Trish gets her revenge

Trish gets her revenge

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica

No Houses


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica

No Houses


Submitted: May 17, 2016

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Submitted: May 17, 2016



Trisha gets her revenge

Trisha and Lance had been friends since JC. When she transferred to Connecticut and he to San Diego, they kept in touch. Over the years since, their grew closer and closer and became best friends and kept no secrets, a situation her husband resented intensely.

Lance was enjoying a cool Saturday morning after a most refreshing shower when Trisha called. “If you can spare the time, can you come over?”

“I can spare all day for you, Sweetheart. What's up?”

“Greg had an affair. Please come over,” she said as the phone went dead. He made it there a few minutes less than the usual 10. It was easy to see she had been crying profusely by the snowbank of tissues on her coffee table. “Somebody want a hug?”

“Desperately. I. . . I. . .” She started to cry again. Through her tears and sobs, she told him that her husband had filmed him and his girlfriend and had stupidly let the chip with the video on it in the video camera. “Let's see this video.”

“Okay. Push this button. I can't watch it again.” She turned away as he watched a stick figure of a woman standing in front of the camera. “I'll give you a full view for later,” she said as she laid spread eagle in front of the camera. “What's so great about your body, Toots?” he commented. He watched until the monitor went snowy. “What now, Trish?”

“I want to hurt the asshole. Stick the knife in and turn it. ”

“Usually I would say a divorce will hurt him enough.”

“I know you would.”

“But after all he said about you and me, I'd say 'Game on!' I've got an idea. “Have you got a sexy corset?”

“Yes. Why?”

“For my idea to work, you will have to partly seduce him.”


“Yepper. Let's go for a ride. I'll tell you my plan on the way.”


They jumped in his car. “Here's the deal, Trish. Make him think you want to have make up sex and you'll bind him to the bed with some restraints I have. Right now, we're going to my place to get them and a small, suede whip I have.”

“You have a whip? You don't seem the type.”

“I bought it for a former girlfriend. She had some very, shall we say, interesting sexual proclivities. The whip can be used as a sensual thing or for punishment.”

“I see. I don't fully understand but I’ll take your word for it.”

“You won't have to. Here's our turn.”

“The thing we want is in the closet in my bedroom.” He took out a file folder box and set it on his bed and poked around contents. After a moment, he said, “I don't see it here,” and dumped the contents out. “There they are, the restraints and my whip.”

She picked up the whip and asked, “Will this really hurt?”

“Try it on your butt. That'll give you an idea of what its like.”



“Yep! That should do it.”

“Back to your place for some planning. For now, try putting one of those restraints around your ankle.”

“I don't think there's enough room between me and the dashboard.”

“It doesn't matter if you do it here or your place. Here we are.”

She was struggling with the restraints. “All you have to do is hook the little strap in the buckle. Like a belt.”

“Oh, I get it!”

“Keep practicing before you try it on him.”

She did it several more times.

“You've got it, Girl!”

“Tell me again what I should tell him.”

“Make him think you're going to have makeup sex. There isn't a cheater anywhere who wouldn't think he's off the hook when you mention makeup sex. And, if you can, get this ball gag in his mouth. Otherwise, when he feels the whip, he might alert the whole neighborhood. Have you got all of this?”

“Yes. Restraints, ball gag, and whip.”

“That's it. Call anytime you're ready and I'll be right over. “Anytime. Okay, Trish?”

“Okay. I'll call soonest.”

He was a bit surprised when she called only about 30 hours later. It was a little after one in the morning.

“The pig is ready for slaughter.”

I'll be right there. He donned his garments. They weren't much in quantity or size but he was certain what he chose would enhance the fear factor. He made it in record time and avoided all police or he would surely would have gotten a speeding ticket.

He showed up in a short robe and thong. He took off his robe. “What do you think?”

“I like but let's save my comments for later,” Trisha said.

“This mask I brought should put some fear into him.”

“What now?”

“Tell him what you want and punctuate each point with the whip.”

“I gave him a whack before and I hit him pretty hard and it scared me. I think you should take the whip.”


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