Charlene and The Carribean Cruise, Part one

Charlene and The Carribean Cruise, Part one Charlene and The Carribean Cruise, Part one

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Charlene went on a cruise for a fling but her 'chaperone' had his, too.


Charlene went on a cruise for a fling but her 'chaperone' had his, too.


Submitted: September 16, 2015

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Submitted: September 16, 2015



Matt and Charlene had been platonic roommates for about 4 years. One October she announced, “That’s were I'm going and that's what I'll do.

“Where are you going and what are you going to do there?”

She handed him a travel brochure describing a Caribbean cruise. “That 's where I'm going for my vacation at Christmas and I'm going to do my best to have a red hot fling. My parents are giving me some money for this trip and they wouldn't like the idea of a fling so that's why I'm going to have one. Hey! You could go along and have a fling, too and help me evaluate anyone I meet. What do you say?”

“I say I've never been to the Caribbean and it would be a great place to catch some sunshine and escape the cold December weather here. Book me, too!”

They flew to Houston and boarded the ship right away. After the ship left the dock, they were sitting at a table and waiting for the buffet dinner to be served. Charlene looked around and saw a woman sitting two tables away. “The woman at the table to our right is alone and looks down. Let's invite her over.”

“Okay.” She probably wouldn't be every man's idea of pretty, but there was something about her. 'Je ne sais qoui' as the French say.

“Excuse me,” Charlene started. “Would you like to join us? It's so sad to see you sitting by yourself.”

“That’s okay. I wouldn't be very good company.”

“Please come over. You'd be a great counterpoint to her. She's been smiling way too much today!”

“How can in resist such an unusual invitation. My name's Miranda but everybody calls me Randi.”

“I'm Charlene and this is my crazy roommate, Matt.”

“You looked like another happy couple to me, not roommates.

“Randi, we asked you over here because you seemed down. Did we misinterpret?”, Matt asked.

“No, you didn't. I broke up with the man I hoped would be with me on this

trip and seeing all these happy couples brought me down some.”

“I see. I'm going to get some more tea. Can I get you anything, Randi?”

“Some coffee with one packet of sugar and one of those little cups of cream.”

“Okay. Be right back.”

Randi asked, “Charlene, you're roommates and not a couple. How does that work? I mean two attractive people not sleeping together is hard to believe.”

“Most people have the same reaction that you do. To explain that, I need to tell you a little about our history. My parents and his parents were in the others wedding. Over the years, we became very good friends and after my divorce, he offered his basement apartment. We talked about sharing a bed, but we came to the same conclusion that any physical involvement would be disastrous and we didn't want to risk our friendship. The situation worked so well that I'm still there. Okay?”

“That may take me some time to get my brain around the idea. Is he. . .”

Charlene finished, “. . .available?”

“Yes finally.”


“He divorced his ex about two years ago and he's finally dating again. Bonnie the Bitch we all called her. She was a chameleon. All sugar and spice and then he put a ring on her finger and she tried to change him. She was the most manipulative bitch I've ever known. She had a good one but she fucked it up.”

“Why's he here?”

“Oh, that. He came along to get away from the dank weather back home and he said he hadn't been to these parts and would like to see them. You see, I came on this cruise for a fling and he came as a sort of 'chaperone' me, too.

“A fling sounds really nice.”

“Are you thinking of Matt?”

“Tell me more about him.”

“Here he comes now. Matt, give this lady one of your cards.”

“Can I put her coffee down first, Boss? Here you are, Randi and my card.”

“Professor at the university. Impressive. What's your subject?”

“Anthropology. Do I have to explain what it is?”

“No. I took it as one of my electives in college.”

“When I was getting your coffee, the concierge said they would be serving very soon.”

They took their place in line. Do you see that man at the end of the line?”

“Do you mean. . .”

“Yes, the dirty blonde in uniform.

“He's yummy”

“He's the concierge and his name is Brett. He likes the cut of your jib, to put it nautically, and he wants to meet you.”


