Far Away Fantasy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

I just decided to go for it. What harm could it possibly do to tell just one little lie and fly halfway across the world without anyone knowing? But I had to. I had to find him and have him... Just once..

I remember being nervous when I first got off the plane. The gut wrenching feeling I always get when I try to be spontanious. It makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong. But now, the closer I get the more excited I feel. 

I'm going to see him.

Every single problem I've faced to make this trip happen seemed pale in comparison to the excitement that was flowing through my veins.My nervousness from an hour earlier was nowhere to be found.

I look out of the taxi window to the white winter wonderland of Colorado surrounding me. My mind dwindled to the beaches of Marina Beach and how I could be enjoying the sun, the sea, the surf.. Being where my parents thought I was. But instead I am more than 15000 kilometres away from the intended destination of my summer break. I took all my savings, bought the ticket, and just.. did it..

The taxi pulled up in front of the facility and I paid the driver. I lugged my luggage to the main entrance of the Aerospace building and the nerves started creeping in as I realised how insane I am being. At the front desk, I asked to see him. He was finished with his meeting in 10 minutes. I had to wait.

As I sat in a comfortable lounger and lazily paged through a magazine I wasn't particularly interested in, I doubted. What if he doesn't recognise me? What if I didn't recognise him? Highly unlikely, but anything could happen.. 


The meeting was running late. For some reason Connie decided that this meeting was the perfect place for a heated, fury sparked debate about our new policies that weren't even going to affect her at all. I was at the point of telling her to leave when the receptionist buzzed in, asking me to come down to the lobby. A visitor has been waiting for me for close to 20 minutes and looks a little agitated. I greatfully excused myself and was thankful for the tension-free air surrounding me as I stepped outside.

I walked down to the lobby, wondering whether I just couldn't remember having scheduled an appointment on a day like today. I just crave to get home and put my feet up, getting to spend the rest of the day in the company of my daughter and the entire night getting something special from my wife..

She briefly crosses my mind, side tracking me. I shake my head and go to try and get out of seeing my visitor.


I was wrong to think I wouldn't recognise him. As soon as he stepped down from the steps, my stomach twisted with nerves. I bit my lip to keep from gasping. He was just a few meters away from me..

He was much taller than I imagined. About 6'3. But it isn't his stature that makes me notice his presense. The air seems to move with him in a way I have never seen, never experienced before. It's captivating.

His eyes fall on mine briefly, and my heart does this silly flutter. He seems to linger a little, doing a quick calculation, before moving his eyes towards the other two visitors waiting for their persons of interest. He whispers to the receptionist and she points to me. 

Apon getting closer to him, I can see he is a man who laughs more than he worriating off heres. The small wrinkles at the corners of his eyes only distract me temporarily from the blues they enclose. He has the most stunning eyes I have ever had the privillage to look into. 

I wonder briefly if he is much better in acting than I anticipated. He stretches out his hand and I take it, realising I'm the one trembling while he stays calm, asking me to follow him back to his office. Turning and leading the way without another word.

He doesn't recognise me..

Each step behind him shatters a part of me and it leaves behind a little trail of heartache.


I can't put my finger on it. Something about this girl walking behind me looks familiar, but I have no idea why. I refrain from turning around to scrutinise any further. I only turn back to smile at her, holding open my door and following her inside.

Something about her makes me think she is fresh out of high school. Perhaps it's the nervousness radiating off of her. But her make up has been carefully applied to make her seem older, more mature. Closer to a early twenty-something than a child discovering why their body is changing.

Though it isn't only her cosmetics helping her seem older. I don't know a lot of 18 year olds with a body like that. Only one...

I shake my head to clear her out of my thoughts. 

"Something wrong?" 

Even her voice sounds the same.. I look up at the girl in front of me and my brain finally connects the dots. I can't stop the smile spreading over my face.


"Hi baby.."

I start laughing before I can stop it. I walk towards her and wrap my arms around her waist, pick her up and start spinning her around in circles. She squeals in my ear and joins in with my laughter, gripping onto my shouders with her arms around my neck. I place her down on the closest chair and pull closer one for myself, grabbing her hand in mine, giving it a squeeze.

"When you said you wanted to treat me, I wasn't imagining this. When did you get here?"

