Can reading make you cum (part 2)

Can reading make you cum (part 2) Can reading make you cum (part 2)

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica




Submitted: March 05, 2019

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Submitted: March 05, 2019



The lecture hall was empty and kind of creepy so early in the morning but it had a certain wind that blew through that carried a calmness on it, something that put me at ease and took all my nerves away.


I sat my bag down on a chair halfway down the stairs and began pulling a few papers from it organising my spot for the Monday morning orals, not that I had to worry, my can reading make you cum essay was like a sell out concert. It was received so well and I could not have hoped for a better outcome, all I had to do now was kick my feet up and listen to the final essays and pray my mark is where I need it to be.


A voice startled me.

"I thought I was the only geek that showed up this early, it works getting the best seat anyway."

The voice said as I spun around to see who it was.

To my surprise it wasn't a prof but it was Scott, second row guy who I'm pretty sure was hardened by my essay on Friday.

He was no brad Pitt but hey he was kinda cute, I noticed these little dots or creases maybe that ran down his cheek a little when he smiled and it gave him a certain spark that I guess turned me on a little. Now I'm not saying flowing waterfalls, I barely knew him but there was a tiny ember there that smoked and fought for life producing a urge in me. Now I know I want to be a erotic writer and that's a different thing when I write but this I wasn't used to this, it's was raw but welcoming at the same time, pushing me to feel things, to shine my light on areas that in my life had remained darkened until I began this filthy writing journey.


"What, still playing the shy, never been kissed erotic writer Rachel?"

He said sitting next to me with that smug look I was graced with meeting last Friday after my oral.


"Your very cocky aren't you?"

I didn't wait for a reply I just jumped on again.

"And yes, is it hard to believe that I'm so innocent and have been held to a very strict religious way of life, marriage is the only way in between my sheets at night."

I said but couldn't believe had popped out of my mouth.

Scott just had a stone face, looking baffled at my words, slowly an expression trickled onto his face but it was still a look of not being so sure of himself anymore.


"I'm joking Scott."

I said laughing while relief splashed over his blank face.


"Ohhh, well I wasn't sure what to think or say so I'm glad I guess."

Scott looked down to the profs desk.


I said taking a pen out placing it on my desk.


Scott glanced at me before saying.

"Sooooo, I'm up today.

My oral presentation,

I'm not very confident in its ability to stun or move the way yours did Rachel."


I turned to him and said.

"You know they say if your nervous you"

Scott cut in.

"Picture everyone naked, right?

I'm sorry but prof is what like I'm thinking close to fifty and I don't think I can handle an image of a swinging bag wrinkled to hell with a sausage attached flipping in the breeze can you?"

Scott presented an interesting argument.


"Well, I'm a female and cocks appeal to me more I would think and the prof ain't all bad."

God I thought, what was that, this erotic writing thing was actually making me very relaxed about the whole sex subject or maybe it was Scott who made it easy to talk about. I mean you know I thought he was cute, that small whip of brown hair crossing his left eye that he flicked every couple of minutes gave him an interesting quirk that I was finding attractive. He had eyes that fell inside of themselves swallowing all he looked at and I could see from his clothes that a toned body must be wrestling to get free. It felt a little strange, I mean I had met him once last Friday, I knew very little about him yet in a instant of talking to him I found him to be appealing in ways that had never come to me so easily.


"Rachel, ahhh, hello, he's got you hasn't he, the profs dick? Playing with your mind?"

Scott asked smiling.


"What, come on I was joking."

I said coming out of my daze or day dream thinking about this guy in front of me, a guy I hadn't known for long but the more he spoke the more I admired him and found him irresistible. Ok yep, I just threw a look at his package, wow what was going on in my head, was it a good thing releasing such a force on the world.

All these thoughts and feelings were so strange and inviting, I mean sure I had boyfriends in the past but you know behind closed doors is easy, your whole sexual being isn't out there for everyone to see. These feelings that had been burrowed deep inside me for so long now clawed their way up to the surface wanting to break free and finally taste the warm rays of the sun. I actually wondered what it would be like to let Scott take me right here in the lecture hall and oh god, it felt freeing and dirty and I was spinning in my own head even thinking this filth.


"Hello Rachel."

A blurred voice said.


"Sorry Scott, what?"

