Sandi’s Erotic Adventures.

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Tales from my sex life. Some fact, some fiction and some a mixture of the two.

Table of Contents

Chapter One. 1982.

  Sandi's Erotic Adventures. By Scribe10   A semi-autobiographical account of my sexual encounters over many ye... Read Chapter

Chapter Two 1985

Continuing to explore my sexuality. Read Chapter

Chapter Three. 1986

A semi-autobiographical account of my sexual encounters over many years. Read Chapter

Chapter Four. 1987

An unexpected encounter with Sir DB. Read Chapter

Chapter Five. 1988.

Two erotic encounters with an interlude for personal details. Read Chapter

Chapter Six. 1989.

The first time hubby watched me with another guy. Read Chapter

Chapter Seven. 1990/91.

Happily married for many years to a compliant husband who likes me to enjoy myself with others, sometimes while he watches.
Some of my stories are factual, some pure fiction, while others are a mixture of the two. I’ll leave readers to determine which are which but simply say that not all the stories that seem too far out or extreme to be true ones are fictional.
Needless to say I greatly enjoy sex and the pleasure my sexuality gives me. Read Chapter

Chapter Nine. 1993.

A number of interesting encounters including my first exciting experience of anal intercourse. Read Chapter

Chapter Ten. 1994.

    Sandi’s Erotic Adventures. By Scribe10 A semi-autobiographical account of my sexual encounters over m... Read Chapter

Chapter Eleven. 1995.

An accidental encounter followed by further revelations about Hubby's cuckold nature. Read Chapter

Chapter Twelve. 1996.

Detailing my eighteen month affair with Rupert, plus two short adventures. Read Chapter

Chapter Thirteen. 1997.

Two adventures, the second a very fortuitous encounter with a Nigerian called Ola. Read Chapter

Chapter Fourteen. 1998.

An interesting hotel encounter, my first foursome, and an encounter with a walker. Read Chapter

Chapter Fifteen. 1999.

1. Steve. 2. Vic. 3. Jim: Fantasy becomes reality. Read Chapter

Chapter Sixteen. 2000. Part A.

1. An exciting encounter at a shoe shop. 2. We meet Douglas. Read Chapter

Chapter Seventeen. 2000. Part B.

1st. An exciting encounter with two Australian brothers; but with a dubious ending. 2nd More fun with Douglas. Read Chapter

Chapter Eighteen. 2001 Part A.

Hubby a willing cuckold, fooled by Mr X. An encounter with Stephen D. Read Chapter

Chapter Nineteen. 2001 Part B.

1st. An erotic encounter with two delivery men at my parents house. 2nd. Experimenting with prostitution. Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty. 2002 Part A.

1st. Dominic. 2nd. Bryce. 3rd. Douglas at home. Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-One. 2002 Part B.

1st. Brian. 2nd. Ola at home. End of year round up. Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Two. 2003 Part A.

1st. Another interesting encounter with delivery men. 2nd. Raymond and a foray into bondage. Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Three. 2003. Part B.

Three erotic hotel encounters. End of year round-up. Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Four. 2004.

1st. Mike W. 2nd. Our first experience of dogging. 3rd. Martin. Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Five. 2005.

1st Mark, a hitch-hiker. 2nd Our second dogging experience. 3rd Stan and Wayne, an humiliation for John. Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Six. 2006.

1. An encounter with burglars. 2. Les. Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Seven. 2007.

1. Erotic encounters at the tattoo studio. 2. The narrow-boat gang-bang. Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Eight. 2008.

1. An unusual encounter with wheel-clampers. 2. Interesting encounters while staying at a village hotel. Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Nine. 2009.

1. An embarrassing encounter in the street. 2. Group sex and punishment for hubby. Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty. 2010.

Unexpected encounters with three brothers. Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty-One. 2011

1. Denouement. 2. Rough encounters. Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty-Two. 2012.

1st. Joy and Warren. 2nd. Swansea dogging/gang-bang. Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty-Four. 2014.

Unusual but strangely exciting encounters with farmer Phil and friends. Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty-Five. 2015.

1st. Encounters with hitch-hiker and hotel porter. 2nd. Gang-banged by large group of louts. Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty-Eight. 2017 January to June.

1. Fun with five young lads. 2. A disturbing development. Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty-Nine. 2017 July to December.

1. Massive gang-bang at the rugby club. 2. Terry and golfing friends. Read Chapter

Chapter Forty. 2018 January to June.

1. Sam and a very strange experience. 2. Fun and games following a car breakdown. Read Chapter

Chapter Forty-One. 2018 July to December.

1. Horrendous but exciting events at Sam's house. 2. On-going visits to Sir Clifford. Read Chapter

Chapter Forty-Two. 2019.

  Sandi’s Erotic Adventures.   By Scribe 10   A semi-autobiographical account of my sexual encounter... Read Chapter

Chapter Forty-Three. 2019 July to December.

Continuing my affair with Aaron. Plus a sordid episode not for the faint-hearted. Read Chapter

Chapter Forty-Four. 2020.

Sandi’s Erotic Adventures.   By Scribe 10   A semi-autobiographical account of my sexual encounters over many... Read Chapter

Chapter Forty-Five. 2020. (April to June.)

Further adventures with Aaron, Will and Danny. Read Chapter