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Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Chapter1 (v.1) - Their First Encounter

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Submitted: July 07, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 07, 2016



Brie was a woman of average height and weight, but that was the only thing average about her. She was proportioned with a classical hourglass figure that most men who had the privilege of seeing could only describe with superlative adjectives. Her non-average ways did not stop there. When she wanted a man, she could be quite assertive and often wouldn't take no for an answer. And she wanted her boss, Edward ever since she had been working for him.

She came into work one day about two hours early. The plastic key card she had been given wasn't working. “Oh, darn!”

She heard behind her, “What's the matter, Brie?” Key not working?”

It was Edward. She was immediately aroused at the sound of his voice and felt goose bumps on her neck.

“This damn thing doesn't work, Edward.”

“Here, I'll use my key. What brings you here so early?”

“I didn't finish last night's work and I wanted to get it in to make a good impression. I know I'm only temporary but I want to keep this job.”

You needn't concern your self on either point. No one else finished either and you do have this job. Yesterday was decision day and when they asked, I said yes to hiring you without hesitation. You do very good work, Brie.”

“Thank you, Edward! I won't let you down.”

“There's no way you can, Brie.”

He turned off the alarm and noticed the irregularity in her day's attire when she started to walk to her office. “Brie, your skirt is caught up in your pantyhose.”

In a mild panic, she hurried to the ladies room and readjusted the offending pantyhose. When she emerged, she asked, “Okay now?”

“Perfect.” She was pleased by his words since she had dressed for him.

“Why did you dress so nice today, Brie?”

“Some days I like to look my prettiest.” (Translation: I wanted to look my most seductive for you today, Edward Dear.)

When they passed by his office, she asked, “What do you want me to do when I'm done with yesterday's stuff?”

“Come see me. I see someone has placed today's work in my office.”

“Okay!” She scurried off happily to her desk and her task. As she did, Edward called after her, “You've succeeded, Brie. You're the prettiest lady here.”

She turned and smiled at him. His words called up all her assertive energies and she was determined to have her first face to face encounter with him that day. She didn't figure in her impromptu plan was the fact that he wanted her more than she wanted him.

She got done in less than a half an hour. “Here's yesterday, Edward. What shall I do with them?”

“Put them in my out box, please. And the rest of your day's work is on my bookcase.”

“If you have a minute, I'd like to tell you something.”

“Okay. Come in and have a seat. You probably want to stay off those heels as much as possible today.”

“Thank you.” She stood next to him and leaned across desk to put the papers in his out box. She withdrew to take a seat and placed her hand on his shoulder and let it linger there for a moment.

“What did you want to tell me?”

“I've been having some very naughty, erotic thoughts about you and I having hot sex together and I want to do some of those things.”

“What are some of these things we do?”

“Do you want the whole list? It's quite extensive.”

“No. Just a general idea will do.” He was prolonging things on purpose because he knew a little anticipation made for stronger orgasms.

“Well, the easiest way to express it is to say we do everything.”

“I just hope your everything includes the thoughts I've had of being with you.” He grabbed her by the collar of her open neck blouse and guided her to him. Their first kiss inflamed their mutual desires and he directed him to to edge of his desk. His first instruction to her was, “Bend over my desk.”

She did as he requested. “Like this?”

Lean over more so you can read that paper.”

“What is this?”

“My final divorce papers. I signed them a few days ago. I thought you might be interested in knowing that.”

“Very interested, Edward.”

“Now, pull your pantyhose down.” Again she completed his request and then kicked them away.

“Now, give me your panties.”

“With pleasure. Where's this all going, Edward?”

I think you know. You said your thoughts were naughty and that kind of naughty calls for some fun spanking.”

“Go for it , Baby. A firm hand properly applied always makes my pussy drip.”

As she spoke the words his hand collided with her tight, bare bottom.

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