Poker night at George's

Poker night at George's Poker night at George's

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Genre: Erotica



Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica




Chapter1 (v.1) - Poker Night at George's

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 30, 2017



It was Jack's regular Wednesday night poker game. The other three men brought their wives or girlfriends and they had their own get together while the men played cards. They held the game at George and Maxine's home. Alf and Margie were regulars along with Ted and Jean. This night was a little different however.

Since Jack was not dating anyone, Maxine invited a coworker, Heather.

“How are you and Randy doing these days?, Heather.”

“Off and on. Mostly off these days. Why?”

“You remember Jack? He's the single man in George's poker game.”

“Sure, I remember him. Tall, dark hair, grey eyes. That him?”

“Yeah. Tonight's George's poker night and I thought you might like to come and get to know him better.”

“Okay. As long as I don't have to play poker. I always lose and I don't have any money.”

“It will be you and I and Margie and Jean. We'll serve the snacks and it'll be like a night out but at home.”

“My car's in the shop. I'll need a ride.”

“You can ride home with me and have dinner with us. Alright with you?”

“Fine. I'll do the dishes.”

“We have a dishwasher.”

“Better. This night is getting better and better. I just hope Jack is glad I'll be there.”

“We can ask George what he thinks when we get home.”

When they got to Maxine's that night, one of the first things out of Maxine's mouth was Heather's question. “What do you think, George?”

“I'm certain he will be very glad to see you, Heather. The last time you saw him, he said you were smart and very attractive. He liked your voice and what came out of your mouth. That good enough for you?”

Heather smiled and Maxine said, “That seems good enough.”

“What are the snacks tonight?” Heather asked.

“Just put those two bags of chips in bowls and get out the dip and fresh vegetables for dipping.”

The snacks were set out as the other couples arrived with Jack close behind.

“Hi, Everybody,” Heather said. “The eats are ready when you want them.”

“I'm going to help set up right now,” Jack responded. He passed behind her and held her waist for a brief moment. She liked it.

“Jack just touched me and it sent chills down my spine.”

“Good chills or bad chills?”

“Very good chills.”

“What are you going to do about it?”

“If at all possible, I want Jack to be my ride home. I'll wing it after that.”

“Maybe you could go to his place. He has a very nice home.”

“Maybe that would be better.”

“I think the guys are ready for some eats,” Maxine suggested. “Take the fresh vegetables and the dip. Jack will want them. I'll take the rest.”

She grabbed them and hurried to be close to Jack again. She stood next to him and offered them to him.

“Just a minute, Heather. I've got to win this hand first.” He started to rub the inside of Heather's inner thighs, but not to high. Decorum of the moment required a bit of restraint. He noticed she liked it and that she didn't stop him.

“Everybody in?”

“Everybody's in,” George replied.

“I've got three kings,”

“Son-of-a-bitch,” Ted exclaimed.

“Time for a break,” Alf said.

George said, “You have the damnedest luck sometimes!”

“It's not that I have such good luck. It's just that your money has an affinity for my pocket, George.”

“And I always thought that affinity was for my wife's purse. Let's take that break.”

Maxine saw a chance to help Heather. “Heather needs a ride home tonight. Can you handle that, Jack?”

“Sure. It won't be long. I think its near our time limit.”

“That sounds about right. Time for one last hand,” was George's response. Who's deal?”


“All of you can throw in lots of cash. The winning hand is mine.”

Heather was standing next to Jack with her arm across his shoulders. She wanted to watch and craved more thigh rubbing. She really wanted some more.

In the deal, they all had good hands.

Ted bet ten dollars and Alf and George matched it. I'll see your ten and raise twenty,”Jack said.

Everyone saw his raise.

“How many cards, Guys?”

“I'll take one.”

“Me too.”

“The dealer takes two. You, Jack?”

“I'll take one.” Jack noticed the others did seem to get what they wanted but he caught his. He cautiously bet only twenty.

“I'll call.”

“Me, too.”

“George said, “I'll see your twenty and twenty more.”

“Call,” was Jack's response.

“There must be 200 bucks in there by now,” one commented.

The others called.

Ted had pair of aces and tens, Alf had kings and queens, while George had three nines.

“How's do three nines strike you, Jack?”

“There pretty good but I think my two twos and three threes are a bit better.”

After all the complaining about Jack's luck that night subsided, he turned to Heather. “I believe you require a ride, Miss Heather.”

“I do indeed, kind Sir.” On the way to his car, she asked, “What are you going to do with your winnings?”

“I'd like to take you out with part of it this Saturday if you're free. Your choice of places.”

“I've always wanted to see the streets in Monopoly.”

“I meant local. I can't afford Atlantic City now. I could get us in Andre's or Mai's Chinese.”

“I'd love either one, Jack.”

“Eight okay?”

“Fine. Maxine says you have a nice house. I'd like to see it tonight.”

“You seem pretty tired. It's nearly across town.”

“That's okay. Maxine says its near my apartment.”

“Okay then. It won't take long.”

When they got to his house, she commented, “I'm only about 8 or 10 blocks from here.”

They pulled into his driveway. “I've got to make a call,” she said. “I could use a minute.”

“I'll put some coffee on.”


She called her assistant, Sophie. “Did I wake you?”

“No I couldn't sleep because of my finances. They're driving me crazy.”

“How about four hours tomorrow morning with the possibility of the afternoon, too?”

“Sounds great!”

“I'll call you in the morning about the afternoon.”

“Talk to you then, Boss.”

She dashed into the house. “I like this. I see what Max meant. It's like a warm and comfortable home.”

“Do you want to look around or do you want the tour?”

“I'll take the tour.”

“There's not much to see. You can see the living area and the kitchen. He opened a door off the living area. “The spare bedroom is here and the other door is another bedroom I've converted to a closet and extra bath.”

“I like the nice big shower.”

“The master bedroom is over the kitchen.”

“I didn't even notice anything over the kitchen.”

She followed him up the red, industrial type spiral staircase.

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