Samantha and Her Secret Lover, Chapter One

Samantha and Her Secret Lover, Chapter One Samantha and Her Secret Lover, Chapter One

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


One more chapter to follow, maybe two.


One more chapter to follow, maybe two.


Submitted: June 08, 2015

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Submitted: June 08, 2015



Samantha was gorgeous. She had arranged to meet her secret online lover in San Francisco. He had sent his number some time ago. She dug it out of his messages and called on the cell phone she had gotten so she wouldn't be traceable. “Hi, Baby. Its Samantha, your online sub. How are you?”

“At this moment, I'm very surprised and delighted to hear from you. You've always been so reluctant to give out any info. I'm delighted because its you, Sexy Lady. So, what's up?”

She was hating herself for calling this late. “I have a stewardess friend who can get me on a flight to San Francisco this Thursday for the weekend. I thought we could hookup in those sexy ways we want.”

“Thursday, huh?”

“I just know I called too late.”

“No you didn't!, Not all, Honey! I was just thinking out loud. I can close my shop Thursday and Friday for you. I'm just glad I have enough time to make the reservations and arrangements and little time to go crazy before we're together.”

“We don't need reservations. I trust you enough to stay with you, Baby.”

“No. We're not staying at my hovel! You're too special for anything but the best. What's your flight?”

“Flight 1211, arriving at 2:00 PM Thursday.”

“Okay, Sweetheart. I'll have to going now. I'll be holding my breath until then or holding something else!”

“Okay, Baby, If you must go. Bye, Lover.”

“She got up to refill her coffee and noticed her chair seat was soaked. 'Damn, she thought. Maybe I shouldn't have taken of my clothes before I called.'

She scurried here and there getting her things packed and then back again making sure she had everything. She could hear her computer sounding a new email arrival. When she got back to it, she had six new emails, all from him. One said 'I want you, DG' and another said 'I had an orgasm while we were talking. . .without touching myself! You're ultra sexy!' Still another said, “Bring a jacket. It gets cold here in the summer.

The last one read,' Bring the special vibrators you told me about. I have batteries.' She hadn't packed them since they would have each other to play with. She scooted back to her already filled suitcase, noticed what was in it and dumped the contents on the floor. “Silly Slut! You won't need that many pairs of underwear! What else can stay here? I've got one change of clothes besides the ones I'll be wearing and the vibrators my Master wants me to bring, my makeup and my jacket. I guess that's it.” She looked down at the small suitcase and put an outfit of a tight, light sweater and a short jean skirt on it. She smiled. “Perfect!” She slept more peacefully than she thought she would.

The next day at work, her nearest desk mate asked, “Are you okay, Samantha? You seem distracted.”

“I am. Tomorrow morning, I'm flying to San Francisco to meet a man and he's as hot to me as any other half dozen men I have ever known.

“Go home then. I'll cover for you.”

“She said, “Thanks. I owe you,” as she flew out the door. The time since her phone call had been a tormenting wait and she still had 12 more hours to endure. “This wait is agony,” she finally admitted. 'But it hurts so good, doesn't it, Lover,' she imagined him whispering in her ear.

The time finally came to board the plane. She said greeted the stewardess friend, “Hi, Paula.”

“Today's the big day?”

“Tonight I'll be in SF and the arms of a man I met on the 'net and I don't even know his name. “Jesus Christ! I don't even know his name!”

“Rest easy. I can put you on another flight back if need be.”

She relaxed at Paula's assurance and promptly fell asleep and found some escape from her 'sweet agony' in slumber.”

She was awakened by a jolt. “What was that?”

“We just touched down in San Francisco, your destination.”

“What. . .”

“You fell asleep.”

“That must have been some kind of nap! What do you put in these planes for fuel? KY jelly with a heavy dash of Viagra? I'm totally ready to meet my lover man!” She walked off the plane with a renewed bounce in her step. As she descended down the escalator, she saw him standing near the baggage carousal with a gleaming smile and holding a painted piece of cardboard that read simply 'DG'. She would know him from his pictures. He walked to her with his usual confident, unassuming walk and hugged her. Something about him told her it would be safe to be alone with him. “Hold me a little while please.” She buried her face in his chest and said, “I'm so glad I'm here. All the fears I had are now buried. Where are we going?”

