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Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica





Submitted: May 15, 2016

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Submitted: May 15, 2016



A man walked into the men's clothing store where Katherine, aka Kat, was manager. He said, “Excuse me, Kat. I've been out of the country and all my dress shirts are either worn out or left behind. I was hoping to restore my wardrobe here. You've had a very nice selection ever since the new manager started.” A sales clerk said, “I can help him with that, Kat.”

“I've got this one, Kelli. Go help Gwen straighten out the shelves.”


“But. . .”


“Just go and find something to do but not in the backroom until further notice.”

Kat took the man's hand and said, “Right this way, Sir.” and lead him into the backroom.


Kelli went over to where Gwen was even though Gwen didn't need any help. “Gwen, what is Kat doing? She took that man into the back and she told us it was employees only in the back room.”


“Maybe he's another Howard Hughes. A millionaire and shabbily dressed or a homeless reclamation project. There's exceptions to every rule. Then she had a sudden realization. “Wait a minute! There's only one reason she's in back with him and I know a way we can find out what's going on. Follow me.”


“Where are we going?”


“Her office. That bulletin board she put up covers a broken window and it doesn't quite cover the window. There's about a half inch of space we can peek through. We have to be completely silent or she'll hear us. Come on!” As they passed the checkout counter on their way to Kat's office, Gwen grabbed a scarf and quickly tied it over Kayla's mouth. You won't be able to keep quiet when you see hat they're up to.”


As soon as Kat and the man were through the door, she lunged at him and threw her arms around his neck. “Why didn't you tell me you were coming home a week early, Jake?”


“Before I left, your mom said not to do that very thing. She said you would be impossible to live with and your work would surely suffer and you wouldn't clean your apartment. That's why.”


I wish she hadn't told you that. I wonder if it's a legal justification for murder. Oh, hell, I can plan her murder later. I want hear about you now. How was Egypt? Did you like it? How's your PhD theses coming?”

Egypt was fine. Different than here, okay but different. I met a lot of interesting people and I started writing my theses on the plane. I should be done with it by March.”

She tentatively asked, “Does this mean the long hours with school and such will be ending soon?”

“Yepper, Girlfriend. I may be around school still, though. One of the profs got sick almost as soon as we got there and they asked me to train the undergrads. I liked training them and I want to teach. I got the impression they might hire me here. Then we can happen as planned.”


“That's all the best news ever!” She hugged him tighter.

“I want a couple things from you today.


“What's that?”


“A spaghetti carbonara dinner tonight.”

“Sure. No problem. Does this mean you're going to ravish me tonight.”


“I am going to take the art of ravishing a woman to a new level the likes of which has never been seen in human history nor will ever be seen again. What time do you get off tonight?”


“Six, but I'll try for five.”


“I'll be waiting.”

“What else did you want?”


“That's about it.” He turned to go and stopped. “I had thought of this.”

He wrapped her arms around her and held her close while he kissed her.


“Is that all? I told the girls to stay out of the back room until I told them.”


“Oh!” He swept the contents of her desk away with one motion. He kissed her again at length and grabbed her bottom and pressed himself to her. She could feel his hardness against her. “I want you here and now and I won't take no for an answer.”


“Not in my vocabulary today or tonight.”


He turned her around and lifted her skirt and, just as fast, her panties. His pants and shorts dropped to the floor. “Do you still like it from behind?”


“Go for it.”


“Have you been a good girl while I was gone?”

“Except when I thought about you. Then my thoughts were very naughty.”


He gave her one whack on her bare butt. “You'll get the rest tonight, Naughty Girl.” He bent her over the desk started pumping her hard with all the pent up desire from the previous year. He couldn't stop his orgasm before she had enough for her satisfaction.


“That's all?”


“For now. We'll have all night. You'll get all you need and more.”

“Good because I'm going to keep you up all night.”


In the meantime, Gwen was tugging on Kelli's sleeve. When they left Kat's office, they wandered after the man. Kat silently followed them. They were watching him walk away. Gwen said, He's got a cute butt and he's kinda cute.”

Kelli added, “He'd be okay if he was cleaned up.”

Kat startled them back to reality when she said, “His name's Jake and he's my future fiance. Get back to work. I want everything finished by 5. By the way, the bulletin board will be replaced tomorrow with a larger one that'll block the peephole so you two peeping Thomasinas won't be able to look again.”


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