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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Room 501


Sam's doctor was out of town and the answering service referred him to another doctor for his last of a series of treatments. Monique came into the waiting room looking down at his file. She looked up and said “Sam, we can see you now.” They were immediately attracted to each other, strongly attracted, in fact. Monique opened the door. “Right this way, Sam.”

He looked at her name tag pinned just to the side of the vee neckline of her uniform. ”You lead the way, Monique.“

He had good look at her bottom as she led him to exam room 3. “I see you are here for the final part of a series. The doctor said I could take care this since it will only take a few minutes and he wouldn't need to see you. Have a seat on the exam table.”

He stepped up on the stool and hopped onto the table.

“I'll need to take your blood pressure.” She stood closer to him than necessary and her arousal went to a higher level.

He rolled up his sleeve. “Please take off your shirt. I can't get an accurate reading. Your sleeves are in the way of the cuff.

He took off his shirt and said “You won't get an accurate reading anyway.”

“Why is that?”

“Because I'm very close to a very attractive and desirable woman, Monique.”

His words sent her level of arousal to a much higher level.

“Maybe we should continue this after lunch to give your blood pressure a chance to come down?”

“I have a better idea. Come up here and we'll talk about it.”

She stepped on the stool. “How's this?”

“Just right. The idea I have involves this. . .” He pulled her very close and kissed her. It sent her arousal off the scale.

“What else?”

“More kissing is essential. . .like this.” They kissed deeply. He started to pull the zipper of her uniform down. He patted the table next to him to ask her to join him. She slid her precious bottom next to him.

“What now?” He completely unzipped her dress and she reached around and undid her bra. Her breasts were full with nipples that begged to be sucked. They kissed deeply again and again. Her lips felt exquisite against his and her breasts were soft and warm to his touch. She undid his pants while he sucked her nipples. They laid back together and shed the rest of their clothes. He was especially attentive when he helped her out of her panties and she was especially ready to be rid of them. He scooted her down the table and positioned her so her feet were in the stirrups. His tongue moved to her pussy like she was sending out a homing signal for him. “Eat me baby, EAT ME!” Of course he would eat her and eat her at great length. He wanted to taste her sweet cunnie since he laid eyes on her.

“That was wonderful, Sam. My blood pressure is getting back to normal. How about yours?”

“I think I know what will fix it just right.” He joined her on the table and pulled her close. “What do you need, Lover?”

“Get on top of me, please.” She straddled him and slowly lowered her pussy down his hardon. She started pumping him and with each stroke, she lowered herself all the way down. She leaned forward and told him “You can have my pussy as long as you need, Baby.” When he had as much as he needed, they held each other until the lunch break was nearly over. “Would you like to come to my place Friday or is this a one time thing?”

“Friday will be great. What time?”

“Call me and I will give you my address. By the way, you don't need another treatment. What you already had is enough but we can continue treatments Friday night anyway.”

They helped each other get dressed and kissed goodbye.

“Call me!” she called after him. She wasn't sure he would keep their date but he called and they made arrangements. “I'm going to dress casually,” she informed him.

He arrived at the agreed time. She was wearing a colorful blouse and jeans. She noticed he gazed at her bottom often. They kissed hello and he grabbed her bottom. “You look terrific, Monique.”

“Thank you. I'm glad you came. I wasn't sure if you would come.”

“I wouldn't miss the chance to spend the evening with such an attractive lady!”

They fixed dinner together. About fifteen minutes before it was ready, he grabbed her and kissed her passionately and backed her up to the table. He undid her jeans and pulled them down to the floor. He sat her on the table and said “I need an appetizer.” He effectively recreated his oral attentions in the exam room.

“Wow, Honey! I'm going to need a dessert. I've been thinking of it all week and I really want it!”

After dinner, she suggested they go to the couch. They sat close. Before he knew it, she was pushing him so he would lay down. He was surprised but went along with her wishes and laid down. She undid his pants ant his hardon sprang out. She took him into her mouth and moved her head up and down quickly three or four times and separated her mouth from him. He shut his eyes and let himself enjoy all the oral attentions she offered. She was the best he had ever had. Before long, he erupted but his cum landed on her face. He kept his eyes shut and collected himself after an incredible orgasm. When he opened his eyes, she was cleaning his cum off his face with a finger and sucking it clean.

“How's your dessert?”

“Just what the nurse ordered! I've been wanting your cock in my mouth and your cum in my stomach all week.” She finished her dessert and spooned with him.

“I wanted to eat you again, too.”

“I want you to know that when I hook up with a man, I can get pretty freaky.”

“What does this mean for me?”

“It means I may want some things you may not want in a girlfriend.”

“I'll take my chances. What do you like that is freaky?”

“Sometimes I like to be tied up or be spanked lightly.”

“That's not so strange. I'm very open-minded and those things are fine with me, Baby. I like to be in charge sometimes and a swat on your bottom for encouragement is hot.”

“I was wondering if you like some other things.” He bit her ear lightly. “Do you like that?”


He nibbled her neck. “Do you like that?”

“Oh, yes!”

He caressed her shoulders and sides and behind her thighs. “Do you like that?”

“Very much.”

He massaged her titties and squeezed her nipples. “Do you like that?”

“Yes, Baby. Oh yes!”

He unbuttoned the bottom button of her blouse. “Do you like that?” He unbuttoned the other buttons. He asked for each, “Like that?” Her yesses flowed, carried by her heavy breathing.

“How about this?” He undid her bra, his second favorite part of this sequence. His hardon pressed against her bottom as he nibbled, bit, squeezed, caressed, and fondled on and on.

Her hard nipples called out to him to be sucked and sucked. He reached for her jeans and unzipped them. She rolled over on her back. He whispered to her “It is time for you to be naked.” He helped her out of her remaining clothes. Almost in unison, they said “Let's fuck!” He got on top and she guided him into her warm and very wet pussy. He pressed each stroke home firmly. He enjoyed the connection with her and waited for her to be done. "This one's for you, Baby. Cum for me Baby." He was saving his orgasm for later since he knew it would be the last one for him this night. She was finally satisfied and they cuddled until they were ready for more.


Submitted: February 24, 2021

© Copyright 2023 scs2141949. All rights reserved.

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Liquid desserts are the best part of a meal. I have some ready for you to drink now if you don't mind sucking them out of my thick long swollen straw.

Thu, February 25th, 2021 5:17am



Thu, February 25th, 2021 9:44am

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