Frustration Frustration

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica



A day of frustration



A day of frustration


Submitted: August 31, 2016

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Submitted: August 31, 2016





You are woken up from your sleep in the morning with a feeling similar and nice between your legs.

Not completely sure of what is going on, you open your eyes, look down and see my head between your legs, my tongue very softly licking your lips and clit.


You can feel your cunt getting wetter as I can feel you getting more awake.


My tongue thrust inside you, tasting your wetness as it increases, your eyes wide open now fully awake and your senses on fire, wanting more but loving my tongue work its way deeper and deeper inside of you.


My tongue pulls out, sliding between your moist lips, slightly touching your clit, you can feel breathe on your clit, my tongue very softly licking up and down your clit, my hand grabbing your inner thighs, pulling at the skin, hard enough you think that could bruise but not sure.


My tongue moves to the left side of your clit tickling the soft skin, moving slowly down your leg toward your knee, gentle bits and licks on your soft skin, my left hand fingers rubbing your clit as I slowly move down your leg, my tongue licking behind your knee.


A sharpish pain races through your senses, as I bit with a little force causing your body to shake a little in delight.


I work my way back up your legs, my fingers still playing with your clit, your breathing getting faster and faster, youre anticipating my tongue licking your clit, my tongue diving back into your wet cunt.

To your disappointment my mouth and tongue passes past your clit, not even a small flick of my tongue, licking back up the right leg to replicate what I did on the left.


I sense your disappointment, and a smirk strikes across my face, my evil plan of winding you up for the day has started, you are going to hate and love me for what I am going to do to you.

I return to your clit, sucking and gentle biting, whilst two fingers enter your moist lips, just touching the insides of you, bring frustration and pleasure, moans parting your lips and filling the ear with the sweet sounds of your pleasure.


I drive my fingers deep inside of you, my tongue darting across your clit.


The wetness of you has my fingers moist, sliding back and forth driving deeper and deeper inside of you, my tongue pressed hard against your clit, licking a little faster bring you closer and closer to an orgasm.


I can feel you tighten up ready to explode all over my fingers and face and with that I suddenly stop, get out of bed and go downstairs to make coffee.


The day of frustration has begun. I return with coffee, we turn the TV on to some mind numbing shit, whilst sipping the hot coffee, waking up a little more.


You can still feel the wetness between your legs, the frustration of not cumming, the sensation of not being satisfied running through your mind and body.


We sip the coffee, your frustration making you a little angry, knowing that this day is going to be, bringing you to the point of cumin and stopping, knowing what my evil little plan is. Waiting and waiting, until I know you cant take anymore, knowing that when you cum, your legs will be shaking for hours, your body will release the tension and frustration of the day.


We place the empty coffee cups onto our bedside table, watching the shit tv programme unfold before our eyes.

You lay there, quite, frustrated as my hand moves up your right leg, gentle passing past your clit , making you jolt, my hand moves up your stomach, brushing past your nipple, moving to the next nipple.


I grab the nipple between my two finger, pulling your nipple and giving it a squeeze causing your head to roll back and that smile to form across your face.


I move my face to yours, you can smell the mixture of coffee and your own juices on my breath and beard, I kiss you, my mouth pressing hard against yours, my tongue probing your mouth, touching your tongue.


I keep kissing you, as my hand move down to your wet cunt, two fingers slide in, pushing deep inside, curling up to apply pressure to your g spot, pulling and stroking gently at first, making your hips rock up and down. Heavy breathing leaving your lips.


I turn you on your side, your left leg raised up, my head moving down to your cunt, and my tongue licking your moist lips, slightly entering your, slightly teasing you,


I spin around so you can have my cock inside your warm mouth.


With you heading moving back and forth taking more and more of my cock in your mouth, I bite gently onto your clit, my two finger replacing my tongue inside of you.


I start sucking on your clit, my tongue flicking over your clit, whilst you work fast and faster on my hard cock that is deep in your mouth.


A third finger presses slightly on your arse, stretching it a little as its pushed inside, my tongue never stopping.


With two fingers deep inside of your wet cunt, and one finger inside your tight arse, moving in unison back and forth, the speed increasing as the pressure from my tongue pushing against your clit, you release my cock from your mouth so you can let out the word fuck baby I fucking love that as you do, I suddenly stop get up of the bed, smile at you, whilst you call me a wanker for stopping before you could cum. I say need a shower baby, and me and my smile walk away.

I walk into the shower having a quiet little laugh to myself, thinking fuck I cant wait to make her cum, for myself to cum.


You are lying on the bed, knowing even more that today is going to be full of this full of frustration.

