Phoebe the Domme and her bitch

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: BDSM

Phoebe was on her way to her husband, George's office. He was the owner of a very prosperous company that made the couple rich. While the company was prospering at this point in time, their marriage was ebbing. To bring back some spark to their lives, she was dressed to the 9's for a nooner on his desktop. She was wearing heels, hose and a tight black leather skirt, one of her sluttiest and most alluring looks.

As she approached his office, the door was a few inches ajar. She pushed the door open more. He might be in an important meeting. He was in a meeting alright- with a skinny redhead in her underwear. His pants were around his ankles. It was immediately clear this was a consensual meeting.

She stepped back. Before she had completely around, she was operating with the idea of 'What's good for the goose is good for the gander. She didn't have to think of what to do next. A visit to Tony was what she wanted. She had long wanted to be with him in a very dirty carnal sense but those old voices about faithfulness always got in the way but her husband's behavior that day erased them.


Tony was a rising star in the company. She was certain he would make vice president by the time he was 30. He was tall, handsome, and had an athletes body. A real hunk to her and precisely what she needed to fulfill her current thoughts.

Company business wasn't on her mind today, but some monkey business was.

As she walked toward his office, she stopped in the ladies room to adjust her clothing to turn up the heat for Tony's benefit. She knew what kind of body she had and unbuttoned her plain white blouse to the bottom button. It was a simple black and white outfit and would be very effective. She stepped back and looked in the mirror. “That should do it.”

Taking the last 30 or so steps to Tony's office, he could hear the sounds of her heels on the hard floor. He had to see who this minx was. At his open door, he saw Phoebe walking toward him. She was many thingsa vision, a minx, perhaps a seductress, a dominate and forceful person with her husband.


Because of a small bit of gold on her left hand, he could only hope that he might be honored by serving her one day. . .he could only hope. . .

“You look mighty fine today, Phoebe.”

“You, too. Got a minute? I'd like to talk to you.”

“You came just in time. I have a few days vacation left and I was going to take them starting now. What's on you mind?”

She placed a hand to his chest until he was at his chair. “Have a seat.”

He sat like she was giving an order as a Domme would. She straddled his lap and said, “I came to see you and make you my bitch, my sex slave.”

“Change slave to servant and I'm all in with that. Slave is a word that's wrong at every level.”

“A reasonable request. You have it. What else, bitch?”

“Are we negotiating now?”

“Yes. Good idea. What are you thinking?”

“A hard as it would be, I will end anything we have because of two things. One is humiliation. I know my request is unusual but I think I'm better than anything like that.”

“What if I called you a whore?”

“That's what I am for a mistress except that my reward isn't money but the satisfaction of serving her.”

“If I said something that wasn't true but the opposite obviously was. What's the other thing?”

“Oh, yeah. Severe punishment. I once had a mistress take a flogging whip to my butt and that broad could really bring it. I had a very uncomfortable ride home and I don't care for another. If you find it necessary to punish me more severely than with your riding crop, I have a small flogging whip at my apartment.”

“No problem there. Got more?”

“Just that I want to speak without permission. That's all!”

“You're so easy.”

“That too.”

“Let's start your vacation. I want to see this whip of yours.”


Submitted: August 30, 2020

© Copyright 2023 scs2141949. All rights reserved.

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