Barb and Matt go to a conference

Barb and Matt go to a conference Barb and Matt go to a conference

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica

No Houses


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica

No Houses


This needs a LOT of work but its here for your initial reactions and comments.


This needs a LOT of work but its here for your initial reactions and comments.


Submitted: March 01, 2016

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Submitted: March 01, 2016



Barb and Matt had been coworkers for more than 8 years.

Their mutual admiration and affection remained unknown to him but her feelings were quite clear until one day when she got a bit of interoffice mail. “Hi, Barb. I've got something for you,” Chris said. She handed her a large envelope.

“What's this?”

“You've been chosen as one of the two people to endure the annual conference this year. It's in San Diego. You get one week paid hotel room plus your usual salary.”

“That doesn't sound to bad.”

“Their boring if you go to the seminars but I can show you a way out of them, if you want.”

“Who's the other person going?”

“Matt in personnel.”


“What's that smile about? Is there something going on between you two?”

“No. Not yet.”

“Not yet? We have to have lunch today! I want to hear all the details!”

“Ivan's deli at noon?”

“Ivan's it is. See ya' then.”

She made her delivery to Matt next. “Here you go, Matt,” she said as she tossed another large envelope on his desk.

“Oh, shit! I know what this is.”

“Its in San Diego this year. That's your old stomping ground, isn't it?”

“Yep. That makes it marginally tolerable. Who's the other sacrificial lamb this year?”


“She's great company. Suddenly, I'm believing it will be quite tolerable this year.”

“Talk to me when you get there. I can make it more to your liking.”

“Okay. I'll remember that.”

At lunch, Chris started with, “I know there's nothing going on between you but I want to know what's going on with you.”

“I want him. He may not be every woman's idea of sexy but he sure does it for me.”

“Do you want him or do want him want him?”

“I want him in every way.”

“I take it that you're going to do something about it in San Diego.”

“Yes, if there's enough time after the seminars.”

“There'll be plenty of time at night and the weekend.”

“What do you suggest I do?”

“Well, Harry hates subtle, so try obvious. I once said to him 'I want to fuck you all night long.'” We watched the sun come come up the next morning.”

“I'm a bit concerned he won't want me.”

“Wear your red knit dress. The one that fits like a second skin. The one with the matching leather jacket. That'll give you the best chance. If he doesn't react to that, he's not human!”

“The red dress it is!”

“What are you writing down?”

“I'm making a list of things to bring.”

“I've got to get back. You work on your list. See ya' back at the office.”

“Okay and thanks for your input.”

“Show me your list before you leave.”

At the office, Barb showed Chris her list. “How's that?” she wondered.

Chris read, 'Condoms, tongue ring and, sex toys, red dress, massage oil, black nightie. Good list but if you want him as much as I think you do, add Viagra.”

“Excellent idea. You're the person who makes the hotel arrangements, aren't you?”

“Yes. Why do you ask?”

“Can you arrange for adjoining rooms for us?”

“I'll get us three rooms together. Al and I are driving down and will meet you at the airport. I want to talk to you both Sunday night.”

She had her suitcase packed several days before it was the day to go. She arrived at Matt's and pulled into his open garage and emerged in the red dress and heels and hose. She hugged him and he said, “You look great, Barb and you smell wonderful. Are you hoping to pick up a pilot?”

“No. I just wanted to look pretty.”

“You succeeded magnificently!”

“Thank you.”

“I called the cab when I saw you pulling up. It should be here any minute. In fact, I think I see it now.”

As they walked toward the check in, he placed his hand on the small of her back and said, “You look incredible, Barb!”

“Thank you again, Sweetie.”

At their seats, she said, “I'm glad we're going together, Matt.”

“Me, too, Barb.” She soon dozed off but he couldn't help looking at her for some time.

He dozed, too, for a short time. She was awakened by the bounce of the landing. “What was that?” she wondered.

“We've just landed in San Diego,” he replied.




He hadn't bothered with taking a robe into the shower since he had a room by himself. He emerged toweling his hair and couldn't see anything as he navigated his way to the bed to retrieve his clothes. The towel came only to his waist. He had been thinking of Barb in her red dress and his cock was hard and wanting powerfully for her luscious form. As he fumbled for anything, Barb said, “Here's your shirt, Baby. He snatched the towel away from his head to find Barb reclining on his bed sans her red dress. Barb asked, “What do you think?”

“If I knew you were coming, I would have invited you to share my shower since your mind seems to be in a dirty place tonight. I think you lost your dress.”

“Its not lost. Its right where I want it to be.”

“You have great legs, Sweetheart.”

“I've got a question for you. Do you want to fuck this dirty girl? I’m feeling insatiable and very, very, naughty. Blow jobs gladly given at your request.”

“Hell yes, I want you!. Bring it on, Girl and wear me out while you're at it!”

He knelt on the foot of the bed and started to undress her. He lifted her leg and slipped off one of her heels. He slowly stripped off her first stocking. He looked at them lustily with thoughts of some light bondage later as they floated to the floor. Her other stocking left her body the same way. Her bra hooked in front and he dexterously undid it. She said, “I'd take off my thong myself but its sooo heavy right now.”

He pushed his way between her legs and easily slipped her thong off and commented “Your pussy is wet! And tasty, too I think.” Their first kiss was a long, lingering one that lasted and lasted. He licked and licked her cunt like it was the sweetest ice cream cone ever. After he judged she had 3 orgasms, he stretched out next to her and kissed her and nibbled her ear and neck further arousing her. “I want you,” he said in a deep, lusty voice. “I want you,” he repeated as he climbed on top. She wriggled to get under him and slipped his cock in her sweet pussy. “Fuck me hard, Baby,” was all she wanted and wanted to say.

The first stroke was hard and fast as were many more. When she had enough, she said, “I'm good. You can get yours now. I'm here for you, Baby.”

Getting his took more time than than he thought. He pounded hard again until he let out a groan from an explosive orgasm. He remained on top of her and still.

“Are you okay, Baby?”

He responded, “Never better.” He rolled off her and she asked, “Are you going to be alright for another go at it tonight or do you want to sleep now?”

“Once isn't going to be enough tonight. I want to feel like this forever.” He moved closer to her and put one arm around her and announced, “Its time to cuddle and enjoy the afterglow. What do you say, Sweetheart?”

“I say yes!”

He said, “Tomorrow I want to show you the beach I hung out at a lot when I was in school here."

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