You hear the shower running, you can hear the water splashing around and think right two can play at this game, he wants to tease then game on.


My shower is wrapping up, I am so horny my hard cock has been played with, whilst thinking about fucking you, my hand has moved up and down my hard shaft a few times, I want to make sure my cock is hard and ready for you when II get out.


You are on the bed, coming up with a plan on how to get me back, you go to the draw, pull out the small purple vibrator and small but plug, this will work, and this will get him going you think.

You bend over shoulders touching the fabric of the bed, with one hand you have the vibrator on your clit, moving it up and down, the other hand slowly pushes the plug inside your arse, due to the size and the lube this doesnt hurt, actually feel good.


I walk out of the shower, see the sight in front of me, my hard cock feeling like its going to burst at what I have stumbled in on.


You tell me want to replace this plug with something I just nod and move to the bed, I take the plug out, leaving you still playing with your clit.

My tongue starts licking your arse again, two fingers slide in again, deep inside your wet cunt, moving back and forth, banging deep and hard into your G Spot


I slip an extra finger inside of you, thrusting back and forth, then a forth, my tongue continuing to lick your arse.


Five fingers are pushed inside of you as I am working my way in, you are increasing the speed of the vibrator on your clit,


My knuckles past your lips, thrusting deeper and deeper, slight turns of my hand to give myself more leverage to get inside of you.


Your moans filling the room as I finally push my hand deep inside of you, filling your wet cunt completely.


My hand thrusting inside of you whilst the vibrator is working on your clit is bringing you closer and closer to an orgasm, you forget that you were supposed to be teasing me, I have not.


I feel you coming close to an orgasm, I slow down, you say dont stop but I have other ideas,

I remove my hand, remove the vibrator from your clit, I hear you say softly arsehole I laugh and say maybe thats true but you are still loving this.


I keep you on all fours, your face pressed against the duvet, my cock brushing past your clit, moving between your lips.


I can feel your wetness, my cock slips in, driving deep inside of you in one single thrust.

I pull back slowly, the tip of my cock, just resting on your lips, I look down seeing your juices glistening against my skin  


I thrust forward driving my cock deep inside of you one more time, forcing your head into the bed, again I pull back slowly.


I start to increase my speed, my hard cock driving into you, my hand moves down your back, wrapping around your throat.


I apply pressure, my thrusting increasing in speed, increasing in pressure, slamming into you hard that my balls are banging on your erect clit.


You are pinned to the bed, my cock thrusting back and forth, my hand increasing pressure around your throat, causing you to find it a little hard to breathe.


I can feel my own orgasm building, you can feel my cock grow a little in girth, I slow my speed, pull my cock out, release my hand.


My cock pulls out of your wet cunt, I slide my cock up your arse cheeks, slightly pausing at your arsehole.


I push slightly, not entering, you remember the comment Want to replace this plug with something


I push slightly, not entering, then you feel my cock slide back down your arse, moving closer to your moist lips.


My cock enters your cunt again, sliding slowly inside of you, I push my cock deep inside and pull out again, deep inside then back out.


This time, my cock pulls out completely, I slide back down the bed, my face pressed hard against your wet cunt.


My tongue explores your wetness, tasting your juice.


I stop suddenly, roll to the bed and start to watch the TV again, I whisper, not yet baby, not yet

I hear your say under your breath, fucking Dick, this is not fun I laugh saying yes it is, this will be worth it, trust me


You lay down next to me, I get up and move outside the bedroom you shout out at me where are you going I reply, You will see


I return a few moments later, with a chilled bottle of champagne and two glasses, you say well thats ok, but I would rather you give me an orgasm you bastard making me laugh, In time baby, in time


I pour out the champagne in the two glasses, pass you one and take the other, we lay down back on the bed you on your back, me lying next to you on my side to your right.


Sipping champagne and watching the TV.


I lean over and pour a little bit of champagne on your nipple and my mouth and tongue move to clean it up, sucking on your breast and biting your nipple, the thought running through your mind, Fucking hell, here it goes again, he better make me cum this time.


I pour some more on your stomach, my mouth sucking on the liquid and your soft skin, biting a little as I do.


The bubbles tingling on your skin, I move the bottle down to your legs, lifting your right leg up,

The coolness of the bottle touches your inner thigh, sending shivers down your spine, I trace the bottle up to your knee, letting a small amount of champagne pour out, my mouth follows the dribble, and catches the last remains on the inside crotch area, licking as my free hand grasps your other thigh.


I lick my way back up to the bottle, taking a mouthful, my head goes to your clit, opens slightly, sucking on your clit, you feeling a mixture of warmth from my mouth, coolness of the champagne and bubbles swirling around your clit.


