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Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica




Submitted: March 05, 2016

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Submitted: March 05, 2016



Matt was just waking up and putting on his pants. His father tapped on his door. “There's some breakfast waiting for you.”

Matt opened the door as he slipped on a tee shirt. “Be right down.”

“Scarlett came by a while ago for you.”

“What did she want?”

“She didn't say but she said she'd be back soon. She seemed quite interested in talking to you.”

“I'll be here when she comes by. No plans this morning.”

“Good. Your mother and I are going out.”

Scarlett had been a neighbor for about ten years and a pal to Matt for nearly that long. She had a style and energy he was always drawn to. She was the most worldly person he knew and he felt like he could talk to her about anything.

She had married an older man and when he died, she, of course, became the sole owner of the bar.

On her return that day, she gave him a hug and a kiss as quickly as he opened the door. “How are things going with you?”

“Terrible. Except for breakfast today, the last month has been a struggle. I've spent nearly a 200 hours looking for work and absolutely no results and it was all topped off last night with one of the worst dates I've ever had. I wanted to get to know her and all she wanted to talk about was her friends. Halfway through dinner, I paid the check and took her home. How's that for terrible?”

“It certainly qualifies! “I may have the solution to your employment problems. Let's take a drive and I'll tell you my plans.”

“Great! Some time with you would be great after last night. The neighborhood hasn't been the same since you moved.”

“Your making this a very nice day. Thank you. Let's take my car.”

“Where are you living now, Scarlett?”

“That's where we're going.” She motored toward the freeway without saying much.

She got on the freeway and said, “Here's the deal. Do you remember how I hated dealing with drunks at the bar?”

“I sure do.”

“Well, I thought of turning the place into a gentleman's club so I would have more gentile crowd of men. I know some men who I would invite for a start to my clientele. I knew them when George and I started out. We were just scraping by and I started servicing a few men for a price until we got going better. That's right, I was a whore! Go ahead and make your criticisms.

“Never. Not for that reason or any other. Go on.”

“The idea of a gentleman's club wasn't a good one. It wasn't a very good prospective overall. So I've decided to turn the place into a strip club. The four girls I've hired will be here today. I want you to meet them. Here's our exit.” She wheeled off the freeway and were at the bar in no time.

“You're staying at the bar?” He wondered.

No. I'm going to be staying with an old boyfriend from back in the day. He's the one who got away for me. I brought you here to have a look at the place. I want you to help me redecorate it. I can pay you $500 a week as my manager plus this apartment, if you want it.”

“I'll take it! That's a lot more than the nothing a week I'm making now and I'm dying to get out of my parents place.”

They started looking the place over in the former backroom. “This was my apartment before I moved in with Art, my new boyfriend.”

“I always thought this room was much bigger. It's big enough for a decent sized apartment. How's the bathroom?”

“New. I had a plumber do that. Seen enough?”

“Have you got a few pieces of paper and something to write with?”

“There's a spiral notebook and pencils on the desk. Will that do?”


“What do you think?”

“I think I would like something cold to drink.”

“I mean about the club.”

“How much time and money do I have to work with and what kind of a crew will I have?”

George left me with a life insurance policy of $100,000 and I want it to be ready in 8 weeks and you'll have to pick your crew.”

“How much can I pay each of them?”

“I was going to start you at $500 a week plus a percentage of the girls tips.”

“How would it be if I pay them the $500 a week minus the tip percentage, of course?”

"I'd have to check my figures, but I think that matches my figures.


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