I explained our situation to him so I think, you've got your fling if you want it. He speaks perfect English and I think he's Swedish.”

“Perfect!” She marched to the line and extended her hand.

He took it and said, “I'm Brett.”

“I'm Charlene. Sometimes people call me Charlie.”

His smile got wider. “I like that a lot, Charlie. Perhaps you and your friends would like a tour of the ship after dinner?”

“We'd love it, Brett.”

“Your friend doesn't waste any time, does she?” Randi said.

Charlene said she wanted a fling and I know what type she likes. I think that's why she's being so forward. She can be very slutty at times.”

On the way back to the table, he said somewhat sarcastically, “Do we get a say as to whether we want a tour, Charlene?”

“I just thought that would be a good way for you to see if he's okay.”

“I already do and I explained our situation. Get your slut on and go for it!”

In the buffet line, Brett said, “Hi, I'm Brett.”

“Hi, I'm Charlene. You can call me Charlie.”

“I like Charlie very much. After dinner, maybe you and your friends would like a tour of the ship.”

During the tour, they saw the casino, bar and the more formal dining room. They all knew where the shuffleboard and pools were, so bypassed them quickly. Walking down a hall, Charlene asked, “Brett, do you have an office or something?”

“I work out of my room. It's not much but I can show it to you, if you like.”

“I'd love it!” she said as she looked over her shoulder and shot at Matt to tell him and Randi to get lost.

“I think we've just been given our walking papers.”

“I think so too. What now?”

“I'd like to refill my tea and spend some time with the charming lady I had dinner with.”

“Me, too, It's a clear night and we can enjoy the moon and stars, too.”

They found a couple deck chairs and chatted peacefully until about one in the morning until she said, “This is really nice, but I have got to get some sleep.”

“I can walk you to your cabin.”

“That's okay. It's not far and this seems like a safe neighborhood. I'll see you tomorrow.”

“Okay then.”

He was awakened the next morning by Charlene coming in from her date. “I glad I'm not disturbing you. I thought you would be here with Randi.”

“We spent the evening talking and enjoying the weather and stars. I found her to be very charming and she's an art teacher at a private school in Marin and she lives on a houseboat in Sausolito. She's been divorced about three years and I hope to see her again back home. Where's my cell phone?”

“Open your eyes. It's next to the bed. Why do you need it here since we're out of our area?”

“The time. My watch battery died.”


“Seven!” he shouted. “Why don't you sleep in like most people on vacation?”

“I haven't been to bed yet, that's why.”

“And I'll bet the only thing you learned about Brett was how big his dick is!”

“That's right. I didn't come on this cruise to establish a serious relationship. He had a delicious 8 inches and I felt like Goldilocks all night. It was juuusst right. When are you going to bed Randi?”

“I'm going to take my time with her. She seems like a special lady and much too good for just a fling. Much too good.” He slipped out of his shorts and into a bathing suit and fresh tee-shirt. I'm going to take a swim before breakfast. Coming?”

“I'll be sleeping while Brett is working. I may be along for breakfast.”

After a refreshing swim and a light and satisfying breakfast, he grabbed a banana from the serving line and found an empty chair on a quiet part of the deck. He was browsing a pamphlet that listed all the on shore activities, when Randi came up behind him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. “Whatcha reading?”

About things I'd like to do when we get to St. Thomas island and Turk island. There's snorkeling and these shops look very nice. I was wondering if the charming lady I spent the evening with would like to come long?”

“She'd like that very much. I can think of something else that would be fun, too.”

“What 's that?”

“With a many of the couples getting lovey dovey and Charlie having a fling, I think we should have one of our own.”

“That's an idea that could only get better if I can see you back home.”

“Then we should exchange some information.”

“I've got a pen and paper in my cabin. Let's go exchange some personal notes.”

“Is that what we're going to call it?”

“Actually, I would call being with you heavenly.”






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