of the house, Sir. I mean it."

He leaned back in his chair, thinking about what I said. It, once again, caught me be surprise that such an attractive man was a genius in the business world. He could've been a male model if he lost a few IQ points. But the fact that he has a brilliant mind is probably the most attractive thing about him. You almost never want to stop talking to him, only when you want him to kiss you...

That snapped me back to reality. Did I seriously just imagine my boss kissing me? What the hell?!

"Sasha, are you busy tonight? There is this business function down at city hall, and my wife was supposed to go with me. Probably why this trip popped up today..." He trailed off again.

"Uhm, Sir? Are you sure?" I turned nervous again. Even though I was the one to suggest him going out, I didn't think I was going to be included in the plan. And now I was going to be his plus one?

"Of course Sasha. I promise you will enjoy it. Nothing to serious, really. Would you accompany me?"

He had such a hopeful look on his face... I couldn't possibly turn him down.

"It would be my honour, Mr. King." I couldn't help but smile at the look of triumph on his face.

"Fantastic. You should probably start getting ready. We'll leave in about one and a half hours."

"Anything spesific I need to wear, Sir?" 

After a short while's thought,he said: "I think you should go for that new long blue dress of yours. I've been dying to see it on you. And if you want, you can borrow some accessories or whatever from my wife's things. Now go, Miss Sasha. I don't want to be late."

I left his office quickly, running up the stairs without a moment to think. I took a quick shower, shaving my legs and washing my hair. Only when I got out the shower, and started brushing my teeth, did the reality set in. I was going to be alongside the most powerful man in the city, amoung people I've always wanted to be around. This was a chance for me to start asking around, to get in that scene. Not that I'm not a fan of the King-household, but I can't allow myself to be a housekeeper forever, when I really want to work as a business woman.

Then another problem rose up in my mind. Was Mr. King going to try anything? Was I going to end up as his rebound? Because, the chance seemed very likely. And in that case, I didn't want to get caught in my most embarrasing pair of underwear. But should I go all out a put on my new lingerie? Because that could seem suspisious. In the end, I decided on a pair of delicate lace panties which wouldn't make any lines underneath my dress, and a matching black lace bra with a see-through back. My dress was backless, and I didn't have the option of skipping the bra completely. My breasts were reasonably large, around a 34DD to a 34E, depending on my diet at the time, and my back always hurt like hell when I didn't wear a bra, just because of the sheer weight of them. So I ditched the thought completely.

Then I turned applying moisturiser, perfume, and drying my hair, followed by putting some foundation on my face. Then I put on my dress. I saved up for a long time to buy this dress, but it was totally worth it. It wasn't low-cut in front, so it didn't show any clevage. My breasts were brilliantly accentuated, and it hugged my figure in all the right places, hanging slightly loose where I wanted it to. My ample amount of ass stretched the  fabric below the open back perfectly, and the slit up to my knee on the right side gave anyone who looked closely a glimpse of my slightly shorter but still shapely legs. The shade of blue made my blue eyes pop wonderfully and complimented my slightly lighter skin tone perfectly. The material swooshed around my feet and flowed down my body. It was me in dress form.

I started finishing my make up, trying to make it look as natural as I can, but like I put in some effort. Then I finished styling my hair, letting it fall over my shoulders in loose brown curls. I smiled at myself in the mirror. I looked good. REALLY good. I would actually be offended if Mr. King didn't try to make a move, or at least took notice. I would approach me.

With twenty minutes left, I quicky went to Mrs. King's closet, going to her accessories. I put on the black heels with thick straps criss-crossing over the foot that I actually have been dying to wear, took a pair of small diamond drop earrings, and a black clutchbag with small jewel accents. I was about leave and go downstairs when I noticed a beautifully delicate sapphire bracelet. It was the same blue as my dress. I took it carefully, put it around my wrist, wondering why this bracelet looked so familiar. I ended up staring at the small stones, trying to figure it out, until I heard my name being called out by Mr. King. I was late. Almost running, I grabbed my phone, a pack of gum, a small perfume bottle and the lip gloss I was wearing, threw it into the clutchbag, and went downstairs.

