Friendly Exploration

Friendly Exploration Friendly Exploration

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Two friends that explore.


Two friends that explore.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Friendly Exploration

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Two friends that explore.

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Submitted: March 23, 2014

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 23, 2014



Laura picked up Amber after school Monday. Amber dumped her bags in the
back and hopped in next to Laura. Planting a wet one on each cheek and
nose, the new lovers briefly sucked face. Laura nipped at Amber's nose,
barely missing, "I guess you had a good day?"

"A most excellent day. I got an `A' on my Math test and I didn't fall down
during practice."

"Fall down?"

"Well, it usually means that nobody scored on the starters during

"Well done. Not to change the subject, but what did your mom say about

"She said ok, but I have a midnight curfew. And she wants to talk to us

"Sounds like a plan."

"What are we going to see?"

"It's a surprise."

"Where are we going to eat?"

"A place I frequent a lot."


"I forget."

Sighing, "I guess I'll have to wait `til Friday." Laura just smiled.

Pulling up beside her house, Amber jumped out and came around to lean in
and kiss Laura, "`Nite, Love."

"`Nite. See ya tomorrow."

Amber spent the next three days trying to get Laura to tell her where they
were going Friday. Kissing, threats, bribes, etc., all had no
effect. Thursday, it was all Amber could do not to drag Laura into the
house, rip her clothes off, and make mad passionate love to her.

"I'll pick you up at 5:00, tomorrow. `Nite."

It was 5:00, on the dot, when Amber's mom answered a knock on the
door. "Good evening, Laura. Amber will be down in a minute."

"Good evening, Mrs. Laveque. We have a few minutes to spare."

Turning towards the stairs, "Amber! Get a move on, Laura's here."

"Be right there, Mom. Hey, Laura."

"Hey, Amb. Reservations are for 6."

"Almost ready." Amber hit the bottom of the stairs wearing the black suit
and gold turtleneck she wore to the State Soccer Tournament.

Twirling, both Laura and Jessica clapped and wolf-whistled, "Hot
stuff...babalicious...head turner!"

Amber blushed, "Thank you...thank you."

Laura walked up and cradled Amber's face in her hands. She kissed Amber's
forehead, both eyes, nose, and lips, "You are very beautiful. Ready to go?"

"Sure. Are you ready to give up the secret of where we're going?"

"Not yet." She went over to Jessica, whispered in her ear, and handed her a
piece of paper.

"That's fine, Laura." Turning to Amber, "Have fun tonight,
Darling. Remember you have a midnight curfew."

Frustrated, "Mom...Laura?!"

Laura cradled Amber's face again, "Trust me."

Amber sighed, "Ok. We probably need to go if we have 6:00 reservations."

"That's my girl. Smile." Amber looked up and smiled. A smile that lit up
the world, not just the room.

Amber picked up her purse in one hand, Laura's hand with the other, and
headed towards the car. She paused to hug and kiss her mom, "Thanks for
letting us go, Mom. `Nite."

"You're very welcome."

Laura opened the car door and handed Amber in. She got in the driver's side
and the two new lovers set off on their first adventure.

Laura headed towards the part of the city called Old Town. There were very
few modern buildings and owners tended to remodel rather than tear down and
replace. "I've never been in this part of town before."

"This is the place to be for good food."

"How did you find the place we're going to?"

"Mom and dad took me to Maggiano's one night when they were both home. I
come back because its one of the last things we did together before they
were deployed."

They pulled up beside a nondescript building with a simple sign in the
window. Laura opened the car door for Amber and they walked up to the front
door hand-in-hand.

An older woman stood with her back to a podium. Laura smiled and held out
her arms, "Buonasera, la Nonna. Come Stai?" (Good evening, Grandmother. How
are you?)

The woman whirled around and threw up her hands, "Signorina Browning! Sto
molto bene. Grazie. Il pranzo?" (Miss Browning! Very well. Thank
you. Dinner?) She came around to hug Laura and then hold her at arms length
as if inspecting her.

"Si, e un film sentimentale." (Yes, and a romantic film.)

"Ah, si, si," and beckoned them to follow. She seated them at a table for
two near the window and called over a waiter. He wasn't dressed in a
uniform, just a white shirt and black slacks. The strings on his two-pocket
apron wrapped around and tied in the front. A white towel was tucked in his

Laura whispered to Amber, "She's telling him that we are special guests and
to take very good care of us." Turning to the woman, "Signora Maggiano, ti
posso presentare Amber Laveque." (Mrs. Maggiano, may I present Amber

"Benvenuta a Maggiano's, Signorina Laveque. Piacere."

Laura turned to Amber, "She said, `Welcome to Maggiano's, Miss
Laveque. Nice to meet you.'"

Amber replied, "Thank you, Mrs. Maggiano." (Mille grazie, Senora
Maggiano.). Laura and Mrs. Maggiano continued to converse until the waiter
returned with two glasses of water.

Laura asked Amber, "Trust me?"


