The Fright House's New Horrors

The Fright House's New Horrors The Fright House's New Horrors

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


We resume the story of Jerry Calvet, The Pilchard Fair's Fright House Clown.


We resume the story of Jerry Calvet, The Pilchard Fair's Fright House Clown.


Submitted: May 09, 2013

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Submitted: May 09, 2013





All the workers of the Pilchard Fair were waiting in a dirty white tent. The fair's owner has suffered a major heart attack only a couple days before and some of the workers were starting to worry about the future of their jobs. Jerry Calvet was not one of them. Sure he had committed some awful crimes in his time and this fair gig helped him lay low, but to be honest it wasn't difficult to find jobs that required face paint or costumes especially when the pay didn't really matter.

Jerry checked out the cute little ass of the co-worker ahead of him. As he eyed the woman his memory drifted to the week before in a little town called Lemanner. He had taken the sweet virginity of a local teen and he had never felt such a high in his entire 53 years. When he had finished breaking the girls body he admitted to himself the idea of murdering her had crossed his mind more than once, but the idea of her going on about her life with the knowledge of the dirty brutal things a clown had done to her was even more tempting and so he had left the girl's used and wrecked body in a field. He supposed she may have died anyway because it was all too possible that the girl had some kind of internal damage from the rough treatment he'd given her. He decided it didn't matter in the end she was either living badly or she had died badly. Either way the thought gave Jerry a smile.

While Jerry relived the glorious evening in his head someone cleared their throat on stage. Jerry brought his attention to the girl standing before him. The girl was probably in her early twenties with a tight black bun on her head and a tight fitting pen-striped suit wrapped about her size 2 body. She was petite but something about this woman grabbed your attention and told you she was in charge. She blouse underneath her shirt was buttoned to her throat but Jerry guessed that she must be hiding at least a c-cup.

The woman cleared her throat again and this time the murmerings that had been going on between the co-workers stopped and all eyes fell on the young woman, " Thank you all for attending this meeting. Some of you may already know me but for the rest of you I am going to introduce myself and hopefull get to know you all a little better.

"My name is Emily Norton. I'm Harold's daughter and I'm recently graduated but I am ready to make a name for myself in business and since Daddy is in the hospital he is handing me the reigns for the next couple of weeks while he recovers."

Some in the crowd commented under their breath, "If he recovers." And a few employees snickered. Jerry barely heard he was transfixed by the girl before him. In his mind he couldn't believe this gorgeous creature had really been born from Harold. He already wanted to fuck her. He could already tell she was a little bitch and the tightness in his pants let him know that he had just found victim number two. He regretted suddenly that he had never discovered rape until so late in life.

"When I came yesterday to take over my first impression of this place was that, sorry folks, but it needs a lot of work. I plan on putting in the effort its going to take to make this place great again. But I can already tell some things are simply going to have to go," Emily ended her speech by letting her new employees know that she would be making her way around and evaluating each section of her family fair.

Jerry couldn't wait.

Emily had been too busy the first day to evaluate the Fright House but now she made her way over to Jerry's personal hideout. She studied the place as she approached and finally when she was standing right in front of him she met Jerry's eyes. He was in full clown makeup and she looked disgusted.

"Daddy said he gave this to you not too long ago. According to the books its not a big favorite at the fair. Any idea why?"

Jerry met her challenging gaze with that of an exaggerated clown smile, "Well no ma'am but to be honest its only had one try."

"If you can't tell me how to fix this piece of crap up its out of my fair. Got it?"

"I fixed it up as best I could but a lot of the actual scares are still missing. I could probably purchase some if you could give me some seed money."

She looked a little shocked, "Look, Jerry is it, I have plenty of other working and profitable rides and games. If you need me to throw money into this...this thing then I'm going to have to say sorry and let you go."

She crossed her arms in front of her and fixed him with her eyes. Jerry gave her a glum look, "Miss Norton I'm sorry I don't know what I was thinking. I really need this job though its all I've got. If you could just give me this one chance give me until tonight and let me see if I can't make the old fright house any better. If its up to your standards maybe you can keep us both around."

The young girl seemed to consider and then she gave the clown a nod, "I'll be back at nine. You better get started."

Jerry looked around the fair. It was about a quarter til nine and he only had a few hours left with his place of employment. At least he planned on going out in a big way. He was sitting in a lawn chair when Emily Norton finally showed up in her brand new pick-up truck. She stepped out and impatiently motioned for Jerry to stand up.

"I think I've done the best I could. Let me show you the improvements."

