Can reading make you orgasm

Can reading make you orgasm Can reading make you orgasm

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Submitted: February 18, 2019

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Submitted: February 18, 2019



"Can reading make you orgasm?"

It felt weird saying that out loud but I went with it and held my breath but I think I was fine so I continued.


"Ok so obviously it can't but has it the power to arouse, to pump hard into those thick veins and stiffen that shaft, to apply wetness to those soft lips, to perk up those little nipples?"

There was a spot on the back wall that seemingly followed my every move as if it was taunting my attempt to complete my oral assessment but i assured myself to keep going and push this topic.


"Of course it can, erotic writing is designed just to do that, to bring out that sexual desire, to want, to feel everything that the characters in the book feel and even to imagine your a character getting screwed or the one pumping another character."


Still I had silence In the room, the professor had not even said a word as he lingered on the edge of the hall, there was no Rachel tansor what do you call this being thrown from the profs mouth so I was thinking ok your fine, go on.

I had transferred in late on this class and really didn't want to get put out on my ass after a few classes. This was a big step doing this especially since I knew no one and had no one to run this by. I went on.


"So if your not a reader of this amazing erotic world that you use to run that hand up and down your fat hard shaft or to slip a couple of fingers inside plunging faster and faster until you cum while reading, how are you involved?"


I glanced at the prof who didn't move nor did he seem angry about my choice of topic or the words launching out of my mouth. I think it was wise that i gave him a brief overview of what my content was and he seemed fine with it then. I cleared my throat and continued.


"I'll answer that with I love to write it, creating the scenes for characters to interact with, their words that they say to each other, the way they express their needs, their desires, the way to create a scene of pure lust that has your characters moaning for more Is in itself a very beautiful and arousing exercise."


I looked back to that spot on the back wall of the hall, and yeah it still mocked me, how I was reading my essay and my writing, it's like it was screaming from the back,

(This is what you came up with, 

A full four weeks and this is your effort.)

I blocked it out and whirled around the room quickly as not to lose points for not interacting with eye contact. The whole lecture hall looked actually interested so I thought fuck you spot on the wall I think I'm doing fine. I mean the guys looked very interested as i was sure the opening few passages of my essay had their dicks rising through their pants like a whale breaching the surface of the water calling out hey look at what I can do. The girls, yeah I guess seemed to be paying attention but I know the guys would be enjoying a oral like this more than the women, but I can't rule out some might be a little curious about female on female interaction and could be flooding their white panties as I speak. 


Myself however I was always self conscious and I guess doing this and wanting to be a writer in this field was a way to break me out of this little safe bubble I was encased in. I had it in my head I could write well, I mean I had scored well throughout the year on different assignments but this one, this one I wanted to push hard on and tear through that  comfort barrier I guess for myself and for the others sitting there listening to me and hey I actually wouldn't mind if I saw a few guys adjusting their pants making room for that hard cock, at least then I would know hey I got this. It's was kind of difficult that's all to come out and push this kind of subject when I wasn't that much of a horny person, well not in public view but erotica was something I loved to write so why not. Maybe it would make it easier if I was like a really smoking hot lady then you know people would expect sexual juices flowing from me and it wasn't even that I wasn't attractive, well I thought I was ok looking, not a model but I could make myself second take one more time in the mirror before going out, so hey maybe I was curious about another female for fun but let's not lose track here. It felt like I had flown around the room several times as thoughts bounced around in my head, I looked down to the audience and started to speak once more.


"So what do writers get out of writing this very dirty subject.

One, the feeling of expressing ones fantasies or desires on the page filtered through the characters they create.

That's one train of thought, another might be they like to think that their writing is good enough to make their target audience extremely hard for the male and a nice seeping wet patch for the ladies."


I briefly paused and spanned the crowd again, I definitely saw a guy in the second row go for a quick awkward adjustment which bought a little smirk to my face and a thought of got ya babe ha ha. Well he was cute.

I continued while focusing directly on that guy.


"Wouldn't that be the ultimate compliment to a writer that they could stir that kind of reaction on their audience, that their words could swirl and twirl like a sorcerer weaving a lighting spark attaching to their bodies and awakening in them that urge to feel arousal.


What if the writer felt they could get their audience to go one step further and become a one handed reader of their words. A sneaky hand slipping under the sheets massaging that valley receiving its monsoonal season in one night, or a rapid hand working a shaft while their eyes flick down the screen or page eventually erupting in time with the characters on the book spraying their love for the story on the sheets."


I think I had the crowd extremely worked up after that last passage, even a couple girls look flustered in need of some attention or at least a cold shower.

I braced myself for the final passage and I in my mind I thought it was the dirtiest out of the oral so far and I hoped it got me across the line. I looked back to that spot on the wall and to my surprise it said nothing, it sat there looking blankly at me with not a smart ass thing to say so I took a breath and prepared to deliver the final part.


