Insubordination Insubordination

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


You broke the rules


You broke the rules


Submitted: September 03, 2016

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Submitted: September 03, 2016





As you walk into the house, you notice the dim lights, the trail of lights on the floor leading its way from the front door to the stairs and leading its way up stairs. 

Your curiosity is mounting, wondering what this is all about and confused as to where the lights could be leading.

You drop your bags, take of your shoes, and slowly read the note placed at the start of the light trail. 

“Babe, follow the lights and follow the instructions. Play this game right and I will fuck you like a dirty bitch when you get to the end”

Your curiosity grows and your anticipation increases. You feel a slight tingling between your legs as the excitement grows from reading my note.

You follow the lights to up the stairs and the lead you to the landing, where you see another note ready for you to read

“Go to the spare room, read the note before proceeding”

You open the spare room door, with a feeling of unknown, wetness growing between your legs

Another note is on the bed and a box shape covered in a blanket sitting closer to the headboard

The note says the following

“There is a bottle of champagne on the bedside table and a glass. Open the champagne, drink the first glass, poor yourself another. Now pull the blanket from the bed and read the next note”

You gently pull the blanket covering the box, another note is stuck to the outside of the box. 

As you reach for the note, you realise that you hand has pulled up your dress and you are rubbing yourself thinking of what’s inside and what’s about to occur. Your excitement levels increasing.

You can feel your wetness soaking your knickers, you rub yourself a little more whilst reading the note provided.

“Get naked, unpack the box, before you put anything on, lay on the bed and play with yourself, imagine what I am going to do to you wearing these items and playing with you with the toys. Bring yourself close to an orgasm. DO NOT CUM – THAT WILL BE MY JOB – IF YOU CUM, YOU HAVE TO TELL ME, YOU WILL BE PUNISHED”

You undress, lay on the bed and after a few moments of rubbing your erect clit you insert two fingers inside you, you are close to your first orgasm of the night. You try and obey the instructions to the letter, knowing I will make you pay for the insubordination latter if you decide to let yourself go.

You try to stop and calm yourself down, but with all the excitement and imagination of what I have installed for you for the night, you forget the orders and let your body shake and your cunt clamping in pulsating rhythm against your fingers. 

You finish, breathing hard, composing yourself, feeling a little bit of guilt for cumming, but enjoying the thought of being punished for disobeying the orders given to you. 

You regain your senses, remember that the box is still lying next to you, closed ready for you to open. 

You roll over to your side, legs still shaking a little, and feeling your wetness between your legs as you do. 

Your hands reach for the box, and rapidly open the box, your mind filled with thoughts of my hard cock, thrusting hard into you, when the moment comes.

You look into the box, pulling out the items one by one. 

First is a pair of fishnet stockings, you strip naked, and slid this over your skin, feeling them pull your skin at your thighs, causing you to shake a little.

The suspender belt is pulled on next and the clamps connected to stockings, you look through and realise I have purposely left out any knickers, as you know that once next to me you will not be needing these. 

You also find in the box, a set of shackles that grip you around the neck a long piece of material that runs down your back and shackles to hold your wrists, and a clamp on the back material to hold your hands behind you. 

You see under these a pair of high stilettos which you slip on before tying the shackle around your neck and clamping your wrist in, with a little time and work you figure out how to do this. 

You turn around and see a note on the back of the door say come to the main bedroom, knock on the door and I will allow you to come in. 

You walk to the door, open it and walk through the landing coming to our room, door closed you knock, waiting a little until I am ready to open the doors open the door. 

I open the doors, dressed in a full black suit, crisp white shirt and a black tie, I have in one hand a full glass of champagne and in my other hand, I have a horse style whip with a flat leather pad at the end. 

Your eyes dart from one hand to the other, not sure on what you want next, the room softly lit, with candles cast shadows on the floor of the protruding objects in my hand.

My hand with the whip raises. The end of the whip touches your skin, just above the knee. 

The leather feels cold to the touch, as it slides up between your legs. 

The leather whips stops between your thighs, a slap on one then one the other and I order you to open your legs, 

The leather tip, brushes between your moist lips, touching your clit, a gentle slap on your clit with the whip, causes a soft moan to part your mouth. 

I reach up and you realise that a leash is being connected to the shackle around your neck. 

I connect this and order you to follow me. 

I pull at your neck, thoughts going through your mind on what I have installed for you. 

I lead you into the room, to an empty wall, turning you around, pushing you up against the wall, you feel the cold wall against the side of your face.

I push up against the wall, whispering in your ear, “Did you obey my orders”

You shake your head, letting out a soft no. 

“Well then you will be pushed tonight” I state. 

With your face still pressed against the wall, I pull your legs back, lean down so my face is parallel to that amazing arse. 

I pour a little bit of the cold champagne down from your back letting it dribble in between your arse cheeks, my face buried deep licking the champagne from your arse. 

You push back wanting me to taste the champagne and you more. 

I tell you “hold still, don’t move”

The whip hits your arse, causing pain and leaving a mark. This causes you to push back more and let out a moan and saying o fuck. I love that. 

I order you “be quiet” telling you, “you have been a dirty bitch for letting yourself go and not waiting, that was my job”

I lick up from your arse, up your back, pouring more champagne for me to taste from your body, the mixture of sweat and champagne leaving an intoxicating taste in my mouth.

I reach your neck, biting the soft skin, nibbling at your ear. 

The combination of this and my hot breath on you is causing your skin to stand on end, goose pimples multiplying in stages on your arms. 