I open my mouth slightly, letting the fluid drip down between your lips, the cool sensation making you gasp a little.


I push your legs apart, bottle in one hand, pouring champagne over your clit and wet cunt, whilst my tongue is deep inside of you, tasting your juices mixed with champagne.


My tongue, thrusting deep inside of you, whilst the champagne runs past you clit, down your lips and falling between your arse cheeks, the feeling of bubbles and my tongue making you squirm a little.

I raise up, put the bottle down on the side table, my tongue, open the draw, pull a dark cloth material out, and place this around your eyes, ties around the back of your head.


You feel me moving around the bed, not knowing what to expect, but excited that you know I only want to please you, tease you, hoping also that I will let you cum this time.


My mouth starts licking your clit again, my fingers pushing inside your wet cunt, slowly pushing further and further forward, pushing and pulling on your clit.

My tongue, pulls away from your clit, you feel, a very slight coolness on your clit, the cold material, runs up your left leg and slowly runs back down, it brushes ever so softly over your clit, my fingers still thrusting back and forth inside of you.


My tongue returns to your clit, licking and sucking, with some little added bites.


My mouth pulls away from your clit, and you feel a cold material slightly rub down your clit, sending shivers through your spin, it stops and my tongue and mouth returns, feeling warmer than before.

I repeat this, two more times, shivers and heat racing through your body.


You can hear that I have switched the cold material to a vibrating mode, and it returns to your clit, the coldness making you shake, but enjoying the vibrating sensation as well.


The coldness from your clit stops, my tongue returning to your slit, softly touching this time, slowly increasing the pressure, whilst the vibrating coldness, parts your wet lips, slowly pushing inside, spreading your lips apart, the vibrating sensation mixed with the coldness, forming confused thoughts inside your head.


I push the vibrator deep inside of you, my mouth around your clit, sucking whilst my tongue flick fast over you erect clit.


The vibrator thrusting deep inside of you, pulling all the way out, then thrust back inside of you.

Your hips rocking back and forth, and then as you know I would, I stop.


Sit up, give you a glass of champagne and lay next to you, sipping from my glass and watching the TV. Again I hear you cursing my name whilst I laugh a little.


You finish your glass of champagne I take the glass off you, lean in and kiss you hard, remove the blindfold, I lean over to my side of the bed, grab the bottle of champagne and glass and pour you another one, letting your body subside in a mixture of pleasure, annoyance and frustration from yet again not cumin, me not letting you cum, bringing you to the point and stopping.


You have a combination of desire and frustration running through your veins.


I get up of the bed, walk out of the room, you can hear me start to run you a bath, I come back in the room, lay on the bed, roll you on your side, my legs intertwine with yours, my hand resting on your breast, my fingers playing with your still erect nipple, my hard cock rubbing between your arse checks, slightly sliding on your arsehole.


My mouth kissing your neck, biting your earlobes, you struggling a little but cant move due to my arm and legs holding you down.


We lay like this for around five minutes, joking, me kissing you, my hips thrusting against you whilst you push that great sexy arse back against me.


I pull away from you, help you up from the bed and lead you to the bathroom.


The bath is full, I switch of the taps, you jump in, I pour us another glass of champagne, the candle burning filling the room with flickers of light, music playing from my phone, I lay behind you and we both sink into the bath soaking our muscle.


We joke and laugh, the air filling with sexual tension as we both know we are so desperate to climax, but knowing when we do, it will make both of our legs shake, anticipation clouding our minds.


I pick up a bottle of baby oil, pour a generous amount on your shoulders, the oil running down your back and drippling down the front.

My hands start to rub, your shoulders, my hand rolling over the front, sliding down the front of your chest, rubbing your breast my fingers sliding across your nipples, slowly making them hard again.

My hands return to your shoulders, rubbing the side of them, hand rolling over the top, rubbing up either sides of your neck, fingers pulling the skin as my hands run down the middle of your shoulders blades.


My hands continue to massage your back and periodically rubbing your tits and nipples, whilst you enjoy your champagne.


I get out of the bath, leaving you to soak and enjoy the rest of your champagne. I go downstairs, cooking scrambled eggs and salmon.


You come downstairs, feeling relaxed if not a little horny.


We eat then I lead you to thee sofa, I sit you down, start kissing you again, my hands exploring your body underneath you robe.


My hands running down your thighs, my nails pulling at the skin, my hand gripping your inner thighs


My mouth kissing yours, exploring your mouth, our tongues touching, our lips parting.


My fingers reach for your clit, slightly rubbing just small slight touches causing your body to shake.

