A Girl on a Post

A Girl on a Post A Girl on a Post

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


She'd been a good girl, now for her reward.


She'd been a good girl, now for her reward.


Submitted: March 08, 2013

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Submitted: March 08, 2013



The music continues but the other sensations have stopped.  Maybe he was just taking his time in choosing his next implement?  I’m not sure what to expect, I’ve never played with this Top before.  My blindfolded eyes see nothing and the music drowns out all ambient noise, all signals I might be able to pick up from others in the room.  I hang there, just waiting.  I can’t do much else, not with my cuffs tied tightly to the rings in the post above my head.  I will my hearing to improve, just for some clue – any clue – as to what was going to happen.

Then he turns me around, the ropes at my wrists twisting as he whispers in my ear,

“Good girl, my pet.”

I recognize that voice, I was hoping to hear it.  Oh the bliss, my Sir wants to play with me.  Visions of more floggings pass behind my blindfold and I sigh softly.  I feel his hands caress lightly down my arms after checking my cuffs.  I tilt my head towards his hand as he brushes past my cheek, over my shoulder.  I had already been beaten on, whipped, flogged and pinched, these caresses feel like heaven after all that.  Although the wetness between my legs kind of give away the fact that I have enjoyed every painful second of it.

His fingers wrap in my hair, pulling my head back as he presses his lips against mine, his tongue playing with mine as I melt against him.  He never usually kisses me this way, it’s  excitement on an entirely different level.  This kiss seems to last forever, each second better than the last but I have no idea how good a girl I have actually been.

His lips lift away from mine and I whimper, missing him already but I don’t have long to wait.  He plants a hot trail of kisses along my jaw line, to the top of my heavy leather collar.  He moves down, past the collar, teasing that bitten spot at the top of my shoulder.  I hiss and try to draw back but he doesn’t allow it.  He wraps his arms around my waist as he pulls me closer and leaves his own mark there.

He nibbles lightly along my shoulder but as he moves down my chest, he resumes the kissing and tender affection.  I lean my head back against the post as his fingers slip from my hair and slid down my back.  I hold my breath, Sir has not done this before.  I’ve wanted him to but never knew how to ask and now I don’t have to.  All I feel is warmth on my breast, moving slowly lower.  With my head leaned back, I press my body toward my Sir ... hoping.

I actually feel my nipples pull taut, standing out from my body.  I want him to kiss, lick, bite ... whatever he wants to do, it will be welcome.  Just as I start to relax a bit, enjoying the gentle kisses on my skin, I feel his teeth bite down and I groan.  The feel of his bite there is more than I can take, the wetness slides down my inner thigh.

His teeth release me but he’s not finished, his tongue laves my nipple, drawing a sigh from me.  Sir has not done this before and I hope this won’t be the last time I get to feel his mouth there.  He closes his lips around the tip of my breast and it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world.  All I can think is how good my Sir is to me!

As he licks and nips on the right, his left hand doesn’t leave my other breast unattended.  The pinching is a lovely counterpoint to the soft attention his mouth is providing.  I don’t know whether to moan or sigh when I feel his free hand push deep between my legs. 

“You’ve been such a good girl, pet.  I thought you deserved a reward, I’m even going to let them watch if they want to.”

I hadn’t even thought about the audience in the room with us, but now I could feel them there.  I have no idea how many are watching but it doesn’t matter, it’s exciting to know someone is watching.

He stands and moves away from me, the loss of connection almost makes me cry.  Even with the blindfold still on, I can feel the eyes watching me, appraising me.  I think I can even hear whispered conversations over the music that still plays.

Just as I’m beginning to wonder if I’m going to be left on display, Sir presses himself against me. I can feel the state of him through the jeans he wears,

“Do you feel what you do to me?  That’s not really fair to do that to me in public, is it?”

He presses against me harder and his fingers once again wrap in my hair as he pulls in toward him for a kiss.  Then he’s gone again... but not for long.

Suddenly, my feet are lifted off the floor.  All my weight is now hanging from my wrist cuffs and my knees, which are up near my waist and resting on Sirs hands.  I am confused for only a second before I feel his tongue dance between my legs.  It takes me a moment to relax and trust that I am safe I am.  I give myself over to him and let go.

I can barely keep myself still, I can feel his tongue on my clit, flicking at the ring there.  I arch my back, trying to get closer and feel his tongue push in deep.  I can’t help it, I cry out as shudders wrack my body.  Sir continues his tasting of me, I shake and try to breathe as my clit is flicked again.  I can hear the audience in the room murmur appreciatively, but I don’t care what they are saying.  I am too lost to my Sir.

I don’t remember it happening but I realize my feet are on the floor and Sir is once again pressed against me.  He leans close to my ear and I can feel my wetness on his cheek as he tells me,

“Now I get to have my turn.  Yes, my pet.... they are still watching,”  He steps away from me but I can still feel him close by, I know for sure he’s there when I hear the zipper on his jeans.

I haven’t been able to catch my breath yet but it doesn’t matter, once again my legs are lifted by the knees and I can feel him there, his cock pressing against my cunt, his breath hot on my ear.  I am thrumming with the sensations of the evening, the knowledge that people are watching does nothing but sharpen everything. 

Sir presses closer and I feel his dick press into my body, the wetness that is there makes it easy and I can hear him groan with pleasure as he buries himself deep.  Then it begins, the hottest fucking of my life.  I’m blindfolded and hung by my wrists from a post and this man has taken total control of me.  Using me like a toy and I can do nothing about it.

His hips pound against me, my back slams against the post and my breath catches in my chest.

“Cum for them, pet ... show them what a good girl you can be.”

I writhe against him.  I wish at least one of my hands were free, my hard little clit is crying out to be touched but I don’t have that option.  I whimper my answer and I know he hears me, he thrusts harder and I can’t breathe.

Before I can get my breathing under control, his mouth is on my breast again.  He licks softly at first and then takes my nipple into his mouth, he teeth scrape the tip lightly before he bites down again.  I can’t help it, I scream and cum again.  He bites harder but there is no pain, only pleasure flashing through my body.  Sir slams into me harder and I know he’s close.  I can feel the marks on my back reddening again as I am bashed against the post, I know I’m going to love every bruise from this encounter.

For the first time that night, I speak,

“Please, Sir ... please, Sir ... please.”

I beg, although I’m not sure for what exactly.  I just want him to enjoy his toy, his pet.  I want him to give me everything of him.  I don’t notice the silence in the room, broken only by his harsh breath next to my ear.  I can’t even hear the music even though I know it’s still playing, somewhere in the background.

Then I feel it, he pounds the hardest yet and tenses, pulling me against him and freezes.  I can feel tears welling behind the blindfold because I know I have pleased him.  He stands there inside me for a few moments with his face resting against mine before he steps back, pulling himself from me and lowering my feet to the floor again.

“Good girl, pet .... very good girl.”

The sounds in the room flood back and wash over me as I relax against the post and feel a soft blanket being wrapped around my sweaty body.

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