just the start

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

one version of a fantasy that twists and turns day by day.
happy birthday, my love. x

I keep having the sense that I am being absolutely ridiculous. I have always known what will happen if I decide to come here. I know exactly what is at stake. More so for me than for her.
But the temptation of seeing her... Of getting to feel her skin beneath my fingertips... Of just being with her and having her in every sense if the word...

It was too much to resist.

We would make it look like a chance encounter. That was probably one of the most accurate representations of it anyway. It was pure luck that she happened to get the weekend off when I was in D.C. She didn’t hesitate to dream up an elaborate plan for us to meet.

I was to go to the World War II memorial on the National Mall at 4:30pm. She would already be there, standing ironically right by the pillar for Colorado. I would casually stroll up and stand next to her. No exchange of words. When she leaves, I will follow abreast. She will be the first one to speak.

“It’s really good to see you.”

Her words did not send a shiver down my spine solely because of the smoothness in her accent. Just the weight of having actual spoken words makes me realise how real this had just become. Her hand suddenly reached up and intertwined with mine, nearly squeezing the life out of it. It was all I could do not to break out into a cocky smile, like a teenage boy who just got his first piece of ass.

We walked into the confusion of downtown Washington D.C. She said there is a great little piano bar in Georgetown she wants to show me. On our way there, I drank in the sight of her.

 She had done her hair in soft, billowy waves down her shoulders and around her face. Her make up was extremely minimalistic in the most beautiful way possible. The dress clung tightly around her breasts and drew in at the waist, flowing effortlessly down her hips, ending about mid-thigh. The black lace material of the dress was soft and thin. She had also reduced the foot in height difference between us by wearing black heels.

At the piano bar, we sat in the booth and tried to immerse ourselves in each other. I could still feel the high amount of nervousness radiating off of her. Her mind always seemed stuck a few hours ahead of time, when we head back to the hotel. I tried to reassure her.

“Don’t be so nervous. You know you can trust me.

“I know. I’m not so sure I can trust myself around you, though.”

“There is no reason for you to doubt yourself. You will do fine.”

She let out a nervous breath. She was absentmindedly shaking her leg up and down.

“You know nothing is making you do this. I can help you get a completely different hotel...”

“Bullshit. I am definitely going through with this. I have waited way too long for us to get together.”

We silently finished our respective drinks and got the tab. 

The cab ride to the hotel was a tension-filled teasing. Her hand was constantly caressing my thigh, grazing my cock but never quite focusing on it. Her other hand would be pulling her dress up ever so slowly, letting my eyes enjoy the sight of her, before pulling it right back down. I had to use all self control to stay calm when she started licking and sucking my fingers.

I had to constantly remind myself to let the night go slow and steady unless she initiated otherwise. It was a constant struggle with the part of me who wanted to ravish every part of her the moment we stepped into the hotel room.

She excused herself to the bathroom the moment we set foot inside. I glanced out at the not-so-spectacular view we had out our window. I walked over to the mini fridge and grabbed the bottle of water, taking a few sips. I hear the creak of the bathroom door opening, and I turn to see her exit just as she had entered.

“I had to make sure everything was still where I want it to be and the way I want it to look,” she explained.

She looked up at me, a playful smile edging onto her lips. She visibly relaxed, her shoulders dropping down as she released the tension in them. Her eyes, for a brief moment, was filled with a childlike innocence, though it was quickly replaced by something a bit more fierce. She bit her lip and walked over to where I was standing.

Without hesitation, she gave me one of the most tender kisses I have ever felt upon my lips.

Her body simply melted perfectly against mine. Our lips moved in synchronisation, our tongues dancing erotically with each other. I heard myself give a slight moan as she captured my bottom lip with her teeth, giving them a slight tug before their release.

Her teasing was even more apparent now. She would lean back from my kiss, or start trailing down my neck, and she would make sure that there was always an inch between us in those moments. I wish I could grab the back of her neck and keep her still, relieving my straining cock of some of her torment, but the torture was so sweet, I didn’t even consider making this thought a reality.

It was not long before she stepped back a little, pushing my shoulders down until I was on my knees in front of her. She guided my hands up her thighs, underneath her dress, letting me wander her hips before removing her dress. For a moment I was stunned.

I let my hands wander over her beautiful body on their own. Cupping her breasts, running over her stomach, grabbing onto her waist, pulling on her ass. Her quiet moans drove me insane.  She had her eyes closed and her head tilted back slightly, seemingly lost in the moment.

I slowly started kissing up her right thigh, right up to where my nose was brushing against her clit, then started the same on her left. She moaned in sweet frustration. Her hands gripped my head tightly, guiding my head right up against the black panties covering her pussy.

“Baby... please... I can’t handle the teasing. Please just taste me.”

No need to ask me twice.

I pulled her panties off unceremoniously and delved right into her sweet cunt. Her juices were already running down onto my hungry tongue. The taste made it almost impossible to stop. I picked up the pace, letting her pussy completely smother me. 

I don’t know what was better; her taste, her moans, or the fact that I was about to administer her first orgasm of the night. Her moans filled the empty room around us as her juices flooded my mouth. She already had a light shake in her leg.