Emily followed Jerry into the side door to the Fright House. She felt a tingle run down her spine but assumed it was just the combination of the dark and the chilling sounds of the ghost screams. Jerry shut the door behind him and pushed a pad lock into place. Luckily Emily didn't notice. He gestured for her to follow him as he walked along side the track. He led her further into the Fright House and finally she tapped his shoulder.

"Jerry besides this horrible soundtrack and how dark it is what is scary about this place."

Jerry turned towards the spoiled daughter of his boss and gave a menacing smile. He put his hand around her smooth throat and pushed her hard into the wall, "I'm about to show you just what you have to be afraid of you little cunt."

"Jerry!" Emily tried to push against Jerry's barrel of a chest but she had nothing on him.

"You aren't going to get out of here. Simple as that you stupid bitch. My last victim, I was on the fence about, but you are definantly a dead bitch after I'm done with you."

Emily tried to twist out of Jerry's grip but he was too strong she screamed for help but her pleas were lost in the already too loud wailing of the ghostly soundtrack. Jerry slapped her and enjoyed the outrage he seen on her defiant face. He pulled back and shoved her into the wall again as hard as he could. He felt her slacken and let her fall to the ground. He took the opportunity to rig some ropes from the ceiling and tied her wrists tightly to them. He pulled the ropes until her body was up and her feet were only barely touching the ground.

Jerry reached under her skirt and pushed a finger under her panties. He found her slit with his finger and though she sadly wasn't a virgin she was still tight and young. He worked her pussy until the dazed girl came back to her senses.

"Jerry you fucker get off me. You are going to jail you asshole." Emily struggled against the binds that held her wrists. Jerry removed his finger and ran both hands up her torso until they were cupping the heaving tits. He squeezed them through the blouse and the girl screamed louder. Jerry pulled out a knife and started popping off the buttons until he could see the pink lace bra underneath. Jerry pushed the shirt out of his way and rubbed the bra. He could feel her tits getting hard under the material and once more used his knife to separate the fabric from his prize. With the nice juicy boobs revealed to him he traced them with the sharp knife. There was something undescribably sexy about having something so personal and sensitive completely at his mercy. He poked the tits with the tips of his knife and Emily gave sharp little cries. He put his face to the boobs and rubbed his face all over them and then he took the right tit into his mouth and sucked. Emily started to squirm and renewed her cries for help.

"I'm going to bite this fucking tit off if you don't keep still and shut your fucking mouth!" Jerry said and gave the left tit a hard pinch. Emily almost hollered out again but closed her lips against the pain.

"Now keep those lips shut while I enjoy these tits." He resumed with sucking on the right tit and with his hands massaged the left boob letting his fingers pull on the hard tit. He could feel her body jerking even though the girl was trying to stay quiet.

"Your little tits are pretty sensitive. Are they hurting?" Jerry asks in what is almost a concerned tone. Emily hesitates and then decides to answer, "Yes they're getting sore. Please just let me go and I'll pretend like this hasn't happened. Jerry please."

Jerry smiles at her as he can see her face fill with some kind of hope. He reaches up and unties her poor wrists. Emily pulls the remains of her shirt around her and starts to walk quickly away. Jerry makes no move to stop her instead he waits til she is out of site and then he makes his way around to intercept his hope-filled prey.

Emily makes her way with as much speed as the darkness will allow. She hates the way the fucking carny has made her feel and at the same time can't believe she is escaping this nightmare without being raped. She scans the wall hoping to come across the Fright House's door. Instead she sees something white in the distance. Her tear-blurred vision at first wonders if maybe the white it the light coming from the door but as she squints she realizes that its Jerry's white makeup. Her heart almost bursts and she turns to run the other way but she trips after only a couple steps.

It only take a second for Jerry to reach the girl as she struggles to recover from her misstep he picks her up from behind and the girl finds her fight again. She tries to elbow him and kick him but his grip around her is tight. He throws her on the ground and picks her back up by her wrists getting a nice view as her big tits jiggle while she struggles to break free.

"Calm down you fucking cunt!"

"Let me go!" Emily tries to pull away but her fight is getting weaker and weaker as her eyes fill with tears again.

Jerry pulls her around again and with an electrical cord ties her wrists behind her back. He then pulls her along by her elbow. After a short walk Jerry stops in front of a door. He opens it and thrusts Emily inside. The light is on in here and the girl immediately notices two people standing before her.