"Not that long ago, actually. I came here straight from the airport. I'm glad you're still at work and didn't decide to take off early."

"Was the flight okay? I hope you didn't have any trouble at the airport. How did you organise all of this? For how long are you staying in.."

Her laugh makes me realise I started babbling. I blush. She places her hand on my cheek and kisses my forehead. Her lips are as soft as I imagined. She lays her head on my shoulder and whispers in my ear,

"I'll answer all your questions afterwards, honey. Right now I need to know when I can have you all to myself."

I glance at her, then my watch.We have exactly 4 hours before my wife and daughter meet me at home. I glance at her again, and the excitement on her face makes me all but run down to my car, dragging her behind me.


The excitement is almost unbearable. Almost. I'm on my way to his house. With him. I'm finally going to have him in every sense of the physical word..

The receptionist gave me a dirty look as we left. She obviously figured out what we were on our way to do, judging by her dissaproving glare. But I don't let it bother me too much

I was so focused on the unfamiliar scenery that his hand on my leg caught me off guard. I lightly punched his arm, telling him not to scare me like that. But I don't push his hand away. Or stop it moving upwards, or when he started rubbing over my mound. I don't know if he already knows how wet I am, but he just kept teasing. I groaned with frustration and rubbed over his bulge, hoping to encourage him, but his teasing relentlessly continued until he pulled into his driveway. 

I wanted to run inside.


William unlocked the door, pushing it open, and stepped aside for Sasha. She smiled, entering his house. It was nothing like she imagined it. It was..normal. She always imagined his house in all the extremes possible but never considered it to be just a normal house. Very beautiful, but nothing over the top. She could live in a house like this.

A shiver runs down her spine as William moves her long brown hair away from her neck, placing a kiss as light as a feather. Her eyes fall closed as his hands familiarise themselves with her body. Her skin covers with goosebumps at the feel of his fingertips through the fabric. His presense enveloped her completely, and she knew she had nothing to fear. This journey was by far her biggest risk, and the reward she received was well worth it.

All of a sudden, William takes a step back. Sasha knows why. Both of them have a decision to make, one they secretly have shared during the car ride home. Is the lust burning like a fiery infurno between them, worth risiking William's marriage? It isn't as if it will be easy starting over with Sasha; he is more than twice her age.

And both of them know, if they follow through with this, they will be falling down an endless chasm. They jumped anyway.

Sasha's yelp of surprise was surpressed by William's lips as he picked her up off her feet, carrying her up to the bedroom. He gently lays her down on the bed, climbing on top of her, being careful not to put his full weight on her body. Sasha pulls him towards her, kissing him with desire, wrapping her arms around his neck.

A medley of soft moans and groans are audible. It is only when William sits upright between Sasha's legs, starting to slowly undo the buttons of her blouse, that he sees the fire in Sasha's eyes, instead of it being only heard and felt.

Her shirt leaves her body. She had specially worn the first lingerie that he ever saw her in, and the sudden throb against her thigh shows Sasha that he has noticed. Seductively slow, she runs a hand over the bare skin of the shoulder, down over the cleavage of her breasts, licking her lips.. Playing with his mind, teasing..

The growl that escaped his lips made Sasha shiver with lust.. In a moment he was pressing down on her, kissing her hungrily as he kneads her breasts in his hands.. Their moans cannot be distinguished.

"Oh Sasha.. They are even bigger than I imagined.."

"Even more for you to play with, my darling.."

As William startes getting distracted, Sasha flips them over and quickly discards of his shirt. She leaves a trail of slow,wet kisses down his torso, undoing his pants with her teeth. She slowly slides down his slacks to his ankles, then removes his underwear the same way. She removes all trace of clothing off his body, leaving him naked on the bed, throbbing with anticipation.

Seeing his mistress licking his cock must be one of the most seductive sights William has ever laid his eyes on. Her eyes were drilling into his soul, and her slow licks made him groan with frustration. He suddenly gasps as she forces his cock down her throat, her eyes still on his, her spit dripping down the shaft. He starts thrusting into her mouth,moaning in pleasure,before pulling out, watching her spit trailing between his tip and her mouth. He suddenly didn't have a lot of faith in his stamina..