Mr. King almost knocked the breath out of me. He was wearing a navy blue suit, white dress shirt and matching blue tie. He had silver accents on his cuffs and a very expensive-looking silver Rolex watch on his wrist. His shoes seemed like real leather, matching his suit perfectly. But what really blew me away was his aftershave. He was freshly shaved, and his aftershave almost made me walk up to him and sniff a lungful of it. Luckily, I managed to control myself, and only breathed the scent in deep whenever I got a whiff.

He smiled widely as he laid eyes on my. I could see he was pleased. Thank goodness, it hadn't been for nothing! He offered me his arms, and I hooked on, smiling as he lead me to the car.

He sat a respectable distance from me on the way to city hall, but his hand caressed my thigh te entire way while we made small talk. His touch was as light as a feather, and it turned me on greatly. I was almost sad when we arrived at our destination.

He helped me out and signed us in at the door. Once inside, I saw he had been right. Even though everyone was dressed formally, most people were either at the bar, chatting in small groups, or dancing to their heart's content. 

"I'm going to grab us some champaigne. You go and enjoy yourself, I'll find you. More like I won't be able to miss you. You're an absolute stunner."

And as quickly as those words were whispered into the crook of my neck, he was gone, moving towards the bar. I sighed softly, goosebumps covering me everywhere. Then I moved around the room, making small talk with various men I knew from nowhere. 

As the night rolled on, Mr. King barely left my side. We talked to all the men and women in the room, both of us talking business as if it was nothing. He seemed shocked that I knew as much as I did, but I didn't pay much attention to it. I was more focused on his hand caressing my lower back in slow, lazy circles, making me tingle in all the right ways.

As we approached the last people we have not yet spoken to,his hand slowly glided down to my ass. I gasped, but kept walking. He was rubbing and squeezing my ass softly and slowly, as though not to draw attention to it. But it definitely got my attention.

The last person I recognized as another powerful businessman in the area. We had a wonderful conversation, almost to the point of him asking if I wouldn't want to come and work for him. I was ecstatic, but Mr. King was immediately defensive, stating that I was already working for him, then pulled me away from the conversation, towards the bar. He order a single whiskey, gulped it down all at once, then pulled me towards the car. I was protesting the whole way, but he wouldn't listen.

Once we were on our way home, he turned to me.

"What the hell were you doing? That is one of my biggest rivals, and now you almost accept his job offer! What were you thinking?" He asked, fury flaring in this eyes. I didn't think he would be so sensitive about this...

"I was thinking that I was looking for any opportunity to actually do my dreamjob since you aren't offering it to me!" I retorted angrily. That got him a bit quieter, but barely.

"Your dreamjob? You mean you want to work in the business world?"

"More than anything in the entire world, Mr. King."

He stared at me for a while, as if trying to figure something out in his head. Then, before I could register anything, he leaned towards me and kissed me.

It took me awhile to realise what was happening. Wait, what? Mr. King, kissing me? What?? But as his kiss got hungrier, I started kissing back. The driver raised the cover in the centre, which I was slightly thankful for. At least we didn't have an audience . We could make out in peace.

He was such an amazing kisser. He changed the pace every few kisses, switching between light pecks and deep hungry kisses. I couldn't help but moan, and he bit my lip in responce. I moaned even louder. Being bitten was a major turn on for me. He started kissing down my neck, leaving a few nips here and there. I tried to keep my voice down for the driver's sake, but Mr. King made it very difficult. Once again, I was disappointed when we reached our destination.

Before we walked through the front doors, Mr. King pulled me tightly against him. I could feel the bulge in his pants pressing against my stomach, and I had to apply a great deal of self control not to moan again. 

"I'll be waiting for you, Sasha." he whispered softly in my ear, before releasing me and walking in ahead of me.

Then, announcing loud enough for the neighbours to hear, he said "I expect you to put my wife's things away before heading to bed, Sasha. I want to get to bed, so make it quick." He walked up the stairs and into his room without another word.

