Marcus and Isabella's first time together

Marcus and Isabella's first time together

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Just fooling around. . .


Just fooling around. . .


Submitted: December 29, 2015

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Submitted: December 29, 2015



He was carrying in his takeout dinner after work when he heard a familiar female voice. “Whatcha' got their, Marcus?”

“Hi, Cutie. A dinner for two from Mai's and an order of dim sum. I remember you liked that. I was hoping we could have dinner together tonight.”

“I'd love that! Give me about ten minutes to straighten up and I'll be over.”

Ten minutes was a close guess. It was nine. How did you collect up that much pretty in only ten minutes?”

“I don't know. Some got it and some ain't, I guess.”

“Have a seat. I put out a plate for your dim sum and there's water for tea.”

“Thank you, Honey. It all looks so good. I enjoy all of Mai's things.”

“I knew we both did. That's why I went to Mai's.”

“I'm very pleased you remembered.”

“I remember lots of things about you. You went to Stanford where you majored in art and earned your bachelors. You grew up on a farm in eastern Oregon near the boundaries of Idaho and Washington where you had a tan puppy named Casey. The cats you have now are named Bud and Lou, named after Abbot and Costello, your favorite comedy team. Bud is the black and white one and Lou is the tabby. Did I get that right?”

“Am I being stalked or something?”

He chuckled at her suggestion. “Not at all. Remembering things about you is easy. You really stand out in my mind, Sweet Thing.” He got up to put and his dish in the sink. On his return to the table, he saw her pushing the last morsels of food around her plate.

“Is anything wrong, Isabella? Did I say anything out of line?”

“No. Not at all. Something just came to mind. Sit down please, Honey.”

“If you keep calling me honey, I might start thinking you like me.”

She got up this time to take her dishes to the sink. “I do like you a lot.” On her way back to the table, she draped herself over his shoulders and whispered in her most sultry voice, “Wanna fuck, Honey?”

“Being with you like that would be the best thing ever, but I'd feel a lot better if I could get a quick shower.”

“Go for it! But, I'm going to join you.”

He flipped his clothes off and away as she slipped hers off and took his place under the warm cascade of water and soaped up. His scrotum was tight and his dick couldn't have been harder.

“I like what I'm seeing,” she smiled knowing that she had inspired his hardon and it would be shared with her.

“I'm totally into this. I'm a very horny girl tonight. Do you like horny girls?”

“Yes and yes!” Horny girls are my favorite, especially if she's in the shower with me.”

“I like that idea, too. Do my back, please.”

He noticed every curve and muscle in her back and bit her hard on the neck while he was soaping her up.

“Ooh!” was her response.

“I don't want to make love tonight. I want to fuck.”

“Sure, Baby. You must know by now I'm yours and I'll give you everything you want tonight.

“I'll give you your night, too. One of my greatest pleasures comes from pleasing the lady I'm with.”

“Sounds yummy.”

“Maybe tomorrow. I'd love to have the pleasure of waking up with you.”


“The time for talking is through for tonight.” He couldn't and wouldn't wait any longer and wrapped his arms around her waist and carried her to his soft bed and cast her on it.

“Oh, my,” she said as he jumped her still wet form. “You said something about fucking. Bring it on. I'm one horny bitch tonight.”

He plunged his hard dick in her very wet and eager pussy and didn't feel the need to take his time. He screwed her longer than he usually would, being as horny as he was. After a while, she said, “Go for it, Baby.”

He took his cue and pounded harder still until he let loose a loud groan.

“You okay now, Baby?”

“Fine. Really fine.”

“I'd like to go to sleep now but if you want more, I'm here for you.”

“Me, too.”

“The next morning, he woke to see her with a sketch pad across her naked lap. “Whatcha doing, Sweetheart?”

“I got a little inspired this morning and I'm sketching you, so stay still for now. It's been a little tough going but I think I've got it.

“Why's it so tough?

“A nude model usually doesn't have a hardon and I'm not usually turned on by the model.”

“I hope you don't use my face. I'm kinda private about showing myself. It's private showings only.”

"No problem. Your face will be obscured. It'll be a generic face, unlike anyone's.”

“Can I look yet?”

“Just a minute.” She turned it around for him to see. “I'm calling it 'Sleeping Nude.' What do you think?”

“I like it. The trees and birds and flowers are a nice touch and your choice of colors is wonderful. I think we should have dinner together more often and our motto will be 'Great art follows great sex'! I want to take some nude pictures of you, too. Artsy stuff for our viewing only.”

“Thank you. That's very considerate of you. We can sure do that. Now?”

“Some other time. I haven't got the right background and I need to get the right lighting.”

"That's right. You've got that new camera."


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