Sasha got to her feet, taking off her bra,and threw it at William, and her pants soon followed. She was comtemplating whether or not leave the panty, and decided to leave that to William. She got down onto the bed, stretched out on her back, winking him closer, a soft whisper pulling him in:

"C'mon, baby.I'm all yours. Take me..Allow your mistress to make you feel like a king.."

Will slowly climbed over Sasha, spreading her legs, moved her panty to the side, leaned over, and slowly thrust into her. Sasha gasps, a wave of pleasure rolling down her spine. The moment took away any other stress she had put away in the back of her mind. She finally had her king inside of her.. And it felt like heaven.

William was trying his best to stay calm. He had dreamed of this moment for so long, and reality has overcome his wildest fantasies. He never imagined her being so tight, so wet around him. He meant to keep the pace slow, focusing on going deep, but seeing her convulsing in pleasure underneath him robbed him of all his intensions. He growls with lust, ripping her panties off of her, and starts digging.

The sudden change in rhythm causes Sasha to clench tighter. Her moans get louder, and she pulls him closer to her, scratching softly over the bare skin of his back. This makes Will dig deeper, which makes Sasha scratch harder. The cycle of lust and passion continues with increasing intensity, and it's not long until Sasha reaches her first climax, almost dragging Will along with her.

Her body is still shaking as Will kisses down her body. He carefully dips his tongue into the wetness, and his moan vibrates through her. She tastes just as good as he imagined she would. Will calmly cleans the remains of Sasha's orgasm, his tongue swirling around and around her clit, arousing her more than before. It doesn't take much more for Sasha to beg him to stop, she can't take the high amounts of pleasure, but Will relentlessly keeps going, smothering his face with her pussy, and finds himself cleaning her second orgasm from her folds within seconds.

Sasha pulls Will up, kissing him roughly, longing to taste herself on his tongue. She moans at the taste, then pushes him down onto his back. Slowly as she can, she crawls over him, straddling his hips backwards. She teases him, grinding against his cock, covering it with her juices. Will knows what's coming, he is sure of it.. Until she lowers her ass onto his cock.

Her ass was still a tight fit, but his cock was lubricated well enough to get the tip inside. Slowly but surely, Sasha works him in and out of her ass, stretching out enough to get him deeper and deeper. The deeper he goes, the faster she rides him. Will reaches out, spreading her asscheeks and spanks them, extracting a moan from Sasha. He keeps spanking her, moaning himself a she clenches around him. She starts bouncing on his cock, pushing him deeper and harder into her. His moans of pleasure and repeated spanking encourages her to push as far as she can go. 

She leans forward, slowly moving her hips back and forth. The new angle makes for an entirely new sensation that has them both moaning with immense pleasure.

In a sudden burst of passion, Will grabs hold of Sasha's hips, flips her over onto all fours, and starts ravaging her ass. Both of them are moaning hard, once again unable to distinguish. Sasha throws her head back, almost letting out a scream as Will reaches underneath her, rubbing her clit violently as his rough fucking ensues. 

"I want you to cum with me baby, I want you to have your third. Can you do that for me, baby? Can you cum with me?" William whispers into Sasha's ear, the low smooth tone in his voice in direct contrast with his wild thrusting. He starts moaning, biting into Sasha's shoulder, and he pushes two fingers into Sasha as he starts cumming, filling her ass. Sasha's body shudders as he still fingers her wildly, and screams as her third orgasm washes over her, her pussy squirting her pleasure over the sheets.


I'm careful not to collapse on top of Sasha at the end. I fall down next to her, still attempting to catch my breath, and loses it again as I feel her tongue cleaning me.

This girl is going to be the death of me...


I slowly crawl up the sheets, laying next to William after I cleaned him. I finally get a chance to try and get my breathing back to normal. I lay my head on his sweat-covered chest, tangling my legs with his, and smile as I feel his heartbeat, not completely steady yet, against my cheek.

This man is going to be the death of me...


"Happy birthday, William."


Submitted: July 13, 2016

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Outstanding! A sweet mystery and yet satisfaction guaranteed. Nicely done. We guys would all love to have someone as sexy and seductive as Sasha in our lives.

Wed, July 13th, 2016 12:52am


Wow! What a birthday present!!! My birthday is in just a few days!

Wed, July 13th, 2016 1:05am

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