Heather and Leslie, Part One

Heather and Leslie, Part One Heather and Leslie, Part One

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Heather and Leslie get their slut on. . .


Heather and Leslie get their slut on. . .


Submitted: January 02, 2016

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Submitted: January 02, 2016



Heather and Leslie had been close friends since their days attending the same Catholic high school. Even in their mid thirties, the patterns of rebellious behavior had remained as a part of their adult sexual proclivities. Their first girl on girl encounter occurred shortly after they were told it was a sin. The same was true for oral sex, much to their boyfriends delight.

Their sexual proclivities had increased in number by the time they took jobs at a chain hardware store. It wasn't long before they began to enjoy the company of one of their male coworkers. He always had a smile for them and shared any new joke with them. Leslie was enamored with him right away and much more than Heather. One day, Heather asked him, “Matt, Les and I were wondering if you're going to the company dinner this weekend?”

“Sure am.”

“We'll be looking for you. Seven o'clock!”

At the dinner, the ladies arrived a few minutes before he did. “Here, Matt,” Leslie called to him. “We saved a seat for you.”

“Thank you, Ladies.” He squeezed in between them and said, “This is going to be a great night. They're having lasagna and I'm seated alongside the two most attractive and fun ladies with the company.” Dinner was served and enjoyed by all and the three got into an animated discussion until about ten. Heather said to Leslie, “It's about time to go, Les. Your idea, remember?”

“Oh, yeah!” Leslie responded, “Let's continue this at our place, Heather. I'll put a pot of coffee on and we'll see if we can solve all the world's problems.”

“Okay by me. What is your idea anyway?”

Leslie replied, “We have to tell you later. Sorry.”

They headed out in Leslie's car and made a quick stop at the all night drugstore. Heather hurried in and, almost as quickly emerged with a small, white paper bag. “Let's go,” she ordered. Leslie punched the gas pedal and in minutes they were at their home.

Once seated, each woman sat closely on each side of him.

Matt asked, “What's going on tonight? I have to wonder because each of you is wearing short skirts and have shown a lot of cleavage.”

Heather responded, “You tell him, Leslie. It was your idea originally.”

Leslie continued, “Would you like to do two naughty bi chicks tonight?”

He was momentarily stunned and looked it.

Heather said, Well? What is your answer?”

He replied, “Yes. Of course! I was distracted for a moment with all the thoughts going through my mind. ”

Leslie asked, “Which thought is going to get this started?”

“I think we should take care of some of the naughtiness first. I'll need a couple of bare bottoms for that. Then we can start on your hornies. Now, give me your panties.”

They both slid out of them in a very provocative way.

“Now, raise your skirts and bend over. You two have the finest pair of butts anywhere! You naughty sluts are both going to receive a firm spanking now.” He thought he applied the first whacks with a little too much energy.

“Perfect. More!” Heather said but Leslie said “I need it harder, Baby.”

He obliged them with a few more fitting slaps. “My, my, you ladies seem to be enjoying yourselves! Leslie, your pussy is gushing like the Mississippi River flowing to the Gulf. Prove to me you're two bi sluts. I want to watch you fuck Heather and her fuck you.”

“What do you want to see, Matt?”, Heather asked.

“Anything. The more you enjoy yourselves, t he more I'll enjoy myself. The only thing I'd like is to see and hear you cum. Okay?”

“Very okay.”th_023.jpeg

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