I shook my head.


"You know, I can sit somewhere else if I'm boring you, you kind of just trail off there in your own world. I don't mind if that thought of that fifty year old cock has infiltrated your mind and is turning you into a woman craving that rippled wrinkled pole.

Scott said smiling.


"Very funny."

I said.

But he was right, not about the prof and his wrinkled cock well that was the rumour circulating between myself and Scott.

He was right about me thinking about sex and wanting it right now, the thoughts in my head pooled there blanketing my mind with nothing but dirty dirty crazy hot sex.

I had to change the subject, this wasn't me , it had to be just the writing thing, still fresh from my oral on Friday, still forcing its erotic fluid through my veins flooding me with sexual urges I'm not normally having especially in a lecture hall with a guy I pretty much just met. Quick ask him something.


"So, I need to ask, your oral, what's your topic?"

I blurted out in a rush trying to ensure nothing of the sexual nature flowed with it.


"Ahhh, are you ready for this?"

He said excitedly.

I nodded smiling.


"Ok so my major is art and as you know we all get thrown in here together from different areas to perform an oral on a topic of our choice but it has to be centred around your major. Yours is already interesting as it's to do with writing so you know that's always going to be good but mine is art, you get me don't you?"

Scott paused.


I jumped in before he could continue.

"So you think no one cares about art?"

I asked.


He cleared his throat and shuffled down in his seat throwing his head back looking at the ceiling.

"Well, its art, great to look at and beautiful and all that but really, to speak about it, really, I'm meant to get the individuals in here today to be interested in someone speaking about art. Oh and throw in the prof too as he definitely needs to like what I say."

His hands now rubbed worrying circles over his eyes.


I leaned forward.

"Well, make them interested."

I said making it sound so easy.


"Really? That's your advice, not to be rude Rachel but to make them interested had already made its way into my mind about four weeks ago when the task got issued."

A hint of annoyance stepped out in his voice.

"I'm sorry."

He continued while still rubbing his eyes.

"I can draw right, like I'm good and paint and a lot of that arty stuff but to speak on it is crazy boring. It would be like saying hey everyone, after the lectures today come to the tavern in town as it my shout and then when they get there they find out by shout you meant a very intensive lecture on the history of alcohol with none provided not even a taste test."

Scott now slumped his head near his knees looking at the floor.


"Hey." I said.

"Let me help?"

I couldn't believe or tell you why my hand thought it would be a good idea to rest on his knee and perform little jumps up and down as it patted him.

He turned his head to the side peering out in disbelief.


He managed to say pushing the words out from his face now being rubbed into his thigh.


"Oh my god, your an artist.

So show them, draw and speak, explain the lines, the way you think when drawing as you draw, the feelings you feel as you create. Make them feel your passion the way you do."

I said all that while lying my head down on my lap in the same position as his head.


He ignited, like someone had shot a gun of electricity into him.

"Of course."

His eyes were beaming with light.

"I was going to waffle on with some shit about the history of art and I don't know."

He said going through his palm cards he had produced from his pocket.

Without a second thought, he threw them in the air.

"Your a genius Rachel.

My speech was so shit, I knew it was shit and in another couple of hours this whole lecture hall would know it to be shit.

Ok, ok, can I practice something on you, I haven't rehearsed this and I got a chance now,

Will you help me out please?"

His cute eyes twinkled as he waited for my answer.

"Of course I will."

I said.

"Oh wow, thank you Rachel, ok, can I get you down here at the profs desk?"

He asked and immediately that question, that innocent question threw an erotic filled dart straight into my flesh filling my body with thoughts of the dirtiest sex I had ever had. It even felt like my pussy twitched a little like it had been filled with the nectar from this dart that had hit me but thinking back I actually think it was my naughty lips seeping a little love nectar of their own and my tender pink strips had Scott in sight.


I followed Scott down the stairs to profs desk. He grabbed some paper and some pencils sitting at the desk, he asked me to stand next to him and watch.

"Ok, so if you watch me, I'll show you how drawing and creating the images out of my head, how it feels and why I love to do what I do."

He said confidently.


I leaned down to the desk a little and said.

"Nice start,

I mean you haven't rehearsed this and it hasn't taken you long to get that down."

