A Story for Aly

A Story for Aly A Story for Aly

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica



Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Chapter1 (v.1) - Chapter One

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She finds her master.

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Submitted: November 29, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 29, 2016



Aly woke up mid morning one early summer day with an empty stomach and an appetite for sex. She wasn't interested in just a typical style. She was a submissive in search of her master.

She wriggled into on of her many pairs of jeans and a light blouse that she tied around her middle and took herself to her favorite restaurant and an order of their special lo mein. She was the first one in line. “Hi, Larry. I want an order of Li's chicken lo mein to go. No wait! Make that two orders.”

“That's a lot of food for a little girl. Are you having lunch with your husband today?”

No. He's out of town for the weekend at a funeral and I don't want to cook this weekend and it's my breakfast, Larry.”

The cash register rang and showed $8.50. “Here's ten. Give Mai my change and tell her she has the best food in town.”

“She'll be glad to hear that. I'd like to chat but we're too busy right now.” She took a step straight back and bumped into the man next in line. He was solidly built and wasn't fazed. When she turned around, her 5'4” came just to his shoulders. “Oops! Sorry, Big Boy.”

“No problem, Cutie. No harm done. Larry, I'll have two orders like Aly. She seems to like your food.”

“It seems so. She's been a regular since we opened twelve years ago. Your order will take about ten minutes. If you want, you can wait at one of our tables by the side. I'll bring your order to you.”

Great. See you then.”

Her pussy had started to tingle for him as she waited out side. He found Aly with the contents of her purse spread out on a table. May I sit here, Aly?”

She looked up. “Sure. Just doing a little housekeeping.”

“I'm Max, by the way.”

“Hi, Max. Is that your name or a description of you?”

“It's short for Maximilian. “I think my parents were having a bad day when they named me.”

“Maybe they had a premonition you'd be tall. I come here about three times a week and I've never seen you here. Are you new to town?”

“Yes. “I'm a carpenter and I moved here to work on the new development outside of town. I'm renting a place just down the street. I like it here and I'd like to put down root if I can find work when this project is over. I've got an option to buy the place I'm renting now and it has a lot of potential.”
“What place are you renting?”

“It's like all the rest on this street. The only distinguishing feature is the name Johnson on the mailbox.”

“I know it. Brick walkway, fireplace?”

“That's it.”

“Its kinda rundown, isn't it?”

“Its nothing a carpenter can't handle.”

“How did you choose carpentry?”

“It was more like it chose me. I majored in Art in college. Since I worked in construction to pay for school and my artwork didn't sell, I went back to it. That's the way it went.”

“Are you still doing your artwork?”

“Yes. In fact, I'm working on a series of sculptures now. I'd like your opinion of them sometime if its no trouble. The women I've shown them to have given me the most useful critiques.”

“Sure. I don't know much about art but I'll sure give it a try.”

“That's all I can ask for.”

“I could see them now, if you want.”

“If its not inconvenient.”

“I don't see any problem. It's only about three blocks from where I live.”

“Let's go then.” after a half a block he said,” I like Chinese for breakfast, too, Aly.”

“I think we're going to be good friends, Max.”

“I think so too. If were going to be friends, could I call you and ask you where to shop and such?”

Of course, that's what friends do.”

“And here's my place, Aly. I'll put some water on for tea. Having done that, he led her to the room he used as his studio. “The pieces on the table are the series I most would like you to see. I feel I should tell you some of them are erotic pieces, if you're offended by such things. The water is ready, too.”

“Okay. I'm quite open minded about such things.”

“While you're looking them over, I'm going get a quick shower.” He undressed and slipped into a short, terrycloth robe. On the way to his shower, he saw her fondling a particular piece. He stood in the doorway silently and watched until she noticed him.

“Oh, hi. How was your shower?”

“Haven't got there yet. How do you like my pieces?”

“Fine. Not offensive at all.”

I want to know if I've assessed your situation correctly. I see it like this: Papa Bear is away and Mama Bear is looking for some action today and from the way you've been caressing that piece, I'd say you're a sibmissive.”

“That would be about right except that I'm more a submissive wannabe. I've had very little experience and even less training but lot of desire to learn and serve. Will you train me this afternoon?”

“Whoa. It takes a lot longer to properly train a sub. The last one I trained took 13 weeks at two meetings a week. Are you ready to put in that much time plus some more weeks after that?”

“Oh, yes, Sir. I'm very ready. I'll find the time somehow.”

“I can be very vanilla and ordinary, too. I hope you won't be disappointed if we're equals some of the time.”

“How could I be with such a handsome master.” She smiled the kind of smile that verified her words.

“How does your husband fit into this?”

“He's generally a good guy but doesn't give me everything a husband like being my master.”

It looks like we have a deal, Ms. Aly. Care to join me in the shower? It's a vanilla  kinda day.”

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