She dropped down to her knees in front of me. She grabbed onto the sides of my face and kissed me with unrivalled passion, sucking at my tongue, moaning as she tasted the aftermath of her orgasm. I let my hands further familiarise themselves with her body – I wanted so desperately to map every crevice in my mind, to remember her curves for the rest of my life. I could feel goosebumps spreading over her skin and her hands fumbling around with my belt. I pulled her body tightly against mine and picked her up, walking over to the bed and laying her down on her back. 

I could see no more of the earlier innocence in her face anymore. Every single one of her features screamed out to me, begging me to come closer, to make sweet, wild love to her body and soul. Her hand snaked down over her body, reaching down towards her pussy, entertaining herself while I took off my shirt. Her moans of pleasure reached out and stroked my ear as I  discarded of my pants and underwear. She wasted no time, flipping over onto her stomach, facing me at the foot of the bed.

Her hand ever so gentle stroked up and down my cock, the other fondling my balls. The gentleness never left her as her mouth descended on the head, slowly swirling her tongue around and around, sucking so little it almost couldn’t be felt. I took a deep breath, running my fingers through her hair. We had more than a year off foreplay, it was surprising that I was able to control myself so well up to now. Even she hadn’t held out long until her first orgasm.
As this thought ran through my mind, the gentleness seemed to seep away from her touch. She sucked harder, tugged at my balls, and grazed her teeth across the length of my shaft. I was about to gain control again when I felt the head of my cock slide down her throat. A deep growl slipped from my lips and I tugged hard on her hair, keeping her in place, revering in the gagging sound coming from her. When I let go, she pulled back gasping for air, spit trailing down from her lips.

There was nothing tame about the way she looked up at me. A lust-filled animal stared up at me from that bed. She nearly leaped up and attacked my mouth, pulling me down on top of her as she continued her assault on my mouth. Her legs wrapped around my waist as my hand unclipped her bra. I immediately started attacking her breasts with my mouth, filling her room with her moans once more. But she was not content, she wanted my lips back on hers. She pulled my head away from my current focus and kissed me deeply, before whispering,

“Do it. I’m ready.”

It took me a second to realise what she meant. She was going to let me take her virginity. I wanted to ask her if she was sure, that she shouldn’t feel pressured to do this, but her mouth was trailing down my neck and her hand was pumping my cock, rubbing the tip up and down her wet pussy. I could only manage a deep moan of pleasure, which made her bite down on my neck.

She was already positioning my cock. All I had to do was thrust forward, and I would be inside her. I lifted her head so her eyes would meet mine. 

“I need you to be sure about this. There has to be no doubt in your mind.”

“I’m sure. I want it to be you. Please.”

I let the smile spread over my face. I kissed her lips ever so gently, gripping onto her face tightly. 

“I love you, baby girl.”

“And I love you, my love.”

She took a deep breath and nodded. I kept my eyes on hers, made sure I was in position, and slid forward slowly.

She gasped as I finally entered her. I could manage no calming words to her like I had hoped to give. Her pussy clenched onto my cock like a vice, tighter than I had anticipated. I could only let out an animalistic growl of pleasure, making her clench even more.

I used every last piece of resistance I had left to keep the pace slow. Her body convulsed underneath me, letting moan after sensual moan drip from her lips onto the sheets. She started bucking her hips up to meet my thrusts, her nails dug deep into my back. She was covering me with deep red lines, on the verge of drawing blood, and I was loving every second. I grabbed one of her legs and pushed them up to her chest, spreading her wider, leaning down to kiss her. Her pussy had already started clenching onto me again and she was begging me to start digging. So I did.

I sped up my thrusts, trying to go as deep as possible with every single one. Her moans came louder and more frequently. I reached down and quickly flicked her clit until she was once again shaking in orgasmic pleasure. 

She pushed me down onto the bed and bent over, cleaning my cock of her juices, then came back up to share her juices with me. Her pussy will always be some of the sweetest I have ever tasted. It was erotic beyond compare to share it with her in such a passionate kiss.
The next moment, she was bent over in front of me, reaching back to spread her ass out. One finger reached between, slightly prodding her tight ass, all while winking back at me. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what she wanted. 

I had to go at the same slow pace on her ass as I did with her pussy, and it took more effort this time than I thought it would. Once again, she clenched onto me like a vice, but the very sight of her voluptuous body bent over before me, letting me take her ass or pussy as I pleased, and hearing her emanating those addicting moans because of it... there is only so much a man can handle.

I am unsure of how long we had been busy that night. Or the following morning. Or any other time we went to the hotel over the weekend. But, by far, the moment that would forever be in my mind, was just before we feel asleep that first night. She was in my arms, both of us still covered in sweat, both smiling. Her body fit so perfectly next to mine. She had been softly breathing onto my neck, about to drift off into sleep, when she uttered a quiet whisper.

“You’re going to be the death of me, my love.”

I have no idea whether she knows that she said it, but a sweet smile spread across her face as she said it, right before she drifted off into sleep. I instinctively knew it that she had meant what she said, even when it was conscious or not.

It would never leave my mind. Because I was thinking the exact same thing.

Submitted: July 13, 2017

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