You can feel my excitement pushing against your arse, grinding between your arse cheeks, my hands grabbing your hips pulling them into me as I grind forward into you.

The feel of cloth and hardness pushing against you as you are pushed against the wall, not being able to move, is driving you crazy. 

I know you want my cock in you, but I have other plans first, more time to tease, more time to get you worked up to the point that touching you is causing your nerve ending to fire, your cunt being so wet, my hard cock can slide all the way into you with one single thrust.

I turn you around, your back forced against the wall. 

I place my hands on your shoulders and push you down to your knees. 

I let my hands go, undoing my belt, unzipping my trousers. 

You realise I am not wearing any underwear as my cock is freed form it restraints and stands fully erect in your face. 

You can see the tip off my cock wet with the excitement of pre-cum

“Lick the end bitch, you didn’t obey my instructions”

You start to lick the end, tasting the pre-cum, I pull my cock away, and then slide my cock over your lips, pushing my cock into your mouth, only the head, your head pushed back against the wall unable to move, my hands either side of yourhead holding it still. 

My cock pushes back and forth into your mouth getting deeper with each stroke, causing you to gag, letting you breath and then pushing my cock back in. 

I push my cock back into your mouth, fucking your throat hard and fast causing.

Your cunt, feeling wet, wanting again for my cock to be inside you.

You beg, “Please fuck me baby, fuck me hard”

I pull you up from the floor, lead you to the bed, throw you face down, pulling your legs up so your arse is in the air. 

My head drives between your legs, my tongue darts deep between your lips. 

I can feel your juices on my beard and all over my face, making my cock feel harder than it was when it was down your throat.

My thumb reaches up, rubbing your clit, as my tongue moves to your arse, pushing my tongue in to taste you more. 

You’re so wet, two of my fingers slid into your cunt with ease, pushing past you opening and curling inside pushing against you g spot. 

My tongue move from your arse, pushing hard against your clit, my head is rest on the bed, I pull you down so your clit is hard against me, I place a third finger and a forth, working my way into you. 

You’re rocking against me, desperately trying to push my hand further inside of you. 

With an extra push my hand is pushed inside of you, forming a fist, thrusting inside of you, whilst you force your clit harder against my face, my mouth sucking on your clit whilst my tongue rubs up and down, bringing your closer and closer to another orgasm

You let out a load moan, again telling me you fucking love it, your legs shaking, you yelling fuck as you start to cum, making my face wetter. 

I return to a seated position, remove my clothes, 

Your arse still in the air, I remind you of your disobediencebefore. “You should have obeyed my instructions”

You feel the sharp pain of the whip, harder than before, causing you more pain and pleasure.

You feel my hard cock, rubbing against you lips, and with a single thrust is deep inside you.

You let out a loud moan as my cock, is driving deep and fast into your wet cunt, the sting of the whip biting against your arse one more time. 

You feel a thumb pushed against your arse, as my cock slows down its repetitive movement.

You push back wanting you arse to be penetrated, feeling the sensation of it stretching against my thumb, anticipating the pleasure of a finger in your arse and my cock in your cunt. 

I tell, you “do you like that, you dirty bitch, do you like my thumb in your arse, whilst I fuck you”

You reply “fuck yes, I fucking love that, in-between the moans as my cock is driving into you, and my thumb thrusting in and out of your arse.

I remind you once more that you should have obeyed orders “You shouldn’t of made yourself come baby, you should of waited” with that the whip hits your arse again, causing you to whimper and moan at the same time.

I take my thumb out from your arse and replace it with a finger, it feels cold as it slide into your arse, my cock never missing a stroke as it thrust deep inside you. 

You feel a cold liquid being poured onto your arse, as another finger slips in, stretching your arse, causing a different type of sensation, a mixture of pleasure, pain and fear. 

My cock thrusting inside your hard and fast whilst you push back, my fingers going deeper and deeper into your arse. The whip cracking down on you exposed skin, turning the arse red in the process. 

My cock, is pulled out from you, fear growing inside your head, my cock is thrusted back deep inside you, my fingers still assaulting your arse

I do this five more times, fear subsiding from your thoughts, the thought that my cock will be replacing my fingers inside your arse. 

I pull my cock out once more, taking out my fingers, my cock is soaking wet from the juices of you. 

My cock rubs against your arse, my voice rips the through the thoughts of pleasure running through your head, “you shouldn’t of been so dirty in that other room at let me make you cum”

You feel the head of my cock, pressed against your arse, slightly pushing against you, you feel my hands grab your hips pulling you back towards me, as your arse stretches around my cock. 

Slowly my cock enters you, you feel me stop, waiting for your arse to accommodate me, your fear subsides and you feel even more of the cold liquid being poured on your arse and on my cock.

My hard cock, pushes slightly more into you, as you feel the cold leather strike against your cheeks again, feeling more pain and pleasure. 

You move your arse back into me, slightly pushing my cock deeper inside you, 

My hand moves to you clit, starting to slightly rub, causing you to moan. Pain and pleasure sensors racing through your body. 

My cock moves back and forth, whilst my fingers rub against your clit, bringing you closer to another orgasm. 

I can feel your orgasm growing and you let out a moan and “tell me that you are about to cum. 

Your body starts to shake and as you cum, my body loses control, and I cum deep inside you. 

We fall to thee bed our bodies spend, I untie you, turn you around, throw my arms around you, and passionately kiss you whilst holding you, 

I ask you did you like being fucked like a dirty bitch, you respond in a soft yes and we drift off to sleep holding each other in a lovers embrace  





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