"Now I know sex scenes in books can be well boring and I know that's hard to believe but I feel if they aren't sculptured in the right way they can be dull and just a rehash of the same thing again and again.

Let me explain in a little more detail."

I hooked my eyes back to the guy that needed more room in his pants before, I locked onto him and delivered this last passage just to him. I don't know why I did it, I guess that horniness deep inside got control of my mind for a second and wanted to give this guy a piece of what I was thinking. I focused on him and started my last passage but before I did I breathed in again deeply as this had some language warnings labelled all over it.


"So why or how can a sex scene become boring, you can't just have he slammed his cock deep in her cunt filling her pussy walls with his hardened pole, it's been done, it's getting old, a sex scene can include so much more.

For example, the smells of hot passionate sex, include the senses, how their bodies respond to each and every touch not just the pussy and cock, explore all the possibilities of mind blowing sex, it can't just be her pussy was driven hard from behind by his fat cock, it can't be just that.

There is a place for wording like that and yes you can become aroused by it too but I believe you need more in a sex scene."


I stopped and looked around the room, it seemed I had their complete attention, I was there captain and they took orders from me. I had the very last thing to add so I went for it, I looked directly back at that guy again and got ready and began.


"I would like to end on an example of two sex scenes just to show how words and wording can make a plain fuck something more special.


Scott bent Amanda over and rammed his big dick in her cunt, she yelled for more, Scott drove it hard and fast inside her getting deeper with every pump.

He fucked her, in, out, in, out until he could feel his cock rumble and explode in her tight cunt.

Ok so that's scenario one now the same scene with a little more imagination.


I buried my eyes onto my story partner in the second row, I wanted him to feel this, I wanted him to rise hard so I know I got my point across, I started to say the second scenario.


"Scott ran his hand over Amanda's smooth ass drawing small circles tickling different areas making tiny gasps escape her mouth as he did. She could feel how wet she had become as her fingers teased the opening of her warm centre. She felt the warmth of his erection nervously rubbing against her ass as she leaned back into it allowing his smooth head melt into her walls. Light gasps formed into louder moans filling the air as Scott moved inside layering her walls with his pre cum grabbing her hips, moving with her every move, her pussy consumed all his length had to offer tightening  and wouldn't release until his warm cream flowed within her. Amanda lowered her breasts onto the bed allowing Scott to reach his end as his balls rested on her after every thrust.


Amanda circled her throbbing clit as she became louder telling Scott to go faster, to fill her now. He bent down entangling his hand in hers leaving right over her grinding on her from behind in between deep long movements, his cock shivered as his cum poured out into her wanting pussy.


I'll stop there."

(Ohhhhh wait, what) roared from the crowd. I looked around, I think they were hanging on every single word, I had turned the whole hall, they hungered for more, they needed satisfaction. This is what I wanted to show them, this is what they needed to feel, to want, to be part of the story, to know the art of erotica. I smiled proudly and continued to stare at my new friend still sitting there watching me from the second row. I think I successfully mind fucked him you might say as a big grin now ran away over his face. The crowd started to applaud and I couldn't stop smiling.


I returned to my seat as the prof took back the stage.

"Well, that was excellently done miss tansor, a lot of imagery going on there.

Ok Rachel was our last one for today, the ones that are left, you know who you are so Monday morning, be ready, other than that have a great weekend and I'll see you then."

The professor said. There was a loud grinding of chairs and shuffling as the hall emptied quickly. I rifled through some papers trying to put them in some sort of order in a folder when I heard someone call out.



I looked up, it was second row guy.

I smiled and returned a shy and embarrassed.



"Really?" He questioned with a furrowed brow.

"You just got up there and said all that and your going shy on me?"


He had a good point but that up there was different, that's not who I am, that's erotic me trying to make it in the field of erotic writing. I quickly looked up again.

"Well, you got to do what you got to do."

I managed to say.


"You know, it was really good."

He said still smiling.


"I figured it was, I saw."

I smiled throwing more papers in my folder.


"Saw what?"

He asked curiously.


"It doesn't matter, its erotica, it's meant to do that, well a good one is."

I couldn't stop smiling.


"Oh I see, what you think you got me going in there?

Come on really?"


"Hey, it's totally normal, I was just doing my thing."

I picked up my bag.

"Well, I'm glad you liked it, I'll see you next week." 

I started waking down the isle to the exit.



He said.

"I'll see you next week Scott."

He said with a chuckle.


I went bright red like a rose freshly rained on.

"Your names Scott?

No way."

I said mesmerised


"It's ok, you can pretend you didn't know, I don't mind, as I said I found it fascinating, your topic."


"Hey, I didn't know that was your name."

I called back,

I don't know hardly anyone in here, you know I transferred at the last minute."

I said defending myself.


"I'll see you next week Rachel,

See I know you."

Scott said with a smug attitude followed by a smile.


"Yeah, ok."

I replied.

"But I didn't know, see you then."

I walked out of the hall and began to walk home.










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