Bits and Pieces

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Room 501

This is just a part of two unfinished stories. I hope to finis these 'sometime' I haven't got the finished idea in my head yet.

James was filling in as a bartender for a friend at his friend's bar, The Blue Aardvark. He was there about an hour when an attractive young brunette sat down at the bar. “What'll it be, Pretty Lady?”

“Melodee said this is Margarita night and you serve good ones, so I'll try one.”

“My sister Melodee?”


“Would you be the Marie the lingerie model from San Francisco?”


“Mel showed me your portfolio.”

“What did you think?”

“I think I'd like to marry you.”

“Not tonight. I'm spending the evening with Mel. We can try it in a couple weeks though.”

“I see you believe in long engagements.”

“Absolutely! How much is the drink?”

“You're on the house all night.”

“Thanks. Just what are your views on marriage?”

“Five minutes at City Hall then a long, longhoneymoon in Mexico where we would get an all over tan during the day and make passionate love all night.”

Mel said you're a dirty old man and I should watch out for you.”

“Don't believe a thing she says. She's deranged. . .Wait a sec. How the hell does she know? Was she peeking?”

She said she had a few chats with your former girlfriends.”

“I see. I may have to get out my baseball bat and give her a beating. Here she comes now.”

“Hey, Little Bit. When did you get out of the nuthouse?”

“I've never been to a nut house,” she said sternly. But I'll probably have to visit the one they put you in someday, Smart Ass.”


Candace was talking to Claire, one of her fellow employees when another one walked by.

“Hi, Paul,” Claire said. “Whatcha need?”

“I need to get by. Excuse me, Candi.” He softly placed his hands on Candi's waist to keep her out of his path. She shuddered when he brushed by him and Candi smiled as she watched him walk away.

“You really like him, don't you.”

“In every way. You have been working with him much longer than I. What can you tell me about him that I don't know already?”

“This may sound very silly and empty headed, but, for some reason, I haven't paid much attention to much else besides his package. I'm convinced he's carrying something extra between his legs, and this is the part I don't understand, I'm very curious about what's there.”

“Bet I can find out.”

“Whatcha thinking?”

“He stays behind after work to lock up, doesn't he?”

“Yes. In fact, tonight.”

“Then, I'll just hang back until everybody has left and wing it when we're alone. What kind of proof will you need for your curiosity?”

None. I'll know. Lunch at Bernard's if you find out.”

“I'll find out,” she said confidently.



Submitted: July 26, 2017

© Copyright 2021 SCS21449. All rights reserved.

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