Now I was slightly confused. But, nevertheless, I went to my room, dropped my things on my bed, and made my way to Mrs. King's closet. As I was taking off the earrings and putting away the clutchbag, Mr. King was pressing himself against me. He was still hard, making me bite my lip. He grabbed my hips and started kissing my neck as I put the earrings away, trying to stay quiet.

"No need to stay quiet, Sasha. The room is soundproofed." Mr. King breathed into my neck, loosening the straps keeping my dress on my shouders.

My dress was about to fall down my shoulders when I froze. This wasn't right. He was my boss. And even though he was about to get a divorce, he was still a married man! He was probably using me as a rebound. That's even worse!

He felt my shift in attitude, because he turned me to face him, a concerned look on his face. 

"What's wrong, Sasha? Did I do something?" He whispered softly, lowering himself to look me straight in the eye.

"This is wrong. You're my boss, and even though you're close to a divorce, you're still married. I can't do this." I said, trying to avoid eye contact, but he placed a thumb under my chin and lifted my head to face him.

"Sasha, please, don't feel this way. You are not a rebound, I promise. I've wanted you since the day I hired you. And tonight, when you were talking business that actually makes sense while looking as beautiful as you do, I knew that you were perfect. And I'm sorry that I had to admit it to you this way, under these circumstances, but I would very much like it to have a more personal relationship with you, Sasha. You really are as close to perfect as a girl can get for me. Please."

That was the first time I looked at my boss. Like really allowed myself to look at him. And I realised that we were in exactly the same situation. I always pushed any feelings of affection away, scared to face him with it. But here was my chance to say how I feel. I could come clean, and we could be happy. But would I be able to live with myself if I do? 

I couldn't find any words. So I kissed him with everything I had and everything I wanted to say. And in return,he gave me everything I was hoping to receive, everything I was hoping he would reply.

He picked me up bridal style and carried me to the foot of his bed. Then he gently placed my feet on the ground, giving me time to slip off my shoes while he removed his shoes and socks. After laughing about how rediculous we looked, we kissed again, and he slipped my dress off my shoulders, stepping back so I can step out.

"Wow. You really are fucking perfect." He almost whispered. I blushed crimson, but stepped closer and gave him a peck on the nose. He giggled. I proceded to loosening his tie and throwing it next to my dress.The jacket followed, allowing me to feel his back muscles as I slipped it off, and it joined the pile on the floor. Next was his shirt, undoing it agoinisingly slow,and tossing it onto the pile. His belt and pants followed in quick succesion. 

We took a while admiring each other's bodies as we stood in front of each other in our underwear. He was the definition of perfect. Slightly built, but not bulky. Actually a little but underdone to most girl's standards. His abs were slightly hidden underneath his stomach, but they were there. His chest and arms (ooohhh his arms) were well toned and strong. He had wonderful athletic legs. But the most enticing was the only thing still covered in fabric. Well, barely. His underwear did very little to disguise the thick bulge inside them. He seemed about 7 inches long, but extremely thick. I liked thick.

He moved first. He stepped forward and unclipped my bra, sliding it down my shoulders and letting it join the pile on the floor. He admired the sight of me half naked in front of him. He closed the gap between us and kissed me, less hunger and more passion. He stepped forward and let me fall back onto the bed, climbing over me and immediately devouring my breasts, kissing and licking and biting my nipples. Soon enough they were standing at attention and I felt the wetness grow between my legs.

He stood again at the foot of the bed, and kissed my soaked mound through the delicate lace panties. My moans were no longer contained. He then took hold of the waistband of my underwear, and I closed my eyes as he removed them. I didn't want to look at him at that moment. I was afraid. I wasn't cleanly shaven down there and maybe he didn't like it this way...

"Sasha.." My eyes remained shut. "Sasha, look at me. Please, I need you to look at me." 

Slowly, relunctantly, I opened my eyes. His were filled with the perfect amount of love and lust. I almost melted into the sheets.

"You're perfect Sasha. Please don't feel any insecurity. I'll make you feel like a queen."

I giggled. "So, Mr. King is going to have his queen?" I asked cockily.

