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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

To walk your body once more,

tempered fingers push in and out on weathered shore.


roughness of grains beneath longed passionate grasps,

lovers forgotten in an instant, shivers of the past.


to be thrown together within messed sheets,

never again will we beat in sync, never to repeat.


i will remember your cunt! Smashed atop my balls.

wet, soaked and dripping are your tight little walls.

slam that cock, your circling brings you,

bend over,

take it,

rough, hard, cum, jack and blew.

suck that dick like a whore,

get slammed, fucked and screwed, stretched raw.

on your back and spread, ass fingered,

cunt fucked, ass, spanked and red.

sleepless nights, fuck crazy, stained sheets,

never again, never to repeat.





Submitted: August 08, 2019

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Amy F. Turner

Mmm, now this is the kind of stress I don't mind during my down time! Yes! Yes! Bring on the stress! Love it, SP!

Fri, August 9th, 2019 4:16pm


Ohhhhhh yes miss turner!!!!!!!!!
I will pump away your stress whenever you like!
Let me know he he
Thanks for your words

Fri, August 9th, 2019 1:37pm


Quite the splendid piece you've got here chap! Very, VERY sensual indeed! I feel a sense of loss in a way, a feeling of something that once was but is unfortunately no more. 'To walk your body once more,' suggests a yearning to feel once again something you had experienced a while ago; to feel that closeness and that touch of this person's body again. 'Lovers forgotten in an instant, shivers of the past.' I feel this line conveys how long ago, two individuals in love fell out of love and a connection once cherished now long gone. It reminds me, of how fragile and uncertain love can be. How it can take so long to attain, but can be lost in an instant. With you writing 'Shivers of the past,' it suggests that maybe things happened in the past that you look back on, and wish hadn't of happened? Maybe you think back to these events, feelings, thoughts and they bring you a sense of pain? Torment? A longing to go back to what once was? I'm just throwing a few thoughts out there, apologies if I am wrong with my assumptions.

'Never again will we beat in sync.' This line stands out to me, as quite a powerful one. I get the feeling, that things in the past were wonderful. The feelings, the rush, the excitement were all exhilarating. Things felt so right, things were amazing and the two of you shared a deep synchronicity. And now as time has passed, that feeling of synchronicity has long gone. Maybe it's something you miss? That synchronicity that is not always easy to find and experience with others. When two people are in-sync, it can be the most wonderful thing in the world. You know each other, each other's fire, passions, desires. And then for all that to be gone forever... Indescribable.

'I will remember your cunt! Smashed atop my balls.' It may be just a subjective observation from my viewpoint, but the way you add an exclamation mark at the end of cunt and the word 'smashed,' suggests maybe a sense of anger? Anger that you aren't able to relive and experience those feelings and passions that you once did? An anger that it even came to an end in the first place? The middle section of your poem tells of a very, sexually explosive experience between the two of you. 'Slam that cock. Wet, soaked and dripping. Get slammed, fucked and screwed, stretched raw.' Cunt fucked, ass spanked and red.' There is certainly a lot of sexy action going on here, reminds me of a roaring fire whose flames grow with each and every minute of being alight. And here, I get a sense of an intense and fiery passion you felt with this individual, the stimulation, the fucking and maybe showing her whose boss? Again just a thought, as I sense a kind of dominance within the piece. A desire to dominate and have your way fully. The last two lines caught my eye 'Sleepless nights, fuck crazy, stained sheets. Never again, never to repeat.' The first line is so full of action and movement and fun, and then the last line conveys a sense of silence and stillness. A very stark contrast between the two, which highlights the once fiery, passionate nights of love-making and touching and feelings. And now there is stillness and no noise, a room void of that once explosive passion and alluring energy.

Good job with this mate, I really enjoyed reading through it!

Wed, August 14th, 2019 5:53pm


Thank you for tour comments and thoughts on this piece, breaking down the piece you got it pretty close which is good as my writing was perceived the way I wanted it to, thanks so much

Wed, August 14th, 2019 4:15pm

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