Laura turned to the waiter, "Vorrei degli gamberetti come antipasto. Vorrei
una salmone per secondo. Una crostata di fragola per desert e il the."
(Shrimp to start. Salmon for the main course. Strawberry tart for desert
and tea.)

Mrs. Maggiano turned with a cheery, "Buon appetito!" (Enjoy the meal.)

Laura and Amber held hands across the table and chatted while they waited
for the appetizer. Exam results, the latest word from her parents...

"Did you tell them about the baby?"

"Yes. They weren't happy about it, but they understand why I want to keep
the baby. They're going to make sure the hospitalization paperwork is in
place and apply for leave for when the baby is due. I gave them Dr. Short's
and Sarah's Mom's phone numbers."

The waiter set a platter of shrimp and two glasses of tea on the table
between them. "How are they otherwise?"

"Mom is relatively safe because the Predator is remotely operated and she's
well behind the lines. Dad's had a few bad patrols but he's stationed south
of Baghdad and out of the worst of it." Amber and Laura took turns feeding
each other the shrimp and occasionally leaning across the table to kiss.

"Have you talked to the father?"

"He's not happy either, but he wants to remain involved. I told him I would
get back to him. I want to get a referral from Sarah's dad and get some
help working out a custody and support arrangement. What do you think your
mom wants to talk about?"

"About us. She probably wants to be sure I'm not in over my head."

The waiter brought their salmon out, "Buon appetito!"

Laura reached out and grasped both of Amber's hands, "I promise you that
nothing will happen that you are uncomfortable with. And I will say the
same thing to your mom. You set the pace."

Amber squeezed Laura's hands, "I promise to be as honest with you as I

They dug into the salmon and fettuccine alfredo. Amber was amazed how good
it was. "Are you ready to tell me what movie we're going to see?"

"Not yet. The theatre is just around the corner and we have time." The
waiter kept their water and tea glasses filled and took away dishes as they
were emptied. He wasn't obtrusive; he just made sure they were well taken
care of. Amber and Laura continued to kiss across the table, sometimes the
back of the hand, sometimes the lips.

Amber harrumphed and changed the subject, "So, how did you learn Italian?"

"Mom and dad were stationed near Rome for awhile and I learned the basics
there. When I started coming to Maggiano's regularly, the Senora kind of
adopted me. She could tell when I was up and when I'd had a bad day. She
started teaching me about the various foods as a way of distracting me. I'm
not fluent, but I can make myself understood in most cases."

"If I teach you French, will you teach me Italian?"

"Sure, no problem." The waiter brought their strawberry tarts out. Each had
a scoop of French Vanilla ice cream beside it.

A few minutes later, when the tarts were finished, Laura called the waiter
over, "Molto bene. Posso avere il conto, per favore?" (Very good. Could I
have the bill, please?) The waiter beamed and indicated that the bill had
already been paid. He picked up the rest of the dishes.

"What did he say?"

"That the bill and the gratuity had been taken care of. Its Senora
Maggiano's way of saying, she approves of you. Ready to go?"

"Yes. How do you say `good night'?"


On the way out, Amber and Laura passed by the podium where Senora Maggiano
was looking at the reservation book. Amber got her attention by resting her
hand on the podium, "Buonanotte, Senora Maggiano. Mille grazie." (Good
night, Mrs. Maggiano. Thank you.)

Senora Maggiano smiled, "Buonanotte, Senorina Laveque. Stai attento." (Good
night, Miss Laveque. Take care.)

Rather than head for the car, Laura tucked Amber's hand under her arm and
started down the sidewalk. Amber was confused, "Aren't we taking the car?"

"Don't need to. Like I said, the theatre is just around the corner and
Senora Maggiano said they would watch the car for us. Are you ready for the
next part of our adventure?"

"You bet. May I buy the popcorn? Mom didn't know if we were going Dutch, so
she made sure I had some money with me just in case."

Laura drew Amber's chin up and kissed her. "If it would please you to buy
the popcorn, then it pleases me. Since I asked you out, generally I pay,
but we are a partnership after all."

When the two lovers rounded the corner, they saw one of the few remaining
single-screen theatres in the city. The marquee advertised the film that
was showing. Amber pulled her hand free and clapped, "Wimbledon! I've
wanted to see it. Thanks, Laura."

"I know. Your mom told me. I like Reese Witherspoon, so I wanted to see it

Laura bought the tickets. Amber bought the popcorn and sodas. They found
seats in the balcony and looked over the concert schedule they picked up in
the lobby. When the lights came down and the previews started, Laura took
Amber's hand in hers and rested them on Amber's leg.

They would lean over and whisper about something during the movie or kiss
gently. Occasionally, Laura would run her fingernails up and down the
inside of Amber's leg. They laughed, cried, ooooh'd, aaaah'd, and clapped
throughout the movie. When it was over, Amber and Laura stood up and
stretched hugely. They visited the `Little Queen's Room' on the way out and
headed for the car.

Chatting about various scenes, Laura handed Amber into the car and they
started for home. They talked about `Wimbledon' and other movies they'd
seen recently. Time flew by. It seemed only a minute before they pulled up
beside Amber's house. Laura kissed Amber, briefly swapping tongues, "Did
you have a good time, AngelFace?"