He laughed as well. "Yes, my dear Sasha, I am. But please don't call me Mr. King, it feel so impersonal.

"What should I call you then?"

"Please, call me Nate." He smiled as he said it. Wow... First name basis. That's quite... something.

I didn't have long to ponder it though. Before I even blinked his mouth was on my mound. I moaned hard. Fuck that felt good. Alternating between licking between my folds, nibbling on my lips and sucking on my clit, along with the tension and excitement of the evening so far, it didn't take long for me to reach my first orgasm of the night. I was almost embarassed at how quickly I came, but he was a very skilled pussy eater, so I wouldn't have held out long anyway.

He chuckled as he stepped back to look at my flushed face, then added his underwear to the pile on the floor. I was right in assuming he was thick, but this was more than I expected. He was about to climb onto the bed again when I pushed him back with my foot, and went down on my knees in front of him. Time to repay the favour.

As soon as my tongue touched his head, he was moaning and grabbing my hair. The bright red head of his cock was very sensitive. I took my time exploring his shape and size, licking over his shaft and sucking his tip. He was about to object the delicate treatment when I slid my mouth down, taking his whole cock in my mouth, pushing it down my throat. I reached underneath and rolled his balls between my fingertips, and rubbed the sensitive skin behind it.

He surprised me when he picked my up and threw me back onto the bed, climbing on top of me, his face inched away from mine and his cock nearly touching my entrance.

"I'm sorry, Sasha. You almost ended things prematurely. I still want to feel you convulse around me while you moan my name." he whispered against my lips, sending a shiver down my spine. My hips bucked slightly, willing him to seal the deal. He happily did so.

He was gentle, sliding in slowly and giving me enough time to adjust to how thick he is. Then he started his slow pace. His face remained inches from mine, stealing kisses every now and then. When he quickened his pace, I threw my head back in pleasure, moaning his name. I felt him twitch inside of me, and with a groal more than a moan, he flipped us over. I barely registered it, until he whispered in my ear:

"Ride me, Sasha." So I did.

I was already close to another orgasm, and I could feel him twiching inside of me, so I went for it. I bounced on top of him, both of us moaning with pleasure. He grabbed onto my ass and gave me a few quick slaps, and it pushed me over the edge. I laid down on his chest as I moaned his name over and over, letting my wonderfully fulfilling orgasm wash over me like a wave. Nate followed shortly after, coating my insides with his cum after he feels me clenching around him.

We stayed in that position - me on top of him and his dick still lodged inside of me, slowly becoming soft and eventually slipping out of me on its own. Then Nate moved my next to him, pulled the covers over our tired bodies, and he cuddled with me. We talked for a short while, of the night and what just happened. He told me not to worry about working tomorrow, he wants me to go with him to his office tomorrow morning. There was a business proposition he wanted to discuss with me. I couldn't have been more thrilled. 

We nearly fell asleep when he noticed the bracelet still on my wrist.

"How ironic..." He half whispered, running his fingers over the delicate piece of jewellery.

"What do you mean?" I asked, still not able to pinpoint why the bracelet seemed so familiar.

"You were the one I wanted to give the bracelet to. You went to go pick it up at the jewelers, don't you remember? But when my wife saw it, she assumed it was for her." He chuckled at the end, since I couldn't hide my surprise. I remembered picking it up and taking a peek inside, but I never imagined it could've been mine!

"Why would you buy me a bracelet?"

"It was supposed to be your bonus last year. I wanted to give you something different, other than the standard cheque and extra vacation days. Something a bit more personal. But it backfired miserably. So I had to fall back on the cheque."

I'm sure my smile was stretched over my entire face. I kissed him again and again and again until my lips felt raw, then kissed him even more.

And when he rolled on top of me, kissing down my body again, I knew it was going to be a long night.

Submitted: November 15, 2015

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This would make an interesting story!!! keep it up!

Thu, November 19th, 2015 4:30am


Thanks for your response, amydaniellec! Glad you liked it!

Thu, November 19th, 2015 10:18am


Realistic, raw, savagely passionate, & provocative!! You did well!

Thu, July 14th, 2016 8:07am

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