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Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Submitted: March 01, 2019

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Submitted: March 01, 2019



The week is over and relief strikes me like worn and beaten iron on an anvil.

for tomorrow brings a day for me and with it the morning sun beaming off my window sill. 

Excitement races through me as I wake but the mask of darkness still falls outside.

however another pleasure wakes, forms and hardens, rising high and proud like the morning tide.

i know the relief it will bring as your hand grips it hard like a snake charmer around a cobras neck to prevent a bite

i don't fear its venom though as upon shooting it will bring quivers and feelings of body lite.

the head is so firm, a hint of purple glazes through and a beat repeating on your fingers with grasp so tight.

Your hand runs the shaft to the tip, slow and gentle at first as if you study the bumps and flows it has over its skin.

back down again and a ripple flutters through me, small at first, like a finger lightly running down my arm, slow and thin.

an unexpected lash from your tongue as it whips out to catch its prey, a drip of pre cum gathered from my head.

a shiver trickles through me from that attack combined with a pump from your hand, a thump back down again shatters me and almost the bed.

your lips invite themselves to the feast as top and bottom find their mark layering kisses that sting with lust.

my balls shutter as they too are held, inside they boil and bubble with pleasure building their tonic for release to them is a must.

twitches and throbbing now ache up and down my steel length, your hand works fast, your mouth lips and tongue take their share, they watch it seep then drink.

I know your skill will bring my broth to the surface laced with body shakes and a storm battering my coast and your mouth will add that extra touch, that vampire feel as you suck and capture me on the brink.

but even though you do all this, does my mind betray you and cast itself to a world of deviancy and fraud.

my moans I produce aren't for you, I know you work your craft and you are a master but there is another I dream off and she is lord to your master.

every pump you break upon me is her little pink slit curing my throbbing cock, every lash of your tongue is her tight walls coating my wet cock.

i see her in atop riding high behind your hand that doesn't stop. I see her firm tits bouncing and her mouth sighing with every hard drop.

your hand is fast now and so are her little pink strips as they fuck me harder and tighter than you and your hand grip.

i know she's just next door and is receiving her man's dick probably right now imagining it was me inside her, driving her, slamming her, ploughing her as she shakes and bites that bottom lip.

But not this morning, even though I receive a gift of orgasm any moment and it feels so good and she robs her man of his load and that would make her feel so good.

its not what we want, we stare at each other from across the fence, we both know we want it, we crave it, but for now let's just enjoy what we have and cum hard in time.

i feel my cock pumping his cream, its rising, Im sure I can hear her cuming as I twist my head and blow over my girlfriends hand and you arch your back and cum on your man.

im satisfied for now but not to the point that I know we both want, maybe one morning we will wake to each other and fuck like we dream of and cum to each other.

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