Serena, Part one?

Serena, Part one?

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica






Submitted: January 12, 2016

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Submitted: January 12, 2016



James and Serena had known each other forever, at least their forever.

Once Serena started noticing boys in more than an annoying way, James was the one she most wanted to be with.

James was slower to make the same decision. Serena was his most special girlfriend ever. She had touched the deepest parts of his heart and soul and body. Any future babies that came from their union would be truly be a love child.

He saw a long and bright future together for them until she came to him and said her future was with another. She started to explain, but he said only, “Hearing this only hurts more. Just go.”

Later, he raged and screamed and raged some more. He was crazy with the hurt for awhile. When the tears came, he wept long and deeply and often.

About six months later, his brother handed him a copy of the newspaper.

“You might want to see this.”

He read at the part that had been circled in red. “Serena Barnes to wed. . .”

“What are you thinking, Big Brother?”

“I'm going to a wedding Saturday.”

“What's the plan?”

“No plan. I'll just wing it when I get there.”

He got to the church about 45 minutes before the scheduled time and entered through a back door. He immediately saw an older woman coming out a door. From the symbols on her small case, she was a seamstress. “Can you tell me where I might find Serena Barnes? I'm an old friend and I've come to wish her well.”

“You don't look like one of the invited guests.”

“I'm not. I heard about the wedding 20 minutes ago and rushed over here.”

“She's in there. I was just fixing her dress.”

He knocked softly on the door and found the seamstress was as careless with the door as she had been telling him Serena's location. He quietly pushed the door open to find Serena sitting at a small table staring out a window. He was surprised she was alone.

“Serena, I'm here to take you home. If you're going to yell for help, I'd rather just go quietly.”

“I'm not going to say anything, Baby. I asked for a few minutes alone and I was imagining how life was going to be with Eric and I thought about running. How are we going to do this? I can't run in this dress without falling.”

He picked her up and put her over his shoulder.

“Let's go out the back door. It opens out into the parking lot. Not the one you came in.”

“Can you lose the train?”

She tore the train off. “Ready to go

He pushed the door open with his hip. “Okay. Look out for anyone who might see us.” When they had covered about half the distant to his car, he asked her, “Anyone yet?”

“No one. Eric's parents are in the rectory talking to the minister, but they don't seem panicked.”

“Great.” When they got to his car, his brother and sister-in-law were there. “What are you doing here?”

“We thought you might need some help.”

“We could. It looks like Serena can't get her seat belt around her dress.”

His sister-in-law took over for a minute. “Do you want to save the dress, Serena?”

“No. I want to burn it!”

“Enough said. Hold still.” With only about two or three yanks, she tore the skirt portion from it.

He asked his brother, “Can you stay about ten minutes and see if anyone follows us?”

“Sure can. See you in about 20 minutes.

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