"Oh my God, yes. What a way to celebrate the end of finals! Thank you for
inviting me." Amber kissed Laura, trying to suck her tonsils out in the

"You're very welcome, Love. Tell your mom I'll be by about 10 tomorrow."

"Ok." As Amber came around the car, she leaned in to give Laura a peck on
the cheek, and ran inside. Laura started the car and started for home.

Amber found her mom in the living room. She was sitting on the couch in her
robe, reading. Amber launched herself into Jessica's lap, hugging and
kissing her, "Oh, Mom. What a great night!"

Jessica smiled, "I take it you had a good time?"

Emphatically, "Yes!"

"Where did you go?"

Amber gave Jessica a `You know precisely where we went' look, "Maggiano's
in Old Town. Laura knows the owner. She even ordered in Italian."

Jessica ignored the look, "What did you have?"

"Shrimp for an appetizer. Salmon and pasta for the entrée and strawberry
tart with ice cream for desert. We took turns feeding each other the
shrimp. The salmon was extraordinary."

"What movie did you see?" Amber gave her that look again and Jessica
ignored it again.


"That's good. I know you wanted to see it. How was it?"

"Excellent. They actually looked like they knew how to play tennis."

Jessica kissed Amber on the nose, "I'm glad you had a good time. What time
is Laura coming over tomorrow?"

"She said she'd be here about 10."

"That's fine. Why don't you run up to bed and I'll come up and tuck you

Amber kissed Jessica again and jumped up, " `Nite, Mom."

Amber must have been more tired than she thought. When Jessica checked on
Amber, she was already asleep. Jessica pulled up her covers and kissed her
on the cheek.

Laura knocked on Amber's door at 10. Amber answered, "Morning,
Beautiful. Had Breakfast yet?"

"Morning, AngelFace. Sure did."

"Come on in. Coffee, soda?"

"Diet Coke?"

"No problem. Mom is in the living room."

Jessica stood and hugged Laura, kissing her on the cheek, "Morning,
Darling. Did you have a good time last night?"

"Yes, ma'am. The company was excellent. The food and the movie were
outstanding too."

Amber came in, put the Diet Coke down next to Laura, and sat down, taking
her hand. Jessica continued, "Do you know why I asked you to come over

"Amber and I talked about it a little last night. Our conclusion was that
you wanted to talk about us."

"You are right. Please pardon me if I'm blunt, but I have some concerns."

"I understand and I probably know your primary concern. I am several years
older and more experienced than Amber. Amber is younger, has no experience
with boys, and only some adolescent experimentation with girls. You want to
be sure I'm not taking advantage of her." Amber squirmed a little as Laura
and her mom talked about her as if she wasn't there.

"And how do you address that concern?"

"Amber and I may be another example, like Sarah and Allison, of `love at
first sight'. I have felt a connection to her since we first met. I
promised her last night that we would not do anything she felt
uncomfortable with. She would set the pace. I know this is a journey of
discovery for both of us and I'm in no hurry." Laura kissed the back of
Amber's hand.

Amber spoke up, "That was what she promised me last night, Mom. We've
kissed, but nothing else. We've only been on one date and with someone the
other times. I feel something with Laura that I want to explore."

"You're aware of what some of society thinks of gays and lesbians. Laura,
you saw first hand what happened to Sarah and Allison when they got
together. Amber, Sarah and Allison told you about some of the things their
peers said about them."

"Yes, I remember Sarah telling me about the time someone said something
that was so vile that she was speechless for many hours."

"How would you feel if someone did that to you?"

"I don't know. Hopefully someone would help me find Allison or call you."

"If it happens more than once..."

"Mom, I survived dad. I can survive that."

"The pregnancy is an additional complication. Progress has been made, but
some people still don't like lesbians raising children."

Laura answered this one, "If the father is involved and there are other
males around, it's just like I'm a single mom with a good friend."

"If you're going to co-parent, you need to sit down, possibly with Sarah's
mom, and discuss what's involved."

"We can do that."

"You realize that your father won't like it."

"We'll deal with Father when the time comes."

"Another thing you need to talk about is what you're going to do when Laura
graduates. How are you going to handle it if she goes away to school and
you still have two years of high school to go?"

Exasperated, Amber spoke up, "Mom, I understand what you're saying, that
the odds are against us. My eyes are open and we will take it one-step at a
time. Sarah and Allison have been successful. I think we can be too."

"Ok. I guess the only question I have left is `Are you lesbian or

Amber frowned, "I don't know, Mom. Lesbian means I have no interest in
boys. Bi-sexual means I have an interest in boys. I can't say either
way. I'll never be able to say if I don't take a step in one direction or
the other."

Jessica smiled, "You have my support. It would make me feel better, though,
if you would use this house as your home base for awhile. We can use the
clothing-optional rules that Sarah's house uses. Laura can sleep over
whenever you want. We'll work the rest out as we go."

Amber got up and kissed Jessica, "Thanks, Mom."

Laura stood beside Amber, "Thanks, Mrs. Laveque."

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