“Nowhere right now. You're shaking!”

“That's just anticipation. I'm glad to be here, Sir.”

“I'm glad, too, Sweetheart. You're prettier than your pictures

“You're shaking, too.”

“That's anticipation, too. Right now, I could peel you like a grape and eat you with a spoon!”

“My vehicle and your chariot are about six rows into the parking lot. This way, M'Lady.” He led her to his newly painted '53 Chevy pickup and announced, “Here it is.”

“I like your truck! It reminds me of the one my Grandpa had when I was a kid. He and I rode around all over and I would help him with the chores on his farm. He let me drive it when I was older. ”

“Sounds like a fun grandpa.”

He started it up and they rolled out of the parking lot. “I need to tell you something before things get heated up. I tried to get us a room at the Mark Hopkins hotel but the cheaper rooms were all booked. I tried to scrape up the money for something else there but couldn't get enough together, but we could get a room somewhere else.”

“Oh, no, Baby. I don't need a room at a fancy hotel. Your place will be fine. If you’re going to spend your money on me, I think it should be on sexy things for me to wear for you or sex toys.”

“I like the way you think! Before we head to my place, I want to show you something. Have you ever seen the Pacific ocean?”


“I'm going to show you a view I enjoy often and its not far from my place.”

He pulled into the parking lot of a public beach a couple miles north of the airport and stepped out. They walked the short distance to the lone picnic table.

“This is beautiful! Can we sit here for a while?”

“Sure. We'll take a walk on another beach tomorrow, if you like.” He wrapped his arms around her and she took in all that was to be seen.

“Let me know when you're ready to go. We can come back later.”

“Anytime is okay.”

“My place is only about a mile from here.”

“Your seat in here is softer than I remember in my Grandpa's truck.”

“I had it redone to be like new trucks and cars. It wasn't very comfortable before. Here's home for me. The third door down is the home of my cat, General, and I. If you see him let him in. I'll get your suitcase. Take my keys and let yourself in the dark blue door.” He heard the key turn as he picked up her suitcase.

“Before we get anything going, I have some thing for you.” He went to his small keyboard and retrieved an extra house key for her. “Here. If you ever, under any circumstances want to get in here, please use this. 'Mi casa es su casa' as they say hereabouts.”

“This is a nice place. Why did you ever call it a hovel and why did you think we should stay at the Mark Hopkins?”

“Because compared to the Mark Hopkins it is a hovel and its the best San Francisco has to offer and my sub deserves the best!”

“If you say so, Sir. This couch is really nice. Come sit with me.”

“Thanks for the article on Dom/sub relationships you sent. It really says it all.”

“In one short article, too. I'll do anything as your sub, Honey, except pain.”

“Duly noted.” He pretended to write in the air as he spoke. “No pain, just pleasure. I have one standing order for you at all times: Enjoy all that you can enjoy!”

“How do you want to get this started?”

“We haven't kissed yet. That seems an excellent place to start. Make that one kiss that lasts the rest of the night.”

“Deal.” They shared a kiss that was both soothing to their collective nervousness and electrifying.

“That was great! You're definitely staying through the weekend. How about a slow, sexy strip for me?”

“Of course, Sir,” she said with an impish grin.

“If you get wet along the way, I want a taste. I'll get you started.” He slipped her tennis shoes off. “You go, Girl!”

She started swaying side to side and unbuttoned her sweater. She slowly lifted it over her head and tossed it to him. She lightly caressed her already hard nipples and softly said, “This feels so good.”

He caught it and tossed it away and started to undress, too.

“I like what I'm seeing,” she commented.

“Keep going, he replied.”

“Whatever pleases my master.” She unzipped her skirt and let it dangle. “Oops. I forgot my panties!”

“I don't think a dirty girl like you would ever forget them. I think you left them off on purpose.”

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