My words seemed to spur him on and I felt happy helping him not just horny which was a relief I had a sign I might be moving away from that situation.

Scott continued for a few minutes drawing and explaining various techniques and styles that he could apply to make things look better and add depth to them as well as a lot more detailed and technical art terms. I listened and well it all sounded good and I didn't want to bring a sour note into this new idea but i had to be honest with him. I just didn't feel it, like live it with him, it started amazingly but now kind of levelled out, it still was good but just not wow good. I braced myself and just let it out.



I said nervously.

He looked up and I think from his eyes he knew already what I was about to say.

"It's great like great but it's just starting to fall at a high speed from that amazing peak you had it at."

I said it as nicely as I could and I swear he looked broken and defeated that this new idea could fail like his last one.

"Just listen."

I tried to reassure him.

I leaned down placing my arm on the page he had started to draw on, it was this incredible dragon with exceptional detail that blasted my eyes with a skill level I had never seen. 

"You are a very talented artist, I can see, this is so beautiful, so immersive, but I need to feel more, show me how I can feel more."

He looked down at the page.

"Ok, let me see, ok so how I feel when I for example this line here."

He said as he began to work a line down the page gently brushing my arm as it went by. It tickled me and I felt I guess happy as he went down then back up grazing my arm again on the way back up with his voice in the background as well it ahhhh made me tingle I think is the right word. I shivered a little and Scott noticed as he deliberately ran another line over the same one he just drew. I couldn't help it, I let out a small gasp, it escaped my mouth before I could jam it back in. It was like he was tuned into me, my frequency lay open for him to become one with. He looked up at me  putting the pencil down and raising one finger. I went to suggest something else but he placed that finger on my lips then he said.

"Let me try something Rachel."


I allowed him to try his new method he must have concocted in the last few minutes. His finger slowly moved down running a line from my shoulder to my elbow. He spoke softly as he did this.

"I want you to feel how it feels when I pour my passion into an art piece. This is a way you can receive everything I put in to my art by being that piece of paper, that canvas."

He gently continued to run his finger now down my bare skin on my arm to my wrist rolling over to my palm then traveling back up to my shoulder. I shivered, it tickled my skin and goose bumps popped up over my arms. I started to feel what he meant by being the paper, to know what it's like to be shown this attention, to put your all into something. I didn't want it to stop, as he lingered creating small circles on my covered shoulder I slipped my cardigan off my shoulder allowing him more access. 


He didn't waste time as his lap of my arm made its way back to my shoulder and crossed secretly dipping into my cleavage emerging on the other side on my other shoulder where he painted more invisible lines removing my cardigan from that side.

It hung loosely around my back, I let it fall to the floor revealing my red low cut top which he had discovered moments earlier. 

He recruited his other hand to help chart his course as he traced lines from my neck leading straight to my cleavage once more with one slipping in and the other pushing dangerously close to my nipple on the outside of my red top. I didn't know what to think, I didn't really know where this was going, if he wanted something to come out of this or was it just a demonstration of what he meant. It couldn't be that, I couldn't imagine the prof would be up for this kind of skin on skin action. I wanted more but a part of me wanted to stop him from going further even though other louder parts of me screamed in the background to give in to my desire, my want to release the sexual energy chained inside from all my erotic writing.


My sensible part began to lose the battle as he swooped again this time slipping over my top down to my exposed stomach circling there for a moment. I felt my legs push together in what I thought an attempt to hold off the filthy horny thoughts now throwing a barrage of sex images at the inside of my mind. As he continued, I could feel my lust rising, my urge to feel more, to give in and well..... just be fucked right there and hard.....bent over the table. To loudly take his cock without a care of who hears my deepest moans of pure desire blanketing the lecture hall in a storm of scented passion.


A lioness has an urge to hunt and kill prey for the pride and up until this point I had no urges like I had now. My lioness growled, like she could smell her prey, the need for it, the necessity that must be met in that moment. 


He stopped at the bottom of my top twirling his fingers under and pulling it up a little, he waited there for a few seconds i assumed to see if I would stop his advances, I allowed him to continue as he removed my top exposing my bra less breasts flopping out the bottom bouncing proud and firm. I saw his eyes wide and full of desire to touch all he could see. 

