Barbara Jean

Barbara Jean

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Barbara was one of his most favorite high school dates


Barbara was one of his most favorite high school dates


Submitted: May 30, 2015

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Submitted: May 30, 2015



He was taking a night class at the junior college. He finally found the room and tried the door. It was locked. He saw a familiar figure trying to unlock it. He looked more closely to see it was a short,  well built brunette he had known long ago. “Hi, Barbara Jean. You're as pretty as ever.”

She leapt at him and hugged him tightly. “Matt baby! How's my old pal? You are really a sight for sore eyes. Give me one of your special bear hugs.”

“Of course! I've been practicing night and day since I saw you last.”

“I have to get inside. We can catch up after class.” The class ended 15 minutes before it was scheduled to end.

“We've got some time, Matt. Walk me out.”

“I see you majored in English like you always wanted. I looked at this semester's class schedule and I saw you're a full time instructor. Congrats!”

“Thank you. Why are you taking this class? I heard you graduated with your bachelors in archeology.”

“I'm going back in the fall to get my masters and I wanted to brush up on my writing skills. There's something I have just got to know. We dated some in high school and in JC and I thought we both wanted to continue dating and then you seemed to disappear. What happened?”

“My husband came along and charmed the 18 year old that I was. He was a friend of a friend of the family and made lots of promises that turned out to be empty. He kept saying, 'It'll be alright, It'll be alright' and things were alright financially but there's not much there as far as intimacy or warmth. I've got all the creature comforts I could ask for and my daughter is going to Stanford but my marriage is empty of anything else.” She began to cry.

“I think its hug time.”

“Will you hold me for a while?” Her tears finally subsided and they parted.

“See you next time, Teach.”

“You'd better be there. I need lots of hugs right now.”

“I've got hundreds to spare and their all for you, Sweetheart.” They had coffee after nearly all class meetings. She even gave him an occasional peck on the cheek. Nothing much else happened until the next to last week of the semester. After that class meeting, he gave her his final assignment. “Here's my paper. I analyzed the movie 'Pleasantville' and I wrote a little poetry for the final assignment, too. Its on the last page with all my contact info. Please don't read it until I drive away. I don't want to hear your laughter.”

“I'm sure its not that bad.”

“Maybe not or you're being kind because we're friends. I'm not sure it is even poetry, but please wait to read it.”

“I consider it a compliment that you called us friends. Thanks. Okay. I'll wait to read it.” True to her word, she remained in the parking lot until he left. She read his paper in short order. “You won't have any problem writing your thesis.”

She turned to the last page and began reading. “Wow! I can't objectively grade this but it fills the requirement for poetry, so you get your A, my friend.”

She reread it out loud.

Reading and writing

for the teacher with the pretty brown hair.

Listening and looking

at the teacher with the pretty brown hair.

More and more wanting

the teacher with the pretty brown hair.

Her legs are intoxicating

Lustful looks and yearning

for the teacher with the pretty brown hair.

Sucking and fucking

the teacher with the pretty brown hair.

She tossed his papers on the passenger seat and the others on top so she wouldn't be tempted to glance at his poem. She pulled into her driveway and grabbed the bundle and dropped them in a neat pile next to the bathtub as the tub was filling with hot water and bubbles. She stripped down pretending to strip for him. She picked up several papers and read and graded a few. As she set one down, she exclaimed, “Fuck! I don't want to do this tonight.” and she threw the other papers against the far wall. She reached for Matt's poem and said, “Mr Hudson, you got me hot, now you are going to help me cool down.” She slid one hand slowly down to her hungry pussy until one delicate finger reached her clit. “Oh, yeah, Mr. Hudson. Come to my place this weekend and do me!” She stopped momentarily and massaged her perfect C cups until it was time to make a second trip to her clit. She rubbed that special item slowly until her husband came home. She heard him ask, “Barbara, were are you?”

“I'm in the tub,” she answered. She covered up with his poem as he opened the door. Her anger towards him kicked in and she didn't try to hold back. “Max, I'm going to be entertaining a gentleman friend at my houseboat next weekend. Do NOT come there and do not try to make any trouble for him. He's a sweet, special friend and if you bother him, I'll serve you gonads tartar! Now, get out!” She said calmly, “I want to soak a little longer.”

But. . .”

Get out!”

She successfully returned to her self love session with her head filled with highly erotic images of Matt on her houseboat.

After the last class session, she said, “Walk me to my car please, Matt.”

At her car he asked, “What's the subject tonight?”