My mouth kissing and biting your neck, moving down your body, to kiss and bite your erect nipples, my fingers moving inside your wet cunt, then moving back up to your clit, always repeating the same motion.


Your breathing get harder and harder


My fingers thrust deep inside you, forcing your back to arch, a moan leaving your lips.


I kneel down in front of you, my tongue flicking over your clit, I pull out my clone penis, sliding it between your wet lips, taking my mouth away from your clit, letting it rub up and down, from your clit to your lips, parting them slightly as it vibrates.


My tongue returns to your clit, whilst I am licking sucking and biting, my clone thrusts is way deep inside you, pulling back so the tip is just exposed and thrusting deep inside again, the pace growing fast and fast, the vibrations running through your wet cunt.


I rise up moving my tongue up your body, stopping to bite each of your erect nipples, moving up to you face, kissing you hard.


My left hand gripping your hair pulling your head back, kissing you harder whilst I thrust the vibrator in and out of your wet cunt, causing you to moan, your breathing hard, your hips moving with the motion of the deep thrusts of the vibrator, you can feel my hard cock pushing against your arse, pushing slightly, making you nervous and excited at the same time.


I stop kissing you, move my hand down to my cock, holding it against your wet lips, a push my cock inside you, filling you cunt with both my cock and my clone, thrusting each in different strokes.


My right hand moves up to your nipples pinching them just enough for them to hurt a little.


My hand then moves up to your throat, gripping it tight, choking you a little pushing the back of your head hard against the sofa, my cocks thrusting inside of you pushing deep inside your wet cunt.


Your trying to catch you breathe my cocks thrusting deep inside of you, each with its own rhythm each driving deep inside of you cunt, your throat held your head pushed hard back.


I let your throat go, letting you catch your breath, my hand slaps at your right breast, then you left. My hand then returns to your throat, my cocks never stopping thrusting deep and fast inside of you.

Your hand reaches down to your clit, rubbing it hard and fast whilst my cocks thrust deep inside of you, bringing you closer and closer to an orgasm you so desperately want to have.


Feeling you tighten around my cock, I slow down, letting you get closer and closer and as you predict, I stop, pull my cocks out frustrating you more.


I spin you around so your knees are on the floor, your stomach on the sofa.


You're feeling frustrated, the thought that you want to cum so bad know is running through your mind. You wet cunt wanted to cum so badly it's driving you crazy.


My mouth kisses the back of your neck, you can feel my hard cock pushing against your cunt, slightly parting the lips, you are desperate for my cock to enter you


My mouth kisses down your back, slowly taking my time, moving down your spin, licking and kissing sections as i move ever closer to your arse.


My tongue reaches you arse, my hands pulling your arse cheeks apart my tongue running down from the small of your back.


My tongue slides down between your arse cheeks licking your arsehole, my tongue flicking over it, pushing inside, my hands, grabbing your arse.


My right hand slaps your check, then my left, they both grab your arse hard, then you feel another slap then another slap,


My tongue pushing deeper and deeper inside of you.


My tongue leaves your arse, my cock, pushes slightly against your arse, just a little pressure, whilst my hand reaches around you, my fingers find pushed against your clit rubbing from side to side, my cock pressing against your arse as I do.


My fingers stop playing with your clit slid up to your wet cunt, I slowly push two fingers inside you, my hard cock still rubbing against your arse.


my cock leaves your arse, sliding down to your wet lips, I gently push the tip of my cock inside you whilst my fingers play with you g-spot


my cock pushes deep inside of you, mixture of pain and pleasure racing through your veins, exciting you.


The feeling of my fingers inside of you with my cock thrusting deep inside of you, is making you let out a fuck I love that from your lips


I remove my fingers and cock, my tongue returning to your arse, two fingers thrusting deep back inside your wet cunt, then a third.


You know what I am going to do and again excitement runs through your body.


I slowly twist my three fingers wetting the fourth and fifth as I too, slowly I start pushing my fingers inside of you, working my way up to my hand.


You push back feeling my hand push inside, push past the hard section of your cunt.


My hand slips in, forming a fist as it does, thrusting back and forth, my tongue still licking that sexy arse.


My tongue leaves your arse, you feel the tip of my hard cock rubbing against your clit, you’re wanting my cock and my hand to fill you up completely, anticipation forming in your head.


My cock pushes into your cunt, thrusting deep inside, my hand and cock thrusting back and forth in unison, your mind just filled with thoughts of pleasure and excitement.


My free hand slaps your arse cheek, hard, leaving a red mark, it slaps down again, your arse felling the sting and feeling the burning heat left.


My cock and hand thrusting deep inside of you, filling you up,


My thumb presses against your arsehole, rubbing in slow circles, slightly pressing as I do.