His fingers led back down my body from my shoulders now circling one breast while the other rolled over a nipple flicking over it back and forth. His fingers worked the way his pencil would drawing his next piece, flowing smooth over my back, tits and stomach, I didn't say anything just low moans giving him the required message to continue and please God not to stop.


He positioned himself behind me while I couldn't believe I parted my legs with my hands on the desk almost begging for it however he continued to draw beautiful invisible lines down my back and over me every now and again reaching my jeans slipping a finger just below dipping into my little panties I had on. I waited for him to get close again and as he approached I parted my legs a little wider hinting that he could explore further if he needed more of my body to make his point.


His fingers slid around to the zip on my jeans and he traced a line down over my heating mound around to my ass then back up. I definitely could feel my lips and how wet I was getting, I even pushed my aching pussy against the table making it squeak on the polished wood floors.

"Ahh" I said, with a small naughty laugh as Scott also chuckled a little, this was crazy right now, anyone could walk in and most likely it would be the prof but I didn't care, I needed to feel more and I was determined at this point to have Scott's cock buried in my cunt.


My jeans were now becoming an obstacle and I wanted for him to take them down, I didn't want to instruct him, this was his show and I wanted to be in every part of it.

He read my mind, with a fluid movement he slipped my jeans down over my ass exposing my wet pussy through my white panties. He drew a little more up and down my thighs, I couldn't take it anymore, my cunt ached to be fucked! He knew exactly how to make me urge for him, how to want his dick pleasuring me until I would be exhausted. His mouth crept up with his fingers running lines over my firm ass, one hand whipped around peeling back a tongue sized hole which was used almost immediately as I felt his tongue strike like a snake, two, three, four times followed by a lashing that journeyed through my folds from bottom to top briefly stopping by my throbbing clit.


My hands fell heavy on the profs desk as he explored this world I had allowed him entry to, a world I only unlocked a few months back when I started writing erotica and now I still held back but as I parted my legs a little more I opened that world wider as well. I gasped and panted heavily with every swipe, swish and poke of Scott's tongue, a loud moan fell heavy on the halls walls as one of his fingers stealthy penetrated my ass diving in just enough to release an uncontrolled response.


I tried to hold out longer as I didn't want him to stop his assault on my pink lips but it was out before I could stop it.

"Fuck me!"

I screamed as it bounced around the room.

Scott rolled his hard cock up my ass cheeks displaying what he had to offer. I helped his cause by leaning right over the desk, my hands stretching out over it presenting him with a view of my soaking mound waiting for him to plunge inside and discover its treasures. My panties fell to the floor and I felt him press his hard pole against me grinding up and down, his polished smooth head bounding over my tender pink strips with every pass, I could almost hear his cock cry out as it passed by again barely missing my nectar hole.


I thought I would help him find his home I reached between my legs stopping him mid grind and placed it on my cunt.

He pushed in slowly with the tip then slammed his cock deep inside forcing me to fall flat on the desk as he pumped harder with every thrust. The desk squeaked and squealed as his pumping moved it inch by inch.


I didn't care who might be watching or listening, I had no idea how long we had been going, all I knew was I was moaning and telling him to fuck me harder and faster. I gripped the table ends as my ass received a ball slap every second. He paused and held it inside for a second as I knew he was unloading deep in me.

He slowly pulled out and I lay on the table for a minute recovering from his barrage of cock missiles that targeted and destroyed their pussy target. I panted a little slower and got up to him pulling his pants up with an awkward look on his face. I wasn't sure if it was because of his early discharge or maybe embarrassed about what we just did. I gathered my clothes and dressed quickly, I didn't say anything as I was still unsure of how to approach any sort of interaction after something so raw with instinct and just insane lust. This was definitely a new thing for me and I wasn't disappointed. Scott walked up the stairs slowly towards me, he looked up and I could see he was going to say something when a few students entered the hall.


He sat beside me and started going over his notes for his presentation.

I felt great despite not having an orgasm but the sex itself was amazing and I think that had to do with where we did it and Scott did have a nice hard cock. I sat there smiling and I could see he seemed relieved a little as i saw him glancing over at me.

I leaned over a little toward him still facing the front of the room and said.

"Your not going to lead with that are you?"

I laughed a little and so did he, the rest of the class had taken their seats and the prof readied his folders at his desk. I don't think I'll ever look at that desk the same again.


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