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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

The turn of the door to my apartment carries its own sound when its you, as if it knew what you had arrived for creaking-almost like a soft moan signalling your presence.

unlatched the chain as it always was when I knew you were coming by-it swings loosely as the wind from the door glides by chiming and rattling a little.

my eyes closed but my ears alert as your red heels clunk on my wooden floor screaming to me you have passed the living room.

A soft gliding as your silk hands run up the rail of the stairs matched with a low scuff as your now bare foot on my cream carpet.

a crumpling of clothes sloths into the soft carpet of my room-my eyes springing open but still I remain facing the wall.

your now bare body announces itself as it slides so effortlessly between the sheets warming your thighs against me.

Soft murmurings fill my ears, filthy little thoughts given a voice from your lips spreading through my mind. Your hand grasped tight around my cock growing silently in your grip.

your tongue lashes from back to stomach leaving a tormented trail of raised bumps along my skin.

a long stroke up produces my clear sticky lube you gather with one finger tracing over my swollen cock to your red lips.

the low swooping sound of the fan pushes cool air across your nipples-you capture them as I watch you twist and pull gently followed with a strike across your lips with your tongue.

the bed groans in frustration as you slip over my thick full penis-gliding through your quivering lips before you steer it deep inside your dripping entrance.

soft squeaks of metal coils under pressure dive through the air-intensifying as the hallway clock ticks on. Sensual moans leave your red lips, heavy breaths spatter across the hairs on my chest. The walls sling their invisible arms outward catching and listening to secret thoughts now tossed into the air.

muscles bring a silent burning as they pulse and stretch to bring satisfaction. Loud hot claps slice the air-my hand sharing the sting with your freshly tanned ass.

threads of sheets stretch and snap as tossed hands cling and pull at them in moments of raised passion. The flick of your eyelashes fluttering like frantic wings bearing the orgasnic onslaught filling your body.

the uncrumpling of your clothes, the gathering of crinkled notes from my dresser, the soft skin gliding down the stair rail and low scuff of your bare feet on my cream carpet. The clunk of your red heels across my wooden floor and the chain unlatched swing as you leave my apartment once more.

now silence, 

i slip into sleep for when I wake I will once more listen for the unlatching at my door.


Submitted: August 17, 2019

© Copyright 2022 seductive pages. All rights reserved.

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Amy F. Turner

What pleasant dreams are afoot here, SP! It feels like it? Or was it real passion in sleepy surrender? The best sort of seduction and who would not yield to it and engage with gusto. Yum! Very sensual!

Sat, August 17th, 2019 4:44pm

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