One is Chuck Jennings the Pick-a-Duck booth operator. He has a nasty tangled mane of orange hair and grease spilling out of every pore on his xxxl body. When he sees Emily Norton and her loose tits come flying into the office he can't believe Jerry came through on their plan. He unbuckles his belt and lets his pants fall to the ground. His cock isn't very big but its a disgustingly meaty and wrinkly abomination. Jerry decides Chuck can have the bitch last when he sees the telltale signs of some kind of STD boiling on the dirty shaft.

The other is Mort Walton a black man with a severely muscled body. Mort used to operate the mini-rockets before the bitch in front of him gave him the boot. While he isn't the type to fantasize about rape he can't help but enjoy the fear he feels coming from the rich cunt before him.

Jerry grabs on to Emily once more and picks her up to put her on the rickety table in the middle of the Fright House maintenance room. Emily realizes that things just got so much worse and begins her struggling all over again. This time she manages to actually get herself off the table and she tries to wriggle towards the door. Chuck kicks her in the stomach and she curls around herself. Jerry and Mort pick her up by her armpits and settle her back on to the table. She screams at the top of her lungs Chuck busts her in the mouth hard. Her lips starts to bleed and Chuck pisses on her face.

"Chuck you bess go sih down. I aint fuckin no pissy mess," Mort points to a chair and Chuck obeys. Jerry takes a can of water and dumps it on the girl. Mort removes her skirt and rips her tiny panties.

Mort takes his place at the girl's shoulders and he pins her legs back as far as he can giving Jerry an unobscured view of the girl's pussy. Chuck jumps up from his chair to take a look at the view. He whistles and reaches to touch. Jerry grabs his hand and points to the chair once more, "I seen your dick Chuck. Whatever that shit is on there I'm not getting it. You can have the bitch when me and Mort are done." Chuck looks down as his diseased dick and gives a good natured laugh and then returns to his seat.

"You didn't have a problem with out booths and attractions at all did you you little cunt. It was us pure and simple. You think we're nasty and you didn't want us. Well now you've got my nasty clown finger in your pussy don't you?" Jerry says as he puts a finger in the girl's cunt. He curls the finger and watches her flinch.

Jerry flicks her clit a couple of times and them rubs the tender nub he continues to flick and rub and sticks two fingers from his other hand inside her private flesh. He swirls and flicks and claws. To Emily it seems to last an eternity. Then Jerry lowers his head and rakes his tongue across her sex. She jerks and tries to pull her open legs free from Mort's hold but she can't break away.

Jerry sticks his tongue in her slit and swirls around. She is aroused and though its not by choice Jerry doesn't want her to enjoy this. He takes a dirty sponge and stick the rough material in her cunt and sops up some of her juices. Then Jerry unzips his pants and pulls out his impressive nine inch cock. He pushes it roughly into the girl feeling her tightness wrap around him. His cock was being squeezed and he enjoyed the sensation of the spasming before grabbing onto her tits and rocking back and forth while he held on to the little nipples. He tried to go slow so as to make it last longer but the tight pussy squeezing and spasming made hime want to lose his seed so he drove into her as fast as he could. He bucked her hard on the table loving the sound as his balls connected with her butt. He pushed deep in to the girl and came hard inside her.

As Jerry calmed his breathing he traded places with Mort. Mort gestured with his hand that he wanted Jerry to flip the girl over. Jerry rolled the exhausted girl onto her stomach. He untied her wrists and placed her hands on the table. As humiliating and painful as her rape had been the thought of being fucked by a nigger was disgusting and she felt a desperate need to escape. She wouldn't keep her hands on the table and even though Jerry slapped her face and brought a hard fist down on her lower back she wouldn't give up the fight. Chuck came over and held her other arm in place.

Mort tried to get in position behind the girl but she wouldn't hold still. Mort wanted to fuck the cunt doggy style but he was concerned he wouldn't be able to make the cunt stay in place. He was about to flip her onto her back when he noticed a wooden stool. He pointed to the stool and the three men hauled the flailing girl over to the stool. They laid her across it on her stomach and used plastic ties to bind her limbs to the legs of the stool. She was in position and she wasn't going anywhere. Jerry and Chuck both moved back to admire their work.

Emily continued to fight though there was no point. Mort stood behind her and nudged her clit with two beefy black fingers. He stuck a couple of his fingers inside the tight and sore pussy and felt the grip of her young white slit. She begged not to be fucked by a nigger promised them anything and everything she could think of though she really had nothing with which to bargain.

