The Politician's Wife

The Politician's Wife

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance




Submitted: March 06, 2016

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Submitted: March 06, 2016



Matt and Nancy met on their first job out of college. She was a reporter for the local newspaper on the crime beat but wanted to be a political reporter and he was a CSI who wanted to teach. After about ten years, they both landed their dream jobs.

One day Nancy got a phone call from the wife of an aspiring politician she had known since high school. “Hi, Nancy. Marie Stevens here.”

“Good to hear from you! How are you?”

“Good. Are you still coming to the dinner Saturday?”

“Yes. Why?”

“I have a personal favor to ask and it's not for publication. Okay?”

“Okay. It won't be the first time. What is it?”

“Ever since I found out Brian was banging his campaign manager, I have been thinking of taking a boyfriend. Do you know any single men who might fit the bill? I don't dare get with any of his acquaintances or attached men.”

“I thought you might have done this sooner, but I'm not surprised you're doing it. I know just the guy! He thinks you're absolutely beautiful, if I remember his words exactly. His name is Matt, he's a teacher at the junior college and I trust him implicitly. If it's discretion you want, and it sounds like you do, he's the man for the job!”

“I want someone who's at least an average lover.”

“He has slow hands and he's not selfish at all. We dated when we first met, naturally, we made it to bed, so I have first hand knowledge.”

“You're not sleeping with him?”

“No. We mutually agreed long ago that we shouldn't try to be more than friends.”

“He sounds nice. I'd like to meet him.”

“He'll be at the dinner, I guarantee it. I'll tell him he's invited because there will be a lot of single women there.”

“Okay. Seven o'clock then.”

As soon as Nancy hung up, she called Matt. “Hey, Honey. There's a dinner Saturday to celebrate Brian Stevens election. Wanna go? You can meet Marie then, if you want.”

If I want? You know, I do! She's gorgeous!”

“I thought you might say yes! Pick me up at 6:30.”

The day came and he got to Nancy's at 6:20. Ready to go?”

“Yep! I just need my notebook and pencil. Let's hit it!”

“Where are we headed?”

“312 Sycamore. The big white Victorian.”

“I know the place.”

They parked and a woman with a name tag that read 'Bonnie' was sitting just inside and asked for their invitation.

“You can help yourselves to the buffet,” she said.

He thought she had the most horrible red dye job he had ever seen.

Nancy said, “Let's get something to eat first and find Marie.”

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