Now or Never

Now or Never

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica



This is far from done. It's just here so a co-writer/ friend can see it.



This is far from done. It's just here so a co-writer/ friend can see it.


Submitted: March 05, 2016

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Submitted: March 05, 2016



Jack was at the club to meet friends. He got there early because they had said this club could get very busy on a Saturday night. He got a large glass of tea and sat down at an empty booth near the front door. As he was stirring the sugar into it, his friends came in. “Over here, Al. . . Margie. Who's your pretty friend, Margie?”

“This is Nancy. She was a friend in college. We ran into each other today and I invited her along. I hope you don't have a date.” Nancy had long, shimmering blonde hair and sparkling, seductive blue eyes. He was taken by her total package like a shot and she ignited his most lascivious tendencies.

“What are you ladies having tonight?”

“I'll have a screwdriver,” Nancy said. “Margie said something about a Virgin Mary.

When he left, Nancy said to Margie, “I know were I'm sitting tonight.”

“In this booth, I thought.”

“Yeah, but very close to your friend all night long. Naughty Nancy wants to play!” He returned with their drinks and some peanuts and Nancy scurried to sit next to him. “Are you going to dance with me tonight, Handsome Stranger?”

“I wouldn't have it any other way. How about now. I see the DJ is starting up.”


They danced a half a dozen fast dances. “I need stop for a while,” she said.

“Me too. I'm going to talk to the DJ. Be right back.”

He asked the DJ to play a set of slow songs which he did.

They danced holding the other close.

Halfway through the sixth slow dance, he said, “Now I need to stop for a while. Dancing this close to you is making me hot. Let's go sit with Al and Margie.”

When they got seated again, Margie commented, “You looked like you were having some fun.”

“Yeah, but it was time to quit for now,” Nancy replied.

Nancy put her hand high up on his thigh.

“You don't waste any time, do you?”

“Why should I? We're going to get there anyway.”

He put his arm around her and bit her ear. When he did, she started having faint second thoughts. “Stop! I have a fiance and his name's Brian.”

“Brian may have you yesterday and all your tomorrows, but you're mine tonight.”

“I am so fucking yours.”

He reached down and cupped his hand around her mons and gave it a squeeze.

“Oh, my! A little harder please.”

He did until he undid her jeans and pushed three fingers in her pussy and rubbed her clit.

“Oh, yeah, Baby! Work that clit for me.” She wriggled and squirmed like she was trying to get loose. But Brian. . .”

“Forget Brian, damn it.”

“You're going to make me do this in front of all these people, aren't you?”

“You bet. You're one of the sexiest things on the planet and this thing tonight is way too hot to do anything else. We're going to take this all the way tonight.”

By now he was rubbing her clit with his more proficient index finger. “Are you ready to cum yet, Sexy Lady?” He finger fucked her more and rubbed her clit with his thumb until she was softly banging on the table. She wanted to scream but held it back. “I'm ready!”

“Give me your panties.”


“Here and now.”

“But people will see.”

“This place has a reputation for turning a blind eye to the nasty things people do here.” She struggled with them at first. “I can't get them off.”

“Not my problem. Your panties, please.Now or never.”

“You're going to make me do this, too, aren't you?”

She finally got out of her jeans and he wriggled and slid to get under the table.

“I'm going to taste you now. Raise your bottom up a little.” After she did, he was able to slip her panties down and put them into his pocket.

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