"All you got that I want is this tight white pussy and I already got that." Mort undid his pants and out came his dick. It was almost a foot at least Jerry decided and he wasn't lacking for thickness either. The black man ran his dick along the pleading girl's pussy and between her buttcheeks. He chose the pussy and pushed himself inside her. She screamed as the entry made her pussy stretch to new limits.

"Its hard for this white girl pussy to take a black dick. Damn she's pulsing. Oh fuck she feel nice." Mort rammed in and out of the girl. The three men all laughed as the girl had a very visible orgasm. Mort didn't give the girl any time to recover he kept pushing himself in and out of the petite woman. She came two more times and her body was shivering from the wear and tear it was getting. Mort pulled his cock out and shoved it up inside her asshole. The girl made a noise of pain but the ability to scream was gone. She whimpered and her fist clenched tight around the legs of the stool but her resistance was gone. She was receiving pain and her ability to protect herself was gone. All that remained was humiliation.

Mort pulled his dick out and shoved it back into the pussy. He managed a few hard and fast thrusts before cumming inside her. Mort was exhausted but he was satisfied. He took Chuck's seat as the eager man took his place behind their former boss.

Chuck took out his knife and cut the bonds that held the girl. He picked her up and put her back on the table. He rigged the ties so that she was spreadeagled on the table. Chuck took her tits in this hands and twisted and pulled at them.

"You two fucks took all the fight out of her. She's barely whimpering any more."

"Boo hoo Chuck. Make the bitch squeal."

Chuck seemed to consider and then his eyes fell on a bulletin board on the wall. He walked over took two tacks off and brought them back to where Emily lay bound and helpless.

"I might have a way to make you scream." Emily's eyes grew big and she tried to jerk her hands free. Chuck took her right tit in his hands and stuck the tack deep in to the tip of her the soft pink flesh. Emily was able to get one hand free and started to beat Chuck with it. She sliced his forearm with her nail and Chuck laughed. He then grabbed the wrist and pinned it down while he got the rope to rety it. With Emily secured again Chuck pinched the other tit and stuck a tack in the top of it as well. The girl thrashed and Chuck tapped lightly on the tacks spurring new sensations of pain.

Chuck traced a finger down the girl's belly and stopped at the clit. He got the little bud between his fingers and pulled on it. He slapped the exposed flesh and slapped the ravaged vagina before sticking his dirty cock inside the brutalized woman. He fucked her as rough as he could even though his dick didn't compare in size to the other two men he had a rough technique that easily made up for his average size.

He didn't last very long and when he came inside the girl he was pissed to see that she had an expression that was almost relief of her tear-streaked face. He couldn't have that. He knew no one else would want to fuck the cunt after his dick had penetrated her so he went to the corner and picked up a beer bottle. Chuck stuck the ungiving glass object inside the girl and moved it in and out and around the abused and destroyed pussy of his boss's daughter.

Jerry came to join him and pulled out a rubber work glove from a cabinet drawer. He moved Chuck out of the way and made a fist and then worked his way slowly inside the girl. He went slowly as he could so that he could feel the sensation of her tiny pussy trying to stretch for the intruder. He finally had the fist completely inside and he started to move back and forth. The girl was in a breathless fit of crying. He ripped his arm back and the his fist exited the spasming pussy with a wet pop.

"Hey can you two hold her up?" Chuck and Mort came to help and released the girl from Chuck's spread-eagle bond. They picked her up and had an arm under each knee. She was exposed and Jerry pushed his fist back up inside the pussy. He rubbed her clit and the girl squirted around the fist that filled her cunt. He continued the fisting until Mort decided he wanted to try and Jerry handed Mort the other glove. Jerry took Mort's place holding the girl up while Mort continued to pummel the already tortured pussy. When Mort finished with his fun Chuck and Jerry looked at eachother and smiled. They let go of the girl and she dropped to the ground. Chuck's foot found the girls stretched-out pussy and he kicked and penetrated her with his boot.

They all three began to kick the girl. Jerry kicked her hard in the throat and the girl coughed up blood. Mort kicked her in between the breasty and Chuck kicked her pussy. Blood spilled out of the raped woman and continued to spill as the blows kept coming.

Mort and Chuck took the woman's truck and drove it into a remote lake. Jerry took the broken woman who had been Emily Norton and dropped her barely breathing body down a farm well. He could still hear faint sobs and the sound of a woman trying to breathe around a pieced lung and broken ribcage.

It had been a fun night but in the morning there would be questions and so it was time to move on to another job, possibly another fright house.

© Copyright 2020 Scarlett Sophia Murray. All rights reserved.

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