"I don't think you'll have any trouble with your thesis. As for your poetry, you're in no danger of becoming the next poet laureate of the United States, but you made your point quite effectively and I would like you to join me at my houseboat this weekend. Full bed room privileges, of course. Meet me at slip number 6 at the marina at 6 tomorrow night.”

“That'd be great.” He kissed her. The kiss electrified them both.

“I'd like to do something tonight, but I have lots to do before I have to turn the grades in Monday morning. I want to give you my my full, undivided attention, so we've got to wait.”

“Understood. Since you have a lot to do tonight, I'll bring dinner." Is Chinese takeout okay?”

“I'd love it! Here's one more kiss to hold you until tomorrow night.”

It was better than the first. She squeezed his hard cock and said, “Now, scram! I have a lot of work to do.”


“I'm not a tease This dirty girl puts out! You'll see tomorrow night.”

“Right. 6 at 6, Dirty Girl.”

Until then, he held off getting any release by himself and saved all of it for her although he w anted it and her desperately.

She was already there. “What have you got there? That looks like a lot for one dinner.”

He took out six paper containers and handed her two tea bags. “You heat some water while I set the table.”

“Here's the water. Wow! Candles and music, too? I'm impressed.”

He pulled out her chair and said, ”Please join me, My Dear.”

“Thank you.”

“When we're done with dinner, I'm gonna be all over you.”

“I was hoping for something like that.”

You have got to be one of the sexiest women alive. How's your dinner?”

“Thank you again and dinner's fine.”

“If you're finished with dinner, I'll take your plate. You can take your tea and I'll join you on the couch in a minute.” He sat next to her and put his arm around her.

“What do you have in mind, Mr. Hudson?”

“I want some more of your fantastic kisses, Pretty Lady?”

“Our kissing was pretty intense the other night. More please.”

He woke up and after rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he saw Lisa standing at the stove scrambling eggs. “Smells good, Cutie. Are my eyes deceiving me or do you have only an apron on?”

“Yep. Naked worked so well getting you hot and bothered last night , I thought 'Why get off a winner'.” She turned around to show him the apron and he read 'Fuck the Cook'.

“Is that a booty call or an indication of the quality of the food at this establishment?”

“After breakfast, you tell me. The weather is so nice, I thought we'd eat outside.”

“Sounds good .” He quickly donned an old pair of gym shorts and staked out a spot on a sturdy wooden chaise lounge with thick pads.

She called to him through an open window, “Its clothing optional today, if you like.”

Being the closet nudist he was, his shorts came off like they were made of extra slippery Teflon and let them fall to the deck. Like she said, naked sure worked last night!

She was out with breakfast in only a few minutes. She set a tray on a nearby table and handed him one breakfast and took a place next to him with the other plate.

He was hungry and ate quickly, wiping up the small bits of egg with the last bite of toast. “I'm sure your apron is a booty call. That was very good. Thank you.”

She finished and he put the plate with his. “Thank you, Baby.”

“What now?”, he wondered. “I saw a flier for a street fair near here. Wanna go?”

“That sounds nice. Whatever you want, Lover.” She turned on her side and reached her arm across his chest. She stroked his chest and watched his cock grow.

Rhetorically, he asked, “You sure like cuddling, don't you?"

They cuddled until she sat up and impaled her mouth on his rigid cock.

He ordered her, “You go, girl,” and closed his eyes. He laid back and enjoyed the pleasures of the moment.

His cum burst forth and she gagged briefly on the combination of cum and cock. She had developed the ability to recover easily from these situations.

She heard a familiar voice say, “You guys put on a very hot show.”

“What the hell are you doing out here, you slut? Didn't you see the signal light,?”

“No. George told me but the light isn't on.”

Lisa looked and said, “Oh, shit.”

“And who's the slut today? Blowing a man who's clearly not your husband.”

“Barb whispered to him, “We call each other a slut all the time. This is my friend, Suzie, Matt.”

“Hi, Suzie.”

“Hi, Matt. Aren't you going to cover up?”

He paused for a moment and answered, ”Nah. It feels great out here like this and you're not complaining.”

“When's the next show?”

“No, No. Not until we get one,” he exclaimed.

“Oh, come on. Lisa, talk to him!”

“You heard him and he's the boss.”

Matt added, “Besides, we've got things to do today.”

“What have we got to do today?”, Lisa asked in a whisper.

“There's the street fair and round two of that touchy-feely stuff we did last night.”

Barb immediately said, “Yeah, we're definitely busy, Suzie! Very busy.”



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