Whilst my cock and hand continue to thrust deep inside of you, filling you up completely, my thumb pushes into your arse, sliding in and out, in unison to the thrusting of my cock and hand.


The feeling of your warm wetness, and the pressure of my hand and thumb inside you, is bringing me to the point of cumin.


I slow my rhythm, my, cock, slowly withdraws from you, my hand still thrusting back and forth, slowly.


My tongue replaces my finger, my tongue flicking over your arse, pausing every so often to push inside you.


My other hand moves up your right leg, brushing past your clit slightly and then pausing, my fingers rubbing your erect clit.


I can feel you building up to an orgasm.


My cock pushes back deep inside you, and my thumb returns to your arse.


Each thrust is bring you closer and closer to an orgasm, you are hoping that I will let you cum this time, but fear it will be just another frustration.


As you feel the orgasm just on the tip, my cock thrust faster inside of you, my fingers rubbing your clit increase the tempo.


As predicted I slow down, my fingers stop rubbing your clit, my cock and hand pull out from your frustrated wet cunt


Your anger levels rise, and again you call me a wanker, but the thought running through your head is that you are actually liking this, you love being fucked to the point of cumming,


Knowing that when you do, your body is going to be desperate for it, desperate for the release.

You lay back down, on the sofa, heavy breathing, body and mind aching to feel my cock slide into you again.


I walk from the room and you hear me go upstairs to take a shower again.


Your body and mind frustrated and a little tired, you drift off to sleep, your hand slightly rubbing yourself due to the frustration levels that are playing through your mind.


Thoughts of what I have done to you through the morning making you hornier, sleep finally grabs you and you drift off.


You awake get up, you call out my name but no answer comes back.


You go searching, thinking “what the fuck is he up to now”


No sign of me anywhere in the house, you get a little angry, think “fuck it” open a bottle of champagne, pour a glass and go for a smoke. Slightly fuming you have woken up and I am nowhere in the house.


You text, but no answer replies.


You see me walk down the driveway, smile on my face, bag in my hand.


You think “what is he up too now”


I walk into the house, come outside, give you a long passionate kiss and turn back inside.


You come back inside, see a note on the floor, “come upstairs if you want baby” is all it says


You come into the room, I am laying on the bed, my hard cock, standing up, ready for you.


You lay on the bed next to me, I roll over, kissing your lips, pulling you close to me, feeling our skin touch, pressed hard against each other.


I roll you onto your back, my weight pinning you down on the bed, my lips kissing your neck, gentle bites. Working my way down


My mouth comes to rest on your right nipple, licking and biting, then moving to the left nipple, repeating the same.


My right hand, sliding down the side of your body, pushing your left leg out and down.


My nails scratching down the inside of your thigh, slightly brushing past your cunt, then grabbing your thighs


I slid off to your right hand side, “thoughts running through your head that this will be another wind up get me close and stop” but you don’t care you want to feel me inside you again, feel me touch you and tease you.


I kiss your lips again, my right hand, rubbing your clit and lips, making you wet,


My cock, resting against your arse, us grinding together, pressure pushing against your arse, whilst my fingers continue to rub your lips and clit.

I continue to kiss you, two fingers slip inside of you, thrusting inside, pulling out slightly to rub against your clit for a few seconds then thrusting back inside of you.


My cock hard and pressing against your arse, you grinding back against me.


I slid my hard cock, pushing against your lips, pushing inside you, just the tip, rubbing up and down whilst my finger move to your clit, rubbing hard, my cock slightly pushing in deeper with each stroke.


My head slips into your wet cunt, then thrusts deep inside you, and pulling back out, thrusting again deep inside you.


My fingers rubbing hard and fast on your clit, my cock thrusting at the same tempo inside of you.

Your mind racing with the thought of having an orgasm, cumming all over my hard cock, whilst it’s deep inside you.


My hand leaves your clit, I roll on top of you, my tempo resumes as hard and fast, my pelvic bone, hitting and rubbing your clit with each thrust,


I pin your hands behind you head with my hands, my weight holding your body down on the bed, my cock thrusting deep inside of you.


You can feel your orgasm growing, I know you are close, I can feel you tighten around my cock, your breathing hard, “fuck” leaving your lips .


My thrust continue, grinding against your clit, your body pinned.


I finally let your body cum, feeling the tightness around my hard cock, is to much for me to handle,


We come together, you on my cock, me deep inside you, filling your wet cunt.


I stay inside you, moving slightly back and forth, kissing you, letting your hands go. Your arms wrapped around my back, kissing me back.


Finally you say, “You're mean but I fucking loved today”




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