Kelly and Samantha

Kelly and Samantha Kelly and Samantha

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica



Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Chapter1 (v.1) - Chapter One

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Submitted: October 25, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 25, 2016



Kelly Lee and Samantha

The house phone rang at the Moreno residence and Kelly answered. "Samantha, it's for you."

"Take a message, Mom. I'm getting ready for my date."

Kelly went to her daughter's room to deliver the message.

“It was Stewart and he said he would be ready at seven after all. He seemed very nice.” (Translation: His voice was very seductive and I’ve already got a case of screaming thigh sweats for your ‘friend’)

“Are we going to meet him sometime?” (Further translation: Mom wants a chance to seduce him.)

“He’s just a friend. (Translation: He’s my fuck buddy. Leave it alone please.) We met at a baseball game at school. He plays infield and he’s very good at any base, but he likes second base the best. He’s got a 3.48 GPA and hopes to go to grad school.”

“That’s quite a resume but you left out his major.”


“Oh. How nice.”

Kelly left it alone. She had long ago figured out her daughter was a highly sexual being much like she was at Samantha’s age. When Samantha and Stewart met, there had been an intense attraction and a burning need for some satisfaction very soon. It happened that night in the back of Samantha’s minivan. It took twice plus a very satisfying oral exchange to fully calm them down. After, they realized that, together, they didn’t have stuff to be a successful couple but they could be very successful fuck buddies. So it stood for a little over a year.

Samantha did bring him to the house several times in that year. He accepted the first with some fear of being stuck for an evening with boring parents. That fear was swept away like it was whisked away by a tornado when he met her mother.

He drove up when they were on their expansive front lawn readying a casual barbecue dinner. He was relieved to see all three in jeans as he was. He made himself the odd one out when he donned his baseball jersey and cap.

“Can I park in your driveway, Samantha?"

"Sure. Anywhere."

He did and walked the short distance across the lawn where they were standing. “Hello. I take it this is the place.”

“Yep,” Samantha responded. This is my dad, Sam and my mom Kelly Lee.”

He shook Sam’s hand. Sam replied, “Can I get you anything to drink, Stew? Scotch, bourbon, a beer?”

“I requested sweet tea when Samantha asked. That sounds best.”

Samantha interrupted, “Dad, come help me get it. It’s in a really big jug and I can’t carry it by myself.”

After they left, she had a better chance to get to know him.

“Hello, Stewart. I prefer Kelly, not Kelly Lee."

"Okay, Kelly and not Kelly Lee. I am amazed at how much you two look like sisters."

"Thank you."

"I'd bet you've heard the sister comment from a lot of people."

"I try to keep in shape."

"You've done it well."

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